EverQuest II is back with Another PvP TLE Server

I feel like we’ve been here before.  Well, I KNOW we’ve been here before, but I am missing something between last time and this time.  Two years back Daybreak went back for another try at making PvP a thing in EverQuest II with the Tarinax server.

PvP has been a problematic journey for the game, as I have detailed in the past, largely because balancing PvE and PvP is generally a thankless task that rarely works out as hoped.  At one point every piece of equipment had PvE and PvP stats, but PvP breaking abilities remained.

Anyway, the gap was what happened to that server.  I guess I missed it somewhere along the way that it was merged into the Antonia Bayle server earlier this month.  That is the EQII version of the Vox server, where all dead servers are merged when their time is past.

Still, I guess the old server must have done okay because Daybreak has announced a NEW PVP TLE server for EQII, set to launch in April.

PvP is returning with Zarrakon

As always, this special server is for All Access subscribers only.  No poors.

The rules for this server are pretty much the same as the last one.  Again, if they didn’t see fit to make changes they last one must have done something right.

  • TLE is time locked expansions, so new content will open up on a regular schedule
  • Launches with the Shattered Lands, Deserts of Flame, and Kingdom of Sky expansions already unlocked
  • Faction based PvP – Qeynos versus Freeport
  • Free Trade server – Things that would be bind on pickup on normal servers will be bind on equip, thus salable or tradable

And all of this kicks off on April 25, 2023 at 12:00pm PDT.

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