A Look into March 2023 Destruction in EVE Online

While I said I was giving up on the Monthly Economic Report posts for New Eden, destruction is both a little more interesting and a little less accessible than some of the other economic numbers CCP provides.  And these are economic numbers.  Nothing drives the New Eden economy like destruction.

EVE Online nerds harder

So once again into the killdump.csv file in the MER.

According to those files there was a total of 461,239 losses in New Eden in March.

That was up from the February number of 400,617 and the  January total, which was 425,629.

That gives a destruction per day, which I think is going to be my new activity metric for these posts, of 14,878.67 kills per day in March.  Using that metric the year so far looks like this:

  • January – 13,729.96 kills per day
  • February – 14,307.75 kills per day
  • March – 14,878.67 kills per day

The daily destruction has been trending up.  I am sure the war up in Pure Blind is part of that, but there is always activity all around New Eden.

The top 20 types destroyed by hull classification were:

Type  Count
Capsule                        122,313
Frigate                          80,096
Cruiser                          36,219
Shuttle                          36,138
Destroyer                          31,001
Corvette                          17,973
Combat Battlecruiser                          14,368
Heavy Assault Cruiser                          12,924
Mobile Tractor Unit                          10,148
Interdictor                            9,294
Hauler                            8,885
Interceptor                            8,167
Assault Frigate                            7,351
Battleship                            7,321
Stealth Bomber                            5,217
Tactical Destroyer                            4,746
Mobile Warp Disruptor                            4,640
Mining Barge                            4,090
Strategic Cruiser                            4,046
Covert Ops                            3,397

I had been separating out capsules and corvettes previously, but I changed my mind on that.  If nothing else it keeps me from having to write an additional line about them and there is the top 20 data unfiltered.

I am also experimenting with formatting, just using the paste from Excel for the data rather than trying to turn it into a ranked list.  Feedback on whether that is better or worse would be appreciated.

When we dig into specific hulls, the top 20 looks like this:

Type  Count
Capsule        121,085
Caldari Shuttle          12,075
Venture          11,892
Amarr Shuttle            9,758
Mobile Tractor Unit            9,687
Heron            8,041
Ibis            7,409
Gallente Shuttle            6,701
Minmatar Shuttle            6,371
Ishtar            6,208
Caracal            5,392
Vexor            5,338
Thrasher            5,046
Sabre            4,792
Tristan            4,431
Velator            4,294
Merlin            4,091
Catalyst            3,736
Atron            3,657
Punisher            3,492

Now, I like those two lists, but they still feel very incomplete to me.  They give no sense of the economic impact of those losses.  I mean, we know that the corvette losses don’t mean anything, and shuttle losses are microscopic in the economy compared to many other hulls.

So I used Power BI to make myself a new list.   This is the top 20 hulls, the number lost, the total amount of ISK lost they represent (by which the list is sorted), and the average ISK amount per loss at the end.

Type  Count ISK lost sum ISK lost per
Capsule                121,085 3072.33 billion 25.37 million
Paladin                    1,009 1993.65 billion 1975.86 million
Vargur                       791 1625.23 billion 2054.65 million
Ishtar                    6,208 1474.05 billion 237.44 million
Golem                       516 1136.01 billion 2201.56 million
Loki                    1,516 1114.96 billion 735.46 million
Tengu                    1,404 1049.21 billion 747.30 million
Gila                    1,777 835.82 billion 470.35 million
Praxis                    2,285 642.44 billion 281.16 million
Athanor                       331 596.73 billion 1802.80 million
Orca                       274 464.80 billion 1696.35 million
Revelation                          82 457.31 billion 5576.98 million
Legion                       591 398.92 billion 674.99 million
Fortizar                          37 385.93 billion 10430.61 million
Proteus                       535 384.82 billion 719.28 million
Kronos                       218 379.92 billion 1742.75 million
Rhea                          32 376.51 billion 11766.00 million
Astero                    2,000 347.05 billion 173.53 million
Nestor                       168 344.69 billion 2051.72 million
Sabre                    4,792 324.31 billion 67.68 million

So that is the economic impact of those losses.  Capsules do, in fact, belong at the top of the list because, while an empty capsule is valued at just 10K ISK, people do insist on plugging in shiny expensive implants.  And Paladins… that is the war up in Pure Blind driving that.

And, just to flip that around, I also sorted it by average amount of ISK loss per kill, just to show what hulls represent the most expensive average losses.  The results are, perhaps, unsurprising.

Type  Count ISK lost sum ISK lost per
Avatar                            2 160.93 billion 80.46 billion
Leviathan                            1 74.08 billion 74.08 billion
Victor                            1 52.54 billion 52.54 billion
Wyvern                            1 34.85 billion 34.85 billion
Nyx                          11 295.64 billion 26.88 billion
Hel                            6 139.67 billion 23.28 billion
Aeon                            1 18.47 billion 18.47 billion
Nomad                            8 105.52 billion 13.19 billion
Laelaps                            1 12.94 billion 12.94 billion
Ark                          18 219.68 billion 12.20 billion
Rhea                          32 376.51 billion 11.77 billion
Anshar                          11 118.61 billion 10.78 billion
Fortizar                          37 385.93 billion 10.43 billion
Tatara                            4 34.60 billion 8.65 billion
Azbel                          12 82.79 billion 6.90 billion
Rorqual                          43 271.94 billion 6.32 billion
Revelation                          82 457.31 billion 5.58 billion
Moros                          19 101.06 billion 5.32 billion
Moros Navy Issue                            7 36.30 billion 5.19 billion
Bowhead                            6 29.88 billion 4.98 billion

Hey, guess what, capital ships are expensive!  If you lose one it is kind of a big deal, economically speaking.  So are freighters and jump freighters if you fill them with stuff.

Also, Alliance Tournament ships are extremely expensive.  There are two on that list and I have linked to the kills on ZKill.  CCP is dramatically undervaluing those ships in its own world, though they are tough to value because they rarely, if ever, appear on the market.  Those two should really be at the top of the list.

Then, of course, there is the question of where all of this destruction was going on.  The kill dump file shows these as the top ten regions:

Region ISK lost sum
Pure Blind 2.85 trillion
Delve 1.57 trillion
Metropolis 1.36 trillion
Lonetrek 1.27 trillion
The Forge 1.24 trillion
The Citadel 1.17 trillion
Vale of the Silent 1.17 trillion
Sinq Laison 1.17 trillion
Fade 1.06 trillion
Heimatar 1.03 trillion

The war in the north and the battles and the destruction of Keepstars would make you hope that Pure Blind would be at the top of the list, but sometimes it is nice to have that confirmed.

Delve also ranks because, while the war was going on the north, Pandemic Horde was trying to divide Imperium attention by sending fleets into Delve.  There were quite a few fights in Delve and even a couple of structures lost… and the usual capital lost because the pilot in question hadn’t really been paying attention to the war news and the warnings.

For simple loss count, the top ten regions were:

Region  Loss Count
Pure Blind                   36,476
Pochven                   29,315
Heimatar                   24,552
Essence                   21,889
The Forge                   21,064
Delve                   16,821
Metropolis                   16,753
The Citadel                   16,066
Fade                   14,020
Vale of the Silent                   12,965

Pure Blind remains at the top of the list, but the fights in Pochven… which is 12th on the value list, so didn’t make the top ten… burned enough hulls and capsules to jump to second place here.

Interesting is The Forge, home of Jita and often the top region, is a ways down the list in March.

That moves us along to a solar system view, with the top ten by ISK value losses being:

System ISK Lost sum
Auga 608.34 billion
X47L-Q 589.28 billion
5ZXX-K 498.41 billion
Ahbazon 448.76 billion
Gheth 448.02 billion
Nalvula 393.35 billion
1DQ1-A 358.88 billion
Finanar 316.16 billion
Jita 312.50 billion
Sivala 278.47 billion

Auga, a low sec system in Amarr/Minmatar Faction Warfare topped the individual system list, with X47 and 5ZK, both in Pure Blind, following along..  Jita was way down in 9th position, and had 166 billion ISK fewer losses than in February.  People must have been busy elsewhere.

For raw kills the top ten solar systems were:

Solar System  Count of Losses
Nalvula        20,410
Auga        15,035
Jita           9,805
Ahbazon           9,479
Deven           9,159
X47L-Q           7,948
Ouelletta           7,335
1DQ1-A           5,185
Tama           4,983
Rancer           4,946

For sheer numbers Navula, takes the top spot.

And, finally, there is the monthly top battles data from CCP which generates this less than useful map.

Mar 2023 – Battles in New Eden by Participants

I will say, looking at the data they did seem to move towards some reconciliation between the CCP value of a battle and the ZKillboard value.  It isn’t perfect.  The totals have CCP with 38 trillion in losses and ZKill at 47 trillion.  But the top battles on their list are at least not off by orders of magnitude this time around.

Solar System ISK Sum – CCP ISK Sum – Zkill Day
5ZXX-K 316.75 billion 323.45 billion 15
Nalvula 201.74 billion 218.97 billion 17
Finanar 147.80 billion 152.50 billion 3
KLY-C0 132.42 billion 128.58 billion 21
Nalvula 107.12 billion 108.44 billion 15
5ZXX-K 105.41 billion 111.82 billion 26
X47L-Q 104.49 billion 136.55 billion 12
Reblier 103.47 billion 112.11 billion 15
X47L-Q 87.29 billion 101.49 billion 12
O-BY0Y 83.60 billion 83.89 billion 1
Auner 82.58 billion 83.23 billion 30
2D-0SO 82.41 billion 83.77 billion 1
Farit 81.02 billion 80.43 billion 11
Manjonakko 79.90 billion 79.64 billion 11
KQK1-2 76.71 billion 75.97 billion 1
Egbinger 74.08 billion 74.10 billion 16
Istodard 69.45 billion 78.17 billion 4
AB-FZE 67.46 billion 72.06 billion 13
Ouelletta 64.19 billion 73.22 billion 11
F-QQ5N 57.08 billion 63.01 billion 26

This is where CCP’s map doesn’t help me much, even the HTML version that you can mouse over slowly and carefully to find the battles.

The 5ZXX-K Battle data from the HTML map

They are done as a heat map by participant, but then they don’t give me that data, only the loss values, so it is some work to tease out what really happened.

If I was feeling really motivated, with the data I have, I could go build up a battle report for the dates given… but I am not there at the moment.

Anyway, this was a look into the losses.  If nothing else, you can see that mobile tractor units remain a favorite target out in space.

Once again, all of this was drawn from the kill dump files you can find in the Monthly Economic Report for March 2023.  And, as always, feedback on what might be useful or interesting things to look into with a post like this is welcome.

3 thoughts on “A Look into March 2023 Destruction in EVE Online

  1. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    I think the Excel formatted data tables are okay… maybe even a little bit better than me making numbered lists… but Feedly doesn’t render them very well at all.


  2. Archey

    I was actually a tad surprised by those numbers. 14,000 per day isn’t small potatoes. People can say Eve is dying all they want but over 10,000 kills per day mean someone is logging in and doing more than ship spinning even beyond the big battles.


  3. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    Also I just realized I wrote ISK per day instead of hulls per day. Doh! Decided to make it kills, but was doing it on my tablet and managed to add a “u” to the end of the post title. I think I’ve fixed all of that now.


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