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Almost Done with all of my Wrath Classic Phase One Plans

That headlines implies that I had some long list or plan when it came to Wrath of the Lich King Classic, which would be overstating things rather wildly.

The classic comes to classic

The only specific plan made by myself or our group was to try and do all the normal mode dungeons, with a general plan of “seeing” the expansion in something akin to how it was back in 2008.

And we are just a single dungeon away from the main plan.  We have yet to try the Oculus, the once instance that we have been deferring due to general bad memories of the place.  We’ll get to that.

But for my own, minor, possible goals, I seem to have run them down mostly.

I have, to start with, hit the level cap on not one but two characters.

I have, via various characters, done at least the core quest  lines for all of the zones except for Crystalsong Forest, which barely counts as a zone.

I’ve battles in Wintergrasp a few times, even managing to be on the winning team a couple of times.

Not the usual outcome

Wintergrasp, which I ran with great regularity back in the original Wrath time frame is both the same and different.  It gets decent participation and the same old routines that I complained about causing one side or the other to lose remain.

Horde – Secret Plan Z – attack with weak forces from all directions

And then there are the differences, which is more than the missing water.

Just riding down this frozen empty stream bed

Now neither side can get its act together on the attack at least half the time, so being on the defense gets you most of the way to victory.  It also just doesn’t feel as fun any more, though being a protection pally in the middle of the battle probably isn’t helping.

The Argent Tournament, on the other hand, did click with me for a stretch.  I got in there and did it most evenings, earning a series of exalted faction achievements.

Friends with everybody

I also upgraded some of my gear and and almost there for the Argent Hippogryph.  But the second stage of the tournament does arrive until phase 2, so I am starting to let that slide.

Still, doing that got me enough gold to get fast flying.

Another achievement

That encouraged me to dig in on engineering, first to get the turbo-charged flying machine built, so I would have a fast flying mount.

Leaving Dalaran on the flying machine

I had to work a bit to get the last 10 skill points for engineering, but at least having fast flying made patrolling for resources more viable.  I managed that and, along the way, the rest of the crafting tracks my main had.

All skilled up

There are a couple of useful things at the end of the engineering path, like the Northrend wormhole generator, which is basically a portal to some of the zones in the expansion.  Oddly, though I’ve used it about 30 times at this point, I have yet to have the mis-fire, where it teleports you into mid-air high over the zone.  I have a parachute ready for that event, but it hasn’t cropped up yet.  I wonder if they have that enabled?

I was also able to make Bjorid a nice gun at 450 engineering.

This goes bang

I still have a couple more things to track down and a couple of engineering recipes that I will have to go out and farm, with Jeeves being high on the list.  Otherwise we’re kind of in a bit of a holding pattern for phase two… assuming we can get the Oculus done.

Is there anything else I need to do in phase one?  I am certainly not going to raid.  We might try some heroic instances once we’re all at level 80, but given our healer is also running a DPS player in the group, we’re kind of constrained on how well we can do.