The Viridian Expansion is coming to EVE Online in June – Tech II Capital Ships are Coming

I noted at the end of my month in review post for April that CCP had been fairly quiet of late.  That includes updates to the game itself, the patch notes only delivering up minor fixes and some rendering updates.

But this morning they finally announced the first of two expansions EVE Online is supposed to get this year.  The expansion, named Viridian, will arrive at some point in June.  Exact dates were not posted.

What will Viridian bring

Viridian of course means… um… let me look that up… it means…

Blueish green.

I guess that explains the background color in the title screen.

It is also the name of a city in the original Pokemon games… and a company that makes optics and laser sights for weapons, which all happen to be green-ish in tone.

Okay, why am I going on about what the name means?  Well, read the descriptions CCP has given for the expansion:

The first of two major expansions for EVE Online in 2023, EVE Online: Viridian will launch free for all players in June. EVE Online: Viridian will empower capsuleers with new tools, personalization options and social-driven content, providing more avenues for new and existing players to forge relationships, to fly and work together for the glory of their corporation.

“With EVE Online: Viridian, players will be given more power to shape and color New Eden,” said Bergur Finnbogason, EVE Online’s Creative Director. “EVE Online: Viridian builds upon last year’s pivotal EVE Online: Uprising expansion by giving corporation leaders more means and methods to help their group flourish. There is no better time than the present for reconnecting with your corporation members to plan your next venture – you never know what’s on the horizon.”

That is a pretty vague description of what we’re getting… if you care to call it a description.  It is more of a creative writing prompt, something to get people speculating or dreaming of what it might really mean, which is always a hazard because reality is almost always a gray reflection of such fantasies.

Anyway, this will be generally overshadowed by the 20th anniversary of the game and the capsuleer day events, which I will get to later.

Addendum:  I missed this tidbit in the second announcement this morning:

You can start getting excited for structure customization, new Tech II capital ships, plus corporation goals and content such as the much-anticipated Loyalty Point tax!

Tech II capital ships.  Oh my!  That has r/eve riled up.


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