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Lots of Friday Bullet Points about EVE Online on the the 20th Anniversary Eve

Tomorrow EVE Online officially turns 20.  Today, some bullet points.  Also, it is Cinco de Mayo.  Do we celebrate that in New Eden?

  • Go Omega Today to be on the Monument

I have mentioned this before, but I’ll flog it one last time just to make sure nobody can ask, “Why didn’t you tell me today was the deadline?”  In order to be added to the new set of name plaques being applied to the EVE Online monument you must have an Omega level account.

The EVE Online monument in happier times

The character with the most skill points on that account will be the name engraved.

If you were on the monument at the 10 year mark, you’ll still be on, but if you are Omega now you get a special marker to indicate that you’re still around.  Details about the monument are available here.

Addendum: The selection has now been extended to the whole month of May.

  • CSM17 Summit Minutes

With CSM17 the CSM members were once again flying to Iceland to talk to CCP in person.  This happened at the end of January/beginning of February.

CSM17 meets with CCP

The end result of that, for those of us not covered by an NDA, was a 26 page set of minutes that CCP has put out as a PDF on DropBox so you can download it and see what happened. (Or, alternatively, grab it from CCP’s site here.)

I haven’t read through it yet, so I can’t tell you if there is anything worth going on about.  Glancing at it though it doesn’t show who from CCP attended the sessions, so it is hard to assess what has weight and what might be just the junior guy on the community team’s wishes.

  • CSM18 Elections Delayed Until August

Also part of the CSM17 minutes notice above, CCP Swift announced in the forums that the voting for CSM18 are slated to take place in August, with details on the election cycle to be announced in July.

The stated reason for this is to allow CSM17 to finish their feedback cycle with CCP, so their terms have been extended to September 25, 2023.  The CSM17 minutes mentioned above, which I have now scanned, include a desire from CCP to have a more diverse CSM with fewer null sec bloc members.  They also want to align the CSM announcement with Fanfest, which at least implies that September will be the new Fanfest timing going forward.

The July announcement will no doubt be full of surprises.

Meanwhile I suppose CSM17 will now be called “The Long CSM.”

  • Fireworks in Jita at 17:00 Tomorrow

The big anniversary celebration will include a coordinated (or uncoordinated) fireworks show at the Jita 4-4 station.

You may need additional chemicals to see this fireworks show

Jita is always the center of attention, but I suspect there will be other hubs of celebration.  At the ten year anniversary Chribba undocked the Veldnaut in Amarr for the big show.  I even made a video of the event.

Information about this and other anniversary events are available here.

  • Community Events for Fanfest

Fanfest isn’t until September, but CCP already has a list of events planned for the big party at the top of the world.  These include:

  • LAN Party
  • Friday Fleet Up
  • Midnight Northern Lights Explorer Tour

And CCP would like to remind people that tickets to EVE Fanfest are still available.

  • The Caldari Built the Shipcaster

I don’t pay enough attention to the story events going on around Faction Warfare, but the patch notes this week say that the Caldari have built the first shipcaster.  That is basically a low sec, empire run jump bridge that will send you from the Caldari FW HQ system of Onnamon to where ever the fight with the Gallente is raging.

I hope somebody puts up a video of it in action, as I suspect I won’t be able to get there to see it.

  • The Brave ESS Reserve Bank Story We Have Been Waiting For

A pilot in Brave used his Pandemic Horde spy alt to steal 150 billion ISK from PH ESS reserve banks.  Sadly, these will be listed in the MER as milking, because it was technically a PH pilot taking from a PH ESS.  But you can read the real details over at r/eve.

That is it for Friday.  Don’t forget to log in and collect your daily rewards from the anniversary event.

  • BOSS Alliance Ends its Run

They have been under attack from Fraternity, Pandemic Horde, and NCDot off and on for over a year at this point in Venal, often thwarting their much more powerful opponents.  But they finally lost their staging Fortizar in the region and have decided to fold up shop.

They did leave us a farewell video.

Another small alliance fighting the good fight.

  • The Pulse

Finally, CCP has a new episode of The Pulse, which… honestly… recaps a lot of what I just wrote.  I might have saved myself the effort but I put this post together over the last few days, so what are you going to do?

They are a little late on the news from X47, though at least it got some coverage.

On to the big anniversary tomorrow!