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Jeeves Delayed in Wrath Classic

With our run through The Oculus last week I was all excited because the engineering plans for Jeeves, the reusable repair and vendor bot, dropped for me.  Building Jeeves was on my list of things to do, so I started working on getting the pieces together right away.

The recipe is a bit complicate.  No mere harvestable materials in that recipe.  I would have to build some of the parts

Jeeves plans!

I started just going down the list.

The Field Repair Bot 74A was easy enough.  I had that recipe from vanilla WoW and had the parts for it in the bank.  Two of those were soon in my possession.

The Field Repair Bot 110G, on the other hand, I did not have the plans for.  That meant a trip back to Outland.

Fortunately, they are a pretty easy drop to get from a set of mobs in the Blade’s Edge Mountains, and I soon had that.  But to build what I needed… you get five per build, so I would need to build two batches… I would need two Khorium Power Cores, which require three bars of Khorium each, which in turn require two pieces of Khorium ore to create.  So an even dozen pieces of Khorium ore.

And the auction house was fresh out of Khorium.  Also, when it is there, it is very expensive.

So it was back out to Outland to cruise Nagrand and Netherstorm looking for Khorium ore deposits, which are rare.  Fortunately, when I did find a node, they coughed up at least 3 pieces of ore, so I only had to find four nodes.  That, however, took me two evenings of flying around because others are also out there looking for Khorium.  It is, as mentions, pretty pricey on the auction house.

That done, it was time for the Scrapbot Construction Kit, which needs a drop that comes from mobs in Storm Peaks.  The drop was easy enough.  It starts a quest and, if you plan in advance and bring the right materials with you, you can finish that pretty quickly.

Easy enough.

Then I got to 8 titansteel bars.  I had all the ingredients for those, but ran into a hiccup.  I had forgotten that back in Wrath that this recipe had a 20 hour cool down on it.  One bar per day.  It was going to take eight days to get those together.

But wait!  My Death Knight alt, Irondam, was also a miner.  He too could make titansteel bars.  So I mailed him half the ingredients, dropping the time to make to four days.

Now we were getting somewhere.

Then I hit King’s Amber and… well, that was the end of the line.  After looking on the auction house and checking with Potshot, whose alt Skronk is an alchemist, I was informed that King’s Amber is not yet in the game, that it would likely show up when we hit phase three of Wrath Classic.

We haven’t even hit phase two yet.  I have no idea when phase three might show up.  But until then, all these parts will be sitting in the bank waiting for me… though I am going to need some more frostweave bags from Ula.  My bank is full already.

[Or maybe we’re already in phase two and phase three is next month.  I don’t know.]