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Friday Bullet Points on a Monday in May About EVE Online

I was on a trip last week so everything I wrote was in the can before I left, which meant I didn’t have any time to collect some of the news items about EVE Online that surfaced while I was away… until now.

  • More time to get your name on the Monument!

If you thought you missed the window, you were wrong!

The EVE Online monument in happier times

CCP has announced via various social media channels that your account need only be in Omega state for one day in May in order to get on the monument.

We’ve got a monumental update!

Based on your feedback, we are extending the EVE Monument character selection period. If your account is Omega status for any single day in May, the character with the most SP will be included on the expanded monument!

So there you go.  One day in May is much better than Seven Days in May, which is the scenario that seems to be in our future here in the US.

  • Chat Channel Issues in Game

While I was away I saw quite a few comments on r/eve about chat channels being broken again in the game.  Those who have been around for a while may recall that back when CCP put in-game chat channels on their own server that there were months of issues with the setup before it settled down.

Well, problems are back!  CCP is even running a banner on the launcher about intermittent chat channel issues, though for some the “intermittent” aspect means “only when logged into the game.”  The usual suspects are happy about local being down, their collective amnesia about the huge drop in players in-game when CCP did that on purpose during the Chaos Era in late 2019 kicking in yet again, but it also affects corp channels and, most importantly to many, fleet channels.  Getting a logi chain setup without a chain channel is kind of a pain.

When I was logged in this weekend I found that the client wasn’t connecting to any channels when I entered the game.

Then I opened up my PI panel to check that, and when I closed it all the channels started working.  So you can try that, or you can try CCP’s opt-in fix that they have posted on the forums.

As of this morning CCP is still giving updates about working on the problem, so it still seems to be affecting players.

  • April Monthly Economic Report

The MER for April is out if you wish to dig through what was going on in the New Eden economy in April.

EVE Online nerds harder

As noted last month, I have given up on posting about the MER due to a complete lack of interest in the topic.  I will, however, dig into the killdump.csv file to see if there is anything interesting in there.

For those wishing for more details on the MER, try the following links:

Enjoy the numbers.

  • Player Made Billboard Ads Return

Once upon a time CCP let players make videos that would play on the billboards seen in stations and on other structures in New Eden.  And then new videos stopped being accepted and the only ones were very slowly cycled out.  Well, CCP has announced that they will once again be accepting video submissions to run on billboards again.

CCP – Player Made In-Game Billboards Return

  • 20th Anniversary T-Shirt Contest

CCP wants a fresh new T-shirt for Fanfest in September and YOU could provide the artwork.  There are some specifications to which you must adhere, but if your design is chosen it will be all over Fanfest with your character name on it as credit.  You’ll also get $300 in merch credit and 6,000 PLEX.  What, you want to actually get paid in real money for your work?

CCP – Design a T-Shirt for the EVE Online 20th Anniversary

  • Pearl Abyss Q1 2023 Financials

Numbers were down for Pearl Abyss over all, and down a bit for EVE Online in particular, both when compared to last quarter and Q1 2022.  The dip in New Eden wasn’t huge, but it was still a thing.  However, hopes are being pinned on next month’s Viridian expansion and, of course, Project Awakening, the Web3 blockchain game that CCP is developing with a16z’s $40 million.