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A Look into April 2023 Destruction in EVE Online

The monthly economic report for April landed a couple of weeks back, which I mentioned at the time, but I’m just getting around to looking at destruction.  It has been kind of a busy month.  But here I am now, ready to parse through the killdump.csv and pull out some metrics to see what happened in April.

EVE Online nerds harder

April saw a wind down to the clash in the north around Pure Blind between defenders B2 Coalition and its Imperium allies and aggressor Fraternity and its PanFam allies.  After the big Keepstar kills, the last coming in early April, with a huge fight over the armor timer, there were many attempts by each side to get leverage against the other, to draw them into a battle that favorable to one side or the other.  There were many skirmishes, but no more critical structure fights, and as April drew to a close the Imperium was reducing its footprint in the war.

Overall there was a drop in the number of hulls destroyed, with 409,905 being the count for April, compared to 461,239 in March.

That puts my kills per day metric as follows:

  • January – 13,729.96 kills per day
  • February – 14,307.75 kills per day
  • March – 14,878.67 kills per day
  • April – 13,663.50 kills per day

That makes April the low point of the year… though we haven’t reach summer yet, where we’ll argue about whether the summer dip is real or not once more I assume.  It happens most years.

(For past years, I did monthly stats from 2020 forward here.)

When it comes to what was blown up, the top 20 by hull classification were:

Type Count
Capsule 112,525
Frigate 67,383
Cruiser 35,316
Destroyer 26,939
Shuttle 22,696
Corvette 17,733
Combat Battlecruiser 16,375
Mobile Tractor Unit 11,395
Heavy Assault Cruiser 10,451
Hauler 8,529
Interdictor 7,977
Battleship 7,349
Interceptor 6,899
Assault Frigate 6,166
Stealth Bomber 4,243
Tactical Destroyer 4,089
Mining Barge 3,967
Mobile Warp Disruptor 3,955
Strategic Cruiser 3,860
Covert Ops 2,916

As usual, capsules lead the way, followed by frigates.

When we break it out into specific hulls, these are the top 20:

Type Count
Capsule 111,489
Venture 11,687
Mobile Tractor Unit 10,941
Amarr Shuttle 8,257
Ibis 7,242
Heron 7,172
Caldari Shuttle 5,989
Ishtar 5,645
Caracal 5,248
Vexor 5,000
Velator 4,737
Gallente Shuttle 4,641
Sabre 4,101
Thrasher 3,891
Catalyst 3,619
Tristan 3,291
Hurricane 3,150
Minmatar Shuttle 3,146
Imperial Navy Slicer 3,101
Exequror Navy Issue 3,072

There is a dedicated group of people out there hunting MTUs still.  I wish them well in their mission.  Also, exactly 5,000 Vexors died in April.

I might cut those two charts down to a top 10 going forward.  I listed out 20 initially to get to some more interesting hulls or types.  But the real interesting part is when you get into hulls that were blown up exactly ONCE in a month.

Type Count
Advanced Medium Ship Assembly Array 1
Angel Control Tower Small 1
Angel Medium Artillery Battery 1
Avatar 1
Blood Large Pulse Laser Battery 1
Blood Small Beam Laser Battery 1
Blood Small Pulse Laser Battery 1
Cenobite I 1
Civilian Amarr Shuttle 1
Cyclops I 1
Dark Blood Control Tower Medium 1
Dark Blood Control Tower Small 1
Dark Blood Medium Pulse Laser Battery 1
Domination Control Tower Medium 1
‘Draccous’ Fortizar 1
Dread Guristas Control Tower Medium 1
Dread Guristas Spatial Destabilization Battery 1
Equite II 1
Erebus 1
Geri 1
Gungnir I 1
Guristas Control Tower Medium 1
Intensive Reprocessing Array 1
Keepstar 1
Malleus I 1
Medium Ship Assembly Array 1
Miasmos Quafe Ultra Edition 1
Minmatar Propaganda Broadcast Structure 1
Pharolux Cyno Beacon 1
‘Prometheus’ Fortizar 1
Ragnarok 1
Reprocessing Array 1
Revenant 1
Sansha Energy Neutralizing Battery 1
Sansha Medium Beam Laser Battery 1
Satyr I 1
Scarab I 1
Serpentis Warp Disruption Battery 1
Shadow Warp Scrambling Battery 1
Small Mobile Siphon Unit 1
Standup Ametat I 1
Standup Ametat II 1
Standup Cyclops II 1
Standup Equite II 1
Standup Gram II 1
Standup Gungnir I 1
Standup Locust I 1
Standup Locust II 1
Standup Satyr II 1
Syndicate Mobile Medium Warp Disruptor 1
Vendetta 1

Okay, maybe that whole list isn’t all that interesting.  A lot of fighter groups got killed exactly once, along with some POS modules  But a Vendetta or a Geri, a tournament ship, now those are rare kills.

And there was a mobile siphon unit on the list!  I didn’t know they were still in the game.  Are those just sitting around in space, left over from the era of POS mining?

As with last month, I also want to account for how much value these losses represent.  So the top 20 hulls by total value of all losses are:

Type Count Sum of ISK Lost ISK per loss
Capsule 111,489 2,666.98 billion 23.92 million
Vargur 806 1,680.56 billion 2,085.07 million
Paladin 874 1,494.72 billion 1,710.20 million
Ishtar 5,645 1,313.66 billion 232.71 million
Loki 1,457 1,059.15 billion 726.94 million
Tengu 1,298 920.13 billion 708.88 million
Golem 418 832.80 billion 1992.35 million
Gila 1,532 680.72 billion 444.34 million
Praxis 2,206 612.42 billion 277.62 million
Athanor 262 571.43 billion 2181.05 million
Revelation 107 569.20 billion 5319.60 million
Naglfar 111 458.04 billion 4126.50 million
Kronos 239 442.78 billion 1852.64 million
Proteus 609 440.68 billion 723.62 million
Nestor 174 360.29 billion 2070.63 million
Legion 496 333.91 billion 673.21 million
Orca 224 327.38 billion 1461.51 million
Tempest Fleet Issue 605 313.86 billion 518.78 million
Astrahus 190 309.21 billion 1627.40 million
Sabre 4,101 303.87 billion 74.10 million

Capsules lead the way overall, both due to volume and the price of some implants… implants that marauder pilots often use, which leads us to the next two, Vagurs and Paladins.  expensive losses those.

But when we flip that around to sort by the most expensive losses per hull, well titans top the list.

Type Count Sum of ISK Lost ISK per loss
Avatar 1 82.63 billion 82.63 billion
Erebus 1 79.21 billion 79.21 billion
Ragnarok 1 73.34 billion 73.34 billion
Sotiyo 3 138.03 billion 46.01 billion
Revenant 1 35.80 billion 35.80 billion
Vendetta 1 26.92 billion 26.92 billion
Nyx 6 158.69 billion 26.45 billion
Hel 8 185.17 billion 23.15 billion
Aeon 2 38.56 billion 19.28 billion
Ark 10 153.35 billion 15.33 billion
Fortizar 21 284.24 billion 13.54 billion
Rhea 14 170.27 billion 12.16 billion
Nomad 3 31.82 billion 10.61 billion
Tatara 9 91.00 billion 10.11 billion
Anshar 6 57.98 billion 9.66 billion
Azbel 14 107.09 billion 7.65 billion
Marshal 11 83.22 billion 7.57 billion
Moros 34 210.37 billion 6.19 billion
Rorqual 48 275.84 billion 5.75 billion

Capital ships are expensive.  Who knew?  And that Geri I linked above should probably be on this list as well, but as I noted previously, AT ships do not get priced correctly because there is almost no market data for them.  Sales on the market are few and far between.

When we look to the losses by region, while the war in Pure Blind had cooled off by the end of the month, it hit its crescendo in the opening days, which was enough to keep it at the top of the list for ISK destroyed by a big margin.

Region Sum of ISK Lost
Pure Blind 2,580.72 billion
The Forge 1,402.82 billion
Delve 1304.78 billion
Lonetrek 1.116.85 billion
Sinq Laison 1,035.52 billion
The Citadel 1,033.18 billion
Vale of the Silent 986.93 billion
Perrigen Falls 937.89 billion
Genesis 865.40 billion
Pochven 838.64 billion

Pure Blind led the way in the total loss count as well.

Region  Count
Pure Blind        26,656
The Forge        20,755
The Citadel        17,748
Essence        17,499
Heimatar        15,321
The Bleak Lands        14,357
Pochven        13,874
Genesis        13,864
Placid        13,511
Delve        13,040

I suppose I could dig in and get the cost per hull loss per region, but I am not feeling like digging in that deep right now.

When we get down to the solar system level, Pure Blind is still winning the ISK war, with that big Keepstar armor timer battle boosting X47L-Q to the top of the list, almost doubling the amount for second place.

Solar System Sum of ISK Lost
X47L-Q 1,285.96 billion
Ahbazon 645.70 billion
Jita 584.57 billion
Arittant 519.81 billion
Auga 356.30 billion
Gheth 277.91 billion
OJT-J3 252.46 billion
Kourmonen 244.31 billion
J-CIJV 240.14 billion
1DQ1-A 232.09 billion

Meanwhile, Ahbazon in low sec was quite active as well.

For total hulls lost by solar system, X47L-Q gets demoted to fourth place.

Solar System  Count
Ahbazon        12,084
Jita           9,300
Auga           9,283
X47L-Q           8,924
Kourmonen           7,804
Rancer           4,616
Tama           4,538
Uitra           4,355
Deven           4,177
Heydieles           3,910

And that about sums up the usual data.

I have given up on the battles data that CCP provides.  I appreciate the effort of putting it in, but there isn’t much I can do with it.  You can view it in the MER.

For a wrap up I was looking at the kills and losses for various corps and alliances.  All that data is in the mix.  Losses are pretty straight forward, though kills only count towards the alliance or corp of the pilot who got the kill mail, so none of that 1,000+ people getting the same credit.

Anyway, I pulled out the top ten kills and losses for Goonswarm Federation for April.

Type Killed Count Type Lost Count
Capsule 6,793 Capsule 6,418
Velator 465 Mobile Tractor Unit 1070
Sabre 419 Hurricane 805
Mobile Tractor Unit 400 Flycatcher 553
Vexor 317 Caracal 417
Ishtar 308 Ishtar 329
Heron 279 Stabber 272
Venture 279 Cormorant 269
Caracal 274 Hecate 252
Mobile Small Warp Disruptor I 251 Vexor 221

It turns out that those people hunting MTUs spent some time in Delve.

Then, as a counter, I pulled the same data for comparison for Pandemic Horde.

Type Killed  Count Type Lost  Count
Capsule        8,296 Capsule        6,843
Mobile Tractor Unit            633 Ishtar            717
Caracal            416 Osprey Navy Issue            540
Flycatcher            397 Sabre            520
Kikimora            326 Caracal            476
Sabre            325 Hurricane            430
Vexor            325 Stabber            429
Ishtar            309 Vexor            426
Hurricane            307 Harpy            283
Exequror Navy Issue            276 Mobile Tractor Unit            225

I guess it figures that, since PH was trying to distract us in Delve, they killed quite a few of those MTUs of ours.  Those aren’t all ours, but I am sure some of them were.

And the Osprey Navy Issues, those were a favorite of Mist Amatin, who led a lot of PH fleets in to Delve.  Of course, now he is leading fleets FROM Delve, because he came over to KarmaFleet.

And that is the way it goes I guess.