Looking Back at 2016 – Highs and Lows

Lord, what did we do to deserve this year?  I’ll just steer away from politics, the world, and celebrity deaths for this if you don’t mind.  Wow, 2016. Still, it is time for this post, where I look back at the year gone by and look at some aspects over it, a tradition going back […]

NBI 2016 – The Worst Question Ever and Other Bits of Filler

Here we are, half way through June and I have finally gotten around to writing something for this year’s Newbie Blogger Initiative event. Why the delay? Well, I’m lazy.  The event is being handled… differently this year.  Everybody was supposed to get on something called Discord for the event, which I declined to do because […]

SWTOR – Let the Hubris Commence

The Register reports that LucasArts is targeting 11 million subscribers for Star Wars: The Old Republic. I wonder what prompted them to pick that number?  Could it be World of Warcraft? As John Smedley said some time back, it is Star Wars, it should be huge.  Of course, he was talking about the failure of […]