September in Review

The Site I got another achievement.  Go me. I think I hit that largely based on the impending death of Raptr, which is a bit sad when you consider it.  Still, go me. Also, I got quite a spike in traffic this month from the Warzone event in EVE Online and from being linked […]

Summer Reruns – The Instance Group in Vanilla WoW

The Chronicles of the Saturday Night Instance Group have been somewhat sparse this year.  Things change and real life intrudes. So I went back and picked out the tales of the original group run, our joint conquest of the group content in World of Warcraft, which started in earnest back in October 2006. Not that […]

The Instance Group – A Look Back at Our First Year

The regular Saturday night group passed its five year anniversary back in October.  Yes, it was back in 2006 when we got together and decided to take on World of Warcraft with a focus on the group content. To honor that date I decided during the summer that I ought to make a video of […]

Preparing for Sunken Temple

Well, that sounds silly, doesn’t it? I mean, we did Sunken Temple the previous week, why would we then start preparing for it? Well, we’ve been big on doing all the quests for instances and seeing all the sites as we make what might be the last run through pre-cataclysm Azeroth, and Sunken Temple has […]