One Night – Three Instances

Which, frankly, isn’t all that many instances when it comes down to it.  Heck, I did three instances in about 90 minutes one afternoon. But those were lower level dungeon finder runs.  Here we had the regular Saturday night group together for a planned production. And the tasks at hand required us to get out […]

March in Review

The Site I thought for a while about adding a “what I am reading” section along the sidebar, just to clash with all of the other junk I have over there. But then I could not come up with a good definition of “reading.” It sounds simple, unless you are me. For example, do I […]

October in Review

The Site Another month went by there when I wasn’t looking. In October I briefly flirted with a new WordPress theme for the site, but my wife told me in 20 seconds what it took me 20 minutes to figure out, which was that it wasn’t for me. She also told me that nobody cares about […]

September in Review

The Site The site passed the one year marker.  My post with all sorts of data about the past year seemed to be well received and many very nice things were said.  Thank you again to all who left a comment on the anniversary.  This gives me a new filler item… er… topic I can […]

Return of the Azerothian Combo

We’re getting the band back together!  -Earlthecat It was April when the Saturday night instance group last met in full. A spring and summer full of real life challenges, like changing jobs and moving across country, kept us from being able to play together until this past weekend. Finally though, things have settled down a […]