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فأر أبيض

That was a search term that brought somebody here.

فأر أبيض

That’s a new one on me.

Actually, it isn’t a new one on me.

It means, approximately, white mouse according to Google.

In Arabic, of course.

Interesting fact: When you cut and paste Arabic, it goes from right to left.  Which makes sense, since the language is read from right to left.  I’m just surprised to find that Microsoft knows that.  And makes it work right.  Sort of.

If you’re going to paste Arabic into a post that is otherwise in English, write the English part first, then do your pasting.  Because once you’ve pasted that into your text editor, the cursor can’t decide which direction it is going.  There is the Microsoft touch I was looking for.

But we were talking about white mice.  Or “white mouse” rather.

I get a surprising number of people coming here for that particular search term because I once did a post that featured a white mouse picture.  The post was about Derek Smart.

But nobody comes here for anything about Derek Smart.

They’re here for the picture.  This picture.

The internet.

It is apparently organized like my mother-in-law’s house.

Really.  That isn’t a mother-in-law joke.

That one is reserved just for my mother-in-law.

If you’ve been to her house, you would understand.