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Action in Tenerifis

I managed to have some free time when a big op was planned on Saturday, so was able to actually see some action up in Tenerifis.  This was a planned op with a few objectives, so I was able to get on and ready before we undocked to get on a titan.

Getting on the titan for another op

The first on our list of things to do was to go babysit a coalition Fortizar that was set to deploy.  The bridge went up and we were sent on our way deeper into Tenerifis.

Off we go

We landed deeper in the region, ready for action.

Landing after the bridge

Once there we just had to hang around and wait for the timer to count down before it could then start its final 15 minute deployment.

A new Fortizar about to finish

That part of the op passed without incident… or without enemy interference.  Somebody in our fleet by the name of Smoky DaBud started shooting the Fortizar despite it being friendly and being told multiple times over coms to knock it off.  We were promised a Fortizar to shoot, but this wasn’t it.  Eventually our FC, Apple Pear, unable to get Smoky to stop, broadcast him as a target and we shot him instead.  Boom.

At least we got on one kill mail for the fleet.

Once the Fortizar was deployed, a titan jumped in to bridge us to our next location, 46DP-O, deep within Tenerifis.

There we took up station at one of the gates to pop any of the locals or their allies from getting in to interfere with what we had going on.

Battleships holding the gate

We were there to fly cover and guard against the inevitable heavy assault cruiser response fleet the locals would pull together to stop our fun.  Multiple missions were going on and we were only part of a couple bits and pieces.

The gate duty saw some targets, but you had to be fast to lock them in time.  This was one of those times when being closer to the data center in London helped, and being in California meant even when I was on the ball I rarely got a shot off before the target died.

Eventually they got a cyno up past the gate and brought in a Cerberus fleet to counter us.  We pulled back to defend the Apostles hitting the ihub.  There we engaged with the Cerbs as they tried to swoop in and get a capital kill.

Bubbles controlling the grid around the ihub

That saw some kills, but it was after that when the real action began.  Once the ihub was set our focus was on the staging Fortizar the enemy had in the system.  We setup with a couple other fleets, The Initiative in Navy Apocs again and an Eagle fleet that flew in from 1DQ1-A, to set a time on the Fort.

The setting for the final part of our fleet

There the

Cerbs showed up again, running in and out to try and pick off targets of opportunity, while our long range guns tried to pick them off.  They focused on a couple of the Apostles that were on grid with us, acting as logi for the battle ships.  Coordinating with the gunner in the Fort, they managed to pop one of the Apostles.

The Apostle blows up

That was a blow, and our most expensive loss of the day, zKillboard figuring it being worth 5.6 billion ISK.

The Cerbs went after a second Apostle that was on grid with us, pouring missiles in at it while our logi wing went off to try and help it.

Missiles incoming

We managed to keep that Apostle alive until it was free to jump out.

We then ran off to cover some titans that were on the field with us.  As we landed one of our hictors put up a bubble, which was not something you should do.  Bubbling your own caps gets you shot.

Titans in an unplanned bubble

We had a series of bad bubbles during this fleet and Apple Pear, who is often one of the more chill FCs, was starting to get pissed off at this.  Some days we can be a trying group to lead.

After that the Fortizar was reinforced and we started heading back towards home.

Armor fight when that timer is done

However, the enemy wasn’t keep to let us slip away unscathed and chased us for a bit, slowing down our extraction.

Piling up on a gate on the way out

There were some more losses as stragglers who were not aligned or who didn’t get out of bubbles got picked off.  But that only lasted a couple of systems before we were away and back to the Fortizar we had covered earlier.  There a titan gave us a bridge back to our staging.

Bridging back at the end of the op

And that was it.  All told the action lasted about 3.5 hours.  The battle report for the whole encounter over multiple systems ended up looking like this:

Battle Report Header

Again, the number of losses seems pretty small relative to some of the clashes back during World War Bee, but this is… mostly… just a SIGs and squads deployment against a secondary group from PAPI.

Things came out in our favor, but we were clearly pushing in force on the op, and there was action going on across several systems.  Nearly 20% of our ISK losses were that one Apostle and a Paladin that got popped as well.  Some people like to bring expensive toys on ops, but they do attract attention.

That was only one of the ops that went off over the weekend, and the map of Tenerifis may look even more bleak for the locals by the end of the week.