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Invaders Pass on the SVM-3K ihub Contest

This was a weeks of first for the war.  The invaders dropped their first Keepstars in Delve.  On Monday and Tuesday huge battles broke out that led to the destruction of both structures.

After falling down on that, the hostiles changed gears and achieved another first and managed to reinforce an ihub in Delve.  They went in and got the ihub in SVM-3K, which is one of the border systems with Querious.

SVM-3K, not too far from FWST-8

On the other side of the regional gate is 8QT-H4, the current PAPI staging system.  Thus is seems like a reasonable first target, being just one gate from where their forces are marshaled.

The sov contest for the ihub was set to kick off at 00:55 UTC.  The Imperium formed up some forces early, including a Rokh fleet led by Elo Knight, which I joined in with.  We actually jumped into 8QT-H4 a little after the 00:00 because an Imperium Fortizar left behind in 8QT was coming out for its armor timer.  We were bridged in and docked up, undocking when the time came to try and hold back the attackers.

The Rokhs undock

A short, sharp fight ensued.  Being in their staging system, the numbers were stacked against us from the start.

Fight on the Fort

The losses went against us according to the battle report, with us losing nearly 14 billion ISK while they suffered a little over 8 billion ISK in losses, though in the shadow of the fights on Monday and Tuesday, that is barely enough to mentioned.

Battle Report Header

Elo Knight managed to extract most of the fleet from the system, though some stragglers were left behind on the Fortizar, where they were safe for the time being.  We went through the gate and into SVM-3K, where we spread out to wait the impending attack.  They out numbered us sufficiently that it seemed like it would be a hard fight.  So we waited on the gate, ready to hold them off as long as we could.

And we waited

The time came, the sov contest began, and our hackers went out to save the ihub.  Meanwhile, nobody came through the gate.  As we watched, the contest went quickly… for an entosis run… our way.

The contest almost won

The invaders decided that they had better things to do on a Saturday night.  The ihub was saved and we flew back to 1DQ1-A and stood down.  Delve remains secure for the moment, though the invaders seem to be up to something this morning.  More on that later.

Brave Newbies Leave the Key to the Station Under the Mat

So when our FC had us all enter a starbase password and then warped us into the Brave Newbies‘ POS in V-3YG7, I was pretty sure that this was a product of our superior intelligence network.  Then, as we hung out in there, I zoomed the camera out to get a screen shot of us in the POS.

Hrmm... an interesting module arrangement...

Hrmm… an interesting module arrangement…

As I did that, I noticed how some of the modules were arranged.  A crop of the above shot:

Showing just modules

Showing just modules

Hrmm… that happened to be the same pair of characters we entered in the starbase password field.  Maybe it wasn’t an intelligence coup after all.  Seems like they left the key out so anybody could stop on by… if they but had the wit to see the message written in the night sky.  Funny stuff.

The op itself was a bit of a mess.  I gather that it was one of those “fight dates,” but we went out there in Harpies and wanted to fight that way, while they just wanted to bomb us or mess around on the station undock.  We nibbled at them, the nibbled at us, some kills were scored, though it was difficult to get any of the few targets of opportunity locked in time to get a shot off before they were gone.

The station camp and mucking around in their POS was only amusing for so long, after which we turned for home.

And that was uneventful until we landed on the jump bridge in 8QT-H4 and got bubbled and pipe bombed by some Pasta Syndicate battleships.

The part of the fleet that bore the full brunt of the smart bombs blew up right away.  Those further afield survived and managed to get in a position to fight back.  I was closer to the “dead” end of the spectrum.  I happened to have my hardeners on out of habit, so lived while some of those near me blew up.  But I was down to 20% structure with a big flame coming out of the back of the ship.

I started flying towards the edge of the bubbles to get away, taking a few shots at the ravens as they warped off.  One went down and I was on that kill mail.  And then somebody said that their FC, Fragbox, was still in the middle of the bubble in a Tempest.  I turned around and went after him for no good reason other than it seemed like the right thing to do at the time.  He set off a smart bomb that destroyed what little there was left of my ship, but he want down at almost the same moment.

Final order of death

Final order of death

He got the final blow on both me and my pod, but I got on one more kill mail as my corpse floated in space.  My first death in the Delve campaign so far.

Fortunately, some Harpies were up on contract when I got back to the station, and some Ruptures are promised in soon.  So I should be re-armed and ready to go for the next fleet.

At least I remembered to insure my ship right before this op.

Link to the new battle summary tool, now with the correct link, which shows just how trashed we got.

In the mean time, some screen shots from this evening’s adventures.