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The January Update and the Death of the Agent Finder

In place of the Agent Finder we will set up The Agency. And it shall not be tiny and dark, but as beautiful and terrible as the the star maps both new and old!  Fair as the sea and the sun and the snow upon the mountain as seen from orbit! Dreadful as a sudden hot drop! Stronger than the tanking modules of any faction. All shall love it and despair!

-January 2018 Patch Notes, early draft

Into the cold reality of the new year… unless you’re in Sydney, in which case you’ve recently been the hottest place on the planet… as YC120 comes with new changes.

The first update of the year for EVE Online is upon us and it touches a sore spot with me.  I’ve been over this already, so I won’t rehash history.  The short version is that the old Agent Finder, which I still think of as “new,” is going away.  The replacement is in the iron framework of The Agency.

You shall put nothing before The Agency

There is a reasonable logic to this change.  CCP wants to put all things PvE into The Agency framework.  The filters for finding an agent in The Agency are even a little bit better than they were in the Agent Finder.  The problem is that The Agency only has room in its soul for a dozen results.  Maybe that is all that people need.  I just rebel at the thought of replacing something that shows all the agents that meet your criteria with something that only shows the nearest twelve.

Anyway, I’ve probably given that change to the game all the weight it deserves and then some.  There is a Dev Blog about changes to The Agency which will now also serve as a way to locate:

  • Factional Warfare Sites
  • Incursions
  • Expeditions

In addition the Journal window will see some changes, with The Agency taking over a number of its roles.  I suspect that this will annoy some people merely due to having to change long instilled habit, but for me the Journal isn’t that big of a deal.  My primary use for it is to check on how may Loyalty Points I have earned but never spent over the years.

Also, NPC Forward Operating Bases… which are also becoming more numerous with this update… will be visible via The Agency interface as “Pirate Strongholds.”

Anyway, the reach of The Agency continues to grow.  If you’re a fan of the interface you’re probably happy, and if you’re not… well… you’d better get used to it all the same.

Also in this update, NPC coloration in the overview is now supposed to follow a consistent pattern:

  • Blue – Friendly NPCs
  • White – Neutral NPCs
  • Red – NPCs that mean you harm and are probably trying to shoot you even now

I’m pretty sure it was always supposed to be that way, but seem to recall some neutral, or at least non-hostile, NPCs getting colored red in the past.  Maybe that is all good now.

On other fronts CCP has applied their current shader technology to more objects and structures found in deadspace and missions areas.  I expect asteroid mining stations to be at least 30% more “shiny.”

CCP has also reworked the occasionally problematic reload cycle in an attempt to fix issues that occur when you’re reloading and do a state transition.  While the work was done in the background it does have some user end changes which include:

  • It is no longer possible to group or ungroup weapons while the weapons are reloading.
  • Cloaking, docking, and jumping after reloading will no longer interfere with reloading (but a cloaked ship can still not start a reload).
  • After the inventory operations have completed the reloading will no longer be interrupted by anything (but other things can be blocked until the timer has finished).
  • All inventory operations connected to a reload command are now done at the beginning of reloading and the reload timer is behaving like a reactivation timer on the module.
  • Several other minor bugs and inconsistencies around loading and unloading ammunition have been fixed.
  • Fixed a bug, which could lead to loss of ammunition when grouping the weapons of an Upwell Structure.

Hopefully this will resolve the issues intended and only introduce a few minor new issues.

In addition there is the usual long list of smaller issues addressed.  Information about the release can be found on the Updates page and in the Patch Notes.  As of this writing the update has been deployed successfully and is the current reality in New Eden.  There is a known issue when it comes to expeditions in The Agency already, so that functionality has been returned to the old Journal for now.

How to Find an Agent in EVE Online… Quickly and Easily!

I have mentioned in the past that the all-time second most popular post on this blog is:

How to Find an Agent in EVE Online

I wrote that post almost four years ago and it consistently brings people to the site via search engines.

And the sad thing was that nothing had really changed since I wrote that.  It was still a useful overview of how to find an agent that will give you missions using only in-game resources.

It was an annoying process, but one that people used to accept with the usual reference to the legendary learning curve of EVE Online.  It is difficult because it is meant to be so.  Go read the old process.  March or die.

But fret no more, as CCP has finally gotten around to making finding an agent easy.  Unlike the captain’s quarters, this is a new feature I am totally behind because it does exactly what it is supposed to, the way it should do it, with about the least amount of controls possible.  I give you the new agent finder!

Finding Agents for the Imperial Chancellor Corp

You pick the faction, you pick the agent level,  and, optionally, the corporation, agent type, solar system, or security status of the agent’s solar system, and it displays the agents which meet the criteria in descending order of proximity to you.

Basically, it answers the quest I used to ask a lot, where is the nearest level n agent for corp x, quickly.

So, as you can see in the above screen shot, level 4 agents for the Amarr corporation Imperial Chancellor are pretty darn close to my current location. (Can you name the system I am in?)

Meanwhile, level 3 agents of the Caldari corporation Wiyrkomi Peace Corps (which seems to have an awful lot of security (read “combat”) agents for an organization with the word “peace” in its name) are a bit more distant from my location.

Agents of peace... but not at any price

I know if I want to work with them I am going to have to pick up and move.  The have odd looking stations out in the unpronounceable sections of Caldari space, many jumps from where I am currently.

So far, this looks pretty good.  I almost wish I was still looking for agents, but I’ve built up my Amarr and Caldari faction pretty well to this point.

The only minor gripe I have is getting to the agent finder.

It does have a prominent place on your coffee table in your captain’s quarters.

Agent Finder and Daily Specials

It is hard to miss there.

But, if the novelty of the captain’s quarters has worn off already and you’ve gone to the static “station door” background, the location of the agent finder is a bit less obvious.

Instead you find a button for it in the People and Places window, which seems logical enough, though that isn’t where you would start off under the old process if you were searching for a new agent.

People, Places, and How To Find Them

I haven’t played with it enough to be sure there isn’t some hole in it or something missing.  But so far, for Incarna features, I have to give this one a thumbs up.  It almost makes me forget CCPs desire to go Viking and pillage our wallets to the maximum extent possible.

The only real question for me is why it took CCP so long to do this.

Now I have to go update my old post to point here with something cute like, “Looking for an Agent? There’s an App for That!”

What do you think of the new Agent Finder?