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The Alpha Strike Destroyer Prize

I ran through the remainder of the Alpha Strike event to get the A3 Destroyer package and, as noted in the comments on the previous post, the prize is a Sunesis destroyer.

Unfit Sunesis in Flight

A flimsy looking ship and an interesting choice. If CCP had given people one of their racial destroyers, it would have had to choose between two damage types.  Also, it would have required an Alpha clone to train up the racial destroyer skill.

The Sunesis only requires Spaceship Command I to be trained in order to fly it and it has boosts to all of the key weapon systems.

Sunesis Bonuses

Turrets, missiles, drones, and even a scanning bonus.

The down side is that if you lose this, you’re pretty much back to where you started, needing to train up your racial destroyer skill to get a similar ship.  You can find a replacement on the market… CCP gave one to every subscriber back before the Ascension expansion introduced Alpha Clones… but they are a bit rare on the market and cost 10-20 times what a racial destroyer will cost.  And I have to imagine they are kill mail bait as well, being rare.

It might be better for an Alpha player to sell the Sunesis and use the resulting ISK to buy the skill and fit a racial destroyer.  Or a few racial destroyers.

In addition to the Sunesis, capsuleers who accrued the 50 points over the course of the even also received a Damage Control I module and a module appropriate to their empire.  For more Amarr pilot, a special heat sink was provided.  Heat sinks allow energy weapons… lasers… to fire more rapidly.

Amarr Destroyer Package

My Caldari pilot got a Ballistic Control System with his Sunesis.  That improves the rate of fire and damage application for missiles, a Caldari specialty.

Caldari Destroyer Package

So CCP did keep your empire affiliation in mind even while handing out the unaffiliated destroyer.

While the event seemed short, running just a week… it ends on September 5th, so is only available through the end of today… I was able to pick up the necessary 50 points on two characters fairly easily.  The most common daily requirements were to run combat missions or kill ten hostiles NPCs, a pair that is easy to combine, or to mine a certain amount of ore or run a mining mission.   Only the industry goal, which required the player to build a module, was a bit of a pain.

I threw my Amarr Alpha clone at it by sending him to the career agents where he started off with his rookie ship before picking up a Punisher to finish things out.  He already had a Venture available for mining as noted previously.

Punisher on a mission

My Caldari character is an entosis alt who happened to be sitting in high sec in a Clown Shoe Nereus, a cheape hauler fit out for maximum shield regeneration (600-800 hit points a second) so as to make it tough for a solo interceptor to just zip out and kill.  I pulled the entosis module and the cloak, fit a mining laser, and threw some cheap combat drones in the drone bay and ran mining and combat missions semi-AFK.

The Nereus absorbing little hits

Overall the event seemed doable over the weekend. I was done by Saturday but ran another day of missions with one character just to see if anything else might unlock if I pushed my points a bit further.  However, either there wasn’t anything else or I didn’t push far enough.  I am going to guess the former.

At 66 points out of 50 I had enough

I am still a bit indifferent to the whole structure of The Agency events.  But they are not really aimed at me either, so perhaps that is fine.  Still, they do feel like The Temp Agency.  We shall likely soon see what CCP has in store next for The Agency.

Alpha Strike in New Eden

The Agency event structure continues.  It started initially with The Agency event back in July, carried on with the Lucky Strikes event that showed up with the August update, and has been re-upped again with the new Alpha Strike event.

Alpha Strike

CCP is being a little coy with this event, the announcement lacking in any details.

New Player? Like flying spaceships?

The Alpha Strike in-game event has started and is great for pilots who are new to EVE Online.

Click the Agency icon on your Neocom in game, and start earning those rewards today!

“Fine,” I said to myself,  “I’ll bite.”  So I logged in a wee Alpha alt over in Amarr space, the same one I went mining with in a Venture previously, just to see what the Alpha Strike event really was.

As noted, it comes up in the window used for The Agency, and is pretty much the same sort of thing.  The difference seems to be that some of the ways to earn reward points are a bit more diverse (running a mining mission is an option, for example) and the rewards themselves are ship packages.

Two ship packages are available, industrial and destroyer

The one odd bit is the descriptions of the packages when you click on them.

Wait, what does that mean?

This wording, which was noted over at The Nosy Gamer after he saw it on the test server a couple weeks back, began some speculation as to whether or not CCP was going to introduce the dread scourge of lock boxes to New Eden.  That seemed like a dubious idea, and doubly so when coupled with a player event.  What sort of monster would make people earn reward points then hand them a lock box?

Well, no sort of monster at CCP currently.

I ran out with my wee alt and earned the twelve points muy pronto by doing a mining mission and then killing some of the local NPC pirates.  That got me the item redemption pop up which put the A3 Industrial Package in my item hangar.  Clicking on it didn’t demand a key.  Instead, the description was somewhat different.

The package arrives

Being packed “really really well” isn’t the same as missing the instruction manual or needed a key.  In fact, all you have to do is press the “open container” button.

Hey look, a ship and a module!

I assume that the “A” in the “A3” designation stands for “Amarr,” that if I were Caldari, Gallente, or Minmatar it would be “C3,” “G3,” or “M3” and would deliver the corresponding racial hauler so an Alpha Clone could use it, since they are limited to the ships of their respective empires. (And, while we’re here, I guess the “3” is for the third event using the framework of The Agency.)

Anyway, that is the current event in New Eden.  It does seem suited to Alpha clone characters, which is probably why it was named “Alpha Strike.”