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Amarr Foundation Day Returns to EVE Online

The third of the four holidays, representing each of the four main NPC empires of New Eden, has arrived.  Amarr Foundation Day is upon us.

Greetings in YC124

The Amarr were the first of the four major empires to rediscover space travel after the closing of the EVE Gate.  They used that advance to run around enslaving other, less technologically advanced groups, including the Matari people, who eventually rose up and freed themselves, becoming the Minmatar empire.  So the Amarr have a PR issue with their belief system, being seen religious zealots who are still pretty okay with slavery as a thing.  The Amarr empire, and the six houses that make up its leadership, also hold the most space of the four main empires.

This event celebrates the foundation of the first Amarr church by Prophet Dano Gheinok.

As is the usual course of things, there is a series of login rewards for those who jump into the game at least five days out of the seven that the event spans.

Amarr Foundation Day Login Rewards

There are some skill points, some boosters, some fireworks, and a couple of SKINs, one for the Amarr shuttle, the other for the Sigil hauler.

A Sigil in case you hadn’t seen one recently

In addition to the login rewards there are daily challenges, mining blitz sites, new landmarks to visit, community events, and the inevitable Amarr themed Abyssal Proving Grounds challenge, in addition to the usual sales in the in-game and web store.

The Amarr Foundation Day parade in Sarum Prime

All of this runs through downtime on August 9th, so log in early and often to collect the rewards.


Fireworks in Amarr

A supplement to my post yesterday about the EVE Online 10 year birthday celebration in Amarr.  If screen shots of the fireworks were not enough, here is some video of them hitting Chribba’s Revelation dreadnaught and Widow black ops battleship.

(Direct link to video)

The video is probably best viewed over at YouTube in a larger window.  It is available at all resolutions up to 1080p, at which point the explosions are surprisingly detailed.

The video is running at 2x speed.  Time dilation was slowing things down to between 10 and 20% normal, but speeding up the video beyond 2x did not “feel” right, as things got very choppy.

The music is “Akat Mountains” from the EVE Online sound track (all of which you can find over at Sound Cloud), which I included because I had the sound off in EVE, so it would otherwise be a silent movie.

I Know it is Just the Name of the System…

I was looking at the Hulkageddon II killboard and decided to see how much destruction was going on in my neighborhood, which is the Domain region.  All this emergent game play is fun until it starts happening in your own favorite fishing hole.

I discovered that one of my previously noted favorite systems seems to be at the top of the chart.

Now, I’m not calling anybody names, I’m just saying it seems oddly appropriate that a lot of the killing in the Domain region is happening in Arshat.

Pals with the Imperial Chancellor

The head of the executive branch of the Amarrian administration, the Imperial Chancellor is appointed by the Amarr Emperor and is answerable only to him. Though the Chancellor’s authority is mostly confined to the bureaucracy of the empire, he is still considered one of the most powerful individuals within the empire.

After getting my standings with the Amarr Navy up to the 8.0 mark, I started looking around to see if there was another NPC corporation that I should work with.  I was specifically interested in finding a corporation that had stations in or around the locations where I mine.  It is much easier to haul ore to a local station, refine it, then move the minerals to where you need them than it is to try and haul bulky ore any distance.

It was also important to pick a corporation whose stations refined with base yield efficiency of 50%.  That, with my current skills and a  standing of 6.5 or better gets me 100% yield on the ore I refine.  I had already found out the hard way, after some work with Ishukone Corporation, that not every NPC corp has a base yield efficiency of 50%.  Some come in at 30% which spoils the fun.

And so I ended up on the doorstep of the Imperial Chancellor, who happened to have stations right where I wanted to mine.

The downside of the Imperial Chancellor’s corp is that its best agents are in the financial sector and tend to offer up more courier missions than encounters.  Courier missions are easy, but you have to run a lot more of them to get the same boost in standings as you get from a single, good kill mission.

Of course, running more missions means getting more storyline missions.  I was getting about one story line mission a week mostly because I could do a dozen courier missions in an evening, but usually only one kill mission.

And so this past weekend I hit the magic standing mark.

Actually, I hit my initial goal of a 6.5 standing some time earlier and then decided to drive a bit further, to a standing of 8.0,  to get access to jump clones and such.

But now I am somewhat “done” with the Imperial Chancellor.  I mean, we’re BFF and all that and we’ll still hang out, but  I am not sure what further standing with an NPC faction would grant me.

So perhaps it is time to look for another NPC corporation to work on.  The nice thing about the standing system is that as you raise your standings with one NPC corp within a given faction, your overall standing with that faction grows so that you do not start so far down the ladder.

For example, when I started doing missions for the Amarr Navy, I had to do level 1 missions.  For the Imperial Chancellor, I was able to start out on level 2 mission.

My effective standing with any Amarr aligned NPC corporation is now 4.47, which should let me start off with level 3 missions. (That effective standing made things easy for me when it came to research agents as well.)

It is just a matter of choosing the next corp.  I am thinking about The Ministry of Internal Order.

The Amarr authorities have vast experience in molding their citizens as they want. The Ministry of Internal Order is responsible for hunting down disgruntled elements in the society and eradicating them. Since first contact the Ministry of Internal Order is also responsible for monitoring the activities of foreigners within the Amarr border, especially Minmatar terrorist cells.

They sound like fun!

If the EVE Factions Drove Cars From My Youth

What would they drive?

Something silly that came up in corp chat the other night.

My youth is defined for purposes of this post to be the 60s and 70s, when I was physically young. Mentally some might argue I have not yet left that period of my life.


A 73 Chevy Monte Carlo in beige with the 454 engine.

Open up the picture on Wikipedia and tell me that wasn’t designed by some Amarr ex-pat working in Detroit.


A Studebaker Avanti. Asymmetry FTW!

Only you would have to hang about half of the crap from the J.C. Whitney catalog off of it to get the true effect. CB Antennas with glowing tips FTW!


67 Camaro RS, all in grey primer, missing the front grill, with a coat hanger in place of the radio antenna and another holding up the muffler.

I know this car. I have seen it in 100 variations. The engine does not matter, as it would be heavily modified in any case.


A Citroën DS in green.

Tell me that isn’t a Thorax on wheels. There could be no other answer.

Other Choices?

What other possibilities could there be? And what about other factions? What would ORE drive? How about Sansha’s Nation?

Notes from Amarr Space

I have notes for what should probably be half a dozen posts on EVE Online at the moment, but I have been busy at work and in Sinnoh of late, so I am going to summarize a bit.

Mining My Own Business

Kernite, kernite everywhere! And, as long as I get up early enough and mine some before some Dutch corp rolls in and clear cuts the system, I am rolling in isogen. That is good, since I was always short on isogen back in Caldari space.

However, this came at a cost. Plagioclase, so very common in Caldari space, is not available in Amarr space, so now I am chronically short of pyrite, and when you are making something like, say, a battleship, you need a lot more pyrite than isogen.

Amarr Navy Faction

My standing with the Amarr Navy is now over 8, so I can make jump clones at their stations as well as Caldari Navy stations. I already have all the jump clones I need, but it is nice to have the option. It is nice that the Amarr and the Caldari appear to be allied, so that my running missions in Amarr space did not hurt my Caldari Navy faction at all. I wonder if that carries over to factional warfare?

The downside is, now that I have a bunch of loyalty points stored up with the Amarr Navy, I have figured out that they do not have much for me to buy. I have all the implants I need at the moment and the weapons, ammunition, and skill book options are all focused on laser turrets, which does not do me much good. I’m saving up my laser crystal drops from missions to trade them in for Amarr Navy versions. Perhaps I can make some ISK reselling those. What is everybody’s favorite laser crystal?

And what is the deal with the Amarr Navy Slicer blueprint I can get with my loyalty points? I do not see any for sale and the ship itself does not show up in the EVE Online Item Database. Is it hot stuff or the suck?

Raven About Missions

After a rough start, which is how it always goes, I think I am finally getting a handle on level 4 missions with the Raven.

Actually, it did not start off rough, as a friend and I ran a couple of level 4 missions that I could have done solo in my Drake. Then I picked up one called Vengence that I ran by myself. That got me used to paying attention to the active shield tank that the Raven requires.

It also got me to pay attention to the ammunition I use. The named battleship at the end of the mission, the guy you need to take out to finish, had a really strong armor tank, one that I could not break through on my first attempt. I had to call it a night and come back the next day, fight my way through the whole thing again, then finally go after him with the right missiles and drones, and I still emptied my launchers five times before I got any hull damage on him. That was something of a change from level 3 missions where a load of Widowmaker missiles pretty much solved all problems.

Since I seem to be getting the hang of the Raven, I will probably sell the Rokh. That will boost me past half a billion ISK in the bank, once I find a buyer.

I will also have to bring my Drake out to where I am currently running level 4 missions. There have been a few where frigates and cruisers have made up the majority of the targets. It is a shame to waste cruise missiles on them.

So far level 4 missions have been lucrative. The bounty total when fighting pirates is usually huge, two to eight times the actual mission reward. Drone missions generally drop some of that sweet, sweet plush compound that, when refined, yields up a chunk of zydrine. Salvage has been okay. It is not raining alloyed tritanium bars. I still have not collected the 100 I need to make the first cargo rig for my hauler. On the other hand, armor plates seem to drop often, and those I do not need, but other people seem to, so they make me a bit of ISK.

Empyrean Age

Once the Empyrean Age expansion goes live, with my standings, I can join either the Amarr or Caldari militia. However, if rewards are going to be similar to what happens with loyalty points, I may have to head back to Caldari space.

And then there is the question of what to fly. Since PvP is going mean dying a lot, frigates will have to do when it comes to my budget. And since I am strongest in missile skills, that means a Kestrel. Or many Kestrels. I should probably just buy a blueprint original and make some to keep on hand. I already have the blueprints for the missiles. I will have to work out a standard PvP fitting for it and keep supplies on hand. Worse that losing your ship, for me at least, is then trying to re-equip the new one.

Of course, this assumes that a frigate will be useful in factional warfare. It might end up just getting owned by people who can afford to risk Muninns and Cerberuses. That is the flip side of the whole “don’t fly what you cannot afford to lose” rule.

Waiting for the Patch

But now that Tranquility, the EVE Online server is down for the Empyrean age update, all we can do is speculate about what will be, play with EVE Mon and the EVE Fitting Tool, look at screen shots, chat a bit, and hope everything comes up as planned.