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Five Years of WoW – Onyxian Whelpling

Blizzard is celebrating an anniversary.   Tomorrow, November 23rd, it will have been five years since World of Warcraft went live.  And this year’s anniversary gift is an Onyxian Whelpling.

The Whelpling

As usual, Blizzard is including the nearest weekend day as part of the anniversary celebration, so when we were on last night and the server close rolled over to midnight, we all go the message.

And that meant that in all of our mailboxes there was a surprise waiting.

We were a little busy to go check our mail at that moment, being five low level horde players in Alliance territory, but mail keeps and we were eventually able to pick up our new pets.

Like other recent special pets (Mr. Chilly, Grunty the Murloc), the Onyxian Whelpling does not go away when you train it on your character.  It is a bind on account item that you can send to your future alts (on the same server/faction).

However, the feat-of-strength achievement is not tied to the pet, so you have to log on a character today or tomorrow in order to get that.  I’ve been through all my key characters this morning.  They have all been logged in, gotten the achievement, and claimed their pet.  Several still had Mr. Chilly waiting for them as well.

So now you’ll be seeing this guy all over Azeroth.

Onyxian Whelpline

Onyxian Whelpling

Fortunately, the whelpling is pretty small, so it won’t be too obnoxious with hundreds about.

My own five year anniversary with WoW is still a few months off.  I wasn’t there on day one, but showed up about four months later.

Update from the WoW community site:

The World of Warcraft five-year anniversary celebration is now officially underway! To mark this special occasion, any character that logs into the game between now and Sunday, December 6 at 11:59 p.m. (realm time) will receive their very own Onyxian Whelpling non-combat pet, along with a special message from the development team. We have more World of Warcraft 5-year and Warcraft 15-year anniversary festivities coming soon, so be sure to keep your eye on the official website. Thanks for being part of the adventure, and we look forward to many more whelps and great memories in the years ahead.

So you have some more time to get the whelpling.

Five Years of EverQuest II

Five years ago I rolled my first character, Nomu Stonemantle, a dwarf priest, in the post-cataclsym world of Norrath that is the setting for EverQuest II.

It was my primary game for a good 18 months and I have gone back to visit on a number of occasions.

While I have not played for almost a year at this point, I am sure I will be back at some point.

Norrath, both pre and post-cataclysm are virtual places, but places with real memories for me.

Three Years We Grew in Virtual Sun and Shower

I hope I am not foreshadowing with that reference in the title.  The number three seems to be under represented it literary titles once you begin to exclude things like  “Now We Are Three.”  And even Bill Wordsworth can use a link now and again.

It has been three years since I set out to start a record of my gaming hobby, both past and present.  I think, for the most part, I have succeed in my modest goal.  I haven’t written as much about ancient gaming as I would have liked, but I have gotten a few of the tales I planned on written.  And I have kept up with the current goings on, including the occasional news item or press release to serve as a sign post on the road that is this virtual gaming journey.

And, as I did at the end of the first and second years, I will take a few minutes to see where I have ended up.

Basics Statistics

What has happened here and how has it changed from a year ago?

Page Views by Month - Growth Has Slowed

Page Views by Month – Growth Has Slowed

  • Days since launch: 1096 (+365)
  • Posts total: 1,257 (+360)
  • Average posts per day: 1.15 (-0.08)
  • Comments: 7,281 (+3,239)
  • Average comments per post: 5.8 (+1.3)
  • Average comments per day: 6.6  (+1.1)
  • Spam comments: 114,282 (+28,662)
  • Average spam comments per day: 104.27 (-13)
  • Comment signal to noise ratio: 1 to 16 (-5)

So over the last year I wrote a few less posts per day, people commented more, and spammers spammed just a bit less.  All probably good things!


Or who sends traffic to The Ancient Gaming Noob.

All time

Over the last year


And then there are the sites to which I send traffic.  There is some overlap between inbound and outbound that shows that I share a readership with some of these sites.

Of course, the site I send the most traffic to is Nick Yee’s guild name generator, thanks to an accident of Google.

But that site aside, we have:

All time

Over the last year

Most Viewed Posts

The most viewed posts over the history of the blog are:

  1. Play On: Guild Name Generator
  2. How To Find An Agent in EVE Online
  3. Shaymin Event at Toys R Us
  4. Getting Upper Blackrock Spire Access
  5. What Is A “Tank” In EVE?
  6. Rotom Secret Key Event
  7. Is There Hope for a Science Fiction MMORPG?
  8. Five LEGO Video Game Titles I Want
  9. 2008 MMORPG Progdictionations
  10. LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga

A few expected items on that list, but enough that aren’t just accidents of Google to make me happy.

Items Aged 20 Years or More

Writing about my older gaming experiences has been a challenge, mostly due to the failings of memory.  Still, I can sometimes dig out enough information via various sources to put together something credible to help me recall the past.  So I have a few posts in that area:

Inspirational Blogs

And then there are blogs out there that I should probably link to more often or comment on more frequently because I read them regularly.

Measuring Success

I said at the top that I think I have succeeded in my goal so far, but how does one measure success with such a nebulous goal?

I think the fact that I post regularly is such a measure.

But more than that, the fact that I like to go back and look at what I have written.  If I am sitting around I will often just click the Random Post button just to see what comes up.

Or, alternatively, I will look through some of the tag listings, like those for Toril MUD or the Instance Group to see where I’ve been.

And What Now?

Well, just a big thanks for stopping by, reading my stuff and commenting on occasion.

I don’t have any plans to change what I write about or how I do it.  Real life may interfere from time to time of course and once in a while I realize that I spend more time writing about games than playing them, but that to shall pass.

My Four Year EverQuest II Anniversary

Aside from being the big Lich King release day, today is also my own four year anniversary with EverQuest II.

While I had played EverQuest, I was burned out on it by the time I quit and was not keen to start playing that sort of game again.

Gaff and I had been playing Desert Combat and TorilMUD for a while when he asked one evening if I wanted to go play EverQuest II.  A friend of his was going to pick the game up when it came out and he thought he might give it a try as well, having missed out on the whole EverQuest thing himself.

I hemmed and hawed a bit, remembering the downside of EverQuest and not having yet been infected by the nostalgia inducing video “Sayonara Norrath.”  Eventually, seeing that a couple other members of our TorilMUD guild were going to play, I agreed to come play as well.

So, on November 13th 2004, less than a week after the game’s launch, I rolled up my first character in EverQuest II, Nomu Stonemantle. (And I went for 15 days before I rolled at alt!)

We ended up in a guild with some EverQuest players called The Knights of the Cataclysm.  I remember some early TeamSpeak conversations with a few select members who went on and on about how WoW sucked and how they were only playing EQ2 until Vanguard came out. (Because it was going to be the true Hard Core successor to EverQuest!)  At least one of the loudest in that regard plays WoW now.

So, four years later, it has been a strange ride for EverQuest II.  At times it was practically unplayable.  The early avoidance of EverQuest and nostalgia by the designers led to some questionable, in my mind, decisions. (I am so tired of seeing flying carpets.)

We stayed for over a year, then left for WoW when Kingdom of the Sky came along.

Echoes of Faydwer restored my interest in the game and seemed to be something of a turning point.  Things seemed to get consistently better from that point forward.

Now, at the four year mark, I wonder where the game will go.  EverQuest is still stable and running at 10 years, what will EverQuest II look like when it passes the 10 year mark?

And thanks to the magic of Norrath time, when the Shadow Odyssey expansion comes out next week I will be eligible for the five year veteran rewards.

Two Years Below the Masthead

It is time for the second annual meaningless milestone.  Yes, The Ancient Gaming Noob has been active for two years now. And if I feel the need to sum up at the end of every month, do you think I am going to let a date like this go by without comment?

As I did last year, I thought I would write a bit about the site itself.

Basic Stats

Over the last 731 days, what has happened here?

Posts total: 897

Average posts per day: 1.23

Comments: 4,042

Average comments per post: 4.5

Average comments per day: 5.53

Spam comments: 85,620

Average spam comments per day: 117.13

Comment signal to noise ratio: 1 to 21

Strong Growth

Page views continued to climb over the last year.

page views by month

page views by month

If only this were a chart of my company’s stock price over the last two years rather than page views on a blog with no ads.

Traffic – Inbound

Who sends me the most traffic?

VirginWorlds – As much as I miss Brent’s hand-picked news items (and the power I had as one of the people who could submit news unmoderated!) his change over to an automated news gathering function has meant a sharp rise in my traffic from VirginWorlds.

Keen and Graev’s Gaming Blog – I have no idea why, but I seem to get a lot of traffic from Keen and Graev.  In general, being listed on a blogroll is not worth that much in traffic numbers.  I comment over there once in a while, but we rarely refer to each other in posts.  Not that I mind, but I wonder why.

EQ2-Daily -The EverQuest II news snaffling power house, I do not get as much traffic from them as I used to, mostly because I do not write about EverQuest II very often of late.  Cyanbane’s bot doesn’t even come to check any more.

CrazyKinux’s Musings – CK is hooked into the EVE Online community, so a mention on his site, or a spot on his weekly-ish speedlinking

Blessing of Kings – A great site that must get some serious traffic or wield considerable influence (or both) as I have only been linked over there for a few months, yet the traffic from there is in my top 5.

Other honorable mentions:

The Common Sense Gamer
Tobold’s MMORPG Blog
Van Hemlock
West Karana
Kill Ten Rats

Traffic Outbound

Of course, due to the quirks in Google’s search engine, the site I send the most traffic to is Nick Yee’s “Guild Name Generator.”  Still, other people get some traffic from me, slight though it be.

Potshot – Lots of cross linkage means lots of traffic.  I’m too lazy to launch key caps to make those special O characters though.

The Common Sense Gamer – I sponsor his podcast AND I send him traffic.  What a pal!

Hardcore Casual – Syncaine comments here a lot.  Sometimes I even take the time to drag his comments out of the spam filter.

Keen and Graev’s Gaming Blog – At least I return the favor, if not to the same degree.

Kill Ten Rats – A fine site, though I am waiting for Zubon to do a parody site called “Kill Ten Rants.”

Other worthy traffic recipients:

Tobold’s MMORPG Blog
Clockwork Gamer
Blessing of Kings

Traffic Mystery

For no reason I can discover, I got a steady amount of traffic from Raph Koster’s site at one point over the summer.  Yet I could not find anything over there that actually pointed here.  Odd.

Most Viewed Posts

After two years, this is what people have been looking at.  I am surprised that a couple of more recent posts are on that list.

Most Used Tags

I am always a bit amused when people describe my blog.  Often the line is “It is a WoW blog that talks about other games” or “It is an EVE blog that also talks about WoW.”  But the post tags should tell the tale.

Entertainment is the top of the list as, if I used one of a dozen specific category tags, WordPress.com will put me on the front page once in a while, if traffic for a post is good.

So what tags have I used and how often?

Entertainment – 311 times
EverQuest II – 305 times
World of Warcraft – 226 times
EVE Online  – 199 times
EverQuest – 160 times
Sony Online Entertainment – 137 times
Lord of the Rings Online – 109 times
Vanguard SOH – 96 times
Misc MMOs – 90 times
Instance Group – 65 times
Podcasts -76 times
Wii – 34 times

It looks like I have an MMORPG blog that talks about a bunch of games!  I don’t remember doing so many posts about Vanguard though.

My Favorite Titles

Usually when I come up with a post, the idea for the post comes first, then the title comes later.  Often the title changes a few times in the minutes before I hit the publish button.  Usually a title is just a title.  Sometimes though, a title comes to me first and I find that I must create a post to support it.  Either way though, a good title to be quite satisfying.  Here are my favorites from the last two years:

The Unbearable Lightness of Diablo IIICzech literary references are the best references of all.

The Unbearable Lightness of UDP – I used that reference twice.  Must be my Soviet Studies courses coming back to haunt me.

Yo Soy Sony La Fea – Did I mention I watched Ugly Betty in Spanish?  Not that I actually speak Spanish….

The Dwarf from Suffren on the Steppes – An obscure Walt Kelly reference.  I grew up reading (and wrecking) an autographed copy of “Ten Ever-lovin’ Blue-eyed Years with Pogo.”  If you have a copy, you probably get the reference.

Single Server Theory – A less obscure reference to events in Dallas.

Angling in Angmar – I just like the idea of Angmar as a fisherman’s paradise.

The Economics of Badgers – I like the mental imagery that title brings.

Mammoth Explosion – I usually picture the Wooley variety going to pieces.

Return of the Azerothian Combo – A reference to a George Booth cartoon that ran in the New Yorker in the 80’s.  Only amusing to me I am sure.

A Year of Living Noobishly – A good movie reference is always worth it.  Some people probably even got this one!

Mutually Assured Negativity – I’m a child of the Cold War, what can I say?

Burning Sensation – I was more thinking of a line from a Mojo Nixon song than the band of that name.

If nothing else, this is some insight into how my brain works.

Not So Funny

And, once in a while, I try my hand at humor. (Most of the posts on this site are not attempts at humor.  Any hilarity you detect is purely coincidental.)  So we have the list of posts that I thought were a lot funnier than… well… they probably were.

And On to Year Three!

As with last year, I thank everybody who has visited this site, plus an extra thanks for each comment you left!  Two extra thanks!

We shall see what the next year brings.

Apotheosis Now!

For you, children, on your fifth birthday. May your next five years be as full of promise and hope, and may you one day walk with us as equals among the stars.

Idmei Sver, Society of Conscious Thought, on the fifth anniversary of the Capsuleer Era.

For the EVE Online 5th anniversary we all got a special shuttle called an Apotheosis.

A few weeks back that might have seemed a cheap gift, but with the removal of NPC sold shuttles, the price of such craft have become quite dear in some regions.

It appears to be just a shuttle. It has better scanners than the standard Caldari shuttle, but otherwise seems to be the same stat for stat, and therefore a bit less than god-like. Maybe it will grow over time.

Still, it does have its own look.

I think you can hang your laundry from all that piping that is sticking out of it.

Anyway, from what I can tell, it shows up in the station where you have your clone based, should you be looking for yours.

365 Day LOTRO Anniversary Contest

Lord of the Rings Online: Shadows of Angmar launched last year on April 24th.

While those of us who pre-ordered were in the open beta that allowed you to carry over your characters into the live game, April 24th was the big day. It was the day the game box went on the shelf, the day I ran out and bought the collectors edition.

But because 2008 is a leap year Turbine has to wait one extra day to celebrate the one year anniversary of the Lord of the Rings Online launch.

To make up for that extra day of waiting, I thought I would kick off the first TAGN LOTRO contest.

About a month and a half back I offered up my nine remaining Founder’s referrals to readers of this blog.

Nine people took up the offer, and this week Turbine notified me that I now have one 30 Day time key for LOTRO.

So it is time for a contest to give away that key!

The Contest

The first contest is simple. Just make me a Lord of the Rings Online themed banner for the blog. The best one gets a 30 day time code for LOTRO.

The Rules

Banners must be 730 pixels wide and 140 pixels tall.

Banners must be in .jpg or .png format.

Banners can be original artwork or taken from screen shots.

Banners may NOT use material from the Turbine or the Lord of the Rings Online web sites or any press or promotional collateral provided by Turbine. (Which covers most of the screen shots you see on gaming news sites.)

Banners must master their fear, or fear will be their master.

There is a limit of three entries per person.

All entries must be sent via email attachment to wilhelm2451 at rightbox dot com.

Please put “LOTRO Contest” in the subject line of your email. [new]

All entries must be received by 2:01 am UTC on May 16th, 2008.

The winner will be announced in a post on Monday, May 19th, 2008.

The time code will be sent to the email address that the winner used to submit their entry.

In the event of some sort of “tie,” all winners will receive a 30 day time code.

Employees of Turbine, their immediate family, and their pets are not eligible to enter. Neither are the owners of the Mongolian BBQ place around the corner from my office. (Worst gastric distress ever!)


The judging will be based on banner aesthetics and layout, the use of space within the restrictions which the banner position on the site imposes (see “artistic considerations” below), and how frickin’ cool it is.

While I will be the final authority in picking the winner, I may seek advice from my wife, my daughter, my mother, members of the permanent floating instance group, co-workers, the kid next door, the mailman, readers of rec.arts.books.tolkien, the pizza delivery guy, or Kibo.


Give your entry a unique title and put that title in the body of the email. There will be thousands hundreds maybe a dozen at least your entry, and I don’t want to lose track of it.

Indicate how I should refer to you (name, handle, whatever) should you be the big winner. Include the URL for your website or blog if you want that included as part of your identity.

If you have no use for the 30 day time code, but want to enter anyway in the hope of just seeing your name/handle on the site, feel free, but let me know that is your intention. It guarantees you won’t win the time code, but I will no doubt call out exceptional entries.

Artistic Considerations

Take into account the “Home” and “About” tabs that stick up into the banner area. I can’t make them go away, so make sure they don’t spoil your entry.

The title and tag line in the banner currently are placed there as part of the WordPress theme. I can turn them off if your entry includes the name of the site. But remember, the site name is “The Ancient Gaming Noob.” Any variation or misspelling may count against you, unless you are an ogre. The tag line is purely optional. You can leave it off or make up your own, though tread carefully there, even if you are an ogre.

If you omit the blog title, make sure that the title currently in the banner does not spoil your picture. And while I can remove the title, I cannot change its color, so avoid a large white patch in that area that will wash out the title. (See, these banners don’t just make themselves, do they?)

If you feel you have to sign your work, go ahead, but large signatures, guild logos, email addresses, URLs, or imbedded “work from home” offers may count against you.

MS Paint is the work of the devil. Use it for your entry only if all else fails.

EverQuest Anniversary and Timeline

To celebrate the EverQuest 9th anniversary, Clint Worley, the EverQuest producer, has posted a graphic over on the EQ Dev blog of the EverQuest timeline that includes many of the major events in the history of EverQuest and includes the box artwork for all of the EverQuest expansions.

Happy Anniversary to EverQuest! 

Has it really been 9 years since I brought that first box home?

Addendum: Timeline picture here since SOE killed their blog.

A Nine Year Timeline for EQ

A Year of Living Noobishly

Today marks the one year anniversary of The Ancient Gaming Noob.  I thought I would mark the occasion with a few comments on the last year and a bit of obscure data about the site.

Views on Page Views

I do not really have a comment on the number of page views, the only metric WordPress.com gives you about visitors to a site.  It is just a piece of data and only valuable if compared against similar data.  But here is the month by month data for this site over the last year.


The chart runs from September through August, in case that was not obvious.

May was popular due to a trifecta of being mention in the EverQuest II Town Crier, getting a long run as one of the top five items on VirginWorlds, and being mentioned in a post by Tobold.  Page views did not return to that level until August, and that was only because my grousing about the Tabula Rasa beta forums got ranked very high on Google.

Getting Hit On

The best places when it comes to consistently getting people to come to the site:

EQ2-Daily – The EverQuest II community is a click happy bunch.  It is almost addictive to write about EQ2 because when the EQ2-Daily crew links you up on the main page, people come to visit.  With the recent overhaul of the site, that has trended down a little.  It is harder to go visit the site on which a story is posted from the main page now. (And quite impossible if you use FireFox 1.x.)  But the information on the main page is much better.  So the greedy hit monster in me hates it, but the data obsessive in me likes it a lot.

[correction: FireFox does work if you put “www” at the front of their URL.  Cyanbane sez, “Relational Pathing is teh devil!”]

EverQuest II Town Crier – This doesn’t happen very often, but it does generate a lot of traffic.  I have been linked there four times this year, so I am sure I owe somebody down in San Diego a beer or three.

VirginWorlds – This would be in the number one spot if I just counted the times when I have been the top five articles on the main page.  Nothing beats that most days.  But Brent puts up so much news that once you get down the list very far, people lose track of you.  Still, as a site for promoting general MMO news and information, VirginWorlds cannot be beat.

Tobolds MMORPG Blog – Go ask Potshot what happens when Tobold points to your site as the main focus of a post.  Page view fire hose!  Even the couple of passing mentions of this site has generated quite a bit of traffic.  The man has a following.  Beware if he decides to use his power for evil rather than good!

Virgin Firsts

By some fortuitous accident Brent at VirginWorlds noticed my site very early on which allowed him achieve a number of “firsts” here.

First Comment

First External Site Link

First Mention of the Site on a Podcast

That was enough attention for me to dispel any thoughts of “why am I doing this?”  I mean, look at his site.  He knows what he is doing.  So if you don’t like the site, you can blame Brent’s early encouragement.

Comments on Comments

One of the things that feeds the blogging need is getting comments.  Getting reactions, even negative reactions, is a good thing.  I frankly enjoy to argue at times.  Ask my wife.  So while I never know quite how to respond to positive reactions to what I write, disagreement can end up with me writing comments that exceed the length of the original post.  See the ongoing thread about bloggers and the press for an example, or anything on which Kendricke and I have disagreed.  So comments are good.  Here is some data about the comments here over the last year.

All data as of 5pm Pacific time (midnight GMT) on September 11th 2007.

Total Comments Left: 1799

Ping backs: 67

My comments: 399

Reader comments: 1333

Total posts: 518

Comments per post average: 3.5

Total spam comments: 41,964

Comment signal to noise ratio: 1 to 23 (thanks to Tachevert for the idea)

Top 21 Commentors (20 was a tie)

Name              Comments  % of Total 
Kilana           102     7.65% 
Adele Caelia      52     3.90% 
Darren            44     3.30% 
Kesselia          43     3.23% 
Potshot           42     3.15% 
Tipa              39     2.93% 
Stargrace         38     2.85% 
Yunk              38     2.85% 
Gaff              37     2.78% 
Brent             35     2.63% 
Pvthudson         29     2.18% 
Bildo             28     2.10% 
Mrrx              24     1.80% 
Cyanbane          23     1.73% 
Van Hemlock       23     1.73% 
Kendricke         21     1.58% 
Saylah            21     1.58% 
Cameron Sorden    19     1.43% 
Ethic             18     1.35% 
Godlesswanderer   16     1.20% 
Trigger64         16     1.20%


Number of non-spam comments deleted: 5

Common Theme: All were comments on posts where I was critical of WoW.

The one I regret deleting: “This blog is the biggest uninformed farce I’ve ever read.”

Search Term Surprises

I have been surprised a number of times that this site has ended up as the top item for search terms on Google.  I am surprised that I even ranked once.

I think that this is due, in part, to how WordPress.com handles automatic notification of updates to search engines.  In addition, I also run my RSS feed through Feedburner (now a Google company) which also updates the search engines.

Search terms for which this site has ranked #1 on Google at some point:

Abishi Tian
Guild Name Generator
Revelations Tutorial
Rise of Kunark Beta
Tabula Rasa Beta Forum

By comparison, I do not get on the first page of results for any of these terms when it comes to Yahoo.


The number of times the tags I use on this site have been associated with posts.  Remember, a single posts can have multiple tags.

EverQuest II               222 
World of Warcraft          101 
EverQuest                   84 
Sony Online Entertainment   72 
EVE Online                  71 
Lord of the Rings Online    70 
Vanguard SOH                67 
Misc MMOs                   55 
Podcasts                    40 
General                     32 
Humor                       25 
Hardware                    15 
blog thing                  14 
wii                         14 
Other PC Games              13 
Ancient Gaming Things       12 
MMO Design                   7 
Pirates of the Burning Sea   6 
MUDs                         5 
Star Trek Online             5 
Tabula Rasa                  5 
memes                        4 
poll                         3 
RPGs                         3 
MAME                         2 
In Person                    1 
lego                         1 
LEGO Universe                1


Occasionally somebody writes me with a proposition.  Usually a simple response along the lines of, “I’m straight, I’m married, and I couldn’t get myself in that position in any case” is enough.  But once in a while somebody actually wants me to write for another site.

Offers to write for other sites: 5

Offers to write for other sites that involved money: 0

Offers to write for other sites I seriously considered: 0

All five offers were from sites that were forming blogging “communities.”  Four of them just wanted free content for their sites as far as I could tell.  In the case of all five though, the thought of having my work judged against the work of other people, some of whom could no doubt actually write scared me off.  I like prefer my own little space where I control the content and I do not feel too self-conscious putting up something completely goofy.

The 5 Things You Write…

I tend to write lists of five things.  This is usually because I can think of three good things for a list then can pad it out to five pretty easily.  Getting to ten, on the other hand, would mean that the most of the list would be crap, as opposed to just 40% of the list.

Number of lists of five things: 8

Five Coming Signs That WoW is Mainstream
Five EVE Online Wishes
Five Minor LOTRO Gripes
Five Podcasts To Listen To Again
Tagged: Five Reasons Why I Blog
Five Insane MMO Things I Want
Five Things You Do Not Know About Me
Five Features Blizzard Should Steal From EverQuest II

Another 5

Number of MMO Gamers I have met in person since I started TAGN: 5

Brent from VirginWorlds
Brenden from Another Here
Gary from Massively Online Gamer
Todd from Massively Online Gamer
Brenlo from SOE

All of those were at GDC 2007, when I was deathly ill.  I also saw Ryan from Massively Online Gamer, but he and Gary were in deep discussion with somebody from CCP, so I did not interrupt.  I can, however, attest to his height relative to Gary, Todd and some Viking from CCP.

Games Games Games

This site is primarily about MMOs, so I probably ought to wrap this up with a list those that I played during the year.  I did not write about all of them.  Even I have limits as to how much I need to play a game before I comment.

MMOs I Have Played Since I Started TAGN:

City of Heroes
EVE Online
EverQuest II
Tabula Rasa
The Lord of the Rings Online
The Matrix Online
The Saga of Ryzom
World of Warcraft
Vanguard: Saga of Heroes

In Conclusion

Many thanks to everybody who has visited this site, plus an extra thanks for each comment you left!

It has been a fun year.  Writing about gaming and my gaming experiences has definately enhanced my enjoyment of gaming.  I hope it has added some enjoyment to your own.