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The First Entry in the WoW Travel Poster Contest… For Real This Time!

My nag on Monday got at least one person going, as we now have an official entry in the WoW Travel Poster Contest.

Yesterday afternoon, Jazzy sent me this (click to biggify):

Blue water, white beaches... goblins carefully out of sight

This pretty much what I gave as an example, a beach in Tanaris.

I might have chosen a spot that pulled the palm tress in closer.  And, given the tropic topic, I might have gone with “Visit Sunny” or the ever popular “Visit Exotic.”  Also, I would have turned off names… you can see them above the crabs when you zoom in close.

On the flip side, the fonts are clear, and I very much like the way Tanaris was written out.  The subject is a nice beach.  I feel like it might be some place like this:

I put this picture on my credit card

And there is a very nice soft focus effect.  It isn’t cranked up to the “Kirk leers at Yeoman Rand” level (you need special lighting for that), but it is noticeable and it works.

All in all, a very solid entry.

And, more importantly, Jazzy has a sparkle pony headed her (his?) way unless you can do better.

I would like to thank Jazzy for the entry and apologize for holding that entry up for public scrutiny.  My hope is that this will get a few more people going on entries.  And, if nothing else, Jazzy will get a couple extra points toward getting at least one of the companion pet codes for being first.

The First Entry in the WoW Travel Poster Contest…

Has yet to make an appearance.

It has been a week since the contest was announced and I have nothing in my in-box.

Really?  Does everybody already have a sparkle pony?

Nobody wants me...

I know the reach of my blog is pretty small, but for the EVE Online screen shot contest I ended up with over 100 entries and gave out prizes to many winners.  And the Travel Poster contest even got a mention in Tipa’s Daily Blog Roll… which might be a commentary on the reach of both of our blogs.

Anyway, the field is still wide open and I am going to give this horse away even if I only get a single entry.

Go read the rules and create your entry.  Time will run out eventually.

Azeroth Travel Poster Contest – Win a Sparkle Pony!

It has been over a year since I had a real contest here at The Ancient Gaming Noob.

As I noted previously, the collapse of the World of Warcraft Magazine has left me in possession of surplus codes for a couple of companion pets and a celestial steed.

Celestial Steed / Sparkle Pony / Greed Steed

So to dispose of these excess codes… even my daughter has a sparkle pony… there will be a new screen shot contest.

The basic premise is, as always, simple.

You send me an in-game, World of Warcraft screen shot which you have turned into a travel poster enticing us all to visit exotic Azeroth.

This screen shot can be edited, cropped, Photoshopped, lettered, bent, spindled, mutilated or otherwise modified in any way you see fit, so long as it ends up in .jpg or .png format when I get it.

I look at all the entries and pick a winner.

I send the winner the code for the Celestial Steed, which is valued at $25 in the Blizzard Store!

Simplicity itself!

The devil is, of course, in the details, which are spelled out after the break.

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The Eastern Kingdoms?

Does it bother you that one of the two original major landmasses of Azeroth does not really have a name, only a description?

You have Kalimdor, and then you have The Eastern Kingdoms.

It bugs me.

It might strike me as Night Elf high handedness, but the Night Elf city of Darnassus isn’t even on Kalimdor technically, but on its own little island off the coast.  I bet they are behind it all the same.

Of course, I was always bugged by this sort of thing when I was a kid as well, so it might just be me.

Still, I am considering a petition drive to get Blizzard to give the place a real name.  We know that petitions to Blizzard are always and effective use of ones time.