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Sixty Eight in the Blade’s Edge Mountains

In coming into last weekend there was a question as to where we ought to carry on in our run towards Northrend.  After a few weeks in Nagrand we still had a couple of quest lines remaining, but not much.  As nice as a zone as it is, it was starting to feel like Nagrand might be spent when it came to our needs.

I did consider jumping in on the scourge invasion event and even flew out to Light’s Hope Chapel in the Eastern Plaguelands to see what that was about.

Departing Ironforge with a scourge thingy hanging over the gates

Out in EPL however, it didn’t seem like a very profitable venture, being a mix of randomness and a need to kill the right mobs at the right time with no sharing between groups.  That is the way of classic.

That set aside, it looked like the next stop on the zone list was the pointiest zone in Outland… and possibly the pointiest zone in the game overall… the Blade’s Edge Mountains.

Their favorite album here is The Point

Even the map tries to represent the abundance of sharp spikes that make up the zone.

The Blade’s Edge Mountains

I remembered that there was a quest in Zangarmarsh, in Orebor Harborage, that sent you up to the Blade’s Edge Mountains.  I stopped in there, picked it up, and took my flying mount over the spiked ridge and into the zone, wanting to avoid what I recalled was a trek through some caves with mobs to slay.

I mean sure, there was also a quest to slay those mobs, but the only thing the expansion has that matches the number of spikes in the zone is the number of quests overall.  We could give that one a miss.

I flew up there and was soon joined by Beanpole and Fergorin.  We just needed Ula, who was back in Stormwind working on something.  Beanpole being a warlock and all, we had the option to bring her to us via the ritual of summoning or whatever it is that warlocks do.  We either haven’t used it very often or it changed with the Wrath pre-patch, because it seemed different to me.

First we had to join in with Beanpole to bring forth his spell.

Starting the ritual

After that there is a portal of some sort that shows up, which I gather any one of us could click on and summon the person in our group that we had targeted.   I think.  It is hard to tell because we all did it at once.  However it worked, Ula appeared with us having made the direct flight from wherever.

Ula arrives with a pop

Then we were left standing there with the summoning thingy, like a fifth Beatle.  So we stepped away to distance ourselves from it.

It goes away after a while, right?

Together in Sylvanaar, we ran around and vacuumed up the quests, which were focused initially on the areas south and east of town, with a list of creatures to kill and drops to gather.

The neighborhood

The Blade’s Edge Mountains are in the back half of the zone list, a bridging zone between the Nagrand and the grand finales of Netherstorm and Shadowmoon Valley, and as such there were any number of re-used mobs to slay.  So there was the local cat species, the lynx in this case, and the Arakkoa, whose feathers we needed as drops, and then the ogres.  So many ogres.

Stop… its ogre time!

Seriously, at this point we’re deep enough into ogre killing that even Hemet Nesingwary is probably thinking, “Who there, maybe give the whole ogre thing a rest now.  Like, what did they ever do to you?”

And, of course, there were wolves.  The iron law of early 2000s MMORPGs is that in every zone you must have a quest to slay either bears, boars, or wolves… and usually two from the list.

On the bright side, since the pre-patch unlocked flight for us, and everybody in the group finally got on board the flying mount idea, we were able to navigate around the various obstacles and packs of aggro mobs rather than having to schlep our way on ground mounts like losers.

Also, for reasons unexplained, three of us chose the white griffon as our flying mount.

The group in some sort of formation

I always go with the golden griffon on my main because it looks like the default flight point griffon and I have it in my head that there is some mischief or deception that I could pull off by pretending I am not controlling the mount.

It has never happened… but it could!

Anyway, we carved our way through the various wildlife, Arakkoa, and ogres, wrapping up the whole quest series around Sylvanaar, after which we were sent off to Toshley’s Station, to the east.  It will be time for some Gnome adventures if we carry on again.

But who knows if we will?  Because the primary goal of the pre-patch time had been achieved.  Our main characters had all made it to level 68.

The group at level 68

I actually forgot to take a screen shot of that with us all online, so I did it from a lower level alt and fiddled the brightness and contrast to look like we were all online.

Anyway, we could carry on to level 70, but there are some arguments against that.

First, at level 68 we are able to get into Northrend, so we’re set.  Furthermore, since we’ll be going in as a group, it might be at list a little more interesting to be only 68 rather than 70.

Also, the xp bonus that is part of this pre-patch run won’t last.  It will be gone by the 26th, and it might be wise to use it on some alts.  Maybe even some Death Knight alts… and all the more so because Blizz is offering up a special mount in retail WoW is you run through the Death Knight starter zone before Wrath launches on the 26th.

What would I do for another mount?

Anyway, something to decide for next week.  We have at least hit our base goal for the pre-patch, we are ready to go to Northrend.

Sliding Down the Blade’s Edge

Last time around I found my progress towards the Loremaster achievement in World of Warcraft… well… if not thwarted, at least delayed.  While I did a lot of quests in Nagrand, I found myself 12 quests shy of the achievement, and for 11 of those 12 quests I need a group or to be level 70.

Not the end of the world.  It isn’t like I will lose that progress if I run off and do something else.  But I had hit a stride of having racked up at least one more achievement each week as I pressed forward towards my goal, only to have my streak broken.  It was a minor hit to my morale.

But what are you going to do?

I wasn’t going to give up, so the only thing to do was to press on to the next zone.  For Outland, that would be the Blade’s Edge Mountains.

Blade's Edge Mountains Map

Blade’s Edge Mountains Map

I did not have an intro quest for the zone, and I do not think I had actually run a quest in the zone since maybe 2008.  So the first thing I did was head off to Stormwind to turn my experience bar back on.

I had turned the bar off at Nagrand so as to not out-level all of the content into complete triviality.  Now, with Nagrand behind me and the zones ahead pretty much okay for up to level 70, it was time to resume leveling.

Then it was back through the Dark Portal to Outland.

Coming soon: A DARKER Portal

Coming soon: A DARKER Portal to a new Outland!

It was time to find my way to the Blade’s Edge Mountains.

More after the cut.

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Walking the Blade’s Edge Mountains

Two weeks away and the Saturday night instance group was already well into another zone, the Blade’s Edge Mountains.

Unfortunately for us Earl had other plans for the night of my return to the group, so we went off questing. The group was:

67 Paladin – Vikund
68 Warlock – Bungholio
68 Mage – Ula
69 Priest – Skronk

Since I was behind, it meant a ride out to to Sylvanaar to grab the alliance flight point in the zone and to start picking up quests. And picking up quests meant first dumping a bunch of uncompleted quests from another zone. I had already cleared out all of Zangarmarsh, so the remains of Terokkar went.

Of course, the first thing I saw in Shattrath was some pally with my hat, only in a different color.

Earl and Vikund

Earl and Vikund

I wonder where that one comes from?

Anyway, we got out there, I collected the quests I could find, and then we started off, at which point I had to deal with my next big issue.

After our last outing with Exarch Maladaar, I began thinking that if only we had a little more damage we could have taken him down.  So I took Vikund back to the paladin trainer and re-spec’d him as a retribution Paladin.  It was something of a whim and, of course, I didn’t do anything like reading up on the subject.  So I probably picked the wrong things into which to sink my points, but there it is.

Retro noob paladin.

And, in the spirit of that moment, Skronk went out and re-spec’d as a shadow priest.

Healing is overrated.  When you kill stuff dead, you don’t need healing, right?

We will be putting that theory to the test some time soon.

But my issue with Vikund was figuring out how to play now that the skills I learned to work with over the last 55 levels were gone, replaced by new skills.

Skronk had the last few weeks to figure out the shadow priest thing, but I was starting from scratch.

By the end of the evening, I had worked out a pattern to get the most damage going for me.  Put up sanctity aura, cast then judge seal of the crusader, cast seal of vengeance, and then whack stuff with crusader’s strike whenever possible.

Unfortunately I still don’t have a damage parser for WoW (the last one somebody recommended is now unsupported, so who can recommend one?) so I cannot tell how effective I really was, plus we were fighting normal mobs, so they were dying too fast to get a feel for how much damage I was putting out.

But Vikund does seem to take a lot more damage and use a lot more mana.  That is a bit different.

The evening itself was enjoyable.  I held forth on my cruise adventures after accidently putting myself on mute, so the team was spared from my vacation tales for the most part.

The quests were, for the most part, the usual variety of kill a bunch of these, find a bunch of those, collect a bunch of drops, and so on.  Still, while Blizzard follows a pattern, they do manage to throw a curve ball once in a while.

And such were the quests with Tally Zapnabber and his Zephyrium Capacitoriun, a device that flings the users to various locations in the Blade’s Edge Mountains.  And so we got launched all over.  Here is Vik coming down in some disturbingly sharp terrain.

So many sharp points

So many sharp points

Watch out for those spikes!

Ula incoming!

Ula incoming!

And some of the discovery messages were probably not what you’d want to see while hurtling through the air.

Look at the size of them...

Death’s Door? Sounds like a nice place.

All fun and nobody died on impact.

We made some progress on levels.  I got to get warmed up again after a couple of weeks away from Azeroth and got a little more familiar with the retribution spec. (Advice welcome!) And Vikund is within striking distance of 68 now.

So next week, if we can all get on together, it might be time for a trip back the Auchenai Crypts to finish up our quest and settle our score with Exarch Maladaar.