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Ad Experiment

Up until now I have not run any ads, sponsored links, or other revenue generating items on the site.

While I do pay WordPress.com a little on a yearly basis for extra storage space for pictures posted on the site, it has not been a burden and not worth putting up with the potential for gold seller ads or annoying any of my regular readers.

Recently though I received an email from an email from a company called BlogRollPlease.com about their scheme for paying sites for simple links.  The promised payout was modest, being based in some way on a site’s Google page rank, but the format was low key and, thus, quite acceptable in my mind.

So I signed up and, just this evening, received the first sponsor link for the site, which now appears at the top of the right hand side bar of the site.  It is for Find Your Art School, which has some connection with gaming through related programs in game design.  I’ll even give them an extra link in this post for being the first.

Ideally this will offset the yearly fee for my extra storage space on WordPress.com plus, perhaps, a monthly MMO subscription fee.

We will see in a month or so if I get paid anything or not.

You can be reasonably sure you’ll hear about it if I do not, but I’ll also give credit where credit is due if this all turns out to be legitimate.

Does this mean I can be bought?  I’m not sure that was ever in doubt, so I’ll just say yes, yes I can.   But it will take a bit more cash than they are offering to get me to write a single undeserved kind word about any product and or service.