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Cooking in the Blood Furnace

After the three run struggle to get past Hellfire Ramparts, I have to admit that I was a bit pessimistic about our chance for the Blood Furnace, the next instance on our four person instance tour of WoW Classic.

Yes, we had leveled up and geared up some, but even so we barely squeaked out that last fight on our third run in ramparts.  That was not a promising sign.

Still, what else were we going to do?  We can only go back to visit Blackrock Depths so often.

So we got together… this was back on the 12th… and our group was:

  • Ula – level 63 gnome mage
  • Beanpole – level 63 gnome warlock
  • Wilhelm – level 63 human paladin (protection)
  • Fergorin – level 63 human paladin (holy)

The first thing was to get everybody to the instance.  I scouted it out early, which wasn’t too hard because I had found it when I was looking for the Hellfire Ramparts instance previously.  But then I had to explain to everybody else where I was as they logged on, which I did poorly, so I ended up running out to the end of the wall to where the siege engine with the ramp is that lets you get up onto the wall so they could come to my marker on the map.  Eventually we got to the instance.

Up on the wall and around a bend and there we are

Once inside we looked around and steeled ourselves for a hard slog.  None of us could remember in any detail any of our past runs, though as we moved through we had flashes of wipes and bad turns.  I try not to go re-read the old instance group posts from back in the day before we do a run as not to spoil things, but I had a feeling there were stories.  So we moved forward to see how it would play out.

Inside and ready to move

We made our way in and up the passage, taking out groups, then up the stairs, where somebody mentioned stealthed rogues in a comment on the last instance group post, so we were warned and managed to handle them well enough.

We seemed to be doing okay, though I suspect our being level 63 help us avoid an accidental proximity pull here and there.  There were a few close runs, but it wasn’t until we got to the room outside of the first boss’s chamber that we had any real problems.  There are three groups close together and a walker that moves between them.  In an attempt to pick off the walker I managed to pull everybody in the room.

Things went badly soon thereafter.  I fell, then Fergorin, then Beanpole.  Ula ran for the instance line, blinking to keep ahead of all the mobs chasing here, which just allowed her to make it out.  That was all that kept it from being a full wipe.

The chorus line running back past our corpses after chasing Ula out of the instance

We had a soul stone handy, so Fergorin was able to revive then ress Beanpole and myself.

With that out of our system, we went in a bit more carefully and managed to pull a group, then the walker, then the other groups, clearing the room and letting us into the room of The Maker, the first boss in the instance.

You have to clear his room too, and there are groups standing around and in motion, but they are spread out enough that we were able to clear the room, which left us the prize.

Facing The Maker

The Maker did not end up being all that tough.  After a short sharp fight he was down.  He dropped the Diamond-Core Sledgemace, which is not only a very healer focused weapon, but a very dwarven one as well, which made it a perfect fit for Fergorin.

Sledgemace in hand

From there it was into the tunnel that runs to the second boss, where there are mobs in close proximity and wandering mobs and at one point Fergorin had to use Divine Intervention on me to avoid a wipe when we got in over our heads, so I was able to ress everybody so we could carry on.

In the tunnel

We managed to get through that and into the room where the next boss fight would take place.  We had to clear it out, of course, but once done there was a big lever to pull that would set the event in motion.

The lever awaits

We looked this one up in advance just to prepare.  You pull the lever and you have to face four groups of four elites, one at a time, then Broggok, the boss comes for you.  Mana management was recommended, with the suggestion that you crowd control the final elite from the last group and let your mana regen before killing him and facing the boss.  Seemed easy enough.

This went a bit rough with the groups.  We had some trouble focusing on a single target and mobs would break away to chase the casters and then I’d have to go chase the mobs and it was a bit of a circus.  My taunt, which pulls multiple mobs, has a 15 second cool-down and inevitably I use it for one caster seconds before the other unloads with some huge windup and then I am off chasing a mob while swearing at the cool down timer on my taunt.

Anyway, we somehow managed to keep it together through the first three groups all the same, then Beanpole died on the fourth group and it seemed like we might be done for.  We managed to finish off all but the last elite in that group, then kept him crowd controlled while we regenerated mana and considered our options.  We were in combat and didn’t have a combat ress, so we were just going to have to fight the boss without Beanpole.  So we offed the last elite and went to dance with Broggok.

You can just see Beanpole’s corpse on the floor a bit to the left

And dance is the right word.  One thing I did remember through the years was that he drops a poison stink that you need to avoid, so you have to keep moving through the fight.  So I unloaded everything I could on him, there being no point in holding back.  Fergorin kept me healed, I held aggro, and Ula burned him down.  And we won.  With just three of us.

It seemed kind of amazing.  We got Beanpole ressed and checked the loot.

Broggok Slain

He dropped the Arcing Bracers, which went to a roll-off between Beanpole and Ula, though I cannot remember who won them in the end, but they were another upgrade for somebody.

That left us clearing our way to the final boss, Keli’dan the Breaker, which we managed to do without too much additional drama.  There are still some stealthed rogues that far into the instance, but we managed  to spot them before they surprised us.

For Keli’dan you have to slay five elites who are holding him in place, and for once we managed some very good target discipline and chopped them all down one after another, before launching into the boss.  All we really knew is that he has an AOE fire blast and that when he says “Come closer” you run away like he’s promising you there is candy in his white panel van, and you don’t stop until you know the blast is over because you’re probably not far enough away when you think you are.

And with that bit of knowledge we managed to best him.  He died with some parting advice.

Says the dead guy

He dropped the Raiments of Divine Authority, which went to Ula, another upgrade on the run.

We took our end of instance screen shot.

The group made it to the end

Then we headed out the back door and called it a day.

Happy fun ramp exit

A rather successful run.  No full wipes, no runs back to the instance, upgrades dropping from each boss.  Hard to argue with that.

It will probably boost our confidence slightly until we get to the next instance, which is The Slave Pens in Zangarmarsh.  That probably means we’ll have to do some overland content to get quests lined up and all of that.  I have been avoiding that content for a few months now.  Maybe it is time.

And, after all of that I went back and looked at our original run back in the day… and we did it on the first try back then as well.  So maybe I was worried about nothing.

Advancing Two Instances

After a two week hiatus due to sickness and travel we were all back in the game last Saturday night.  It was time to let the dungeon finder take us away.  The lineup was:

62 Orc Shaman – Earlthebat (Earlthecat)
62Tauren Druid – Hurmoo (Vikund)
62 Blood Elf Paladin – Enaldie (Ula)
62 Undead Deathknight – Maliverney (Skronk)
63Undead Mage – Bigbutt (Bungholio)

And since we were all at least level 62, a new instance opened up to us.  We were now facing a range of possibilities.

So, it was time to roll the dice again and see where the dungeon finder would send us.

First pick: Blood Furnace.

This pass through ran almost exactly as it did in our last outing, including an almost exact replay of our fight with Broggok, which included Earl and Bigbutt dying on the last round of trash before the Broggok actually comes out to fight.  As with last time, Earl had his shaman revive handy and Hurmoo was able to use his combat ress on Bigbutt, so Broggok was defeated.

Broggok Coming For Us

And that was about it for drama in the Blood Furnace.  Broggok is the tough fight, being something of a multi-round event.  After that we sailed through to finish up and collect our goody bag.

Hurmoo overhealing for the win

With that out of the way, and with plenty of time left to play, we let the dungeon finder pick again.

Second Pick: Slave Pens.

Something new!

Hurmoo, in anticipation of perhaps getting into the Coilfang dungeons, picked up the only quest (Lost in Action) he could find that did not require a chain of lead-in quests, so we at least could boost our experience a little bit.  The quest actually required us to hit both the Slave Pens and the Underbog, but best to have it handy just in case.

I do not think any of us had been through the Slave Pens since we ran it together with the original cast of characters in the instance group.  So we had to relearn a few things.

For example, a minute or so into the fight with Mennu the Betrayer, we remembered that we had to put somebody on duty to take care of his healing totem.  Otherwise the fight just goes on and on as his totem heals at a prodigious rate.  And, after Mennu, you get to see some of the more spectacular scenery in the instance.

Ramps up to the drop-off

Then there was Rockmar the Crackler, a tough fight for us back in the day.  Now, however, he was just so much lobster to be harvested.  Still, delicious when dipped in melted butter.

Of course, feeling cocky after knocking down Rockmar without breaking a sweat, we managed to get in trouble with two groups of mobs who were, in turn, helped out by a wandering patrol.  Slew the boss, wiped on the trash.

We took a few with us at least

We almost made it.  In the screen shot, you can see the patrol that broke up the party walking… slithering… whatever naga do… heading away from us pretty much unscathed.  It pays to be fashionably late.

Once we recovered from that, it was a smooth trip to the last boss, Dame Helen Quagmirran.

Quagmirran caught in the tub again!

As before, the last fight went by pretty quickly and Quagmirran was defeated.

Quagmirran laid to rest

There was some worry as to whether or not everybody was in the screen shot.  I don’t think I’ve ever left anybody out.

And so the achievement and goody bag was ours.

While the Slave Pens took a while, we felt we still had another run left in us… maybe two if we drew Hellfire Ramparts… so we let the dungeon finder roll the dice for us again.

Third Pick:  Underbog.

Two new… well, new to these characters in any case… instances in one night.

Again, it had been a while since we visited the Underbog as a group, though I have actually been there more recently in a dungeon finder group with another character.  This meant we at least knew which direction to head.  Underbog has a few points where you can end up going the wrong way.

We were able to bypass a number of the trash groups and take out Hungarfen on our way to the first real fight, Ghaz’an, who happens to be a distant cousin of Ghaz’rilla.

Going after Ghaz'an

The fight really isn’t that tough, but it does have a danger to it.  It takes place on a platform and if you get caught in the wrong spot, Ghaz’an has a knock-back attack that will send you over the side into a pool full of hungry fish… elite, aggro, hungry fish.

Hurmoo was standing in the wrong spot and got knocked into the pool and died before he could get to the ramp.

Fortunately, as I said, the fight isn’t all that tough and we were far enough along that even with the healer down the fight was ours.

Ghaz'an defeated

Once done there, we remembered to go through the big crack at one end of the pool below the platform.  All of the hungry healer-killing fish die when Ghaz’an goes down, so the swim was safe.  On a previous venture into the Underbog, we spent a long time trying to figure out where to head next.  Even after noticing the crack, you have to jump down to a path well below it and with no way back up, so we were hesitant to commit.

This time we knew to just jump.

Then it was down the path to Swamplord Musel’ek and a surprisingly tough fight.

You face two bosses, Musel’ek and Claw (who also happened to be the last NPC we needed to find for our one quest) who have a habit of freezing the whole group and then setting in on the DPS.  At least that was what happened to us, which lead to a wipe.

All Down

In an attempt to save the fight, Earl used his revive right away when he got killed, but it was not enough, and so we had to do the long run from the graveyard to the instance.  It was a good thing that Hurmoo had gone to visit the instance earlier, so he knew the way.

Once back, we consulted a couple of sites about the fight to get an idea of what we were doing wrong.  The fight seems to rely heavily on the tank being able to get and keep aggro, which seems to get reset when the freeze trick happens.  With that bit of knowledge, our second run through was a success, though we did lose Bigbutt.  Being the only cloth wearing player in the group seems to make him a priority target… well, that and all the damage he put out.

Winning let us finish the quest and sent us on our way to the last boss, the Black Stalker, who I recalled giving us an interesting fight before, but who went down so fast this time that he only got to do his mid-air suspension trick just before he died.

That gave us the achievement and our goody bag.

And while we all started the evening around level 62, we ended up at, or very close to, 64 as a group.

Hurmoo, whom I had not played for two weeks, and who thus had a full load of rested experience to go through, exhausted his blue bar and got the dreaded “you feel normal” message part way into the Underbog.  Experience-wise, that was a pretty good evening’s work.

The quest turn-in put those of us who were close to 64 over the top, so next time around we may get to hit another new instance or two.

This also puts us four levels away from the big dungeon finder switch over.  At level 68, the random dungeon option will send us to Northrend.  Then it will be farewell to the Burning Crusade.

The Outland instance count so far is:

Hellfire Ramparts: 4
Blood Furnace: 2
Slave Pens: 1
Underbog: 1

We’ll see what we end up getting the next time around.

Advancing One Instance

It was time for our second round of random Burning Crusade instance shuffle in our attempt to getting tied up too much in the turmoil of the Naaru.

And so the group lined up for action.

60 Orc Shaman – Earlthebat (Earlthecat)
61Undead Mage – Bigbutt (Bungholio)
61Tauren Druid – Hurmoo (Vikund)
61 Blood Elf Paladin – Enaldie (Ula)
61 Undead Deathknight – Maliverney (Skronk)

Last week the dungeon finder sent us to Hellfire Ramparts three times running, so we decided to check the list and see if that was all we were likely to get for this round.

According to the dungeon finder, we were eligible for Hellfire Ramparts, the Blood Furnace, and the Steamvault.  We hit the random button and waited to see where the dungeon finder would send us.

And the winner was… Hellfire Ramparts.

What, you guys again?

Ah well, at least we’re good at it by this point.  And killing orcs… that was the staple of my RPG life for a long time.

Earl had been doing some warm-ups, so he was very close to level 61.  In fact, he was so close he got there before we hit the first boss in Ramparts.

Maliverney had also changed his spec to something recommended for tanking, so this run was also a good warm-up for that change.  This being our fourth time through the instance, orcs were dispatched in record time and we were soon looking to the dungeon finder to send us out again.

And the dungeon find obliged us and sent us to the Blood Furnace.

Into the Blood Furnace

I last did the Blood Furnace with a random dungeon finder group when I respec’d a level 68 druid on another server to be a healer then did a test run on an “easier” instance.  The level 61 paladin tank took my level to mean that he could pull every mob in sight and I should be able to keep him healed.  I was kicked from that group when my healing would keep up with 10 mobs pounding on him.

Fortunately, our tank was previously our healer in the old group, so there is empathy for my plight.  Plus he isn’t an insane, “Go, go, go!” instance-happy, munchkin.  That helps too.

So we took it carefully… for the most part.  We certainly got to the first boss, the Maker, without any drama.

Behold the Maker!

After that we got a little shaky.  We lost the mage a couple of times, the problem with the highest DPS player wearing nothing but a bathrobe for protection.  And then came the Broggok fight.

Broggok isn’t just a fight, but an event.  You have to get through four waves of helpers before he comes to get you, all without a breather, so if something goes wrong with the helpers, life gets pretty tough.

And so it went for us.

We managed to lose Bigbutt and Earl on the third and fourth groups of helpers and Broggok was about to emerge and we were still flagged as in combat.

Fortunately Hurmoo had his in-combat ress handy, and brought Bigbutt back to life while Earl had is shaman self-revive available.  A couple of quick heals and a innervate on Bigbutt and we were able to take down Broggok pretty quickly.

Broggok Down

After that it was pretty smooth sailing.  The last fight with Keli’dan and his minions was a walk-over and we were soon rewarded with the achievement and our dungeon finder goody bag.

With the Blood Furnace down, we still had enough time for one more run, so we went back to the dungeon finder.  What would it give us this time around.

Hellfire Ramparts again!

Ah, well, at least it is quick and the experience is good.  And we’ll soon have all the possible drops.  Enladie got a pretty decent random drop early on.

Bloodscale Helm of Power

That hat is high on style points in my opinion.

Otherwise, our second run through the ramparts was very like our first of the evening, and we were soon at the end of our adventures for the night.

Victory (again) in Hellfire Ramparts

The instance count so far is:

Hellfire Ramparts: 4
Blood Furnace: 1

Most of us are level 62, so only 6 more levels to go until the dungeon finder switches over to Northrend instances for random choices.

We will see if we can add another instance to the list this week.

More Hellfire Heroics

We were short a Bung last Saturday night, a phrase that works on so many levels, so we had to postpone our planned outing to Drak’Tharon Keep.  So those of us remaining were looking for something to do.  Our foursome was:

75 Warrior – Earlthecat
75 Priest – Skronk
76 Mage – Ula
76 Paladin – Vikund

We didn’t know in advance that Bung was not going to make it, so we initially met up at the Drak’Tharon Keep stone.

Earl and Vikund at the stone

Earl and Vikund at the stone

Earl finally found a helm to replace his Tankatronic goggles, the Greathelm of the Unyielding Bull.

We hung around for a bit, waiting to see if Bung would show.  Eventually we all ended up as bunnies.

BFHBunnies01 BFHBunnies02 BFHBunnies03

Finally we decided to move on to other fun.

We thought we would look into the Outlands heroic instance scene again to see if we could pick up another achievement while doing something that would provide some challenge, but not too much, for a group of four.  We decided that since we had done Hellfire Ramparts as heroic last time, we should just move on to the next instance in line, which is The Blood Furnace.

Now, we’ve been there before.  We went there first over a year ago, back in the pre-achievement days of WoW.  Then we went for another visit a few weeks back to pick up the achievement, which was missing from our list, as part of another evenings “we’re short a player” fun runs.

The three of us having been through the instance so recently made it interesting to compare how the fights went.

We were a little more prepared for how tough the yard trash would be this time around.  Plus with Earl out front, a real tank who is spec’d and geared to tank, we were in a better position than last time when the retribution pally had to be the front man.

Thus showing due caution, we were able to make our way to the first boss, The Maker, and frankly through him, without much drama.  We thought perhaps as part of the heroic version of the battle, the guys in cells along The Maker’s room might come out and join the fight, but they seemed content watching from the sidelines.

That was it?  That's all you've got?

That was it? That's all you've got?

We moved along the corridors to the next boss, tackling groups of three or four as we went, along with the occasional stealthed rogue, until we got to Broggok‘s room.

This will be the third time we’ve done Broggok, and yet we always forget what happens when you pull the big lever at the end of the room.  The event starts and one by one those cells along the sides of the room open and the groups inside come out to attack you.  Only, in the heroic version, they are all level 70 elites.  Once again, this surprised us.

It surprised us enough that Ula, standing in the back, the direction from which the groups approach, got smoked by the first group out of the doors.  Yet we managed to hang on with the classic holy trinity of tank/healer/dps and made it through to Broggok and took him down.

Don't step in the green stuff

Don't step in the glowing green stuff

That just left us Keli’dan the Breaker to deal with.

Getting to him wasn’t an issue, but the fight itself proved to be a bit tough for us.

We managed to deal with his five helpers easily enough, but Keli’dan himself had a few new tricks up his sleeve.  That area attack he has, which was annoying in the normal version, turned deadly in the heroic version.  He emotes before he starts his wind up, but it also seems to pull the outlying players right to him.  The casters.  The people who that attack will one-shot.

The first fight was a disaster.  The second time around were doing okay, but got caught wrong by the AOE again and the party was over.  Finally, on the third fight we managed to hold it together and finish Keli’dan off, though I think we lost Ula during the fight to the same attack.  a 10K hit can be brutal.  But that was enough for the achievement.


As a side note, Earl did not have the regular Blood Furnace achievement, but you appear to get that as well when you get the heroic achievement.

Double Achievement

Double Achievement

And, for the loot oriented, the haul from the final boss.

Not all mail and leather this time!

Not all mail and leather this time!

Some stuff that would have been very nice pre-Lich King.  Well, the Primal Nether has its uses.

Which just leave the final victory shot.

Victory over the Keli'dan girl... or boy

Victory over the Keli'dan girl... or boy

And so wrapped up another instance night.  We will give Drak’Tharon Keep a try again next week if we have the full team.  If not, perhaps another heroic.

But if we’re going to do any more heroic instances, we might to need to do something about reputation.  We were lucky to all be honored with Honor Hold, so the flamwroght key was available.  And I know that at least Vikund is honored with the Cenarion Expidition, so the reservoir key is a possibility.  The other faction requirements we’ll have to look into.

Payback in the Outlands

It was Saturday night and we were not expecting a full crew, since Earl was off at a wedding.  Still, we were there and needed something to do, so we thought we would take a look at the Outlands.  Our group was:

74 Priest – Skronk
74 Warlock – Bungholio
75 Mage – Ula
75 Paladin – Vikund

There are some five person instances out there that we have not done yet as well as a few we have done but which do not show up in our achievement credits.  That last part is annoying because there does not seem to be much logic to it.  Hellfire Ramparts, the first instance we did in the Outlands shows up for us.  But the Blood Furnace, which we did shortly there after did not get counted.

So, seeing that we are becoming somewhat achievement attuned, we decided to clear some of that up, starting with the Blood Furnace.

Which meant finding the instance… again, since we found it once before.

After some running around it was remembered that we can actually use our flying mounts in the Outlands, which seemed likely to make our search easier.  But as we were searching, I saw one of those damn Fel Reavers that stomped us from behind on several occasions and declared that it must die.

"Fel" down, did he?

"Fel" down, did he?

That was the payback referred to in the title of the post.  Nothing beyond this point has anything to do with any sort of actual payback, real or imagined.  You have been warned.

We then went back, found the Blood Furnace, got the message about not being able to create any more instances for a bit, then finally got into the the instance.  We considered for a moment trying the heroic version of the instance, but then realized that none of us knew how to access it.  It was only later that I figured out that Honor Hold Quartermaster, Logistics Officer Ulrike, sells the key that enables heroic versions of the local instances.

Flamewrought Key
Live and learn.

So eventually we were in and knocking down or just walking past level 60-ish mobs, practically slaying them at will, which lead to momentary visions of invulnerability.

It was a trap!  There were two of them!

It was a trap! There were two of them!

This visions were disiolved from time to time.

Even with that sort of thing though, we were through the instance in very little time.

The Blood Furnace
We walked on out the door and considered which instance we ought to clean up next.

In glancing through the list of achievements, I suggested Mechanar in Tempest Keep because the final boss was named Pathaleon the Calulator.  I rather pictured a blood elf with a slide rule.

So we ported back to Shattrath and flew on out to Shadowmoon Valley only to realize that Tempest Keep is not in Shadowmoon Valley, it is in Netherstorm.

So We ported back to Shattrath and flew on out to Netherstorm and went in search of Tempest Keep.  It was not too tough to find, as it stands out on the map.  We even guessed right for once and ended up at the correct instance on the first try.  And after a message or three about not being able to create more instances, we were in.

The first floor was a walk-over for the four of us.  This was a bit of a surprise to me.  I know we are better equipped, but we were still facing level 70-72 NPCs.  But the four of us seemed to be able to take on all comers even when we got more than we bargained for.  Until we got to the second floor.

On the second floor was Nethermancer Sepethrea who wiped the floor with us twice before we went to look up strategies on dealing with her.  It seems that to keep her two flame elemental minions from causing havok you have to kite them around while doing in Sepethrea.  With that tidbit of knowledge we were able to finish her without much issue on the third attempt.

Then, true to form, we stumbled into the final boss, the aforementioned Patheleon the Calculator, who is not just a boss but a whole event, quite by accident.  Well, not quite by accident.  We deliberately started walking down the hall towards his location on purpose, we just didn’t know that was the trigger for several waves of angry blood elves to come and attack us.

Blood elves with a disposition for math were no problem for us however and soon we got the magic pop.

The Mechanar

So we setup the group shot to record our victory.

We weren't part of his calculation it seems

We weren't part of his calculation it seems

And that was it for instances for us.  We took a short detour to Dealer Rashaad at the Stormspire so Ula could stock up on some companion pets for the pet achievements.  (I had already been.   You can see my blue dragonhawk pet in the picture above.)

And that was it for the evening.  We will be down a person this coming Saturday as well, so I imagine we will continue with the semi-serious achievement chasing.

The Blood Furnace

Saturday night came again. My daughter was in bed asleep. My wife and her friends were in the other room having a scrapbooking and appletini party. (And actual scrapbooking was done this time around I hear.) The cats were content to be some place other than my desk. It was time to get to Azeroth.

After a couple of weeks off just questing and farming we had beefed ourselves up a bit when it came to levels:

63 Warlock – Bungholio
63 Mage – Ula
63 Priest – Skronk
64 Paladin – Vikund
64 Warrior – Earlthecat

Once we all assembled in Hellfire Peninsula, the first order of business was to… well… find the instance.

Yes, we had that same problem with Hellfire Ramparts.

For the first time since we started the instance group, we are into instanced content that none of has even glimpsed yet. So even answer simple questions, such as, “Are we there yet?” can take on a new level of challenge.

Fortunately there were not a lot of places for us to look that answered the description. We ended up finding it at one of the locations we had previously visited in our search for the Ramparts entrance. And so we stepped in:


As usual, we began to work our way through the yard trash to get to the fun bits. But at least we had some new scenery, including a set of stairs that Busby Berkeley could work magic with.


I shouldn’t be too dismissive of the yard trash. Their quantity proved a challenge now and again, and bad pulls doubled up with the roving stealthed rogues that wander about were the reason for our two wipes during the run.

The first happened at the top of the stairs pictured above.

Still, with care, teamwork, and a soul stone, we moved on to the first boss: The Maker.

Once the local minions were taken care of, we took a look at him. He rather resembles an upright fiddler crab wearing a welder’s mask and holding a flame thrower. This is not a sight to inspire confidence, but we weren’t there to make friends.

We hesitated a bit before starting the fight. Around The Maker’s room there is a series of cells with several mobs in each. We were a bit worried that they might open up and unleash some nastiness on us mid fight. Still, we had to move along, so we started the fight.


It went well enough, The Maker went down, and no additional followers joined in. We figured that must be a feature for the heroic version of the instance.

On we moved, clearing groups until we caught a glimpse of the next boss in line, Broggok.


We then proceeded to get a bad pull with the patrols and wipe. Too many bomb throwing technicians and pet summoning warlocks chewed us up pretty quickly. And there was no soul stone handy this time.

Still, the whole place is very close to Honor Hold and the grave yard, so the run back was quick.

Speaking the “careful” mantra again, we successfully cleared the room.

This left us with a great big lever, a gate between us and Broggok, and, like The Maker’s room, a series of cells around the room we were in.

What can you do but pull the level at that point, so we did.

And thus began the event, the big fight of the night.

This time around, the cells did play into things. After you pull the lever, the doors you entered through close, then the first cell opens up, sending a small group of elite orcs after you. Once you defeat them, the next cell opens and another group comes, and then another, and then another. So you go through four progressively harder battles without rest, at the end of which, you get to fight the boss!

Once you’re to Broggok, you are in danger of having been worn down. Broggok himself isn’t too fearsome as long as you keep moving. As he floats over you, he rains down a green acid that has a pretty harsh DOT effect as long as you’re standing in it. It also lingers for a while, so you have to steer clear of his green snail trail during the fight. Bung strayed into the trail at the very end of the fight and died.

But we prevailed and took the victory picture. You can see some of the orc that came at us off to the right.


It was a long encounter over all, with Earl and I using potions twice during the fight and Skronk hitting the bottle three times.

Earl picked up the Legion Blunderbuss from the drop.

We then moved on to through to the next group, situated in a big circular room down a ramp, where there sat a set of five warlocks maintaining a pentagram of power, in the middle of which stood Keli’dan the Breaker.

Visible through the floor was a very big dragon-bodied demon which we assumed the pentagram of power was holding in place. We figured he must be Magtheridon, whom we could hear shouting every once in a while in the instance.

Well, the first order of business was, as always, kill the guys in front of us. So we ran in and chopped up the warlocks and Keli’dan without breaking a sweat. This opened up a door at the back of the chamber.

My own thought was, “Cool, now we get the big guy, he must be the final boss!” I did not even snap a screen shot of the warlocks, thinking that they were just trash.

So we ran through the door and found ourselves back at the base of the stairs.


Keli’dan was the last boss. Magtheridon’s Lair is a raid. We just got a glimpse of him as a teaser.

So we were done. Elapsed time was a little under two hours, even with two wipes.

We wrapped up the instance at about the same time the scrapbook party ended at my place, so my wife and I actually went to bed at the same time on a Saturday night.

Next time we move on to Zangarmarsh and the Slave Pens.