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Playing Alone Together – View #937

Yahtzee Croshaw, best known for his Zero Punctuation videos over at The Escapist, also has a weekly column called, cutely enough, Extra Punctuation, because nobody can ever resist pushing an analogy too far or beating a joke to death. (We had to ban analogies at the office for a while because this phenomena.)

The column is generally a response to whatever complaints he received about the previous week’s Zero Punctuation video.  This week, however, nobody appeared to step up to take issue with his trashing of Borderlands, so he had to fill his two pages with other items.

So he chose to take a look at that oft mentioned bone of contention on the virtual world front, “Why do people insist on playing a multi-player game solo?”  A comparison to Goths (no, not those Goths, these Goths, the ones with the clove cigarettes) ensues.  And then we learn his horrible Team Fortress 2 secret.

Meanwhile, Zero Punctuation this week goes after Mass Effect 2, which gets compared at the last second to EVE Online.  We’ll see if that leads to more complaints for next week’s column.

Maybe that is why Darren likes Mass Effect 2.