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Who is Vote Brigading Today?

MMOGames, like a number of sites, has polls up for a range of “Best of 2015” items, including one for the “Best Crowdfunded Game of 2015.”

The category seems like a complete muddle to me.  Few of the games listed are actually finished or released, so how would you even evaluate that?  Also, most of them started their crowd funding before 2015, so even getting a sense of what the best new projects of the year is completely lost.  And what do you even say about the titles that failed in their crowdfunding attempt, yet appear on the list still?  And where is Shroud of the Avatar?  Given what else is listed, that belongs there as well.

So it seems to be more a measure of which player base is the most fanatical in support of their game.  Yeah, we can guess which group that is…

And the run away winner so far is...

And the run away winner so far is… the runners up aren’t even close

Well, at least it isn’t a Blizzard title I guess.

Me, I gave my vote to one of the lonely titles down the list.

That vote, that is me!

That vote, that is me!

Meanwhile, over in the “Most Anticipated MMO of 2016” the results are… not as lopsided, but you can guess see who has been getting out the vote there as well.  2K votes for Star Citizen and 19 votes for WoW Legion says something… well, it probably says a few things.

If you want to avoid the totally brigaded categories, you can always go to “Best New Online Game of 2015” or the rather narrowly focused “Best EVE Online of 2015.”

I voted for EVE Online in that last one.  What other game gets its own category? (Which may have been the result of vote brigading last year.  We’ll see if Star Citizen gets its own category next year.)