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Burger King Now Seeks Spam King Title?

I’m sure that nobody at Burger King is behind this, but I am going to guess that they somehow created conditions that incentivized (English, any noun can become a verb at need) this with some sort of coupon kick-back, judging from the full URL.

Would you like fries with that?

I had five pages of Burger King spam comments in the spam folder when I got home today.  And they are still coming in.

Anybody else been getting special messages about Burger King?


It appears that it is just one bozo with access to a spam bot and a pathetic site he wants to promote to generate ad revenue or to make the domain desirable for resale.

A couple hundred McDonald's spams to go with Burger King

I expect that Wendy’s will be the next topic.

Fortunately they all get caught in the spam folder and one button flushes the lot.