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Burn Jita 2020 Seems Unlikely

We’re getting towards the end of what one might consider the Burn Jita season and there hasn’t been any word if the event would be returning this year, which seems to be a pretty solid indication that it won’t.

CCP used to put up a warning about the event

Burn Jita started off back in late April of 2012 when the then CFC decided to disrupt commerce in the main trade hub of New Eden.  It was, in its way, an extension of the ice interdiction and Hulkageddon events  The first Burn Jita only ran for a few days, but it had some impact, surprised some people, and got its share of notice outside the game.

From France’s Le Figaro

I was there on the opening night, taking screen shots and even putting together a video.

It was generally considered a rousing success, with even CCP chiming in, and somehow managed to let just about everybody involved claim victory.  CCP even did a dev blog about the event.

Things went so well that the event became something of an annual rite, a ritual of spring, and I went to watch and participate every time.  One year it went to Amarr for role play reasons, so I took screen shots there instead, but it was a regular thing.

You can click on this link for the Burn Jita blog tag and scroll down all the posts, year after year, about the event.

As an event it became more organized as those running it figured out the best way to get things done.  The first Burn Jita seemed like complete chaos compared to the well oiled machine that it became as the years went on.  As with all things Goon, it was simplified so that the average line member could log on and join in.  You could get online, get on comms, get in the fleet, be given a gank fit ship, told when to undock, be warped around to a target, told when to shoot, and get to watch yet another expensive freighter explode, followed by all the ships in the wing and CONCORD imposed their belated vengeance.

Then it was back to the station to wait out your timer then undock for the next kill.  A skilled cadre of players from MiniLuv, the high sec ganking sig of the Imperium, kept the party rolling while making it all seem smooth and easy.

The thing is, putting together Burn Jita is a lot of work.  They have to collect together and assemble tens of thousands of gank fit destroyers, get people to commit to various parts of the operation, and basically be ready to run a rolling gank op for 23.5 hours a day for four or five days straight.  It is basically a concentrated war at an operational and organizational level, which is the sort of thing that can burn people out on the game.

So I suspect that we may have hit a point where nobody is hyped up enough to put in all the work required to run it for the seventh or eighth time.

As an Imperium line member, and a lazy one at that, I am probably less privy to coalition planning than even a modestly competent spy in the organization, so the idea that nobody is interested enough to step up is just speculation on my part.

But even if that is not the case, it does seem like Burn Jita won’t be happening this year.

Speculation aside, it was announced that the Goon Expeditionary Force, the deployment SIG for people like me who get restless when there isn’t a conflict in null sec, is being spun up for a deployment soon.  While you could have a deployment AND do Burn Jita, it seems unlikely.  There would be a lot of organizational overlap between the two, so I suspect the deployment is what is happening.

Maybe a year or two off from Burn Jita will be good.  At some point somebody will miss it and get hyped up enough to take up the burden of running that show.  For now though, it seems like Jita will be spared the extra carnage this year.

Burn Jita 6 Video in 4K

I was away last week, through the weekend, which meant I completely missed Burn Jita.  This is the first one I missed out seeing.  But there is some video up from the whole thing, including this MiniLuv production.

I love that point when CONCORD blows up all of the Coercers in on pass, lighting up space with a string of explosions like holiday lights.

Burn Jita 2019 Kicks Off

Is downtime over yet?  If so, then Burn Jita 2019 is live.

Will CCP warn people with their shiny new launcher?

I warned you a couple of weeks back that the event was on its way.  Well, today is the day.

If you want to see freighters exploding, it is a good time to hang around the gates in Jita.  Watch for a swarm of Coercer destroyers either landing nearby or passing through a gate to hit something on the other side.

Coercers undocking for their next run

You can follow them to see the pretty explosions, and even shoot them if you like.  Free killmails if you get a blow in before CONCORD finishes them off.

Coercers going up en masse… might as well shoot them

But the big explosions will come from the many freighters and jump freighters that will be blowing up.

Lasers on the Providence

Just be sure you don’t hit the target by mistake.  Then CONCORD will be after you too.

It will be a good weekend for space tourists, the explosion curious, and those looking to pad their killmail count.

If you’re hauling goods in a freighter though… it might be a good weekend to take off.

Burn Jita back for 2019

For the sixth time since 2012… or seventh if you count the year that it became Burn Amarr…  the Burn Jita event returns.

The warning from CCP sometimes seen in the launcher

The word came down, first at the weekly coalition fireside, then on the Meta Show an hour later, and finally in an obtuse post over at INN, that Burn Jita would be held again this year, with the last weekend of the month being the current anticipated target date.

Soon Coercers, stockpiled in the tens of thousands in a station in Jita, will be handed out to all and sundry who care to join in.  The scouts will be out, the bumpers hitting designated ships as the MiniLuv FCs undock wave after wave of sacrificial ships to be spent in exchange for freighters, Orcas, and the occasional industrial.

Gank fit destroyers on the move

The result will likely be billions of ISK in ships and cargo lost as these fleets strike again and again at shipping in the main trade hub of New Eden.  You can read about the aftermath from last year, or the year before, if you like.  Expect more of the same.

An Obelisk learning about Burn Jita the hard way

The crazy bit is how easy it is to avoid.  Not logging in is always an option, but I suspect that if you stayed at least three jumps away from Jita you wouldn’t even notice Burn Jita was going on.  You might even be a bit safer at some of the common gank choke points, if only because so much attention will be focused on Jita.

Yet people will undock and head into or out of Jita in their haulers, laden with cargo.  The event pretty much depends on ignorance, and of all the resources that humanity has to draw upon, ignorance seems to be the most plentiful.  Just look at the current, completely preventable measles outbreaks hitting children this year.

And EVE Online is no different.  Despite the announcements I mentioned, despite all the signs, people will carry on as though nothing out of the ordinary is happening.  CCP can put that warning on the launcher and they will carry on.  Local in Jita will be full of spam related to the event… from warnings by those opposed to the event to offers to sell you a pass to exempt your ship to the ever present “buzz” of the many BJBee alts… and people, many people, will still undock their freighters and set out to unwittingly become part of the carnage.

If 2019 follows the pattern of past years, there will be pretty much non-stop kills during peak hours, as two or three gank fleets undock in rotation to land on another unwary target, blow it up, get blown up in turn by CONCORD and those seeking to pad their killboards with some easy kills, then wait out their timer before re-shipping and doing it again… and again… and again.

There are a couple of wildcards in the mix this year.  MiniLuv, the high sec ganking wing of the Imperium had a falling out with CODE, the other big force in high sec ganking, so that CODE will likely not be joining in on the event.  That may reduce the number of skilled hands guiding the unwashed BJBee pilots on their suicide runs.

Also there is an ongoing battle over the trade hub empire in Perimeter, one gate away from Jita. The fighting there, which pits TEST and the Imperium versus Pandemic Legion, Pandemic Horde, and NCDot, has led to the two sides opening war declarations against each other.

This means that those at war with the Imperium could put up fleets to shoot the gankers preemptively without having to worry about being shot by CONCORD.  This has been tried before, to no great effect.  However, with the conflict in Perimeter currently raging, both sides are already there in force.  While there has been little impact with small fleets in the past, it is possible that a full on push by a big group like Pandemic Horde to suppress the event could make a difference.  Ganks happen fast though, so any opposition would have to be on grid and ready to shoot fast if they want to make a difference.  But those wishing to oppose the event can join those war decs so as to be allowed free fire on the gankers.

Anyway, the preparations continue and, despite the public statements, little word seems to be getting out about the impending event.   I guess it will just be another surprise again this year.

Burn Jita 2018 Aftermath

In which I ramble about how Burn Jita went, you can scroll to the end for the pretty pictures.

Burn Jita has come and gone for another year.  Each round I seem to spend a little more time with it.  This time I was in for a bit each day over the three days of the event, sometimes at peak hours, sometimes when things were slow, just to see how things played out.

I remain impressed with how smoothly the whole thing runs these days.  Having gone through previous iterations in Jita (and once in Amarr) plus the general experience of MiniLuv, the high sec ganking arm of the Imperium, has led to a system that works despite the participants as much as because of them.

Back in the original Burn Jita in 2012 the gank ships were often things like Tornado battlecruisers which required a character committed to some training time.  That evolved into the current levee en mass approach with Coercer destroyers, handed out for free, used as the main source of firepower.

Gank fit Coercers on the move

Cheap, minimally fit, and flyable by an Alpha clone after a week of training, they are sacrificed by the hundreds and thousands for freighter kills.  At about 1.5 million ISK a copy, even sending a full fleet full of them at an empty freighter spins the ISK war is still in the favor of the attacker.  If cargo drops the op can generate a net profit.  MiniLuv’s day to day operations are a profit center for the coalition.

And one of the bright ideas that came up over the years was to encourage people create alts to fly in the event.  This doesn’t seem like all that big of a deal, but it has become clear to me over the years that people who live in null sec start to freak out about the complex set of rules that govern high sec space.  I lived in high sec for years and I couldn’t pass a quiz about the rules of sec status, criminal and suspect timers, who can shoot you when, kill rights, and whatever else governs the activities of people behaving badly in high sec.  Encouraging alts with the name BJBee <name/number> lets people off the hook from worrying about security status and what not, likely leading to higher participation overall.

And then there is how to tackle the issue of a couple hundred eager but ignorant capsuleers showing up without knowing what to do.  A post was put up in the forums with details instructions on how to get in the fleet, how to get your non-Imperium friend or alt into the fleet, how to get ships, what to do with your ship, what to do when you undock, when and how to shoot, and what to do after CONCORD blows up your ship.  The post was in the MOTD for every fleet and re-linked frequently when people had questions.

The fleets were organized into two wings.  Anybody joining the fleet dropped into the “Move Yourself” squad from which you were supposed to move yourself into a squad that matched your birth month.  There were squads for each month of the year.  The months were not significant but were just a way to get people to sort themselves out in a crude form of load balancing to assist in the distribution of ships.

To get ships you were to open a trade with your squad commander, who would then hand you five fit Coercers.  You would then jump in the ship, group the guns, load the laser crystals, and put the ECCM scrips in the sensor boosters, at which point you were ready to go.  When the FC said to undock, you would leave the station a float, using the invulnerability timer you have until everybody was out of their hangars, then the FC would warp everybody to an insta-undock point.

The Caldari police would start to appear after we landed, as we aligned to warp out to the next point.  The police were quick enough that I often took hits from them, and ever went into armor once.  However, they web and shoot, and webbing has the consequence of letting you warp off quicker once aligned, so few people were blown up there unless the FC was slow.

The next stop would be a gate if the target was in another system, a perch on grid with the target if that was the plan, or straight to the target if we were in a hurry.  Once headed to the target, the FC would call it out, tell people to overheat their modules and, on landing, lock up the target, approach it, and shoot.  For the runs I was on the target melted almost every time.  One Rhea jump freighter survives a first pass and another pilot, anxious to repel our attack, shot at one of the bumpers as we landed and got his wormhole bait Orca blown up by CONCORD.

After the latter our fleet was able to warp to a friendly citadel and tether up as the faction police crowded around and glared angrily at us.  (Except for that one neutral who couldn’t tether, they blew him up straight away.)  So another way tethering works against the game.  We got back to our station in Jita and docked up to await the next target.

Spot who didn’t tether

Basically, everything was structured to limit the amount of time the fleet was undocked and exposed to attack from either the local NPC faction police or third party players trying to defend freighters.  This was so effective that I didn’t even think about freighter defenders until Gevlon mentioned in a comment how people used to organize an anti-ganking effort back in the day.

As it turns out, people still do that.  There is an in-game channel named Anti-Ganking which you can join… if you’re not affiliated with the Imperium anyway… where people were busily trying to coordinate and shepherd freighters through Jita.  It has links to suggested fits and to anti-ganking sites and such and seemed reasonably active during the event.  I logged in with a neutral alt and joined the channel, and it told a sad tale for the defenders.  While they took the successful arrival or departure of any hauler as a success, almost every freighter they tried to defend from an actual attack ended up being reported as a dead freighter.  I did find the disdain they showed for the pilot of the Nomad jump freighter who got caught auto-piloting into Jita to be amusing however.  All sides seemed to agree that was a pretty dumb idea.

When things slowed down were dropping on obvious bait freighters, empty and buffed by reinforced bulkheads, sitting on the 4-4 undock and surrounded by defenders, and still blowing them up.  That was the tale told, why I had barely noticed any defenders.

I mostly saw people hanging around potential targets, waiting for us to drop on them so they could shoot us once we had the suspect timer up, padding their kill stats by claiming ships CONCORD was going to blow up anyway.  And, of course, people eager to scoop up any loot they could grab.  Mobile tractor units don’t defend freighters, but they were out in force.

Your loots, give them to me!

The most effective defenders I saw during the event was a small group of PL pilots in smart bomb fit battleships that were loitering around one of our insta-undock landing spots.

Watching us

Our FC got lazy and used the same spot a few times in a row so that we landed right on top of the battleships and lost most of a fleet of coercers.  But we all just ended up back in the station without suspect timers, so we re-shipped and undocked right away and still killed the target.

So maybe there were some big saves by the anti-ganking team, but the defenders sure seemed to be brushed aside, having little to no impact, when I was out and about.

While the main fleet was in one channel, while the scouts and bumpers and FCs were plugged into another set of coms at the same time, so the line members never got word of the target until we were on grid with it.  That made spying less than useful, and we had obvious spies in our midst.  There was an NCdot pilot out with us for a while.  He only got kicked when he started shooting us… but only after we were aggressed and going to die to CONCORD anyway.  More kill board padding I suppose.

Enough people turned out that when I peeked in on Friday there were two full fleets running operations against freighters, going out after every timer cool down, and an attempt to put together a third fleet to handle the overflow.

I might have marked this down to people not knowing about the event as there was no advance build-up to it.  But people were talking about Burn Jita in local in some obvious, difficult to miss ways, not to mention scams selling safe passes.  Friday was a target rich environment.

Lots of activity around Jita

Comparing Regions, The Forge Was Where Things Were Blowing Up

Saturday found the pickings getting a little more slim.  There was only one fleet running when I checked in during the evening, but it was full and going out regularly and hitting targets whenever suspect timers expired.  There was talk of a second fleet, but each fleet needs a certain amount of support in the form of scouts and bumpers and FCs and, compared to the Coercer flying F1 jockeys, those are a scarce resource.  Better to keep one full fleet going strong than divide the labor and have to less effective fleets.

Sunday evening when I logged in things had slowed down considerably.  It was already late on a work night for Europe and anybody who was going to figure out that Burn Jita was a thing already had heard and had taken steps to avoid it.  I was scoffed at in the previous post about the event for suggesting people take the weekend off if they wanted to avoid getting their hauler ganked, but that is literally the best response.  A Burn Jita without targets is a sad Burn Jita.  The way things stand, the only way to “win” is to deny them targets.

There were reports of people setting up courier contracts from Amarr to Jita with generous rewards… only payable on success of course… in order to generate some more gank targets.  I have no direct evidence that this actually worked, but people on coms claimed it was happening.

One entrepreneur I did see was a person collecting corpses and selling them in bulk contracts, no doubt for those looking to fill the corpse bays on their Blood Raider capital ships.

Corpses for Sale – Special Edition Mega Pack!

You could also find FC corpses if you were looking to fill out a special collection.  Of course, the character Frozen Corpse Trader turned out to be a Goon who had the foresight to set themselves up for this almost a month in advance.

Frozen Corpse Trader

Somebody suggested that this might be the most Goon thing ever, using Burn Jita as a way to collect corpses for resale.

And then at some point on Sunday night/Monday morning the last freighter was ganked and the event ended.  Ganking will now go back to mostly a profit driven activity in the usual locations rather than swarms dropping on any freighter than undocks.

I haven’t seen a final total for the amount of ISK destroyed over the course of Burn Jita.  There was apparently a problem with the killboard MiniLuv uses.  They couldn’t setup then event in it because nobody could remember the admin password and the person who owns the board doesn’t play anymore.  Somebody is no doubt doing a manual accounting.  We will see if it exceeds the 776B ISK reported blown up last year.

Over at zKillaboard they implemented an experimental tag called Ganked to try and track those sorts of kills.  It sort of works, but it isn’t perfect.  And, of course, it catches things game-wide.  Still, if you want to track suicide ganking it might be useful.

Reactions to the event, while muted relative to previous years, were predictable.  Amateur haulers railed against ganking even being a thing still while the pros either stayed away or chalked up their losses as part of the cost of doing business in New Eden.  One guy, who bought a bogus Burn Jita pass (always a scam people) and was subsequently ganked spent hours raging in Jita local which, of course, probably had the opposite effect he intended.  Meanwhile CCP Guard clarified CCP’s stance on the event.

To clarify, Burn Jita doesn’t violate rules. We balance Concord to provide a level of consequence and balance. There’s no known exploit to get around that. How ships are used in space is a matter of choice, both for those looking to cause mayhem and for those looking to avoid it.

On the ganking side, the particularly difficult or expensive ganks were celebrated.  The organizers were thanked for putting together tens of thousands of Coercers, handing them out, and then leading a bunch of amateurs around to see freighters explode over and over.  Screen shots from the event are everywhere.

In a surprisingly calm and serious discussion over in the EVE Online subreddit, the mechanics of suicide ganking were explored at the request of a hauler.  In that the mechanics of bumping were singled out pretty universally as the most broken part of the whole thing.  Other items were brought up, but that one seemed to not face much push back from any side.

Reading that reminded me that two years ago, as part of Blog Banter 74, I picked out the three minute maximum bump timer as the most important thing to come out of Fanfest in 2016.  At the time I wondered whether it would reduce suicide ganking or just create a new norm.

As it turns out, it was just a new norm.  Now you just need somebody a sacrificial warp scrambler/disruptor ship along with the bumper to stop their warp which, if I understand correctly, forces the freighter pilot to start the warp process all over again.  The freighter pilot is then stuck there getting bumped and unable to do anything.  That is decidedly unfun game play and something CCP should take another pass at.

Anyway, the space tourist in me went along for the Burn Jita ride as it provides some of the more spectacular scenes in the game.  I spent a lot of time with the UI turned off just watching things unfold… slowly, because time dilation was kicking in during kills which made each tableau all the more dramatic.

Screen shots for those who want a glimpse of what I saw and a comment section for those who want to complain about CCP letting this be a thing.

Burn Jita Back for 2018

“BOHICA!” as they used to say at Lockheed back in the day.

Back when CCP would warn you about these things

For the sixth year in a row Goons and allies have staged themselves in Jita with thousands of cheap, expendable ships with an eye to destroying as many freighters, jump freighters, and other large industrial ships as possible via suicide ganks.  Burn Jita is on.

Gank fit destroyers on the move

Last year saw the event bring down the Jita node on the opening day as prime time hit.  We will see if that happens again this year.

As I noted in my reflections on the event last year, the process of singling out a target and killing it is ruthlessly efficient, with very little downtime between kills.  If you go along you are getting in on a kill about every 20 minutes.

Part of that is because the people who run this event are very good at ganking freighters now, but the other part is that people will continue to blithely continue to undock their ships full of valuable cargo even when local is full of characters named “BJ Bee…” who are announcing Burn Jita in chat over and over again.

An Obelisk learns about Burn Jita

You are not safe if you manage to get out of Jita.  Bumpers are waiting on the gates in systems around Jita.

The event is slated to last 72 hours, so if you want to be safe take the weekend off.

Reflections and Postcards from Burn Jita 2017


~~~ This was a broadcast from the_mittani to all at 2017-02-27 03:28:11.474368 EVE ~~~

Burn Jita should be wound down by the time this post goes live.  The plan was for it to run from the end of downtime on the 24th of February through until the start of downtime on the 27th of February, New Eden time, and it does not seem like there is any reason to extend it further.  The goal was to set a record for destruction and that mission was accomplished with hours left to go before downtime.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that freighter ganks have stopped.  CODE and MiniLuv are still out there.  They just have more discerning taste in ganking.  They gank for fun and profit, so choose valuable targets.  With Burn Jita the goal was more quantity of ganks than quality.

As I mentioned in the previous post about Burn Jita 2017, one of the gimmicks was to get people to make a new character with the first name “BJBee” and then get them into the corporation Suddenly Seamen – A Naval Charity.  If nothing else, this made it easy to track kills for the event on zKillboard, as the corp was only active for Burn Jita.  The total stands at 747 billion ISK in ships destroyed.

Many Coercers died to kill those freighters

Many Coercers died to bring us these freighter ganks

Somebody needs to convert 747 Billion ISK into dollars so Massively OP will post about the event.  They like a nice dollar amount for their headlines.  Actual media coverage of the event was minimal, with no mentions I saw outside of the EVE Online focused sites and Reddit.  Remember the news coverage the first Burn Jita got?

EVE News 24 logo right at the top...

Le Figaro covers Burn Jita 2012

I wonder if even CCP will even bother with a dev post or the like this time around.  With the node going down I would think they might want to go over that aspect at least, why we saw that this time around relative to past events.  As for who “won” Burn Jita, I’ve been down that rat hole before.

I did join in for a bit.  I had renewed my alt account early to take advantage of the multi character training deal that CCP was offering, so used about a week of that time to build up an Amarr alt that could fly the basic Coercer fit.  I didn’t quite follow the guidelines, which suggested that your character’s last name should be a number, so went off with BJBee Amerika.

My event character

My event character

I ran through the NPE, which I will have to write about later, used the mini-skill injector, then rounded off the final skills needed with a couple days to go.  I also fitted out a few Coercers on my own in advance, just to make sure I was able to jump into fleet and go when I had time.  After I used those up I took the hand out ships as I could get them.  All in all I was on 16 of the kills over the weekend.

I will say that I was very impressed with the efficiency of the operation.  I have to applaud the MiniLuv people, as they really know their stuff and there was no slack in the operation.

There were bumpers out there wrangling targets, so a fleet would undock with 100 or so Coercers as soon as suspect timers were down, quickly warp off to an insta-warp location, then either to a perch if the target was in Jita, or a gate if it was in one of the adjacent systems.  Then from there it was generally a warp onto the target, the green light to shoot, and then a dead hauler.  Only once did I witness a bad warp in, and likewise I only saw a single freighter survive a first pass, and both of those were quickly rectified with the target going down.

The only real mess up I saw was when we sat on the insta-warp spot for too long and the Caldari Police showed up and started picking off people with very low sec status.  We had to dock back up, let those who got popped re-ship, and the go again.  But we still got our assigned target.

Sixteen kills moved my guy from 0 to -3.0 security status, not enough for me to worry about anything in high sec.  Now I just have to figure out what to do with him post-event.

Those attempting to fight against our fleets were pretty much limited to shooting us once we had a criminal flag, by which point it was generally too late and the target was dead.  Mostly that padded some people’s kill stats, as CONCORD was going to blow our ships up anyway.  It was amusing to have somebody occasionally shoot at us early and get hit by CONCORD themselves.

That does bring up the whole defense question.  You can defend a freighter by simply putting enough reps on them to boost their effective hit points beyond what the attacking fleet can put out.  But that takes time, coordination, and doesn’t get you on any kill mails.  Most people just wanted the latter, while the freighter pilots didn’t seem very interested in coordinating with defenders.  Of the 16 kill rights I earned, only one freighter pilot chose to activate it.  I guess when you are faced with 100+ such that might be a bit of a chore, but if my freighter got hit I would activate them.  I certainly activated the two kill rights I got when people shot me early, for the deluxe price of 1 ISK each.

Anyway, as with most everything in EVE Online, some people love Burn Jita, some people hate it, and most people don’t even notice… except when the Jita node goes down.  That happened at least four times that I know of, which was a hindrance and not a goal.  We were there to blow up ships, not break the game.

Yeah, that wasn't good

Yeah, that wasn’t good

I wonder if CCP learned anything new from this stress test of the game.

Of course, the best part for me were the visuals.  CCP makes a beautiful game and I fly around with the graphics turned up and my UI turned off more often than is probably healthy.  This year the new explosions really stood out as well as the lighting.  The way explosions lit up surrounding ships and wrecks… when the light hits just right…

I need an EVE Online version of this meme

I need an EVE Online version of this Pacha meme

So on to a gallery of screen shots I took.  You can click any of them for a larger view, and can flips through the whole gallery in that mode.  And if those are not enough, Razorien has a Flickr gallery of screen shots in much larger format.

Burn Jita Returns for 2017

It is that time again.

click to enlarge

The original CCP warning

The annual event, which vacationed in Amarr last year, has returned to its home in Caldari space.  Burn Jita went live just after down time today and by the time I got up this morning to check there were already a dozen freighters down. (The reported first victim of the event.)

The event was promised for February, some disinformation was sent out to confuse the issue.  While Reddit correctly detected the ruse, that did not stop Crossing Zebras and EN24 from reporting the event as having been delayed or even cancelled.

Just in case they decide to remove another post

Just in case they decide to remove another post

This morning there was a post over at INN describing what went on to setup the disinformation campaign.  But the net result was mostly this:

Old memes, best memes

Old memes, best memes

Another tale for the annuls of New Eden.  Meanwhile, the event is on!

This years Burn Jita poster

This years Burn Jita poster

Jita and its surrounding systems are now the hunting ground of hundreds of angry bees… bees, because another theme for this year was to create a new character with the first name “BJBee.”  Having that name isn’t a requirement, but a bunch of people ran with it and you can see them all in local.

Also new for this year is a ship change.  Gone is the trusty Catalyst of past years.  The Amarr Coercer is now the gank ship of choice for the event… preferably with the Blood Raiders SKIN.

Coming to get you!

Coming to get you!

Amarr is, of course, the home of lasers, so each gank will now be highlighted with mass of multi frequency beams.  Somebody is going to use another crystal just to stand out I bet.

Bees with bright stings hit a Rhea

Bees with bright stings hit a Rhea

The result though is the same.

Charon explodes in Jita

Charon explodes in Jita… CCP does such pretty explosions…

The event is set to run from today through to the 27th, though I wouldn’t bet against the event being extended a few days if there are still Coercers to burn.  There are reported to be more that 30K fitted hulls in place.

So you’ve been warned.  If you value your freighter and its cargo, it might be a good weekend to stand down.  If you undock and find a wing or two of Coercers landing on you, it will be too late to change your mind.  They only show up when you’ve already been bumped into position.

Postcards from Burn Amarr

Burn Amarr is over and the accounting is in.  You can find final tallies and conclusions at TMC and EN24.  As happens in all such events, everybody picks their point of view and spins the data to prove somebody won and somebody lost.  Everybody claimed they won during the first Burn Jita, why should this be any different?

I think the main difference is that the shock of the first event has passed.  The first Burn Jita was covered by the international press.  It was new and different.  My video from the undock on the first night has more than 140,000 views, putting it about 138,500 views ahead of my next most popular video.

But now, in the wake of three Burn Jita events, Burn Amarr wasn’t anything new.  There was the roleplay aspect of it, which got CVA up out of Providence to participate in the defense of the Empress Jamyl Sarum.

But taking the circus of destruction out of the big city and letting it play out in a second tier trade hub… Amarr at its peak is about the same as Jita on a very slow day… on top of it being the fourth year running, made for a less spectacular event.  Only 360 billion… or 440 billion… ISK in freighters and industrial command ships were destroyed in and around Amarr.  That is less than any of the Burn Jita events, which all exceeded 500 billion ISK.

Still, exchanging 32 billion is losses (over 11,000 individual ships, mostly in the form of the Gallente Catalyst destroyer, the backbone of the gank fleets) for even 360 billion ISK in kills is hard to paint as a “complete failure” as some have claimed.

Many Catalysts died to bring you this event

Many Catalysts died to bring you this event

So content was created, forces on both sides of the even had their moments, but there won’t be any headlines in the mainstream press about the alleged real world value of this virtual spaceship destruction.

My own participation was pretty small.  I decided that this year I was going to fly in the gank fleet a few times to see what it was like.  My security status dropped, I got on a few kills, but I saw some pretty amazing sites.  And I got a few screen shots to share.


Travel Advisory – Conflict in Amarr

No Burn Jita this year.  Instead the Party is in Amarr.  We will overthrow the irredeemably tainted Empress Jamyl Sarum by interdicting her capital and all that.  Hail the True Emperor of Amarr, Maximilian Singularity VI!  (Blame The Nosy Gamer.)

The Legend Returns

The Legend Returns

After a short duration joke claiming that it had been cancelled, things picked up at the end of downtime this morning.

This year I decided to sit in and see how it was done.  I managed to get on and into the fleet just in time to be part of a 6 billion ISK jump freighter gank.

Concord popping Catalysts after the kill

Concord popping Catalysts after the kill

Pretty amazing to see a mass of Catalysts undocking and warping off for a kill.

The only downside so far, which I gather from coms, is that Amarr just doesn’t have as much traffic as Jita, so targets are harder to come by.