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Burn Jita 3 – A Video Sample

It has been a busy weekend, so I haven’t had a chance to log on and watch what has been going on for Burn Jita 3.

Zombie Metaphor Time

Big system keeps on burning…

But there is a video up that shows a freighter gank that looks really good, so I thought I would share that.

(Direct link to video)

You can see the freighter, a big fat Amarr Providence, and the stream of Catalyst destroyers burning into range to start their attack.  (There is a Thrasher in the mix there, and a Cormorant.)  As the Catalysts get in range and start firing, you can see the red beams from the CONCORD enforcement ships, which are off-screen at that angle, locking down the attackers.  CONCORD pops a few of the attackers, but then the freighter succumbs and ends up a wreck.  CONCORD finishes blowing up the attacking ships as they cluster around the wreck of the freighter in a pyrotechnic end to the gank.

The Burn Jita event is slated to run through the 28th, though it could be extended if the stockpiles of Catalysts hasn’t run out.

If you are interested in the freighter kill tally, there is a site up dedicated to the count.

Burn Jita 3 – April 25-28

As I mentioned, it is coming.

The Mittani sends... well... you know

The Mittani sends… well… you know

The official announcement for Burn Jita 3 has been posted over at The Mittani… because The Mittani.

But the essential information is that it will start after downtime on April 25, 2014 and is slated to run through April 28… unless it gets extended… which is what happened last year.

click to enlarge

Conflict in Jita

The first Burn Jita blew up 518 billion ISK worth of ships and had everybody claiming victory, while the second passed the 573 billion ISK mark.

What will this year bring?

Coming Soon – Burn Jita 3

People have been wondering in the EVE forums if Burn Jita is going to happen again this year. There has been no official announcement so far.

But finally, we have a clear sign… someone has started making posters for it!  The rule is always, first Photoshop, then action!

Zombie Metaphor Time

Zombie Metaphor Time

Self-proclaimed Goon nemesis Gevlon has already been proposing a plan to defeat Burn Jita this time around.  Has to be better than last year’s approach that largely involved ignoring the whole thing.  That worked out so well.  The PLEX to dollar count, beloved link bait metric of gaming sites, pegged the losses at $27,000.

What is going to happen this year?

Addendum: Further hints that it is coming.

Jita… Burnt to the Tune of $27K

Well, the party did not last too much longer.

There was apparently some attempt at deception in declaring the Burn Jita event over before everybody went home in hopes of luring some more freighters back into the system.  But things now appear really over, with some of the key players off to Iceland and FanFest.

Mission Complete

Mission Complete

Image source: the internet… I forget where exactly.  Sorry.

The tally posted over at The Mittani shows that 142 freighters, 13 jump freighters, 10 basic industrials, and 2 Orcas were blown up in the event, along with a few choice targets of opportunity. (A best/worst kills lineup is available.)  That is a considerable increase over last year’s totals.  Jita remains the most violent system in the game this month. (It was in third place for the month of April last year with the first Burn Jita, which is where it usually sits most months.)

April Stats as of Today...

April Stats as of Today…

The victim count sums up to around 573 billion ISK destroyed, which using the current in-game valuation of PLEX (515 million ISK per) rolls out to about $27,000 worth of destruction, given the only real world to in-game currency conversion mechanism we have.  Nobody literally lost that much, but all of that ISK could have been used to buy that much in PLEX.

In all, the event felt, as was received, differently than the last time around.  The lack of fuss surrounding the pending event has been attributed to the CFC not making a big deal before hand in hopes of catching people unawares.  Not that I think that was really necessary.  Anybody who were paying attention knew it was coming.

Those who did not pay attention… well… surprise… and confusion!

On the confusion front, a newer member of our corp sent out a corp-wide email letting us all know that The Goons were going to attack Jita and that we all ought to steer clear.  I hope somebody explained to him that we were invited to the party.

The reaction from CCP was particularly muted.  Last year they were giving interviews and playing up a huge player driven event as being exactly the sort of thing they want happening in EVE Online.  They also took the time to put up a banner on the login page to warn people that the event was taking place.

click to enlarge

click to enlarge

This year there was no talk and no banner.  I do not know if the whole thing was no big deal to CCP this time around, or if they were simply too busy wrapping up the CSM elections and preparing for FanFest, but things sure were quiet on that front.

On the blog front, it was pretty quiet as well.  No calls to action, either to get people out to blow things up or to defend Jita against the CFC.  There were some posts about Goon conspiracies, Goon contempt, and what happens to morons.  But it wasn’t treated as a big deal.

Over at The Mittani, the summing up post includes an interview with Warr Akini about what it took to setup the event.

I expect that anything which remains to be said will be overshadowed by Fanfest posts and announcements, which will include what we can expect from the Odyssey expansion this June and who will be sitting on CSM8.

And so we move on.  Ships blew up.  Some people are angry.  Some people are happy.

Just another day in New Eden really.

On the iPad – Vinylize Me

Apps for editing and modifying pictures seem to abound in Apple’s App Store.  You can spend a long time wandering through that section.

But while I find many of these apps interesting, I don’t actually use my iPad to take pictures.  To start with, the iPad is kind of bulky.  And then there is the fact that it takes pictures in 720p, which would have seemed like fine resolution for a digital camera… about 12 years ago.

So who needs photo editing on a device when you don’t use it to take photos?

But every once in a while I notice an editing app… in this case because it came up in the Apps Gone Free app, which I recommend to all my fellow cheapskates out there… that does pique my interest.

In this case, the app was Vinylize Me.

This app lets you create vintage looking album covers, into which you can incorporate your own photos.

That sounded pretty neat, so I grabbed it.  But then I didn’t have any photos on my iPad.  So I took some screen shots of pictures from the blog in Safari and used them to make a few samples.  Click on them to view as a larger gallery.

Not the best work in the world, but I think it shows some potential.  I have to figure out a good use for the app, but I like the idea of it very much.  You can change most of the text, tint your photos, swap out the “stereophonic” banners, manipulate the colors, and even add aging affects to make it look like an old LP that has seen some use.

The images in the gallery above are actually one quarter size of the output the app gives you.  The pictures I used were low resolution… they came from iPad screen shots after all… and looked very grainy at full resolution.  They would look better if I just imported the pictures from my computer rather than being lazy and taking a few screen shots.

Full resolution is 2448 by 2448 pixels, which seems to be about the size of an actual LP sleeve.

The main downside to the app is that you are limited to the templates they have provided.  You cannot add your own or edit the basics of what you are given.

Technically, this is an iPhone app, which means that it is half size on the iPad screen by default.  But unlike some iPhone apps, it looks okay when set to fill the screen.  (Unlike, say, that World of Tanks app.)

Anyway, another goofy app that amuses me.  And the results look better than the last such app I played with, Halftone.

I don’t think I quite have the hang of that one.

Burn Jita Held Over for an Extended Run

Why stop the party when it is going so well?

Sure, the invite said April 19-21, but everybody is still having fun, nobody has any place better to be, and the targets keep wandering into the system, oblivious of their fate. So it looks like ganks will keep on well into the work week.

All of which has turned Jita into the most violent system in the game for the month of April according to DOTLAN.

April Stats So Far...

April Stats So Far…

More ships have blown up in Jita than any other three systems in the game so far this month.

Now, the number is so big in part because for every freighter taken down, a pile of small, expendable ships go with it. But the tally of victims so far appears to include 128 freighters, 12 jump freighters, and assorted smaller (or oblivious) targets. The estimated value of all of this destruction exceeds half a trillion ISK.

Over at The Mittani dot com, regular updates have been posted (which included a link to a forum post blaming CCP for this… it wouldn’t be Burn Jita without one) as well as a live stream of the event. The live stream became one of the featured channels on Twitch.tv for a while and had over two thousand simultaneous viewers.

Meanwhile, in Jita, the business of ganking goes on. The MiniLuv regulars, who gank jump freighters in high sec space on a regular basis, brought their experience to the CFC masses as they lead ganks.

I helped out for a while as a bumper. The bumpers keep a freighter that has been scanned and identified as a target from aligning to warp by bumping into it.

Bumping a Providence

Bumping a Providence

While that is happening, the disposable ships of the damage fleet gather and drop on the target, calmly getting into optimum range.

The damage dealers arrive

The damage dealers arrive

Then the target goes boom. CONCORD shows up, blows up all the attacking ships, and the remaining pods warp off to find a station to sit in until their criminal timer runs down, and then it all starts again.

Salvaging going on as CONCORD mills about

Salvaging going on as CONCORD mills about

CONCORD attracted to a gate

CONCORD attracted to a gate

Interestingly, CCP has opted not to put up a travel advisory banner at logon as they did last year.

click to enlarge

Last year’s warning

I wonder why. No, really, I do.

Anyway, I haven’t gotten many good screen shots, and none of actual kills yet, though it looks like I will have ongoing opportunities to do so this week. Others have posted some nice shots.

You have been warned. Jita remains hot.

Update: It looks like Monday night US TZ was about all that was left for the party.  There was a small surge in activity, and then things tapered off.

I think the fact that key participants were headed off to Iceland for FanFest probably helped curtail the event.

The normal regimen of MiniLuv ganking freighters and other targets of opportunity in high sec space continues.

Jita Smoulders

Despite… or maybe because of… the seeming ennui around the return of the Burn Jita event this year… Burn Jita 2 or Burn Jita 2013 or whatever… kills are mounting in Jita, the economic hub of the game.


That number corresponds with the increase in kills in the system over the last 24 hours, as recorded at DOTLAN.


That is enough to make Jita the hot spot for kills on the map of the EVE Online universe when set to view systems by kills in the last 12 hours.  The bigger and closer to red the system indicator, the more kills.  Jita’s indicator strays off into several adjacent regions.

Big orange ball around Jita

Big orange ball around Jita

However things seem pretty calm.

CCP learned from last year.  While Jita always has a lot of server horsepower running it due to its popularity, they have a population limit of 2,000 pilots set for the system currently.  So there are freighters sitting on the gates, brought there on auto pilot and now hanging out with a “Jump Prohibited” message on their screen.


So, the gate in Perimeter looked like this when I last checked.

Perimeter Gate Crowd

Perimeter Gate Crowd

And still crowded

And still crowded

Meanwhile, inside Jita, once you can get there, isn’t the chaotic mess of fights it was last year when the original Burn Jita kicked off.  The Jita 4-4 undock is under observation, but isn’t aflame.

Tornadoes on the undock

Tornadoes on the undock

Having been on voice coms for a bit, I know that things are going on.  There is a fleet present to oppose the corps that declared war in order to be able to shoot CFC targets as the showed up in Jita.  There are ships scanning freighters, and bumping them to hold them while gank fleets warp in for the kill.  But it is all being done in a calm, business like manner at this point.

Last year it was fun to just sit and watch things unfold.  This year you might have to dive in and participate in order to find the fun.

The Burn Jita event carries on through the 21st.