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Entosis Link Modules in Action in Querious

The first night out after the Carnyx expansion and we already using the new Entosis Link module to assail station services down in Querious.  There was a shield timer coming up on our besieged station in ED-L9T, our last little foothold in the region, and we were piling in early in anticipation of a fight.

Foothold in Querious

Foothold in Querious

As we often do, we assembled and flew two systems over, to I1Y-IU, and sat on their station in our Ravens in hopes of being able to pester them as they formed up.  And, as it turned out, somebody remembered to bring along an Entosis Link module.

Nobody mentioned it in coms that I heard, so for the first indication that something was happening was a strange beam… like the Cicadian Seekers scanning beam… emanating from one of the Ravens in the fleet.  Mtak had a tech II version of the module mounted and was hitting their services.

Entonsis Link beam

Entonsis Link beam

That go me looking at the station and the station services.

The station services, as noted in one of the update posts for Carnyx, have been moved around the station model so they aren’t all just piled up in a bunch around the undock.  Targeting them I could see the new status indicators.

Station services being hit

Station services being hit… also, new icons to confuse everybody for the next few weeks

You can see in the picture above that Mtak had already taken out one of the station service (fitting went first, if I recall right), which is indicated by the red circle.  He was just finishing up the second target on his list (repair maybe?) and you can see how the circle compares to the third service (clones) where, as the link runs, progress is indicated by progress of the marker (and the coloration) around the status circle.  The second set of services is almost out of action.

The whole thing worked as advertised… imaging that… with the first cycle of the link being just a warm up cycle, followed by actual progress on bringing down the service.  While the link was active attempts to apply reps or otherwise assist Mtak were greeted by error messages indicating that such things could not be done with the link running.  As a reminder, the restrictions are:

  • While the module is active, your ship is unable to cloak, warp, dock, jump or receive remote assistance. There is no way to get rid of the module penalties early except for losing your ship

And so we knocked out those three services on their station.  It was reported on coms that the absence of cloning services cause a couple of their pilots to get re-rerouted to their original home systems when they tried to suicide/death clone to get to I1Y-IU, but I couldn’t tell you whether that was true or not.  We certainly tried to pod anybody who lost a ship during the subsequent fight on the idea that doing so would keep them from simply docking up and reshipping.

As the timer on our station ran down to about the 30 minute mark, we pulled the Ravens off their station and headed back for ED-L9T to reship to Ishtars.  In the mean time we had been joined by some reinforcements from Deklein which included long time Imperium fleet commanders Reagalan and Lazarus Telraven in one of his alts.  As we landed back on the station grid in I1Y-IU, Pandemic Legion also showed up with some Tengus in order to get in on the fight.  In the short time we were away the hostiles had already started to run their own Entosis Link module in order to restore services in their station.

On the opposing side Darkness undocked their usual T3 fleet, supplemented by fleets from Northern Coalition and Gentleman’s Club, leading to numbers on the field sufficient to trigger time dilation throughout the fight, hitting pretty significant levels when fleets were taking gates between systems.

The fight itself went our way for quite a stretch.  I was dual-boxing, with my alt in an Ishtar and drones assigned to a trigger so I could set him to anchor up and pay attention to repping in my Basilisk.  Logistics was fairly strong, with more than a dozen Basilisks on grid for most of the fight.  I was able to keep up with both accounts for quite a while.  Then NCDot landed on the logi and the fight became a desperate scramble to keep ourselves alive.  We managed to survive mostly intact through that assault, but I knew I had to focus on logi completely at that point, so warped my alt off and sent him back to the station in ED-L9T for the balance of the fight.

After that the chaos of battle was pretty intense, with a lot of locking, repping, and unlocking for the next target.  NCDot managed to land on us again and ripped through the ranks of our Basilisks quite thoroughly this time.  My final act of defiance, my reps already engaged, my armor drones long gone, having already seen the yellow boxes meant for me, and having called for reps that I knew would never come, was to launch the one combat drone I had kept in my drone bay and set it on the nearest Loki in hopes of whoring on at least one kill mail.  Mission accomplished.

The logi having been all but wiped out, Asher wrangled the fleet and pulled it off the field, jumping into LS-V29 where there was one final exchange of fire before they disengaged and headed home to dock up.

The battle report, which was part of Arrendis’ article about the battle over at TMC (he was, as usual, the logi anchor during the fight), showed that we won the ISK war.  However, in being driven off the field we lost the strategic objective and were unable to rep the station in ED-L9T sufficiently to stop Darkness and friends from putting the station into the armor timer.  We are now pretty close to being evicted from our foothold in Querious.

The battle report also showed how much these fights have heated up over time, having gone from maybe 150 pilots total on grid on a good night to in excess of 400 pilots for this fight.  Also, the proximity of home stations meant a lot of people were able to re-ship and re-enter the fight, with ship kills standing at 523.  I died late enough in the fight that, by the time I got back to our supply base, the remaining Basilisks had been snapped up, so I was done for the night.  I filed for reimbursement (which got paid before my alarm clock went off this morning) and then waited for the PAP link before signing off.  (Oddly, neither of my characters, nor my alliance, show up on that battle report.  So it is at least two pilots and one kill shy of accurate.)

Now there is at least one big fight left in ED-L9T, over a station shoot that has to be done the old fashioned way, since the Entosis Link module is only for services with Carnyx.  We will see how many show up for that.

Introducing Carnyx the Magnificent

Answer: The New Eden Store, a Panther, and the EVE Online Launcher.

Envelope reveals: Name a shop, a blop, and a flop.

Come on old people, laugh at the ancient, late night TV reference!

Nothing?  May Mister Vee call you as primary just as you go for a bio break!

Anyway, today is the day for the Carnyx release, a carnyx being some sort of ancient Celtic wind instrument, leaving open the option to claim that this expansion blows I guess.

The big thing for me this time around will likely be the ongoing null sec sovereignty updates.

Five weeks back, with the Mosaic expansion, CCP put the Entosis Link module into the game, the key item in CCP’s planned “Summer of Sov” changes.  Now that we’ve all had time to make the modules, their first use is becoming available with Carnyx, the ability to assail station services.

  • Station services for outposts and conquerable stations are now enabled/disabled using the Entosis Link module. They have become immune to regular damage.
  • The structures have been moved away from the center of station to more appropriate locations on the station model. Each type of station/outpost has a different layout of service locations.
  • Services will take 5 minutes of uncontested Entosis Link activation (after completing a warm-up cycle) to enable/disable. To provide a defensive bonus, the time take to disable a service is increased according to the solar system’s occupancy multiplier (more details in the dev blogs linked here)

That means no more sitting on stations expending ammunition, a current favorite pastime for both sides in the Querious war.

Missile exhaust trails

Shoot the big thing… no, you don’t get a kill  mail

Instead the attacking side will have to hold the station grid and keep the defenders from killing any ships running the Entosis Link module which, as was announced in a previous post, will be unable to cloak, warp, dock, jump, or receive remote assistance.  No reps, no running, no hiding, the Entosis Link ship has to survive on its own.  I will be interested to see what fits end up becoming common for link ships.

It also means that the activity defense multiplier will be in effect.

Activity Defense Multiplier

Activity Defense Multiplier

This gives a bonus to your defense, in the form of increasing the amount of time an attacking Entosis Link module must run in order to complete its conquest, based on how much mining and ratting has been done in the system as well as how old the currently active infrastructure hub is.  This should lead to some comedy in Querious, where nobody is ratting or mining and nobody has held any of their current systems long enough to have built up much age on their ihubs.

So I have that to look forward to.

Otherwise, the updates page has some additional goodies.

We get another new ship today, the Caldari tech III destroyer, the Jackdaw.

Enjoy me before I am nerfed

Enjoy me before I am nerfed

There is the next round of Pabst Blue Ribbon physically based rendering graphics updates and changes to lighting.  More screen shots required.

Also on the list:

  • New overview icons, so everybody will be confused for a while
  • The next round of module rebalancing, with shield extenders and armor plates getting a pass along with a rework of propulsion modules. (MWDs will now be 5/50/500NM and Afterburners will be 1/10/100MN, or something like that, to make them more distinguishable.)
  • Sentry drone nerf, because the game is still Ishtars Online most nights.
  • New ship SKINS for marauders, and SKINS for the Astero, Stratios, and Nestor coming soon.
  • New Angel Cartel burner missions
  • Updated graphics for the Caldari Naga battlecruiser.
Hail to the new Naga... pretty close to the old Naga to me...

Hail to the new Naga… pretty close to the old Naga to me…

And then there are the full patch notes, where CCP tends to bury a few interesting nuggets.  I like these line items:

  • Drifter presence has reportedly been increased throughout Amarr space.

No doubt something will come of this.

  • New systems are available that can be accessed via the Unidentified wormholes. (Unidentified wormholes can be found in systems that contain the Jove Observatory)

Makes me want to figure out scanning again.  I don’t think I have done that since the Apocrypha expansion was fresh and new.

  • Ships in high-sec space piloted by a character with a Criminal Flag will now be unable to use in-space re-fitting facilities.

I have seen this mentioned a few times, and I am sure it is meaningful, but I haven’t seen the impact fully explained.  Some aspect of suicide ganking will no doubt have to change with this.

Then there was the announcement that players would no longer be allowed to start the game from the exefile.exe, but would have to use the still flawed and somewhat annoying launcher to access the game.

With Carnyx coming to Tranquility it will no longer be possible to launch EVE Online using the exefile.exe file from EVE/bin/ folder. If you are using this method due to the issue with your launcher where “PLAY” button remains gray after downloading an update, please pay close attention to the information provided in this article.

If you still have other issues launching the game, please contact our Customer Support team.

This caused much groaning in the bit of the community that actually pays attention to these announcements, as well as prompting my little attempt at a joke at the top of this post.

But that announcement was contradicted the same day by an announcement regarding the repair tool, which included this addendum:

Please note that contrary to the earlier news article, launching the EVE Online client using exefile.exe will continue to work after the deployment of the Carnyx release.

The original announcement was tossed down the memory hole, never to be seen on the official site again.  But the RSS archive remembers!

So that is what has gone live today.

Addendum: Also, a new model for the Caracal, which I know was talked about, but which didn’t quite make it to the patch notes.  Rixx Javix has a picture of it in his post about the new PBR rendering.

Meanwhile the next expansion, Aegis, which will deliver the balance of the null sec sovereignty updates, has been pushed back one week and is now slated to launch on July 14.  Happy Bastille Day I guess.  I do not know if that will push out all of the subsequent expansions by an additional week.  There was already a six week gap planned after Aegis (vacations, no doubt), so if nothing else changes the launch dates should look like this…

Edit: The Fozzie Sov stuff will be going live July 14, the Aegis expansion appears to still be on track for July 7 otherwise, so I misunderstood what was being said… again.  So the dates look like this for expansions still:

  • July 7th
  • August 25th
  • September 29th
  • November 3rd
  • December 8th

No word on the whole “features between releases” idea that was floated with the Mosaic expansion.  I don’t think adding stuff to the New Eden Store counts.

And, finally, there is the Carnyx launch music, which is kind of moody and foreboding in its own electronica way.


The Loneliness of the Deep Space Entosis Pilot

As much as possible, the Entosis Link capture progress should reflect which group has effective military control of the grid.

CCP Fozzie, Summer 2015 Nullsec and Sov Status Report

As expected… and we did expect some revisions, didn’t we… CCP has taken in a lot of feedback on the proposed changes to null sec sovereignty capture/control mechanics the announced back in early March and has come up with some changes.  The focus is still on reducing the effort needed to take space nobody uses while giving systems that people live in a defensive advantage, so some of the changes are focused on aspects of that.

Alliances will be able to declare a capital system which will get a defensive bonus, as such systems tend to be staging systems that see a lot of activity, so nobody in their right mind rats or mines in them regularly.  There has also been some tinkering with the time zone and defensive rating mechanics as well as some work on the UI.

Activity Defense Multiplier

Activity Defense Multiplier

But for me, the interesting bit was how they plan to handle the Entosis Link module in the field.  The Entosis Link module is the magic dingus, the focus, the veritable Schwerpunkt of Fozzie Sov.

Much fun was had after this module was announced, imagining it being fit on an interceptor to troll sovereignty or on a carrier made indestructible via a web of triage support.  The system looked prime to be gamed.

CCP took all that feedback and laid down the following restrictions for the Entosis Link module:

  • High Slot module with a limit of one per ship
  • Requires a target lock on the structure to have any impact
  • While the module is active, your ship is unable to cloak, warp, dock, jump or receive remote assistance. There is no way to get rid of the module penalties early except for losing your ship
  • The first cycle of the module is always a “warmup cycle” and has no impact. If you lose lock or the module is disabled for any reason, you’ll need to go through that warmup cycle again before you can continue exerting any influence over the structure
  • Other than that warmup cycle, the cycle time of the module does not impact how long it takes to capture a structure. Once you’re past the warmup cycle all that matters is that your module stays active
  • Capital ships have a role penalty that increases the module cycle time by 5x
  • Consumes Strontium Clathrates as fuel for each cycle

The the links themselves have their own parameters.

T1 Entosis Link

  • +250,000kg mass when online
  • 5 Minute Cycle Time
  • 25km range

T2 Entosis Link

  • +1,000,000kg mass when online
  • 2 Minute Cycle Time
  • 250km range

So that quote up at the top of the post looks to be a true statement, because once you activate the Entosis Link module you can’t run, you can’t hide, and you can’t get any help/heals, so the grid around the structure becomes a space born game of… and forgive me for using the term of art from my childhood… smear the queer, with every hostile ship in the system aware that you are in the staring role.

And you have to stay alive anywhere from 10 to 60 minutes depending on the various factor of defense and what not.

I am keen to see how this evolves as an operational art and what ships will end up being the module carriers and what counter tactics will evolve.  For example, it seems like a determined defender, even if driven of the structure grid, could sacrifice some electronic warfare ships to break the target lock of the ship carrying the Entosis Link module just to make like miserable for the attackers.

Anyway, we will see how this works out soon, though not as soon as expected.  The newt round of sovereignty updates will be spread across two releases, the first being the Carnyx expansion on June 2, followed by the Aegis expansion on July 7.

As for how things will work during that interim period between the two… well… I read the words, understood their individual meanings and how they came together to form coherent sentences, but I am pretty sure I don’t understand the reality of how sov will work during most of June and the first week of July.

Meanwhile, move operations continue as The Imperium withdraws within its new borders.  Some groups are still out and about, including the Reavers down in Querious.  But I suspect that we’ll be spending a chunk of may re-arranging who goes where in the seven regions.