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The Pokemon 20th Anniversary Continues with a Legendary Celebi Download Event and More

The Pokemon 20th Anniversary hit late last month, but Nintendo has things lined up for most of the rest of the year to celebrate, culminating with the holiday launch of Pokemon Sun & Moon on the Nintendo 3Ds.

Last month fans on the 3DS got Pokemon Red, Blue, & Yellow as a purchase option for the Virtual Console as well as a GameStop download event that featured the legendary Pokemon Mew.

For March we get Legendary Celebi.

It is Celebi time

It is Celebi time

However, this time around you do not have to go to GameStop to collect a card, as with the Mew event.  I only figured this out when I told my daughter she had to pick up a card for me while she was at the mall and she came home empty handed.  I suppose if I had bothered to read the right page on the Pokemon site I would have known that. (Instructions for how to do the download are on that page as well.)

Not getting a card is a mild bummer, because I thought the Mew card was pretty neat, a nice little collectible to stick in a drawer and forget about for a few years.

On the flip side, since it is just an over-the-internet download, I can get a Celebi for both my copy of Pokemon Alpha Sapphire and Pokemon Y.  Double Celebi!

Meanwhile, Nintendo has other special things planned for the month, as spelled out in this short video.

As for upcoming Legendary download events, I will update my list so I know which are direct Nintendo Network downloads and which require a run up to GameStop:

  • April – Jirachi (Nintendo Network)
  • May – Darkrai (GameStop)
  • June – Manaphy (Nintendo Network)
  • July – Shaymin (Nintendo Network)
  • August – Arceus (GameStop)
  • September – Victini (Nintendo Network)
  • October – Keldeo (Nintendo Network)
  • November – Genesect (GameStop)
  • December – Meloetta (Nintendo Network)

So that is the download plan out through to the release of Pokemon Sun & Moon.

And if that wasn’t enough, if you own and are up-to-date with Pokemon Bank, you can grab three additional rare Pokemon, Regirock, Regice, and Registeel.

Pokemon Bank Special

Pokemon Bank Special

You can find the details here, but the basic info is that you just need to log into Pokemon Bank between March 3 and October 31, 2016 to be able to download these three Pokemon.  They do require Pokemon X & Y or Pokemon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire to acquire.

So a plethora of Pokemon to collect this year.

Download Mythical Celebi at GameStop

Nintendo is running their Pokemon Black and White Tour currently, and one of the attractions is the ability to download a special Pokemon to your copy of Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, HeartGold, or SoulSilver, the Mythical Celebi… who I guess isn’t all that much of a myth if you can just download it.

Mythical Celebi

However, the Pokemon Black & White Tour is only visiting a few cities over the next few weeks.  So that Pokemon fans not near those locations won’t miss out on everything, Pokemon.com has announced that from February 21st through March 6th of this year, GameStop will be hosting the same Celebi download event that is accompanying the tour at all of their US locations.

Download Celebi – Meet Zorua

Downloading Celebi and transferring it to Pokemon Black & White will allow you to meet (and capture) the Pokemon Zorua.  That Pokemon is otherwise unavailable in the game.

This is an in-store only event.  You must got to a US GameStop store during the dates listed to be able to download these Pokemon.

However, since it is an in-store event, you will be able to download these Pokemon to Diamond, Pearl, Platinum, HeartGold and SoulSilver.

As usual, all of the details are available at Pokemon.com.

Pokemon Black and White Tour – Hunting Pokemon at Oakridge Mall

As I posted previously, Nintendo has a Pokemon Black & White Tour headed out across the US to drum up awareness of the upcoming release of Pokemon Black & White.

14 malls across the US will be hosting this event between February 5th and March 20th.

click to see full size

This past weekend it was our turn here in Silicon Valley as Oakridge Mall in San Jose hosted the tour.

This lead to a discussion between my wife and I as to how a mall gets chosen for this sort of event, because Oakridge is not the biggest, fanciest, or most centrally located of the malls in Silicon Valley.  Certainly Vallco Mall seemed like a more likely choice to host such an event, it being uncluttered by actual retail establishments.  Our thought was that having a GameStop and a movie theater were minimum requirements.

For the event, there was a meta activity, a search for Pokemon stamps for your Pokemon Black & White brochure.

The Stamp Locations

Each of the stamp locations had a large marker sign above it, just in case you missed the swarm of people wearing Pokemon apparel and holding the aforementioned brochures.

Reshiram Sign

Zekrom Sign

Oshawatt Sign

Each of the stamp locations also had focus.  One of the rally points (Oshawatt) was out in front of GameStop, where you could also download a special event Celebi.

Download Celebi

We now have half a dozen Celebi across as may copies of Pokemon.

Another stamp location happened to be at the Pokemon sales kiosk setup in the mall, where you could buy all sorts of Pokemon goods.

Pokemon Sales Frenzy

They had shirts featuring the key new Pokemon featured in Black & White… and, of course, Pikachu.

Youth Sizes Only

We ended up with a Pikachu T-shirt and a plush Zorua and Pikachu.

Chubbiest Pikachu Ever!

One of the stamp locations was co-located with an information booth, though the only information they seemed to be giving was how to get free tickets to see the new Pokemon movie, Zoroark: Master of Illusions, which was being shown on the big screen at the mall theater.  It is otherwise a direct to video feature here in the US.

The next stamp location had a big walled off area where you could stand in line for a long stretch to actually play Pokemon Black & White for a little bit.  Being sold on the game already, we declined to stand in that line.

Then the final stamp location, where we actually started, is co-located with the prize booth where you collect your gift for collecting all five stamps.

Ready to spin the wheel

The line to spin the prize wheel was the longest we encountered.  When we walked into the mall at a little before 11am, it was only a few people deep, but the first wave of Pokemon fans was still out collecting stamps.  By the time we got back, the line was, if you know the mall, from Target to Cheesecake Factory, which probably put it at 100 people long.

We waited our time in line and my daughter spun the wheel and got Pokemon phone charm which, considering she had her hopes pinned on a plush Oshawatt, she was surprisingly satisfied with.

Your Prize

The line grew throughout the day.  We went off to have lunch (At Cheesecake Factory, which oddly enough, did not have its usual line) and by the time we were done the line had grown considerably.  They were laying down lanes with tape on the floor to direct people and to keep them from blocking the entry to stores.  All in all it was quite an event.

Giant Inflatable Pokemon

They were also showing episodes from the Pokemon TV series and there were Pokemon characters with whom you could have your picture taken (we did not get in line for that) and the mall was literally crawling with Pokemon fans.  We’re surprisingly easy to spot.

At lunch we sat next to table with three boys who had come down from San Francisco for the event.  They had Pokemon Diamond out and were running around in the underground, the Wi-fi zone in that version, so my daughter and I both grabbed our copies and ran around with them until their lunch showed up.  I hope Black & White have something similar, as something like the underground was one of the great omissions from HeartGold & SoulSilver.

Anyway, it was worth a Saturday morning to attend this event.

If the Pokemon Black & White Tour is coming to a mall near you, my only advice is to get there early.