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Deploying to Delve

The yearly migration down to Delve has begun.  It is a little later this year than normal.  The whole thing in Fountain slowed things down.  But it is a little earlier than some predicted.  No waiting for the jump bridge network to get set up.

Almost exactly 13 months ago we were headed back from Delve, having helped TEST take it and Querious.  Now we are inbound again to take the region from TEST.

TEST has actually abandoned the region, so it is sitting there waiting for somebody to knock it over.  Fweddit has been in and has knocked off a couple of systems on the border with Fountain, while the Pasta Syndicate has a constellation in the middle of things.

Cozy Constellation

Cozy Constellation

I am not sure how long that will last.  There are only six pilots currently in their alliance and the CFC plan for Delve is to conquer it all for the Greater Western Co-Prosperity Sphere, of which I wrote a little while back.  Wide open spaces for the CFC rental empire.

A new vision

A new vision for Delve

Meanwhile, I am starting to feel like an old hand.  The convoy made it out to our traditional staging system at 1DH-SX.

Blood Raiders Station

Blood Raiders Station

And upon docking I found all the items I left behind when we returned home last time around.  Bits and pieces for a shield tanked, missile firing fleet doctrine.  Drake fleet was big last year.  And the Rifter that I used to fly on the gate camp in F2OY-X.

This time around the outlook is not as exciting.  No titanic battles are in the immediate future.  Just a clean up of TEST’s former space holdings in Delve.

We shall see how that progresses.

More Propaganda from the War in Fountain

I have continued to collect propaganda from the was that people have linked in local. You can see the last batch I posted here.

I decided that I had best post what I have today, given the uncertain state of the war.  TEST got robbed yesterday by a disgruntled director and then later stood down all ops.  The changes in Fountain for July have all been TEST losses so far.  PNQY-Y and four other systems fell to CFC alarm clock ops last night.  And while the new TEST military director has brave words for the alliance, they seem to sum up to “let’s go die hilariously.”  So on to the propaganda!

TEST vs. Goons

TEST vs. Goons

While I pitch this as TEST vs. Goons, one of the most prolific creators of propaganda during the war has been Marne Deville of Gentleman’s Agreement, an alliance in the CFC.   He has also created some of the best and most memorable pieces and his work is well represented in local.  You will find some of his work below.  Aside from those, which are signed, and one that I recognize from Alizabeth Vea’s forum signature, the authors are unknown.  I post them with the usual caveat that if your work is shown and you want it removed, please let me know.

Propaganda after the cut.

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Ignore Burn Jita? Is That Your Plan?

You know, we are burning Jita again in just a couple of days.

And when I say “we,” I mean our coalition, the CFC.  The people in the north end of null sec space, which consists of Goonswarm and its friends and allies.

People set to murder you in Jita

I am pretty sure that is right

Seriously.  It was announced a while ago.  I noted it down in my calendar right here… “April 19 through 21, get latest version of Fraps downloaded, Burn Jita.”

Only nobody seems to be be talking about it.

Was April 1st a bad day to put up that notice?

Maybe I am not looking in the right places… I know I rarely look in the official forums, and I only stray into Kugu when I know there is something to see… but still, it seems like there ought to be more noise.

Last year Burn Jita was controversial.  People were talking about it, blogs posts were up all over the place discussing it, counter events like “Defend Jita” were being planned.  The day it kicked off it made the real world news.  My video from the Jita 4-4 undock may be the most popular “exploding spaceships/Red Army Choir” mash-up Poland has ever seen due to the scope of the event.

Stuff Exploding on the 4-4 Undock

Stuff Exploding on the 4-4 Undock

Afterwards everybody claimed victory, while CCP crowed about how great such player operations were.

Back in November I was wondering if the Retribution expansion, with its changes to bounties and such, would impact how another Burn Jita might play out.

Little did I suspect that the whole thing would get overshadowed by the elections for the Galactic Student Council… and given how low key that has been over the last few weeks, it is like getting overshadowed by dandelion.  Ironic that a sandbox game should have a sandbox parliament.

What is going on?  What does this lack of excitement and outrage portend?

Will people be even more surprised… and then outraged, by turns, at Goons, CCP, and online gamers in general… because of the quiet run up to the event?  Will exploding freighters and industrials jar people out of their sense of complacency?

Or have things like the ongoing MiniLuv freighter ganking, the Hulkageddon forever, and the miner bumping hijinks of James_315 made this seem… just part of the norm?

The whole thing is kicking off on Friday… which, EVE time, is 5pm Thursday at my house… or possibly sooner.  When people pile up hundreds of ships, it is hard to make them wait.

Will this be an epic event that captures the attention of the community or will it just be another day living next door to the Goons?

Addendum 4/19 – An update to the scrawls on the map in the post. In a fleet last night it was mentioned that Fatal Ascension has told its members not to participate in Burn Jita.  They are the tangerine blob in Fade and Pure Blind on the map.

This may be because TEST, with whom they have had issues in the past, has thrown in and is coming to the party. However, intel last night indicated that TEST might have missed a jump somewhere and ended up burning Amarr for a bit.

And RvB seems to be in for some fun as well, planning to shoot gankers and do some ganking of their own it seems.

More Than 2,500 Ships Clash in Asakai

And I missed it.

I was eating dinner when the op got called, but my pal Gaff was along for the ride and gave me some updates as the evening progressed.

A snapsnot (broken out by alliances) showed as many as 2,667 players in the low sec system of Asakai, which sits in the Black Rise region of Caldari space.  Gaff linked me this picture of the operation, which seemed to be going around. (More battle images here.)

Supercaps at Asakai

Supercaps at Asakai

Of course, so many players in a single system was a bit of a change.  The system stats from DOTLAN show a big spike in everything but NPC kills.

Jumps and Kills

Jumps and Kills

This is another example of both the strength and weakness in EVE Online.

The game let more than 2,500 players converge on a single system and engage in battle.

The game was also bogged down with that unexpected load to the point that the time dilation feature, which slows everything down on the impacted node so the servers can keep up with the action , was itself not enough to keep things going slowly but smoothly.  Extra lag, disconnects, and problems loading the grid were reported.  And this affected people not in the system but in systems on the same node, which probably covers the whole of Black Rise.

As is often the case, news of such a big even spread quickly, and both The Mittani and EVE News 24 had live reporting about the battle in progress, while a thread about the battle made it to the top of posts on Reddit. (Though TEST is from Reddit, so go figure.)  Included in the reporting was a count of over 3,000 ships in system at the very peak of the battle.

Of course, this all comes immediately after a week of escalating tensions between TEST and Goonswarm over a long simmering conflict between TEST and Goonswarm ally and CFC member Fatal Ascension.  While a devastating sovereignty war was averted, there was a mutual reset between the two sides and shooting has been encouraged.  TEST appears to have put the FA angle into their post battle propaganda.

Is FA Really Worth It?

Are FA Really Worth It?

The Mittani himself was a little more subdued about the battle results.

And now the post-battle analysis is under way, and no doubt will include everything from portents of doom for the Goons, to calls of fakery, to simple jibes at Goon FC Dabigredboat, to awe at the simple fact that such a huge battle even took place, to the ongoing discussion about whether or not null sec is dead.

Because, of course, this is EVE Online, where just because the shooting is over doesn’t mean the battle is done.

Addendum: And because it is EVE, it makes the mainstream media.  Gotta love this game.

Addendum 2: Now CCP has a Dev Blog about the battle.

Addendum 3: Okay, two Dev Blogs about the battle.

What Happened to the War Fever?

We’re going to war.
This is a fact we can’t ignore.
We’re going to war.
In case you hadn’t heard before,
I think they think we’re going to war.
We’re going to war.
I think they think we’re going to war.
We’re going to war.
We’re going to war.
We’re going to war!

The War Song, from Duck Soup

Ever since I read the Montolio Madness CEO Update it has seemed like we were headed to war.

And yet the whole thing has had an air of the absurd about it as well.  I quoted Duck Soup at the top of this post because it keeps coming to mind. (If you haven’t seen it, find some time. It may be the finest of the Marx Brothers movies.)

The only stumbling block in my mind is trying to actually pick the cast for this little bit of space theater.  I just can’t quite do that the way Jester does.

Normally I would assume The Mittani in the role of Rufus T. Firefly (Groucho), since he gets all the best lines.  However it really seemed that Montolio was playing that role, and the dialog certainly fits.  This is practically a summary of his response to the ongoing imbroglio with Fatal Ascension.

Forget? You ask me to forget? A Firefly never forgets! Why, my ancestors would rise from their graves, and I’d only have to bury them again. Nothing doing.

Then there is the point with negotiations on the brink where Montolio seems deliberately provocative.

Montolio strikes The Mittani

Montolio strikes The Mittani

And I guess the wily Ambassador Trentino does fit the personality of The Mittani more so.  Plus, from what I hear, this is a pretty accurate representation of TEST alliance meetings.

Directors play, FCs dance

Directors play, FCs dance

Anyway, it looked like two of the biggest factions in the game were headed for a serious round of space violence.

Drake fleet in the fight

Stock Footage of Space Violence

And then the whole thing blew over.

Shadoo from Pandemic Legion, who I guess is Mrs. Teasdale attempting to broker peace in the Duck Soup metaphor, a mental image that cannot be making any of us happy at this point, reportedly “talked Montolio off the ledge” and defused the situation.

There will not be a wholesale clash, complete with bloody, prolonged sov grind, between the two sides, much to the dismay of those looking for such a spectacle.  Instead, it seems that were back to this, or so some say.

Living the Technetium Dream

Living the Technetium Dream

Others say that the mechanics of the game itself stymied the war.

Not that I wasn’t looking forward to a war.  I was a bit caught up in the war fever myself.  I have been training up the skills for our new Tech Fleet doctrine, which relies on armor rather than shield tanking.  Of course, I am maxed out on all shield related skills, but have only halfheartedly gone after armor skills in the past, so my training path is clear for the moment.

And then a bloody conflict was avoided.

But there is still hope.  This came over Jabber last night while I was online.

If you missed the earlier broadcasts, both GSF and TNT have reset Test Alliance Please Ignore. This is a mutual reset and members are permitted to shoot members of TEST. Expect to see TEST sending fleets to Deklein. In fact, there may be one in VFK area right now.

And, sure enough, TEST had been reset.

Standings with TEST

Standings with TEST- Needs some bounty

They have only been reset to neutral, which means if we run into them in space, we shoot them.  We will see if that results in any battles.  There was a Homeland Defense call last night, but by the time I got on, there was nobody left to shoot… assuming there had been anybody in the first place.

Time will tell with the great war that wasn’t.

Spoils from the War in the North

With the war in the north having concluded, letting everybody get back to the usual routine of kicking the other guy in the nuts when they are looking the other way, there was some time to hand out rewards.

Certainly Razor Alliance was a major beneficiary in the conflict.  But my own alliance, TNT, was not forgotten either. We were rewarded for our participation in the war with some new null sec systems to have and to hold.  We went from 10 to 15 systems along with another station.

A 50% increase

This will give the alliance more systems to exploit for fun and profit.  I am not sure if I will get much of a chance to visit them.  I tend to stick to a couple of systems to start with, and the new systems are in another region, Pure Blind.

TNT systems

TNT null sec sov

The systems are not that far away, and I am going to guess we have, or will have, a jump bridge set up between the two locations to keep us from having to go around through Deklein or down through NC territory.  I am just one of those people who settle down and accumulate crap in their home station.  It makes it tough to move, and all the more so in null sec where there might be a camp at any gate.

But now rather than just being one little purple spot on the daily sovereignty maps, TNT is now two little purple spots on the daily sovereignty maps.  Go us.

Meanwhile, it wasn’t cake and ice cream for everybody in the CFC.  The alliance Black-Mark was giving its papers and told to leave.  That pretty much put an end to them as an alliance as its sovereignty went away and most of its member corporations moved into other alliances.

Clearly they were not quite as cohesive as our foe  Raiden, who also ended the war seriously set back on the sovereignty front yet still has a significant membership.  Though they did manage to hold onto a system in n0.0 space.

And the removal of Black-Mark from the CFC left a big hole in space, which was filled in by Goonswarm and Executive Outcomes.

What was Black-Mark territory

And so the cookie crumbles in null sec.

None of this is recent or vital news. Certainly not something that belongs up on EVE News 24.  It is just an update on things to remind me what was going on in my little corner of null sec.