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Pilgrim’s Bounty – Cooking Catch Up

It’s like cooking amnesty


Another holiday is upon us in Azeroth, Pilgrim’s Bounty.  This holiday borrows heavily from the American Thanksgiving traditions, which tends to focus on food and cooking.

The way Blizzard has Pilgrim’s Bounty set up, if you have neglected your cooking skills on your character, now is the chance to catch up.  You need to buy five new recipes to complete the cooking quests, but the recipes are all spread out in skill level so you may only be able to use a few at first.

But the ingredients are all easily obtainable, and as you cook through the lower level recipes, you cooking skills will notch up and allow you to get to the next set.

So the event will let you catch up on cooking without a huge effort.

As for me, my cooking skills were already at the cap on my main character, Vikund.  But those five recipes put me over the top for my final remaining cooking achievement.

Chef de Cuisine
is awarded for knowing 160 cooking recipes out of the 169 total that are currently in the game.

Happy Pilgrim’s Bounty to you, happy cooking to all!