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Claiming the Pets of Children’s Week

It has been quite a stretch since I have done anything with Children’s Week in WoW.  I cannot even remember when I last did one of the quests, which probably means it has been a few expansions.  But for Battle for Azeroth the added in a new set of quests with a new set of pets, and once I noticed that I was pretty sure I had to give it a look.

While getting all the achievements for Children’s Week is an annoyance with which I haven’t bothered, the actual main quest that earns you a pet generally isn’t all that tough.  As has been the case in the past, the BfA version is a tour of some locations.  Once I found Orphan Matron Westerson it was the same routine as past versions.  Having hit level 120 with my main and done all the story lines and explored all the places… or most of the places, though I may have just forgotten some I visited so long ago at this point… that I was able to run through the quests little orphan Liam doles out easily enough.  And once I returned him to the orphanage the quest line was done and I was able to claim one of the four new battle pets.

I chose one and thought about how it was going to take three more holidays… three more years… to get the rest.  It has been long enough since I did Children’s Week that I think I only had my main in position to do the quests back then, so I collected the pets slowly, over years.

But after Warlords of Draenor and Legion I have a ton of alts… well, at least six… in place and able to run around Kul Tiras.  I just got an alt to level 120 last week.  So I got him out and found that, at some point, I had done the intro quests for BfA.  So I took the portal from the fancy new portal room in Stormwind (Orgrimmar got a better room) and went to the flight master to take the ride over to close by where the orphanage was.  However, the flight master didn’t have anything for me.

When you’re new in town

I could walk to the orphanage, that was just on the other side of town.  But the rest of the locations… well, I could ride there, but it wasn’t going to be as lickety split as having the local flight point.  Then I remembered something I bought from the 7th Legion supply office after I hit exalted with them and was picking up all the things they had on offer.  It was some sort of scouting maps that said something about flight points.  I had clicked on it, but it didn’t do anything for my main, so I wasn’t sure what it might really be for.  But it was bound to account, which meant I could send it to alts.  So I sent it to my druid.

The 7th Legion comes through

And sure enough, after I clicked on that the flight path options expanded greatly.

What you get after you show them your card

That made getting through and running the quest easy enough. My druid hadn’t upgraded his gear, save to buy a weapon at the auction house, since at level 120 the artifact weapon from Legion looked puny compared to green drops available on the auction house, and upgrading just that would keep his ilevel down, avoided the bad half of the difficulty ramp.

So I had two pets.

I got my hunter out.  He was level 112 and had been in Kul Tiras since early on.  He even had a few flight points.  But once I sent him the scouting report he had them all and soon enough I had three of the new pets for Children’s Week.

But at that point I was out of easy answers.  Anybody else would have to go through the intro story to get into BfA which I recall being long and tedious after a while.  Still, I thought I would give it a shot.  I picked my Dranei death knight.  I had started him on the pet battle run to get some levels.  He recalled to Stormwind, picked up a better weapon at the auction house, stopped off at Darkmoon Faire, then went to find Mathias Shaw.

Why yes, I have been to the fair. How did you know?

Fortunately my memory of the intro includes a bunch of the pre-expansion stuff from last summer.  Instead off all that you jump straight to Siege of Lordaeron, skipping past all that tree burning build up.  It is still a group event and you have to queue up for it, but there are enough people still doing it that the queue popped pretty quickly.

Fish Head in Lordaeron

That ran pretty well and did not take as much time to get to Sylvanas as I thought it might.  She got her big monologue and escape and then it was back to Stormwind for discussions and then the task to sail with Jaina Proudmoore to Kul Tiras.  I groaned a little bit at that as, while I enjoyed the whole jail break scenario when it was new, I had done it a couple of times already.  Fortunately Jaina is a good commander and has her troops covered.

Or you can just skip all of that…

There is still a little intro quest, but the fourth stop is the flight master and I was headed there anyway.  I had sent the scouting map to my DK so he was quickly at the orphanage.

Is this were I rent an orphan?

So little Liam rode around with my DK and saw the sights of Kul Tiras.  For the fourth run it was a bit of a whirlwind tour.  I had all the trigger locations set and didn’t hang around for conversations or tours.  Sorry Liam.  But he still seemed as excited at the end.

And you have that battle pet for me, right kid?

And so I ended up with all four of the Kul Tiras Children’s Week battle pets.

All in my leveling queue

Now I am trying to remember if I did claim all the pets for the earlier versions.  It might be time to go check before the event ends tomorrow.


I was missing one pet from the Burning Crusade version of the event.

Legs acquired

That has been taken care of now.

Vikund the Love Fool

I have managed to keep on streak of getting the meta achievements for WoW holiday events by securing the title The Love Fool for my main character.  I even got it on the appropriate date.

This was mostly thanks to a bunch of help last night from the instance group.  There will be more on that as part of my weekly tales of the instance group post.

The whole lovely charm/charm bracelet addition to this year’s event had the effect of getting me out and running daily quests again.  At least it did once the charm lag settled down.  The game was near impossible to play on the first day of the event, but by this weekend things were okay, at least on my server.

Now of course, the question is can I keep up this streak?  Things do not look too good in that regard.  The next two events I need, the Lunar Festival, which started today, and Children’s Week, which comes up in early May, are both going to be a challenge.

The Lunar Festival achievement requires a group effort to get to all the elders, as some are in heroic dungeons, while Children’s Week means some battlegrounds goals, the most onerous of which is capturing a flag in Eye of the Storm, something I have never done.

We’ll see what I can manage.

In the mean time, I have to figure out on what I should spend these extra 80 love tokens I ended up with.

And Then There Was Children’s Week

After scoring all of the Noblegarden achievements on my main (and one alt) I was on something of an achievement buzz and looking forward to Children’s Week and the chance to earn some more perfectly useless “points.”

And then I started looking at the achievements.  A couple of them were pretty easy.  You could hardly avoid getting them if you ran the Children’s Week quests.  Then there were a few that took a bit of work.

And then there was the achievement that required you to accomplish things in certain battlegrounds with your orphan out and about, School of Hard Knocks.  This pretty much put the Children’s Week meta achievement out of reach for me.

Generally I like WoW achievements as long as they are goofy, fun, beneficial, or have a reward.  But I am also pretty clear in my mind that they are side tasks and any of them that become a pain generally get ignored.

And, frankly, spending a week running battlegrounds in hopes of knocking out this one achievement seemed to rate high on the scale of pain for me.  And I had not even considered how annoying this achievement might be for the people who enjoy playing battlegrounds and who are going to end up having their venue swarmed by achievement hounds who are unlikely to be “team players.”  I am happy to not to be adding to that problem as well.

So I let that slide in the hope that the achievements required for the Children’s Week meta achievement will get altered by the next time it comes around.  I ran the quests with the orphans, which gave me a nice little boost to my always lagging faction, some experience, and a couple of new pets (which got me to the “Plenty of Pets” achievement) and then called it an early week, putting off the meta achievement.

I can afford to wait.

After all, one of the achievements needed for the meta achievement requires you to slay King Ymiron in Utgarde Pinnacle, a level 80 instance.  Our weekly group isn’t quite there yet.  Maybe by next time.