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EQII Extended Choice – Gold

As I mentioned in last week’s post (complete with poll), I was trying to decide my course for EverQuest II Extended through the next month or two.

I ended up choosing a Gold membership for at least the next month.

For now, with new, low level characters without much in the way of in-game currency, having access to the broker to help build up a nest egg was too important.

However, I did not end up making that choice until I had to, and we’ll see if I end up using the broker enough to justify another month at Gold after this one expires.

The timing was right though to get the December Velious Winter Rewards.

I do not know that they are anything to get too excited about.  There is the Coldain Butler:

The Butler Did It!

About which SOE says:

Good day, Sir (or Madam)! We are pleased to introduce you to the newest member of your household staff; your Coldain Butler. Your new butler can be placed in your house and will speak to his master as well as guests who may come calling. He may also be asked to join you on your adventures, and will follow you outside of your home for the span of an hour. He is very outgoing and will speak to others when hailed, and also likes to talk about his master. We hope you are pleased with this new member of your staff…his is certainly pleased to be in your service.

I’ll have to see how he really works out.  Could be fun… could be annoying.

And then there is a painting.

We All Dig Firiona Vie, Right

With its own SOE description:

The Scars of Velious painting pays homage to the release of Scars of Velious; the second expansion in the original EverQuest series. Scars of Velious introduced the lost continent of Velious, where frozen wastes, ancient enemies, and new adventures awaited Norrathian explorers in a land forever scarred by the claws of the Great Dragon Veeshan. The painting depicts the cover art from the Scars of Velious, with the Avatar of Growth, Firiona Vie, striding through the battle-torn landscape of snowy Velious. The painting has a status reduction of 1000.

That’s some decent status reduction.  I don’t have access to any housing that has rent based on status… at least not in New Halas… but maybe some day.  And at least I will have a painting that looks as good as the one I saw in EverQuest.

We’ll see how much play time EQII gets now that Cataclysm is out.  It has been split about even.  I tend to play EQII on weekday evenings, but come the weekend, WoW tends to rule.