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No Corpse Runs on Fippy Darkpaw

No corpse runs on Fippy Darkpaw… or that other server… Volvo… or Vibek… or Voldemort… or whatever it is.

I swear, I read the name 10 seconds ago and I still can’t remember it.

Anyway, corpse runs have been voted down.

Those of us about to die... again... thank you!

This post on the SOE EQ Forums gives the results.

The overall results were across both servers were:

  • No Corpse Runs – 65%
  • Corpse Runs – 30%
  • Don’t Care – 5%

Voting was limited to players with characters level 15 and over. (Reduced from the initial level 30 requirement.)

The people on Vulak… if that is the name… seemed a bit more opposed to the idea, but they were only 68% against corpse runs versus 63% on Fippy, so there was no huge disparity between the two servers.

My own poll on the subject was pretty close to the same results, although I had more options… and a lot less voters.

Click to Enlarge

There is probably a lesson there in sample sizes, populations, and statistical analysis, but I’m too lazy to go there.

Anyway, no corpse runs for now!

Ah, the memories.