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Southshore Gets Slimed

Our Cataclysm Beta correspondent headed through Southshore in the Hillsbrad Foothills only to find that the Alliance had been pushed out and that the town lay in ruins.

Southshore Deserted

Pools of Plague All Over

The Southshore Inn Deserted

A Fire Still Burns Inside Though

A Plague Spreader on the Edge of Town

Tarren Mill

New Camp on the Road to Silverpine

A Closer Look at the Camp

A Fissure Through The Heart of Chuck Norris

The Barrens.

Home to Ratchet, the Crossroads, and every Chuck Norris joke known to man.

Our Cataclysm Beta correspondent spent some time (under duress) taking some screen shots of the giant crack that has torn the Barrens asunder.

I am waiting for the best Chuck Norris joke that explains how it happened.

The molten crack and the invading jungle

Maybe this will keep the Alliance out of the Crossroads

Lake on the edge of the fissure

Staring into the crack

Trees on the edge

A contrast of green and orange

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The View Above Stormwind

When moving over one of my daughter’s characters to the Cataclysm Beta, we noticed that there was a list of pre-made level 80 characters that you could also use.

So my daughter grabbed a couple of those and has barely been heard from since.

Still, I did get her to take on the assignment of getting some screen shots while flying over Stormwind.

Looking over Stormwind towards the citadel

Stormwind's roof line

Looking towards the front gates

Close to the clock tower

Some cataclysm damage... used to be a park here

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