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Introducing Your CSM16 Representatives

Yesterday CCP did the big reveal stream for CSM16, going through the election round by round to both demonstrate how STV elections work and to try and milk some suspense out of the results.

Unfortunately there wasn’t that much suspense because CCP accidentally posted the results archive up on their site before the stream, so they were up on /r/eve before hand.  CCP tried to pass that off as just “test data,” but when the results lined up it was clear that was just a smokescreen.

The winners were:


Congratulations to those who made the cut for CSM16.

In order of election they were:

  1. Merkelchen – Goonswarm Federation (first round)*
  2. Gobbins – Pandemic Horde (first round)*
  3. Innominate – Goonswarm Federation (first round)*
  4. Brisc Rubal – The Initiative*
  5. Kenneth Feld – Pandemic Legion*
  6. I Beast – Method Synergy
  7. Suitonia – We Form V0lta
  8. VilyTest Alliance Please Ignore*
  9. ProgodlegendTest Alliance Please Ignore
  10. Mike Azariah – The Scope*

*CSM15 incumbent

Seven of the eight incumbents who ran were re-elected and seven of the ten total seats when to sov null sec bloc candidates, which is about par for the course for CSM elections.  Null sec blocs tend to take between 6 and 8 seats.

Total votes cast were 38,086, up from the 36,120 cast in the CSM15 election and the 32,994 cast in the CSM14 election.  The votes by country saw the US contribute the lions share of ballots making up close to a third of the count.

CSM16 Election – Votes by Country

As happened last year, Merkelchen and Gobbins, who topped the Goonswarm and Pandemic Horde ballots respectively, met the ballot quota of 3,463 to get themselves elected in the first of the 36 rounds of elimination.  Interestingly, there were enough votes for Merkelchen in the first round, 7,726 to be exact, that his spill over elected Innominate in the first round as well, being the next candidate on the Goonswarm ballot.

Innominate, having made quota, then sent another 204 excess votes to Brisc Rubal, third on the ballot.  In the past, those voting the straight Goon ballot have generally only sent votes to the first two candidates, but there were enough voters for some to trickle down to Brisc this time.

The round one vote bounce

From there it was quite a few rounds before Brisc Rubal and then Kenneth Feld met quota and were elected.  By round 36 the final three candidates neither eliminated nor elected were Progodlegend, Mike Azariah, and Arsia Elkin.  Arsia was the last candidate eliminated, so they will be the first called up should somebody on the CSM drop off or be removed.

The State of the Final Round

Being in 11th place used to give you a pretty good shot at serving on the CSM at some point, as we had a pretty long streak of councils where somebody ended up getting tossed for non-participation or leaking NDA related information.  CSM15 was a bit of an outlier on that front.

One thing I observed from a ballot analysis (linked at the post end) was that Silent Company, the largest alliance in the game, which I mentioned in yesterday’s post, had an official ballot.  But of the 30K players in the alliance, only 133 voted their ballot. (Mike Azariah got those votes as he was the top pick on their list.)

People bitch about sov null sec candidates winning 6-8 seats every time, but there was a potential tide-turning number of voters who didn’t bother voting.  Guess what, you don’t get your act together and vote your ticket, you don’t win.

The eliminations, round by round, were as follows:

  1. Elimination: “TDor Clau” with 30.551773 votes
  2. Elimination: “knockerwrench Alduin” with 51.510715 votes
  3. Elimination: “hurleyalex hurley” with 56.163352 votes
  4. Elimination: “Styxx” with 57.628965 votes
  5. Elimination: “Reicher514” with 62.725040 votes
  6. Elimination: “Xenuria” with 63.810632 votes
  7. Elimination: “Kay-Lynn Tsero” with 67.353259 votes
  8. Elimination: “Micromancer” with 69.549025 votes
  9. Elimination: “Lucrative Business Opportunity” with 99.172650 votes
  10. Elimination: “Xeromus Plague” with 109.192879 votes
  11. Elimination: “Broodin” with 122.813039 votes
  12. Elimination: “Robert Downey Iron” with 156.601009 votes
  13. Elimination: “Gay Pride BOOOOOM” with 191.050778 votes
  14. Elimination: “White 0rchid” with 225.780072 votes
  15. Elimination: “DutchGunner” with 231.144089 votes
  16. Elimination: “Winzentowitsch Madeveda” with 244.139180 votes
  17. Elimination: “Angry Mustache” with 251.063735 votes
  18. Elimination: “Rich Richman” with 285.158034 votes
  19. Elimination: “Baculus Orden” with 306.315076 votes
  20. Elimination: “Mantis Akiga” with 309.669628 votes
  21. Elimination: “Evie Kouvo” with 326.396510 votes
  22. Elimination: “Eluwien” with 352.996941 votes
  23. Elimination: “Shui Jing Jing” with 420.596216 votes
  24. Elimination: “Jim Halescott” with 519.031531 votes
  25. Elimination: “Maldavius” with 600.084464 votes
  26. Elimination: “Jurius Doctor” with 671.064656 votes
  27. Elimination: “Phantomite” with 720.975725 votes
  28. Elimination: “teddy Gbyc” with 750.116022 votes
  29. Elimination: “Dr Spodumain” with 775.232211 votes
  30. Elimination: “RonUSMC” with 850.020410 votes
  31. Elimination: “Rixx Javix” with 972.755342 votes
  32. Elimination: “Stitch Kaneland” with 1048.711892 votes
  33. Elimination: “Seddow” with 1227.656965 votes
  34. Elimination: “Uriel Paradisi Anteovnuecci” with 1509.087582 votes
  35. Elimination: “Mark Resurrectus” with 1736.691925 votes
  36. Elimination: “Arsia Elkin” with 2241.771743 votes

And so it goes.  As I have repeated ad nauseum, CCP is in the driver’s seat when it comes to the CSM, so it is up to them to pay attention or ignore its advice.  The current relationship with the CSM seems pretty good, but CCP always talks up the CSM, even when it is in the midst of trashing its relationship with it on a whim.  We will just have to see how the next year turns out.


Last Chance to Vote in the CSM16 Elections

The polls will remain open for the CSM16 election until downtime, 11:00 UTC, June 15th, which gives you a little more that a day to get your vote in from the time this post goes live.  For instructions on how to vote please visit the CCP dev blog on the election.

CSM16 election are under way

As I have noted… pretty much constantly since the idea was announced… the Council of Stellar Management is not the best way to pick a player advisory group, but it is the method we have available to us, so you should take a bit of time to vote.  And it is better than what most MMORPGs have.

I suppose it says something about EVE Online that people can be known well enough in the game for CCP to be able to hold elections.  Imagine this sort of thing in WoW or any other game that is chopped up into servers, separated by regions, and offers content that caps out at maybe 40 people.  Then again, I assure you that if you went up to a random player in high sec and mentioned the most famous player in New Eden, whoever you felt that was, the likely response would be, “Who?”

Anyway, if you don’t know who to vote for CCP has a candidate page.  I also wrote up a post about the candidates where I tried to sort them out into different categories.  There is a good table of candidates over in r/eve, which includes the important “cat ears” support column.  And, if you want to see how others are voting, there is a post about the various bloc ballots at The Nosy Gamer.

All said, time is running out.  Go vote now if you have not done so already.  No candidate is going to be able to make CCP do anything, which we have proven 15 times over at this point, but you might be picking the person who can talk CCP off the ledge of some game breaking idea.

CSM16 Voting Begins Today

Voting for candidates in the CSM16 election begins today (and not yesterday, as CCP accidentally indicated for about 20 minutes yesterday morning) and runs through until downtime on June 15th.

The time to vote is NOW!  The instructions are at the link above.

CSM16 voting is here

I have been skeptical of the whole idea since it was announced back in 2008, back when people served six month terms and we had two elections a year, and I haven’t really changed my mind on that.

Picking subject matter experts for a focus group through a popularity contest, which is what all elections amount to, does not seem like the best idea and the CSM only has as much influence as CCP allows it.  It lacks any agency.  (Unless it takes the discussion out of school, which worked exactly once.) Things have been good lately, but bad times are not that far in the past and CCP seems to ebb and flow on the importance of the CSM.  Good ideas have broken on the rocks of CCP indifference for years and bad ideas been championed by CCP against the advice of the CSM.

Still, you work with the process you have, not the process you want, and hope for the best.  You want good people there when CCP decides to listen.  So I encourage people to go vote for sensible candidates that represent their views.  Or meme candidates that will disrupt meetings.  Whatever you think will help.  You do you.

There are 47 candidates on the ballot.  I listed them out with links to their candidate forum post.  I also tried to sort them out into a few general categories, but aside from “incumbents” your mileage may vary.

The candidate field for CSM16

In order to publicize the election, CCP has a daily login reward event going on this week, featuring skill points and some of the other standard items.

Daily Login Rewards

Per the usual routine, Omega clones get all the rewards, Alpha clones get only the top row.  And, of course, Alpha clones cannot vote.

As for how the election will go, that is always an open question.

As I noted in the candidate post, with World War Bee going on there are more players invested in the game, at least theoretically.  But the war is in stalemate and both sides can only bloviate as they try to win the war on /r/eve while the peak concurrent user count has been in a state of decline since about week 32 of the war, back in February, which coincided with PAPI’s recovery from the M2-XFE loss and their finishing up taking all but the final constellation in Delve.

Maybe turnout will exceed last years 36K ballots cast… or maybe not.

Most major null sec blocs will have their suggested ballots.  So far the only one I have see has been the Imperium, which announced theirs on the Meta Show on Saturday.

  1. Merkelchen
  2. Innominate
  3. Brisc Rubal
  4. Baculus Orden
  5. Broodin
  6. Angry Mustache
  7. Micromancer
  8. Xenuria
  9. Suitonia
  10. i Beast

While the ballot is ten candidates long, the Imperium’s votes are generally only enough to get two candidates in for sure, so Merkelchen and Innominate are all but guaranteed a seat.  After that point candidates on the list have to have a constituency outside of the Imperium.  Brisc Rubal has managed that in the past.  Suitonia, i Beast, and even Xenuria have followings outside the Imperium as well, but I would be surprised if more than four people on that list of ten made the cut.  We shall see.

Anyway, since I insist on guessing ahead of time, here is how I think it will play out, in order of who will make the cut, revised from my previous estimate:

  1. Merkelchen (first round)
  2. Gobbins (first round)
  3. Vily
  4. Innominate
  5. Kenneth Feld
  6. Phantomite or Rixx Javix
  7. *wildcard*
  8. Mike Azariah
  9. Whoever is second on the TEST/Legacy ballot
  10. Brisc Rubal, ahead of 11th by less than 100 votes

So there we are.  We will see how wrong I am on June 21st when CCP announced the results.

Anyway, once again, the instructions for voting are available here.  Do what you need to.


CCP Announces the Candidates for CSM16

The drive to the CSM16 election continues.

CSM16 is approaching

Yesterday CCP hit another checkpoint in the run up to the CSM16 election when CCP Dopamine and CCP Swift did a live stream announcing the candidates who made it through the vetting process and will be on the ballot come June.

In total 47 candidates made the cut, which is up from the 40 who were on the ballot for the CSM15 election.  Here are all of their in-game portraits.

The candidate field for CSM16

As I did last year, I will list them all out alphabetically with a link to their campaign thread and their alliance or corp affiliation.  The portraits above are in the order of the list below.  CCP has their own list with trading card like summaries should you prefer that.  It is also in alphabetical order.

The List

  1. Angry Mustache – Goonswarm Federation
  2. Arsia Elkin – Electus Matari
  3. Baculus Orden – Goonswarm Federation
  4. Brisc Rubal – The Initiative
  5. Broodin – Goonswarm Federation
  6. Dr Spodumain – ISK.Enterprises
  7. Dutchgunner – Arataka Research Consortium
  8. Eluwein – Hole Control
  9. Evie Kouvo – Wingspan Delivery Network
  10. Gay Pride Booooom – Novus Ordo
  11. Gobbins – Pandemic Horde
  12. Hurleyalex hurley – Test Alliance Please Ignore
  13. I Beast – Method Synergy
  14. Innominate – Goonswarm Federation
  15. Jim Halescott – The Scope
  16. Jurius Doctor – Nullsechnaya Sholupen
  17. Kay-lynn Tsero – Tsundere Triad
  18. Kenneth Feld – Pandemic Legion
  19. Knockerwrench Alduin – Black Wolves
  20. Lucrative Business Opportunity – The Curatores Veritatis Auxiliary
  21. Maldavius – Stribog Clade
  22. Mantis Akiga – Red Alliance
  23. Mark Resurrectus – Turbofeed or Glory
  24. Merkelchen – Goonswarm Federation
  25. Micromancer – Goonswarm Federation
  26. Mike Azariah – The Scope
  27. Phantomite – No Handlebars
  28. ProgodlegendTest Alliance Please Ignore
  29. Reicher514 – Pandemic Horde
  30. Rheaha Preynar – Free Range Chikuns
  31. Rich Richman – Plucky Adventurers
  32. Rixx Javix – A Band Apart
  33. Robert Downey Iron – Unreal Alliance
  34. RonUSMCTest Alliance Please Ignore
  35. Seddow – Dreadbomb
  36. Shui Jing Jing – Caput Draconis
  37. Stitch Kaneland – The Tuskers Co.
  38. Styxx – D.A.R.K.
  39. Suitonia – We Form V0lta
  40. Tdor ClauTest Alliance Please Ignore
  41. Teddy Gbyc – Outfoxed
  42. Uriel Paradisi Anteovnuecci – Arataka Research Consortium
  43. VilyTest Alliance Please Ignore
  44. White Orchid – We Form V0lta
  45. Winzentowitsch Madeveda – PARABELLUM
  46. Xenuria – Goonswarm Federation
  47. Xeromus Plague – Interstellar Triglavian Collective

That is a lot of people, so let me try to break them out into groups to make the list more easily digestible and maybe make finding your ideal candidate a bit easier.


Eight of the ten current members of CSM15 are running for re-election.  They are:

  • Brisc Rubal – The Initiative
  • Gobbins – Pandemic Horde
  • Innominate – Goonswarm Federation
  • Kenneth Feld – Pandemic Legion
  • Merkelchen – Goonswarm Federation
  • Mike Azariah – The Scope
  • Phantomite – No Handlebars
  • Vily – Test Alliance Please Ignore

Of that list, Gobbins, Innominate, Merkelchen, and Vily are all running for their third consecutive term, which will disqualify them from running again for a spot on CSM17, as term limits allowing only three consecutive terms were introduced as part of the CSM15 race.

Sov Null Sec

22 of the 47 candidates in the race hail from organizations that hold sovereignty in null sec.  They are:

  1. Angry Mustache – Goonswarm Federation
  2. Baculus Orden – Goonswarm Federation
  3. Brisc Rubal – The Initiative
  4. Broodin – Goonswarm Federation
  5. Gobbins – Pandemic Horde
  6. Hurleyalex hurley – Test Alliance Please Ignore
  7. Innominate – Goonswarm Federation
  8. Jurius Doctor – Nullsechnaya Sholupen
  9. Kenneth Feld – Pandemic Legion
  10. Mantis Akiga – Red Alliance
  11. Merkelchen – Goonswarm Federation
  12. Micromancer – Goonswarm Federation
  13. Progodlegend – Test Alliance Please Ignore
  14. Reicher514 – Pandemic Horde
  15. Robert Downey Iron – Unreal Alliance
  16. RonUSMC – Test Alliance Please Ignore
  17. Seddow – Dreadbomb
  18. Suitonia – We Form Volta
  19. Tdor Clau – Test Alliance Please Ignore
  20. Vily – Test Alliance Please Ignore
  21. White Orchid – We Form Volta
  22. Xenuria – Goonswarm Federation

Sov null candidates tend to do well when it comes to being represented on the CSM as they belong to organized groups that harness their power to aim votes at candidates that represent their values.

That said, there are only 10 seats up for grabs and even the largest alliance in the game, Goonswarm Federation, only has the numbers to get 2 or 3 of its candidates on the council.  Their electoral power also makes outsiders less likely to vote for them.  There are 7 Goons running, so 4 or 5 of them are likely going home disappointed unless they have a constituency outside of the alliance or coalition.  The other big alliances are good for 1, possibly 2 seats, depending on how well the coordinate with their allies.

Brisc Rubal is perhaps the only stand-out on this list as somebody who has constituency outside of his coalition.  Having dual Initiative-Goon citizenship and likely to be in the third spot on the Imperium ballot, he has a decent shot of returning to the council.

The alliance ballots will be interesting this year.  With World War Bee still raging almost 11 months now, there are hard feelings all around and I doubt we’ll see, for example, Vily appearing on the Imperium ballot because we can “work with him” this year.

Small Gang / Low sec / Faction Warfare

There are 8 candidates in what I grouped up the combat oriented, mostly low sec focused tribe.  That includes one incumbent.

  • Lucrative Business Opportunity – The Curatores Veritatis Auxiliary
  • Phantomite – No Handlebars
  • Rheaha Preynar – Free Range Chickuns
  • Rixx Javix – A Band Apart
  • Rich Richman – Plucky Adventurers
  • Stitch Kaneland – The Tuskers Co.
  • Styxx – D.A.R.K.
  • I Beast – Method Synergy

Lore  /  Triglavian

This is kind of an odd group which I imagine, in another year, might look like low sec players.  But then the Pochven region got carved out of New Eden by the Triglavians.  This group has an affinity for that and the lore around it.

  • Arsia Elkin – Electus Matari Pochven
  • Dutchgunner – Arataka Research Consortium
  • Kay-lynn Tsero – Tsundere Triad
  • Maldavius – Stribog Clade
  • Uriel Paradisi Anteovnuecci – Arataka Research Consortium
  • Xeromus Plague – Interstellar Triglavian Collective


There are five candidates that appear to spend much or most of their time in wormhole space.

  • Eluwein – Hole Control
  • Evie Kouvo – Wingspan Delivery Network
  • Mark Resurrectus – Turbofeed or Glory
  • Teddy Gbyc – Outfoxed
  • Winzentowitsch Madeveda – PARABELLUM

High Sec / Industry / Mining

There are three candidates that seem to fit into this category, including incumbent Mike Azariah.

  • Knockerwrench Alduin – Black Wolves
  • Mike Azariah – The Scope
  • Shui Jing Jing – Caput Draconis

High Sec Ganking

And, finally, the record and statements of one of the candidates indicate that they just want to blow you up and CONCORD be damned.

  • Gay Pride Booooom – Novus Ordo

Early Projections

I am very bad at projecting winners in advance as my track record will attest, yet here I am again.   As in real life, I wouldn’t bet against most if not all of the incumbents who are running from being returned to the CSM.  They have proven they have an constituency.  I think Innominate, Kenneth Feld, Merkelchen, Gobbins, and Vily are all almost guaranteed to return to the council.

Brisc Rubal and Phantomite are also strong candidates, though they also have obstacles.  With World War Bee on and Brisc on the Meta Show every week, he might have polarized some of his past constituents against him.  He’ll need more Goon votes being passed down from Innominate and Merkelchen than he has in the past.

On the other hand, there being a war on means that the null sec groups have a lot more active and (somewhat) motivated players.  That could push their usual organizational advantage further than the last election.  Maybe they get 8 seats?  Maybe Brisc in the first round? (Assuming he gets third spot on the Imperium ballot.)

Meanwhile, Phantomite faces a possibly bigger name in Low Sec than his own when it comes to Rixx Javix, though Rixx comes with his own baggage.  And then there is Stitch Stitch Kaneland from Tuskers, who is not to be dismissed.  A split vote may keep them all from being winners in the early STV rounds, though if they can coordinate ballots, the bleed off from the others may elect one of them.  Like many things in New Eden, working with others often gets you further than trying to do it all yourself.

And then there are the wormholers.  Will they get their act together this year?  Maybe?

So let me get my early, and likely bad, prediction in now and say the results could look like this:

  1. Vily
  2. Innominate
  3. Gobbins
  4. Merkelchen
  5. Kenneth Feld
  6. Phantomite or Rixx Javix
  7. *wildcard*
  8. Mike Azariah
  9. Whoever is second on the TEST/Legacy ballot
  10. Brisc Rubal, ahead of 11th by less than 100 votes


Voting commences after downtime on June 8, 2021, and closes at downtime on June 15, 2021, giving people seven days to cast their ballots.

The results will be announced on June 21, 2021.  We will see if that gives the community team enough time to come up with another animated representation of the STV process in action.

CCP Begins the Run Up to the CSM16 Elections

Yesterday CCP made the expected announcement that the election cycle for the counsel of stellar management was set to commence.  The race for CSM16 is on.

CSM 16 is approaching

The timeline for the election cycle has been laid out as follows:

  • 26 April – 12 May – Application Submission Period
  • 26 April – 14 May – Application Processing
  • 20 May – Live Candidates Announcement
  • 20 May – 4 June – Campaign Period
  • 8-15 June – Voting Period (from 11:00 UTC to 11:00 UTC)
  • 21 June – Live CSM 16 Reveal

Now is the time to start thinking about whether or not you’re going to run.

Ha ha, no… if you haven’t already decided to run and haven’t spent the last six months to a year laying the groundwork for a run, you’re probably not going to make the cut as a serious candidate.  But go ahead I suppose.

In order to apply to run a candidate must meet the following criteria:

  • Your account must be older than 60 days at the time candidacy applications close.
  • Characters on both Alpha and Omega accounts are eligible to run.
  • You must have a history of honoring the EULA and the Terms of Service. We will screen every applicant thoroughly, and EULA/TOS violations on your record can result in a rejected application.
  • You must create a campaign thread in the CSM section on EVE Online forums covering the following questions:
    • Your EVE Online story.
    • Your areas of expertise. In which areas of the game do you feel you are the most knowledgeable? What qualities set you apart from other candidates?
    • Why are you applying for the CSM?
    • What can players expect from you?
    • You are free to add more information and manage your campaign thread as you see fit, but the above four questions are the bare minimum required from everyone.
  • Your account must have updated and correct information at the time of your application. This includes your real-life name, correct date of birth, and the same email you use to submit your application. To view and edit this information go to the account management website.
  • Candidates must have reached 18 years of age. If the legal adult age in your home country (the age at which you have the legal capacity to enter into a contract) is higher than 18, that number applies instead.
  • As an applicant, you must consent to provide your personal details to CCP, including your real name and a copy of your passport. CCP needs to affirm your real-life identity for NDA contract purposes, and the ability to travel to a summit in Iceland is a key function of the CSM.
  • If you do not currently have a valid passport, we will accept a picture/scan of a valid and approved passport application accompanied by a picture of your driver’s license.
  • You must consent to share your country of origin with the EVE community and display it on the EVE Online website. You will not be required to share any other personal information with the EVE community.
  • If you are running as an “alt” and control a character that has a reputation in the EVE universe, CCP may require you to run under that identity at its full discretion.

If you believe you can manage all of that, then there are three steps required to apply:

  1. Fill in the application form between 26 April – 12 May. Beware session time-outs that can refresh the page, and make sure to save your text in a document before. If you don’t get a confirmation, re-enter the information and try again.
  2. Submit your document scans/pictures to csm-contact@ccpgames.com in high quality with the subject “CSM 16 application”.
  3. Create a forum thread in the CSM section on EVE Online forums. All steps must be completed within the application windows. Remember that applications cannot be edited after you submit them, so triple-check to see if the information entered is correct!

So, if you have laid the groundwork and think you’re up to it and are okay with another part time job in your life, the stage is set.

We will have to see who is ready to throw their hat in the ring… again, in the case of some incumbents… before I start trying to pick likely winners.

This will also be the last CSM before term limits, introduced as part of the CSM15 election cycle, will come into effect.  Term limits count from CSM14 forward, so Innominate, Gobbins, Vily, and Merkelchen can run for one more term before they have to take a break from the council.

Introducing Your CSM15 Representatives

The votes have been counted and the results are in.  The CSM15 election is over.

Now we’re… uh… done

A total of 36,120 ballots were cast, up about 4K from the CSM14 election.

In about a half an hour dissection of the votes, CCP Dopamine and CCP Aurora went through the election round by round. (video here)  But when the final round was done these were the ten candidates left standing.

The CSM15 Slate

Alphabetically, they are:

  • Brisc Rubal – The Initiative
  • Gobbins – Pandemic Horde
  • Innominate – Goonswarm Federation
  • Kenneth Feld – Pandemic Legion
  • Maria Taylor – Fraternity
  • Merkelchen – Goonswarm Federation
  • Mike Azariah – The Scope
  • Phantomite – Same Great Taste
  • Torvald Uruz – Abyssal Lurkers
  • Vily – TEST Alliance Please Ignore

I was off a some from the guesses I made when voting opened, but out of a bag of 13 I thought were likely, eight of them made it.  Out of the winners there are 7 null sec candidates, 1 low sec, 1 streamer, and 1 high sec newbie helper.

Gobbins and Merkelchen were the first two candidates to meet quote to be elected, making it in the first round.

The Imperium ballot again proved to be about three candidates deep in influence.  It was able to get Merkelchen and Innominate in, passing a few votes on to Brisc, but otherwise failing to lift anybody else down ballot who didn’t have a voter base of their own on which to depend. (The ballot is in the comments of this post if you are interested.)

Congrats to all the winners.  I will link the dev blog with the voting data once it is posted.

Addendum: Dev blog with the voting data is now available.

Last Chance to Vote for CSM15

The voting window for CSM15 closes on Monday, June 8th, at 12:00 UTC, so this weekend is it.

Click on this link to go vote.

The election is almost done

As for who is running and who you should vote for and who is recommending whom and who I think has shot, I covered all of that in a previous post.  I am not going to repeat it all here.  If you care about any of that you can click on the link.

The timeline for the CSM15 election process is almost to its last stop:

  • 27 April-11 13 May – Application period
  • 28 April-15 May – Application processing
  • 18 May – Candidate announcement
  • 18-29 May – Campaign period
  • 1-8 June – Voting period
  • 12 June – CSM 15 reveal

This coming Friday at 19:00 UTC CCP will announced the results on their Twitch stream and we can start complaining about the outcome or whatever the next space outrage ends up being.

The CSM15 Election Begins Today

The CSM15 election kicks off today.  You can go straight here to vote.  That is probably the most important part of this post, as the rest of it will be me rambling.  The voting period runs until 12:00 UTC on June 8.

Time to pick the next CSM

I wrote about the 40 candidates on the ballot when they were announced.  That post links to all of them to their official candidate forum posts and sorts them into null and non-null candidates.  CCP also has a post up with pictures and sound-bit summaries for all the candidates, which also links to their forum posts.

In an attempt to get out the vote, CCP is having another daily login event that will run concurrently with the election.

Login for more rewards

There are five daily gifts for both Omega and Alpha clones.  Alpha clones cannot vote, but at least they get a cookie.

Rewards of Democracy… and that other forever campaign

And, of course, you don’t log into the game to vote, you do that on the web site, (see the how to vote video if you need to) but if CCP gives people a prize every day with a big sign encouraging them to vote, maybe that will have some impact.  We shall see.

As for who is going to win, the shape of the promoted null sec ballots will likely dictate 6-8 seats on CSM15.  In elections, both in real life and in New Eden, large groups that can organize tend to do better than smaller groups or groups that do not organize, and null sec requires big groups and organization.  That is just the way it goes.

This makes people angry, both in the real world and in New Eden.  There are a lot of “all CCP needs to do…” ideas to work around this, most of which would be comically easy to game (Dunk Dinkle has some examples), with the very same organized groups most likely to benefit.  You want a high sec, mission running candidate for the next CSM?  Have them start organizing and campaigning now.

Writing this on Sunday afternoon and having not seen a single null sec ballot yet, I am going to double down on my predictions from about two weeks back.  Basically, nothing dramatic has come up in the campaigning cycle to change my mind, though I will admit that my level attention hasn’t gone beyond scanning headlines on /r/eve.  So my predictions remain as follows.

Hard to see how they won’t be elected:

  • Gobbins – Pandemic Horde
  • Innominate – Goonswarm Federation
  • Merkelchen – Goonswarm Federation
  • Vily – TEST Alliance Please Ignore

Very likely if they get a good ballot position:

  • Alexis Finch – Brave Collective
  • BlazingBunny – Northern Coalition
  • UAxDEATH – Legion of xXDEATHXx

Wild cards that might make the cut if they have a big enough support base:

  • Brisc Rubal – The Initiative (Has to fight the “he’s guilty!” crowd)
  • ExookiZ – Initiative Mercenaries (WH support still?)
  • Insidious Sainthood – RvB – BLUE Republic (RvB is pretty big)
  • Maria Taylor – Fraternity (If Chinese players vote)
  • Torvald Uruz – Abyssal Lurkers (Streamer/content creator people have heard of)
  • Mike Azariah – The Scope (Persistence paid off in the past)

Again, that is 13 names, but the top seven seem pretty secure, so I’d declare myself successful in predicting if the remained was filled from my wild card list.

I will amend my predictions in a post script if something crazy comes up in the ballots, and I will add on any null sec ballots that get posted in the comments just to give people an idea as to who is topping which list.

Other coverage of CSM15:

The CSM15 Election Candidate List

People have applied to run, CCP has sorted through the applications, so now we have an official list of candidates for the CSM15 election.

The candidate list is in

45 people posted campaign threads in the campaign section of the forums, from which CCP was able to endorse 40 people to run for office.

They are, sorted alphabetically, with their names linked to their forum campaign post:

I am not sure why the five other candidates didn’t make the cut.  I was looking forward to watching maybe the next Gevlon take his place on the stage.  But, alas, it was not to be.  No doubt those corrupt GMs and devs spiked his run.

I also thought, since Nosy Gamer decided not to dive in and do his coverage of the campaign this year, that I might pick up some of the slack on that front.  And then I watched the candidate announcement Twitch stream from CCP and, seriously, the thought of having to listen to any more streams like that was enough to warn me off.  So the handy list above is about all you’re getting out of me for candidate info.

That said, I do want to explore the list a bit, at least from a meta level, just to point out some of the groups represented.  So who is on the list?


We have five members of CSM14 returning to run again.  While CCP announced term limits of a sort, those in the last CSM only get one mark against their three consecutive term tally.  So the following CSM14 members are running for another term.

  • ExookiZ – Initiative Mercenaries
  • Gobbins – Pandemic Horde
  • Innominate – Goonswarm Federation
  • Merkelchen – Goonswarm Federation
  • Vily – TEST Alliance Please Ignore

All five of these candidates now hail from large null sec blocs, though last time around ExookiZ was part of Scary Wormhole People.  I wonder who recruited him into the Imperium?

The other members of CSM14, Aryth, Steve Ronuken, Dunk Dinkle, Olmeca Gold, and Sort Dragon (who replaced Killah Bee mid-term) declined to run again.

Past CSM Members

In addition, we have three candidates who served on past CSMs.

  • Brisc Rubal – The Initiative
  • Mike Azariah – The Scopex
  • Xenuria – Goonswarm Federation

Null Sec Candidates

Overall, the bulk of candidates on the list are from null sec.  They are:

  • Alexis Finch – Brave Collective
  • BlazingBunny – Northern Coalition
  • Boernl – Pandemic Horde
  • Brisc Rubal – The Initiative
  • Darius Caliente – Unified Federation of Conifers
  • ExookiZ – Initiative Mercenaries
  • Gobbins – Pandemic Horde
  • Innominate – Goonswarm Federation
  • Ironwulf – Evictus
  • January Valentine – Science and Trade Institute
  • Jurius Doctor – NullSechnaya Sholupen
  • Juvenius Drakonius – Goonswarm Federation
  • Kenneth Feld – Pandemic Legion
  • Leehams DaWildabeast – Pandemic Horde
  • Maria Taylor – Fraternity
  • Meredith en Thielles – Solyaris Chtonium
  • Merkelchen – Goonswarm Federation
  • Murray Rothbardo – Federated Alliance of Mafias
  • PJHustle – Initiative Associates
  • Prospektor Schipplock – Goonswarm Federation
  • Steadyo – Pandemic Horde
  • Storm Delay – Pandemic Horde
  • UAxDEATH – Legion of xXDEATHXx
  • Vily – TEST Alliance Please Ignore
  • Xenuria – Goonswarm Federation

Some 25 out of the 40 lay claim to some association with a null sec alliance or bloc.  Two of them are from non-bloc groups, Murray Rothbardo and Darius Caliente, though the Conifers and their allies do add up to about 2K players.  And then there is Jurius Doctor of NullSechnaya Sholupen, which is folding up shop again.  But he was in null sec when he posted.

Not all of the candidates on this list are running on a specific null sec platform… I am sure, for example, that ExookiZ is still about wormhole space… but that is where their banners are raised.  If you align with null sec you have to make the case why you shouldn’t be counted with them I suppose.

Not Null Sec Candidates

That leaves us with 15 non-null sec candidates whom I have tried to sum up in a few words based on their forum posts:

  • Dhuras – Moist – WH small gang
  • DutchGunner – Arataka Research Consortium – High Sec group PvE
  • Ikarus Cesaille – Silent Company – High Sec newbie focus
  • Insidious Sainthood – RvB – BLUE Republic – High Sec group PvP
  • Kalen Tsero – Tsundere Triad – Low Sec PvP
  • Komi Valentine – Tribal Intelligence Agency – High Sec roleplay
  • Loroseco Kross – Hard Knocks Citizens – WH space
  • Mike Azariah – The Scope – High Sec newbie helper
  • Pandora Singularity – Sixth Empire – RP
  • Phantomite – Same Great Taste – Low Sec
  • Rheaha Preynar – Free Range Chikuns – Low Sec
  • Stitch Kaneland – The Tuskers Co. – Low Sec PvP
  • Styxx – D.A.R.K. – High Sec
  • The OZ – Pecunia Infinita – Market/Industry
  • Torvald Uruz – Abyssal Lurkers – Streamer and Abyssal PvE/PvP

My summaries might be subject to differing opinions, my few words leaving little room for nuance, so you should go view the forum posts of the candidates to read their words rather than take my word for it.  That pretty much goes for all the candidates really.

Who is Going to Win?

The CSM15 election doesn’t start until June 1, 2020, so we have almost two weeks of tedious campaigning to go through, during which one candidate or another may enhance or wreck their chances to be elected.  We can only hope for some drama really.  Otherwise the time will likely just put people to sleep and suppress voter turn out.

There is also the question of who is going to get spots on the various alliance and bloc ballots.  All 25 people on the null sec list won’t make the cut for that.  Several have mentioned that in their candidate posts, like Juvenius Drakonius, who is running for the Spanish language demographic.

But I can still hazard a guess now, since I like to make predictions, if only to measure them later against what actually came to pass.  So here is my outlook as of today.

Hard to see how they won’t be elected:

  • Gobbins – Pandemic Horde
  • Innominate – Goonswarm Federation
  • Merkelchen – Goonswarm Federation
  • Vily – TEST Alliance Please Ignore

Very likely if they get a good ballot position:

  • Alexis Finch – Brave Collective
  • BlazingBunny – Northern Coalition
  • UAxDEATH – Legion of xXDEATHXx

Wild cards that might make the cut if they have a big enough support base:

  • Brisc Rubal – The Initiative (Has to fight the “he’s guilty!” crowd)
  • ExookiZ – Initiative Mercenaries (WH support still?)
  • Insidious Sainthood – RvB – BLUE Republic (RvB is pretty big)
  • Maria Taylor – Fraternity (If Chinese players vote)
  • Torvald Uruz – Abyssal Lurkers (Streamer/content creator people have heard of)
  • Mike Azariah – The Scope (Persistence paid off in the past)

That is a baker’s dozen set of names for ten slots.  I’d bet money on the top four and that at least seven of the ten will be from the null sec list.  We shall see.

Anyways, the campaign season is upon us.  Unless something out of the ordinary happens, my next post about CSM15 will be when elections begin.

Last Chance to Run for CSM15

The deadline to sign up to run for CSM15 was extended until 23:59 UTC on Wednesday, May 13th due to the sign up page giving a 500 error when people were trying to apply, so there is still time left.

The next round is coming

When I last looked at the CSM candidate campaign forums, where by the new rules I reported on previously, all candidates must put up a post in order to provide some basic information about themselves and why they are running, there were just 31 candidates signed up to run.

That is a new low of interest, down from the 44 candidates that ran for CSM14.

Currently only five members of CSM14 are running for CSM15, so the incumbent count is down, though there are arguably a dozen candidates from the null sec blocs who, if they all get on the various group recommended ballots, are once again likely to take at least eight of the ten spots on the council.  There are also a few past CSM members like Mike Azariah, Xenuria, and Brisc Rubal who are running for spots again.

Still, if you’re an optimist, you know you don’t have to be faster that the tiger, just faster than 21 other candidates that it is going to eat.  May the odds ever be in your favor and all that.

Candidate who make the application cut will be announced on May 18th and the election for CSM15 will run from June 1st to June 8th.