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Quote of the Day – On Ruining Video Games

Microsoft backpedaled like an anarchist on a tandem bicycle

Robert Brockway, on Microsoft’s post-E3 change of heart

That quote sort of epitomizes why I go read Cracked.com on a regular basis.  It made me laugh.

I am not even sure if it makes sense as a metaphor.  I had to Google “anarchist” and “tandem bicycle” to see if there was some obscure reference with which I was unfamiliar.  The best I came up with was two French men on a bicycle.


I suppose that is close enough.

But even as I am chuckling at such things, I get the suspicion at times that Cracked is really a cover to discuss serious issues under the cover of humor.  The quote above came from the article 4 New Video Game Realities that will Kill the Industry, which actually gets at the heart of a couple of things that bother me.

Of course, then they will have another absurd comic book villains article to throw me off the scent that they might have serious master plan.

6 Devious Ways Farmville Gets People Hooked

Cracked.com has an piece up titled 6 Devious Ways Farmville Gets People Hooked.

No, you cannot have that last one

Cracked.com is a humor site, an off-shoot of Cracked Magazine, a one-time competitor to MAD Magazine.

The article would probably be funnier if, as with their 5 Creepy Ways Video Games Are Trying To Get You Addicted piece, it wasn’t so close to the truth..

Instead, it is pretty much a light hearted recap of exactly how things work.

But it has pictures!

And we all like pictures, like the one above, which I stole from the piece.  So there.