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The CSM15 Election Candidate List

People have applied to run, CCP has sorted through the applications, so now we have an official list of candidates for the CSM15 election.

The candidate list is in

45 people posted campaign threads in the campaign section of the forums, from which CCP was able to endorse 40 people to run for office.

They are, sorted alphabetically, with their names linked to their forum campaign post:

I am not sure why the five other candidates didn’t make the cut.  I was looking forward to watching maybe the next Gevlon take his place on the stage.  But, alas, it was not to be.  No doubt those corrupt GMs and devs spiked his run.

I also thought, since Nosy Gamer decided not to dive in and do his coverage of the campaign this year, that I might pick up some of the slack on that front.  And then I watched the candidate announcement Twitch stream from CCP and, seriously, the thought of having to listen to any more streams like that was enough to warn me off.  So the handy list above is about all you’re getting out of me for candidate info.

That said, I do want to explore the list a bit, at least from a meta level, just to point out some of the groups represented.  So who is on the list?


We have five members of CSM14 returning to run again.  While CCP announced term limits of a sort, those in the last CSM only get one mark against their three consecutive term tally.  So the following CSM14 members are running for another term.

  • ExookiZ – Initiative Mercenaries
  • Gobbins – Pandemic Horde
  • Innominate – Goonswarm Federation
  • Merkelchen – Goonswarm Federation
  • Vily – TEST Alliance Please Ignore

All five of these candidates now hail from large null sec blocs, though last time around ExookiZ was part of Scary Wormhole People.  I wonder who recruited him into the Imperium?

The other members of CSM14, Aryth, Steve Ronuken, Dunk Dinkle, Olmeca Gold, and Sort Dragon (who replaced Killah Bee mid-term) declined to run again.

Past CSM Members

In addition, we have three candidates who served on past CSMs.

  • Brisc Rubal – The Initiative
  • Mike Azariah – The Scopex
  • Xenuria – Goonswarm Federation

Null Sec Candidates

Overall, the bulk of candidates on the list are from null sec.  They are:

  • Alexis Finch – Brave Collective
  • BlazingBunny – Northern Coalition
  • Boernl – Pandemic Horde
  • Brisc Rubal – The Initiative
  • Darius Caliente – Unified Federation of Conifers
  • ExookiZ – Initiative Mercenaries
  • Gobbins – Pandemic Horde
  • Innominate – Goonswarm Federation
  • Ironwulf – Evictus
  • January Valentine – Science and Trade Institute
  • Jurius Doctor – NullSechnaya Sholupen
  • Juvenius Drakonius – Goonswarm Federation
  • Kenneth Feld – Pandemic Legion
  • Leehams DaWildabeast – Pandemic Horde
  • Maria Taylor – Fraternity
  • Meredith en Thielles – Solyaris Chtonium
  • Merkelchen – Goonswarm Federation
  • Murray Rothbardo – Federated Alliance of Mafias
  • PJHustle – Initiative Associates
  • Prospektor Schipplock – Goonswarm Federation
  • Steadyo – Pandemic Horde
  • Storm Delay – Pandemic Horde
  • UAxDEATH – Legion of xXDEATHXx
  • Vily – TEST Alliance Please Ignore
  • Xenuria – Goonswarm Federation

Some 25 out of the 40 lay claim to some association with a null sec alliance or bloc.  Two of them are from non-bloc groups, Murray Rothbardo and Darius Caliente, though the Conifers and their allies do add up to about 2K players.  And then there is Jurius Doctor of NullSechnaya Sholupen, which is folding up shop again.  But he was in null sec when he posted.

Not all of the candidates on this list are running on a specific null sec platform… I am sure, for example, that ExookiZ is still about wormhole space… but that is where their banners are raised.  If you align with null sec you have to make the case why you shouldn’t be counted with them I suppose.

Not Null Sec Candidates

That leaves us with 15 non-null sec candidates whom I have tried to sum up in a few words based on their forum posts:

  • Dhuras – Moist – WH small gang
  • DutchGunner – Arataka Research Consortium – High Sec group PvE
  • Ikarus Cesaille – Silent Company – High Sec newbie focus
  • Insidious Sainthood – RvB – BLUE Republic – High Sec group PvP
  • Kalen Tsero – Tsundere Triad – Low Sec PvP
  • Komi Valentine – Tribal Intelligence Agency – High Sec roleplay
  • Loroseco Kross – Hard Knocks Citizens – WH space
  • Mike Azariah – The Scope – High Sec newbie helper
  • Pandora Singularity – Sixth Empire – RP
  • Phantomite – Same Great Taste – Low Sec
  • Rheaha Preynar – Free Range Chikuns – Low Sec
  • Stitch Kaneland – The Tuskers Co. – Low Sec PvP
  • Styxx – D.A.R.K. – High Sec
  • The OZ – Pecunia Infinita – Market/Industry
  • Torvald Uruz – Abyssal Lurkers – Streamer and Abyssal PvE/PvP

My summaries might be subject to differing opinions, my few words leaving little room for nuance, so you should go view the forum posts of the candidates to read their words rather than take my word for it.  That pretty much goes for all the candidates really.

Who is Going to Win?

The CSM15 election doesn’t start until June 1, 2020, so we have almost two weeks of tedious campaigning to go through, during which one candidate or another may enhance or wreck their chances to be elected.  We can only hope for some drama really.  Otherwise the time will likely just put people to sleep and suppress voter turn out.

There is also the question of who is going to get spots on the various alliance and bloc ballots.  All 25 people on the null sec list won’t make the cut for that.  Several have mentioned that in their candidate posts, like Juvenius Drakonius, who is running for the Spanish language demographic.

But I can still hazard a guess now, since I like to make predictions, if only to measure them later against what actually came to pass.  So here is my outlook as of today.

Hard to see how they won’t be elected:

  • Gobbins – Pandemic Horde
  • Innominate – Goonswarm Federation
  • Merkelchen – Goonswarm Federation
  • Vily – TEST Alliance Please Ignore

Very likely if they get a good ballot position:

  • Alexis Finch – Brave Collective
  • BlazingBunny – Northern Coalition
  • UAxDEATH – Legion of xXDEATHXx

Wild cards that might make the cut if they have a big enough support base:

  • Brisc Rubal – The Initiative (Has to fight the “he’s guilty!” crowd)
  • ExookiZ – Initiative Mercenaries (WH support still?)
  • Insidious Sainthood – RvB – BLUE Republic (RvB is pretty big)
  • Maria Taylor – Fraternity (If Chinese players vote)
  • Torvald Uruz – Abyssal Lurkers (Streamer/content creator people have heard of)
  • Mike Azariah – The Scope (Persistence paid off in the past)

That is a baker’s dozen set of names for ten slots.  I’d bet money on the top four and that at least seven of the ten will be from the null sec list.  We shall see.

Anyways, the campaign season is upon us.  Unless something out of the ordinary happens, my next post about CSM15 will be when elections begin.

Last Chance to Run for CSM15

The deadline to sign up to run for CSM15 was extended until 23:59 UTC on Wednesday, May 13th due to the sign up page giving a 500 error when people were trying to apply, so there is still time left.

The next round is coming

When I last looked at the CSM candidate campaign forums, where by the new rules I reported on previously, all candidates must put up a post in order to provide some basic information about themselves and why they are running, there were just 31 candidates signed up to run.

That is a new low of interest, down from the 44 candidates that ran for CSM14.

Currently only five members of CSM14 are running for CSM15, so the incumbent count is down, though there are arguably a dozen candidates from the null sec blocs who, if they all get on the various group recommended ballots, are once again likely to take at least eight of the ten spots on the council.  There are also a few past CSM members like Mike Azariah, Xenuria, and Brisc Rubal who are running for spots again.

Still, if you’re an optimist, you know you don’t have to be faster that the tiger, just faster than 21 other candidates that it is going to eat.  May the odds ever be in your favor and all that.

Candidate who make the application cut will be announced on May 18th and the election for CSM15 will run from June 1st to June 8th.

The Road to CSM15 includes Term Limits

CCP got around to dropping the promised dev blog about the elections for the EVE Online player advisory body, the Council of Stellar Management.

The next round is coming

The basic timeline for the CSM15 elections is:

  • 27 April-11 13 May – Submission period (extended due to 500 errors)
  • 28 April-15 May – Application processing
  • 18 May – Candidate announcement
  • 18-29 May – Campaign period
  • 1-8 June – Voting period
  • 12 June – CSM 15 reveal

While the dev blog says that is a timeline that has worked in the past, it does seem a little bit shorter than last year’s CSM14 schedule, by about a week.  I wouldn’t even have deigned to pick that nit save for the fact that the dev blog specifically mentioned that they had used this schedule before.  Either way, the voting period remains one week long, a change that was made for the CSM13 elections because CCP noticed that most people vote on the first or last day of the election, with very little activity in between.

As has been the case for the last few CSM elections, there are some changes being introduced.

Term Limits

CCP says that being on the CSM is a tough job.  It is certainly takes more effort than I would want to put into it. So because of that CSM members will be limited to three consecutive one year terms, after which they will need to go away for a year.

After a one year hiatus, during which they can actually play the game, or so the dev blog seems to imply, they can run again.

This is also not fully retroactive.  Term limits will count only CSM14 for this new rule, so anybody on that slate can run and be elected twice more before they need take a break. (Though, of incumbents, Dunk Dinkle and Steve Ronuken have already declared they are not running for CSM15.)

Of course, anybody can come back after their one year hiatus for another three terms.  I suspect that this term limit regimen will be just enough to annoy both those who don’t want term limits while being far too weak to please those who are in favor of them.  Does that make it a successful compromise?  Or is this just weak tea that probably wasn’t worth the effort?

Campaign Forum Post Requirements

CCP also wants to formalize the campaign forum post process for candidates, giving them a series of topics they will be required to touch on in order to make sure that voters know something about them.  So the format will be:

  • Your EVE Online story
  • Your areas of expertise
  • Why are you applying for the CSM?
  • What can players expect from you?

Candidates can add more to their post if they so desire, but Ayrth won’t be able to get by with a post saying he doesn’t need any filthy pubbie vote in order to get elected. (I’ll be interested to see where he falls in the gap between the spirit and the letter of this rule when he does post.)

Whether this will make a lick of difference in the election overall remains to be seen.  Player apathy seems like the biggest issue facing the elections.  There has been a lot of information out there about serious candidates almost every year if people have put even a little bit of effort in finding it.  Having some of that in the forums in a standard format isn’t a bad idea, but it runs on the assumption that any but a select few keep an eye on the forums on a regular basis. I know I don’t, and I consider myself more informed than average about the game.

Anyway, keep an eye on the CSM Candidate section of the forums if you are interested in this.

Single Five Day Summit

CCP will only being flying your ass to Iceland once per term now.  There might be a bit of a relief all around because, while there is no substitute for in person meetings at times, summits do take a toll on the participants.  The CSM members have to take a week out of their lives to travel to and from Iceland, while CCP has to prepare to host them and keep them busy while they are on site.  One summit will make that less taxing, which seems to be CCP’s goal.  Still, CSM members will now just have one opportunity per year to have some in person time with CCP to influence things.

CSM Roles and Expectations

The dev blog says that the CCP has updated the CSM information page, though it declined to mention what might have changed.  The Code of Conduct was mentioned.  If you are considering running you should probably go through that just to make sure you can live with the expectations.

Apply Now

Or on Monday I guess.  If you want to run for a seat on the CSM you can start applying on Monday, as the schedule above indicates.  There is a specific list of requirements to run for the CSM, but I’ll sum it up:

  • Have an EVE Online account, alpha or omega, that is older than 60 days
  • Have a clean record, so no history of EULA/TOS violations
  • Be 18 years old
  • Have a passport or some other acceptable ID
  • Be willing to tell the community the country you live in

And so it goes.  We’re off to the races again.  We shall see if everybody having to stay home and play video games will improve voter turnout… or even voter awareness.  I wouldn’t bet against CSM15 ending up with the say dynamic as CSM14, with eight null sec members, one wormhole, and one outlier.

Anyway, if you are interested, go read the dev blog and follow the instructions.


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