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When You Die In Cyberspace…

Several people (including my wife) have mentioned or sent me the link to a story on Yahoo! titled, “Death Leaves Online Lives in Limbo.”

It is not so much an interesting read as an interesting reflection on the cultural implications of online communities of people who may not otherwise interact in real life.  How often have people you have played with regularly just stopped logging in?

On reading it, my mind diverged to two tangential topics.

The first was people faking their own death online.  I have twice been in guilds where somebody has mentioned they have a terminal disease, recounted their progress towards death, and have finally disappeared, only to show up again at some later date or to be outed by somebody who knows them in real life.  Have you ever had this one happen?

The second was that I am sure there must be an elaborate “can I have your stuff” joke and/or punchline in that article somewhere.  Given what we’ve all seen on forums, I’m sure I am not alone in that.

And, no, you cannot have my stuff.