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Deoxys Obtained – Now for Vacation

My daughter and I hit GameStop this morning and downloaded the special Pokemon Deoxys. We even saw our neighbors while we were there. They were downloading too, and buying a Wii. Another candidate for Pokemon Ranch.

Deoxys shows up in game at level 50 (I read that the last time they made it available, it was level 75), has the moves Psycho Boost, Zap Cannon, Iron Defense, and Extreme Speed. The original trainer is listed as “Gamestp.”

And, speaking of Pokemon Ranch, I found out that when you trade Pokemon with Haley, the owner of the ranch, you can then migrate those Pokemon back to your DS. No thrill when she is offering you a Pikachu, but I hear that after a few trades you start getting some interesting Pokemon, like a unique Mew.

But now we are packing up and getting ready to head to the airport. Pokemon on a road trip, plus I might have a chance to catch up on podcasts. The collective has been quite prolific of late.

I have my vacation length skills set in EVE Online (Exhumers V and Minmatar Industrials V). My buy orders and items for sale are all up to date as well.

I have a couple of posts set up to display next week while I’m away, but nothing thrilling. Moderation of comments though, may be delayed unless they have web access on the ship. (We’re headed out on a cruise.)

And, I guess with Darren on vacation, I should go too. I was a guest on Shut Up We’re Talking #29, where we spoke about Blizzard’s mystery and Dr. Bartle. Hopefully the smoke will clear by the time I get back!

Deoxys at GameStop This Weekend

And, apparently, last weekend as well. Thanks to Matt for the tip on this.

Deoxys is a Pokemon that you can only obtain through special events. You cannot get one in the actual game, which makes it pretty rare. GameStop is having one of those special events.

From the GameStop Blog:

Unfortunately, I did not know about it last weekend, and this coming weekend we will be traveling. So Unless they have a GameStop in the Atlanta Airport, my daughter and I will have to wait for the next such event.

[Addendum: GameStop has this going on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, not just Saturday and Sunday, so we might get Deoxys yet!]