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A Return to Dire Maul East

The instance group returned to WoW Classic this past weekend.  Our last run, when we finally wrapped up Blackrock Depths, was back in February.  We have spent most of our time since then in the Viking afterlife that is Valheim.  But the coming of Burning Crusade Classic… Blizz seems set to drop the pre-expansion patch some time this month… stirred us from our resource collection and biome explorations to return to Azeroth.

All of us together again

We had a few goals for this return run, the first of which was to get back into the swing  of playing WoW.  While getting used to how to move passed pretty quickly, I think everybody was pressing the space bar to try and sprint or the Tab key for inventory more often than they would like to admit.  Fortunately, nobody can see you do that and it doesn’t have any real in-game impact.

We also wanted to get to level 60.  That was a low bar goal, as we were all well on our way towards that after the last run.

And we also wanted some felcloth.  Felcloth drops from satyrs in Felwood and is the primary ingredient to make mooncloth bags, which are the 16 slot bags that tailors can make.  To be in WoW Classic is to be in a time when 16 slot bags were a big deal.  Ula, our group tailor, has us mostly covered with 14 slot runecloth bags, but those extra two slots add up.

The coveted mooncloth bag

We spent some time trying for the mooncloth bag recipe drop at one point and eventually snagged it for an acceptable price at the auction house so Ula could start making them.

But to feed the production we need felcloth, and the one place where it drops besides Felwood is in Dire Maul East.  So that set our destination.  It offered xp, we had done it before so it was a probably a good warm up, and there was felcloth to be had.

We got ourselves online on Sunday afternoon and headed towards Feathermoon in Feralas from where ever we last left our characters.  Viniki was out in Gadgetzan for some reason… thorium recipes I think… so was the closest to our destination.

Flying out over the Mirage Raceway

Our group, in the guild window, was all level 59 and looking to level up.

All close to level cap

We managed to find the right instance on the first try… Dire Maul East is on the east side of the Dire Maul complex as advertised… and got ourselves setup.  This is the instance with Pusillin, the little demon that you have to chase down as he has the key to unlock the other wings of the complex.

What if we already have the key?

We started in on clearing our way through, the familiar rhythm of fights coming back to us after not too many rounds.

Viniki was the first to level up.  I had been out mining ore in high level zones, which means killing mobs now and then, so had crept up pretty close to the level cap already.

Hitting level 60 in the first area

We followed Pusillin, not so much because we needed his key or a drop from him, but because he runs off into an area populated by satyrs, and satyrs mean felcloth.

Attack all satyrs!

This was in contrast to our last visit, where we bypassed a lot of the satyrs.  The layout of the instance is such that you don’t need to grab every group.  But if you want felcloth you grab them all.

We made it to Pusillin and managed to wipe on his fight on the first try, the same as we did the last time we came to visit.

Wiped again

Pusillin summons a group of non-elite helpers who hit hard with fire based attacks, which overwhelmed Skronk’s ability to heal.  I heard him say, “Viniki pot!” even as I was going to hit a health pot, but even in motion already I was too late.

We had to run back, but once we got there, the fight was fairly simple.  If you wipe Pusillin wanders back to the far end of the room, but his summoned demons all crowd in at the near end, so you can fight them separately.

From there it was back up through the halls, sweeping up satyrs that we had missed or which spawned after we passed… which is a thing in DME, because I am pretty sure we didn’t miss that one guy in the narrow hallway on our way in… and off into the side rooms with the other bosses and more satyrs.

Lethtendris down

While gear upgrades seemed unlikely, we somehow still managed to find a couple, along with the Frost Ward V tome for Ula, which dropped just after she hit level 60.  And items that were not upgrades went to Moronae, who had taken up the enchanter profession for us, to be disenchanted for materials.

We pushed on, and managed not to wipe again, though we did have a couple of deaths.  Moronae’s combat ress came in handy when Skronk went down in a fight that got away from us for a bit.

Nobody died on Zevrim’s altar this time

Time, however, started to press.  We had been slow to get started and had stopped to slay all the satyrs for a stretch.  As we got towards the end we needed to speed things up a bit as dinner was about ready at my end.

In the conservatory we skipped as many groups as we dared to clear the way for Ironbark to open the last door for us.

Lets get moving there Ironbark

It was in the conservatory that Skronk hit level 60, the last of us to do so.  We were all at the level cap.

Ready for Outland now

We made it through and got down to the final boss, Azzin the Wildshaper, another fight where we forgot that a bunch minions show up to help the boss mid-fight.  It was a bit touch and go for a while, but I managed to keep them mostly on me.

Sudden mid-fight pile on!

We made it through and defeated Azzin.  We had finished the instance.

Victory over Azzin

We had managed to get up to speed, all hit level 60, and even grabbed a few pieces of felcloth.  I think there were five drops, which doesn’t feel like a lot, though the drops per mobs ratio was much better than trying to farm them in Felwood.  And Ula only needs one piece per bag.  Now she just has to turn them into mooncloth at the local moonwell, something that is on a timer, so it will take a bit to process even five.

There are still some instances left that we have not done in WoW Classic.  But even if we do not get to them all, we are set for Outland.  The gear we have will be replaced by the first round of green quest drops once we get to Hellfire Peninsula.

Thwarted in Dire Maul North

We hadn’t really made a plan after the previous week’s diversion into Dire Maul East.  However, we had made it through successfully, had the key to get into the rest of the complex, and were looking for something to do, so we decided to carry on in Feralas.

Feralas in WoW Classic

Skronk said that Dire Maul North was the next destination, and I honestly couldn’t recall.  The high end of the level range is packed with dungeons and they are something of a blur in my brain all these years down the road.  Our group for the afternoon was:

  • Viniki – level 58 gnome warrior
  • Skronk – level 58 dwarf priest
  • Moronae – level 58 night elf druid
  • Ula – level 58 gnome mage

But before we went to Feralas we had a bit of leftover business to which to attend.  In Dire Maul East we picked up those gems after the final boss and brought them to Moonglade to jump start a quest.

Two gems left to collect

On our way to the instance we decided to wrap that up, which required a trip to Silithus.  Since we had not been there before, we flew into Un’Goro Crater and took the path into Silithus.

Actually, I had gone ahead over the course of the week and completed the quest as it had a shield upgrade for me.  That meant I knew the way to where we needed to go.

The wrecked town in Silithus

Alone it was a bit of a pain to get myself into the building where the chest you need to collect is.  As a group we rolled through pretty quickly.

Chest found… also, my new shield is visible

From there we ran back to the alliance camp in the zone, picked up the flight point, and flew back up to Feathermoon in Feralas.  The boat was, once again, just in time for us and we were soon within the Dire Maul compound.  This time we headed to the back of the main open area, the north end, to the door.  It was locked, but we had the key.

The door to Dire Maul North

Once in and setup, we got off to a pretty strong start.  We managed to work our way around the open main area and get to the steps to pull Guard Mol’Dar without aggroing any of the packs of hounds that are down there with him.

The Guard commeth

He was an straightforward fight, as was Stomper Kreeg after him, though the drunk effect from fighting Kreeg stuck with me for a good long while after the icon for it went away.  I was weaving about as I ran, which wasn’t an opportune thing to have happen as things started to get a bit thick on the ground for us.

We were attempting to make our way to Guard Fengus and his chest, which has another key, but the groups of mobs on the way were very close together, with wanderers moving in between.  This was made more difficult by the fact that the mobs in Dire Maul North were a couple levels higher than those in the east, ranging from 58 to 60, which made their aggro radius tricky to watch.  Honestly, the aggro radius for the mobs there seemed to be extra wide, though maybe the size of ogres distorted my perception.  But at times I would edge into range to shoot one for a pull and find that I had already had them with proximity aggro.

Still, we managed to thread our way through, knocking out groups we needed to as we moved and bypassing the rest, until we were able to pull Guard Fengus off to a safe corner.  Well, it seemed safe until that add wandered up.  Still, we won, though Moronae went down in the fight.  Time for the first ress.

Bringing Moronae back

But we got him and got the key and were headed into the deeps of the instance, which was when things started to get a bit hairy.

We were fighting the first group on the way in when an Eye of Kilrog floated up on the group.  I said something like, “I think we need to kill that… fast” but we were already engaged in a fight and did not get it in time.  The Eye of Kilrog opened up a portal and two Netherwalkers hopped out and joined the fight against us.  They were both level 60 and basically kicked the crap out of us before we could get our act together.

We’re all dead, save Skronk, who is banished and about to die

That meant a release and run back.  We got back in the instance and threaded our way back to the Netherwalkers who, conveniently, stayed where we left them, far enough from the remains of the group we had been fighting that we could take them on their own.

We were able to take them and move on down into the main room, avoiding further mishap with fights.  We managed to pull Guard Slip’kik away from the other mobs on his patrol path and take him down.

Slip’Kik pulled back

Up to this point I haven’t mentioned drops from the bosses mostly because we were getting rooked on the RNG.  Mail every single time, despite the fact that the loot table had some nice items in there.  There were some upgraded shoulders I would have like had as a possibility.  But we were denied every time.

We spoke with Knot Thimblejack about his quest, but didn’t have the materials… no planning here… so decided to skip on past that.

Knot prepared for him

And after that the road got pretty rough for us.  There were a series of groups around the ramp that led up to the next level.  Something about that ramp tickled some memory in the back of my brain, something negative, but we carried on.  On pulling one group we got them around the corner only to have an Eye of Kilrog come up behind us and go unnoticed until it was too late.  Another wipe.

Dead again as the Netherwalkers beat us down

On the way back a patrolling Ogre managed to get the better of Moronae and I, though Ula and Skronk managed to finish him off, so Skronk was able to ress the two of us so we could carry on.


The patrol had banish Skronk and I was a millisecond late on my health potion.  It was not a good look.

We came back and managed to clear the bottom of the ramp, but in attempting to clear the area at the top of the ramp we ended up with another Eye of Kilrog attack that wiped us again.

Wipe on the ramp

Honestly, we were killing about half of the Eye of Kilrog patrols as soon as they showed up, but you just have to get one mid-fight when you’re busy and things can get quickly out of control.

We were also starting to notice some really odd draw distance issues.  The mobs on the platform at the top of the ramp were fading in and out of visibility even though we seemed to be plenty close to them.  I know there have been some other draw distance issues in WoW Classic before, but here we were dealing with things on the edge of aggro range popping in and out our sight.  We managed, but it was odd.

We pushed on and cleared the platform and made it up the next ramp, thwarting an Eye of Kilrog along the way.  We found we could bypass most of the mobs on the next platform and were able to get in and up the hall to within sight of Captain Kromcrush, the next to last boss.

The captain is up ahead, the final boss back beyond that

We had to deal with one more group.  Unfortunately that got out of hand… that banish is a killer at the wrong moment… and we ended up wiping in the hallway.

Down in the hallway

You can see behind us some of the groups we were able to bypass.

Still, we got one guy down and were so close to the captain, so we ran back to the instance again.  But when we got there, we found we had been long enough that the instance had started to respawn.  We got a patrol right in front of us, but past him groups were appearing again.

That first guy

We were looking at the need to fight our way through at least half of what we had cleared on the first pass through.  That wasn’t going to happen, so we called it.  Ula opened a portal to Darnassus for us to put us near a flight point.  Those that had not turned in the quest we started out with were able to fly off and turn it in, reaping the reward.  We’re all starting to get close to 59, so it might be a little easier once we cross that number.

Diversion to Dire Maul East

As I mentioned last time around, after nine runs in and around Blackrock Depths since late October, we decided we could do with a change of scenery.  We’re not done yet.  We still have to get through the Lyceum and not screw up the vault at least once, but a little pallet cleanser seemed to be in order.

The plan was to head to Dire Maul out in Feralas.

Feralas in WoW Classic

Unlike some past instances, there wasn’t a lot of pre-work to do.  We just flew out to Feathermoon Stronghold, picked up one quest from there, then headed towards Dire Maul.  Fortunately the boat to the mainland was right on time for us.

Here come the boat

This is one boat ride where if you just missed it you might as well just swim as it takes its time getting back, swinging all the way around the island.  Our group for the run was:

  • Viniki – level 58 gnome warrior
  • Skronk – level 57 dwarf priest
  • Moronae – level 57 night elf druid
  • Ula – level 57 gnome mage

We headed right up the ramp and around the ogres… many of whom outside the instances were a few levels below us… and towards Dire Maul East.

Arriving at Dire Maul

Dire Maul has three wings, east, west, and north, but you have to do the east wing first as it gets you the key that lets you into the other two.  And you get the come on about the key almost immediately upon zoning into the instance as Pusillin taunts you.

Okay, so it is going to be like this

Pusillin is an imp, small in stature, and he runs off ahead as you clear your way through groups of mobs to catch up to him.

Fortunately, we seemed to be up to the task, with a bit of care.  Again, doing this with a group of four reminds me how bad we must have been back in the day when our group of five sometimes struggled with these things.

We did have a little problem with the packs of non-elites that are scattered about.  I had actually been reading an Icy Veins thread about how you can tank the five person instances as an arms warrior in battle stance using a 2H weapon, which has the advantage giving the warrior some strong AOE attacks with which to grab aggro.  However, the discussion broke down, as these things tend to on the internet, into a series of absolute statements about the pros and cons of the idea, that I wasn’t left feeling warm and fuzzy on the idea, at least not enough to respec right before a run.  Also, since I have gone very heavy on defense up until now, I was a bit worried about over taxing the healer.  Maybe I’ll read up more on that later.

Pusillin leads you around and down a tunnel and through some satyrs, and the whole way is littered with seed pods that spawn poison or groups of non-elite mobs, so that when we followed Pusillin up a ramp onto a platform and saw yet another one of those pods, I walked over to just trigger it and get it out of the way.  I didn’t know that was going to trigger the first boss fight, which is when Pusillin rises up to attack you for following him into his lair.

Pusillin comes alive

We went from causal follow and trash killing into boss fight mode against Pusillin and the non-elites that spawned from the pod.  It was a near run thing.  Ula ended up going down during the fight and I was punching all the back pocket abilities to stay alive as Skronk hit low mana.

Down to the last few hit points

But, in the end, I held out just long enough for us to kill him.  Boss down, Skronk ressed Ula, then we looted the Crescent Key, which was the key we were looking for.  Pusillin also dropped the Runn Tum Tuber Surprise recipe, which Viniki won in a roll-off.  Now he just needs some tubers to cook with it.  It is supposed to be good food for mages.

That done, we traced our way back up the path we had come to head into one of the doors we passed, that being where the next boss lay.

This way to the next target

Another area with groups and wandering mobs awaited us.  We did find here, as we did elsewhere in the instance, that with some planning we could skip by a lot of the fights.  We felt no need to take the Pengail approach and run after every mob in sight, so threaded our way to the end of the room and up a ramp to find ourselves facing Lethendris, the target of our one quest from Feathermoon.

Leathandris and minion walking around the fire

It was a toss up between her or her minion as to whom we should go after first.  I called her and nobody objected, so off we went.  The fight was short and sharp and soon both mobs were done.

Fight over

Looting her yielded a quest item and a wand that went to Ula.

From there it was down a spiraling path to a lower level where, after clearing a few groups we were able to pull the next boss, Hydrospawn, back and take him down.

Hydrospawn is here

We had a little bit of trouble with him as he was immune to cold, which is inconvenient when half your DPS is a frost mage.  He spawns a helper, but we opted to ignore that and just focus on him, which seemed to be the best plan in the end.  The helper washed away when Hyrdrospawn went down.  The boots he dropped were leather and went to Moronae for his alt healer gear set.

After that we found that we could slip across the pool where Hydrospawn was and bypass all the mobs in the room and head out into the conservatory, a wooded area.  We went there, cleared out much of the place, and spoke with Ironbark, who just said something about Zevrim.


We let that pass and kept clearing the area until we arrived at a door at the other end which seemed to be the next place we needed to go, but which was closed without any way to open it up.  We went back to Ironbark and he was on about Zevrim.  It seemed like the plan was to find Zevrim.

The thing we missed was up in that screen shot with Hrydrospawn.  There is a passage visible in the far wall of that picture, that was where we needed to go.  We threaded our way past the mobs we could avoid, slew the few we could not, and headed up the passage.  At the top, around a corner, was Zevrim.

There he is

Standing there looking at him and his altar sparked a few old memories.  He is the one that, mid-fight, grabs somebody and puts them on his altar to sacrifice them.  Good times.  Otherwise his platform is clear, so we made sure we were spelled up and then I went and grabbed him.

I was the first thrown on the altar, which burns you for 300 hit points every second, so Skronk had to be on his toes and ready.  I made it through, as did Ula and Skronk when it was their turn on the altar.  Moronae was the last chosen, at which point Zevrim was about done and Skronk was about dry of mana.  Moronae was sacrificed on the altar as Zevrim went down.

Moronae on the altar

We got Moronae ressed and healed up and headed back to Ironbark, who obliged us by breaking down the closed door, after which he fell over and died.

Though the door we had to work our way down to the final boss, Alzzin the Wildshaper, who was only intermittently visible to us.

Alzzin steps into view

One of the oddities of WoW Classic resulting from the old content being grafted on to the modern WoW framework is that the view distance is often much closer than you might imagine.  As with the elevators at the great lift, Alzzin wasn’t all that far away, but would walk out of our draw distance as he paced back and forth.  It wasn’t like that back in the day.

Alzzin’s gimmick is to change forms throughout the fight and, as we read, on each change he dumps all aggro, so the tank has to be ready on the taunt to keep him off the rest of the group.  And then, when he is about down, a wall breaks open and, instead of the Kool-Aid man, a bunch of non-elite helpers come join him in the fight.  Not soon enough to save him though.

Time to burn them down

After that we were about done.  We paused to take the usual group shot after the final fight.

Done in Dire Maul East

Then we went over and each collected one of the gems that were on the ground behind where Alzzin was pacing about.

Two gems left to collect

These are for a quest up in Moonglade which, among other things, has a shield upgrade for me as a reward.

Then it was out the back door of the instance, through the ogres wandering the grounds of Dire Maul, and back down to the dock for the boat to Feathermoon.

Feathermoon across the way

However, the boat had just pulled up at Feathermoon and the trip around the far side of the island seemed likely to take longer than swimming, so we jumped in the water and started pulling for the island.  Moronae was able to get into aquatic form to get ahead, but then Skronk cast levitate and was able to run over the surface while Ula and I just kept on swimming.

Even for the two gnomes the swim was faster than waiting for the boat.

There we turned in the one quest we all had and called it a night.  We now have to decide what to do next.


WoW Classic Sunday Layering and Additions

Despite Blizzard’s problems, WoW Classic still seems to be going strong.  On Bloodsail Buccaneers walking into Stormwind most hours of the day will still find it quite crowded.

Still Layered

Blizz made a change the week before last that did two things.  First, you no longer have to pick your realm every single time you log in.  I cannot remember if that was actually a thing back in 2006, but if it was it was unnecessary to reproduce that particular quirk.

Blizz also updated the realm selection so that it is broken out by more regions (US East and US West were divided, leading to a moment of panic when I could not find our server) and it shows which realms are layered.

Who’s layered now?  Also, I have too many alts

Given Blizzard’s previous statement that they did not want to go into phase two of the WoW Classic experience until all realms had been reduced to a single layer, we may still be a while on this.

Free Transfers

To further the path towards a single layer for servers free server transfers remain active to/from specific realms in the Americas and Europe.  There is a warning that these move options could close at any time, though the number of layered servers seems to indicate that they may be around for a bit still.

Dire Maul

Originally slated to be part of the phase two unlock, Blizzard opened up Dire Maul this past week, allowing ogre adventures to begin.

They are waiting for you

Dire maul is actually the key to a number of quests, including the Warlock and Paladin epic mount quests.  Blizz also posted a fly through video that shows some of the more memorable locations.

Hallow’s End

The Hallow’s End event has reached live where people are no doubt queuing up yet again to try and obtain the headless horseman’s mount.

But it is also live on WoW Classic, leaving me to try to remember how the event even worked back in the day.  Pumpkins are out everywhere and you can trick or treat at the inn keepers once every 60 minutes. (Though that timer stops running down if you’re logged off.  Hrmm.)  With a set of characters that do not have hats yet I was really hoping for some masks.  But I seem to get the trick more often than the treat.

I’ve been turned into Diablo… well mini-Diablo

And so it goes.

Dire Maul West – Mistakes and Misdirections

We were not planning on doing Dire Maul West initially.  We had been there before, both as part of the epic mount quests for our paladin and warlock, and then to finish it off.

However, when Saturday night rolled around, some of the group was feeling spent and not really up for a run at Stratholme or Scholomance.  Dire Maul West seemed like a less involved choice, so in the group went using the dungeon finder.

The group for the night was:

57 Orc Shaman – Earlthebat (Earlthecat)
58 Tauren Druid – Azawak (Skronk)
58 Undead Mage – Bigbutt (Bungholio)
58 Tauren Druid – Hurmoo (Vikund)
58 Blood Elf Paladin – Enaldie (Ula)

And, certainly, it started off as a we expected.  We did the same careful clear that we had done before.  We worked our way around and picked up one of the  two quests we had going for the night, The Madness Within.  The goal is to knock off two bosses in DM West, but to get to one of the bosses, Immol’thar, you have to disable five magic pylons that are at various points in the dungeon.

A Sample Pylon

You can tell when you have deactivated a pylon as it ceases to glow.

Unlit pylon behind our wipe

You can see the pylon in the upper right of the picture above.  That picture also documents our one wipe of the night.  I walked off to help my wife put fresh sheets on the bed (sleeping on fresh sheets is one of the minor joys of life, in my opinion)

So we were off to get the pylons.  Two pylons are in the ring around Immol’thar, one is right at the entrance, one is right before the quest giver (it is in the picture above) and one is on the far side of the quest giver, just out of line of sight.  So two were out before we even got the quest.  Two we took out by the boss.  And then there was that other one.

When we were here before, we missed that pylon just past the quest giver and had to go all the way back to get it to drop the force field around Immol’thar.  We did the same thing this time.  And there are some quick repsawns that dog your path when you make that round trip.

Not tragic, but annoying.

We made the trip back, picked up the last pylon, returned, and knocked down Immol’thar without much drama.

Immol'thar Down

Slaying him also got us the achievement for the set of three instances.  This is one we had not collected as a group previously.

After that nice quick fight, we headed towards the library and walked into a couple of the wandering arcane monsters in that circle Immol’thar’s area and nearly had a wipe.  Two of us went down and it was touch and go to hold on.  Look both ways before you cross the street is the lesson here.

Once back to life, we made it to the library, killed Prince Totheldrin, and collected our last quest updates.

Now it was time to turn in the quests!

Milling about post-fight in the library

The quest tracker was up there in the UI telling us where to go!

It looked like we just needed a portal back to The Undercity and then a quick ride out to turn in these quests.  After all, they weren’t just in the quest tracker, they were also clearly marked on the in-game map!  Thanks Blizzard!

Location One

Location 2

Unfortunately, the built-in, Blizzard provided quest tracker was WRONG.

Of course, we did not figure that out until we had spent a good deal of time searching around, an effort that included Hurmoo falling into the Dalaran crater.

It turns out that, to complete the quests, we have to get back into Dire Maul North.  Now we have to decide if we really want to spend the time finishing those two quests up or move on to another instance.

Dire Maul Tribute Run

In which a little research goes a long way and a lot of screen shots get presented.

We decided to replay last Saturday night’s run in Dire Maul.

Of course, the Dire Maul North part of the saga quite clearly deserved a replay.  We got trounced there.  But it turned out that we also missed a couple of quests in Dire Maul East last week, so we went to full replay mode.  The line up for the replay was:

55 Orc Shaman – Earlthebat (Earlthecat)
57 Tauren Druid – Azawak (Skronk)
57 Undead Mage – Bigbutt (Bungholio)
57 Tauren Druid – Hurmoo (Vikund)
57 Blood Elf Paladin – Enaldie (Ula)

First we hit Dire Maul East to chase Pusillin again, as we now had the quest to slay him and to find Lethtendris, a boss for which we had a quest, but whom we totally missed the last time around.

Pusillin was easy, you just chase him around to his final destination then knock him off.  Then we had to look around a bit for Lethtendris, who turned out to be on a platform at the top of a ramp we walked right past last time around.

Lethtendris at home

That fight was short.  We considered for a moment going on to finish off the main boss in the zone, but decided just to head to Dire Maul North.

This time around there were two big changes.

First, we decided that we needed to fall back to our standard “careful” mode of approaching an instance.  We would use crowd control, we we be sure to pull mobs back into a safe area, mark targets appropriately, and generally behave as we used to when instance were a challenge.

Second, taken on by Azawak, was to research what we needed to do and to show up prepared both with knowledge as well as supplies.

A Rare picture of Azawak out of bear form

The first order of business was to track down Guard Mol’dar, who holds the key we were missed last week.  We had to kill him to get it, thus denying us a full tribute run, but at least we got the all important key.

That in hand, it was time to thread our way carefully to the big boss, avoiding contact with other bosses in the instance.  One guard patrols the outer grounds, and we managed to time our work to get past him successfully.

Then there was guard Slip’kik, who is a bit further inside.  With the right ingredients you can arm a trap at one end of the area he patrols.  Of course, there are a couple of groups to clear, but once they are taken care of, you set the trap and wait.

Frost Trapped!

Once he was taken care of, Azawak slipped over to the goblin in the corner and gave him the ingredients to make the ogre suit, which comes into play in a bit.  Then it was up the ramp and towards the door of the King.

Action on the ramp

We worked our way up and to the door, carefully clearing all the way.  Then, once through the door, with the extras cleared up, Azawak put on the ogre suit.

Azawak the Ogre

Thus disguised, Azawak ran off to talk to Captain Kromcrush, to fool him into running off elsewhere.

The rage of Captain Kromcrush

And soon we were there, looking into the chamber of King Gordock.

The King's Chamber

There were some minor mobs we had to clear out, but they were not much of an issue.  The final battle was at hand.

King Gordock and Cho'Rush

To the right was the king, while to the left was Cho’Rush the Observer.  To continue with the tribute run idea, we needed to kill King Gordock without slaying Cho’Rush.  This almost went wrong.

We put Enaldie on Cho’Rush, then Azawak, Earl, and Bigbutt on the king, with Hurmoo healing all around.  As we started off the battle, Enaldie seemed to be doing much better than the other three.  Changing between the two targets, I noticed that Cho’Rush hit the 50% health mark at about the time the king was still around 85%.  We had to tell our retribution pally to lay off a bit as she was hitting too hard.

So Enaldie tried to just dance with Cho’Rush without doing quite so much damage.  After a bit of a rampage, the king was felled at last.

The King down and Cho'Rush still alive

Azawak was declared the new king, and the Dire Maul tribute, a chest that spawns after the defeat of King Gordock, yielded a couple of interesting items, but nothing too exciting… at least not for our group.

The Tribute Loot

We took our traditional victory shot and prepared to head out.

Victory over King Gordock

While we were in the King’s chamber, Azawak and Bigbutt both went to speak to Cho’Rush, but the rest of us did not.  If you speak to Cho’Rush, it seems that everything in the instance goes green (friendly) to you.  But if you do not speak to him, everything remains red (aggro) but does not necessarily attack you.

So when we got back to Guard Slip’Kik, three of us were able to attack him and take him down, for another mini-boss drop.

Slip'Kik still aggro

The other two could not touch him.

however, once we started that, three of us were flagged as “in combat” no matter where we went in the instance, which meant we couldn’t recall or portal out to home, we had to walk out through the front door.  That trip was made a bit longer by a diversion into the library where we found the item for another Dire Maul quest we happened to have.

Looking for bones in the library

After that, we ran out the front door and called it a night.

And, since we actually did do Dire Maul West previously at level, I think we can, as a group, check off the Dire Maul box on our score card.  We still have Scholomance and Stratholme to look into.  And then there is BRD to finish off.  Soon we’ll be 60 though, and will have to decide where to go from there.

Dire Mauled

As noted at the end of the post on the last full run we did, we decided to divert from another round in Blackrock Depths to face an set of instance we had not previously done as a group, Dire Maul.

Even with our venture into Runes of Magic last week, the group was still askew, with Earl falling a bit behind.  We kicked off with:

53 Orc Shaman – Earlthebat (Earlthecat)
56 Tauren Druid – Azawak (Skronk)
56 Undead Mage – Bigbutt (Bungholio)
56 Tauren Druid – Hurmoo (Vikund)
56 Blood Elf Paladin – Enaldie (Ula)

Dire Maul is quite a contrast to Blackrock Depths.  Added after the game went live, Dire Maul seems to reflect the philosophy of breaking up instances into discreet runs that became the favored approach for Blizzard.  So while BRD is a sprawling complex that you must visit repeatedly to finish up, Dire Maul is three discreet zones, each with its own flavor.

We started off with the east wing of Dire Maul, which has a theme of Satyrs and nature, something that can be confusing with a restoration spec’d druid in tree form running around.

Make sure you taregt the correct tree!

It is also something of a pain for a shaman who is a bit low on levels and  heavy on nature damage spells.

But it is also the section of Dire Maul which I had visited most recently, so I had something of a feel for where to go.  Sort of.

We started off with Pusillin, the imp you chase around the instance.  We chased him while learning that at least there were more than druid-like trees to kill.

You know those ancient protectors...

We worked our way through the instance, knocked off Pusillin and then lined up for the biggest fight we ended up having in Dire Maul East, the battle with Zevrim Thornhoof.

Zevrim at his altar

During this fight, Zevrim zaps people onto the altar where they are effectively stuck in a damage over time spell.  Azawak ended up on the altar twice, but survived while Enaldie tanked.  Then Hurmoo got yanked up onto the altar and expired before the time ran out.

Fortunately, 4 out of 5 people in our group can ress.

Left at the altar

Aside from that death, our run through Dire Maul East went pretty smoothly, with the final with Alzzin the Wildshaper over so fast I didn’t get a screen shot.

Emboldened by our success, we turned our eyes towards the North wing of Dire Maul.  And there our troubles began.

Sitting in the Dire Maul North Foyer

Through most of Dire Maul East, the mobs were around the level of most of the group, and so a couple of levels higher than Earl.  In Dire Maul North, the mobs were levels 58-60, which made a lot of Earl’s attacks fail.

They were also showing up in groups of four, which meant having to fall back on some crowd control.  That meant Bigbutt was spending time casting polymorph rather than damage.

The latter, of course, meant mobs angry at Bigbutt.  The ogres of Dire Maul North also do a lot of damage, which meant a lot more healing going on, which meant mobs angry at Hurmoo the healer.  Fights started becoming wild affairs and Bigbutt or Hurmoo ended up dead every so often.

Then came the first big fight in the tunnel leading to the big boss, King Gordok.  We were trying for a tribute run, which means avoiding the lesser bosses and just killing the big boss if possible.  At that point, the lesser bosses, are so happy to have been been freed from their current tyrant that they give you gifts.

In the tunnel we were in a pitched battle with four ogres when an eye of Kilrogg showed up, opened a portal, and brought in a few more mobs, which tipped the balance of the fight.  We had our first wipe in a long time.

Dead in the tunnel

Earl, with his shaman self-resurrection ability, was thwarted in his attempt to revive us because he died a little too close to the start point of the ogres.  The penalty of a large aggro radius.

That meant a jog back to the instance in ghost form.  From that point forward, the fighting was tough.  If things went even a little awry, fights quickly got out of hand.

Ogres crushing the remains of the party

And as healer, Hurmoo was feeling the weight of ogre blows, and he ended up getting pounded into the ground with disturbing frequency.

Ogres can flatten unwary Taurens

Which lead as often as not lead to all of us having to run back to the instance as ghosts again.

At least we know the route!

Still, we persisted.  While we were dying a lot than we were have grown used to of late, we were still making progress.  Not every fight was a fiasco, and the door to the final boss was within sight.

And then we were rewarded with the true meaning of the saying, “A little knowledge is a dangerous thing.”  Most people just mis-quote that first part, and often in a way that mis-interprets the meaning of the full quote.

A little learning is a dangerous thing; drink deep, or taste not the Pierian spring: there shallow draughts intoxicate the brain, and drinking largely sobers us again.

- Alexander Pope, An Essay on Criticism, 1709

We knew, through various sources, about the Dire Maul North tribute run.  However, we drank only lightly of that knowledge, and were thus intoxicated into rash action.

In this case, there we were at the King Gordok’s door, and we didn’t have the key.

Neither did we have a rogue handy with locking picking skill up around 300, a blacksmith’s truesilver skeleton key, nor an engineer’s  powerful seaforium charge, any of which would have opened up the doors.

A little bit of research showed up who had the key, Guard Mol’dar.  However, he was at the other side of the instance in an area we have not bothered to clear.  And it was getting very late, ress and release runs having eaten up a chunk of time.  And some of us were wearing armor that was completely out of durability.

Hurmoo's Paper Doll

So we decided to take our lessons and return another night when we would, no doubt, be better prepared for the North wing of Dire Maul.

And while it is annoying to fail (and die so many times!), we did at least feel we were facing a challenge in this instance.

2 Hunters, 2 Strangers, and a Bear

I have been a bit skeptical about the who Dungeon Finder thing that got introduced with WoW patch 3.3.

For starters, I have yet to see any sort of “Looking for Group” tool that seemed workable to me.  They all end up looking like complicated solutions that do not address the basic problem, which is that we’re all suspicious of strangers and cannot really stand each other in general.  Or maybe that is just me.

An early LFG tool prototype

Anyway, for me, there has always been the air of “not joining any club that would have me as a member” about them.

And then there is the whole “too damn convenient by half” aspect of being magically transported to a dungeon, avoiding all that travel and bother.  And this was confirmed by experimentation with the Saturday night instance group.

We found that we could form up our group of five, use the dungeon finder, pick where ever we wanted to go (within an acceptable level range) and be teleported there without any risk.

Here I was worried about travel to Gnomer the other week when it turned out we can be whisked straight to Stormwind Stockades, five horde players on a PvP server, without getting a hair out of place.

So I can see where some people are coming from with their dire predictions of the Guild Wars-ification and death of non-instanced Azeroth.

Well, I certainly wasn’t going to be party to any of that.  I like the fact that the world has size and presence.  I have been enjoying running around “classic” Azeroth both as a horde player on Lightninghoof as well as with some of my alts that are still working their way to the expansions.

And so it was on Sunday with my daughter, my mom, and myself all online and running around.  Our characters are on the cusp of passing through the dark portal and hitting the Outlands.  In fact, I am holding things up a bit.  Their hunters are both ready or a fraction of a level from being ready while my druid is lagging behind.

We were on and talking about what to do when my mom asked if we couldn’t do an instance together.  She reads the blog (Hi mom!) and has seen all the instances I’ve been through with the regular group and is keen to experience a bit of that herself.

Stuck in my old ways, I started doing the mental calculation about what the three of us might be able to handle.  I started saying that maybe we could manage something well below our level since we lacked a real healer.  Something where we would be facing all grey mobs.

Then my daughter, in the tone of voice that expresses exasperation with the parental generation said, “Dad, just use the dungeon finder.”


Well, why not.  I pulled up the dungeon finder window.

Then I got us all in a group and put us in the queue, flagged as three damage dealers, two hunters and a feral druid, ready to take on a random classic dungeon.

After a bit of waiting, I thought better of that.  I backed us out and change us to a tank and two damage dealers.

Choosing to be the tank

While I have not played my feral druid in bear form for more than a few minutes (I had all of two skills on the action bar for the bear) I figured that DPS is common, but that tanks and healers are rare, so we might be waiting a long time if we needed to fill both of those slots.

With that small change we were offered a dungeon within a minute.  Go us!

Our group was a 58 hunter, a 57 hunter, a 56 druid acting as the tank, an 53 paladin as  the third DPS, and a 52 druid coming in as the healer.

So there I was busily pulling bear form skills onto the action bar while trying to figure out what they all do, but feeling okay because what are the odds that we’ll draw an instance I’ve never even set foot into?

And our instance: Dire Maul East.

If you go back to the post Three Years of the Instance Group, you’ll see there are but five standard instances we left undone.  Dire Maul East is one of them.  (Dire Maul North is another.)

So here we go, I am the group leader, the tank, and in an instance I have never before entered and cannot recall the story behind.  Something about trees I am going to guess, given the initial bad guys.

What could go wrong?  I’ll figure out tanking and how likely is it for me to get a non-linear instance in WoW?

Dire Maul East Layout

Hrmm… not so linear I guess.  It is a good thing I had Alpha Map loaded or I would have been completely lost.

And the whole thing started linear.  Sort of.  We started killing things in any case..

My mother, daughter, and I were all on Skype together, so we were talking.  And it was a good thing too.  It turned out my daughter had been here before, though had never completed the instance.  So she pointed me in the right direction for a while.

Meanwhile I tried to educate her a bit on group etiquette and  best practices.  Things like not opening up on mobs until it looks like I have a bit of aggro established and not running way out in front of the rest of the group.

We wound around the instance, going this way and that, until we had made our way to just about all of the bosses.  We had done pretty well too, with only one death up to that point.  It helped that the three of us were a bit over level.  I’m glad we didn’t pull Statholme or Scholomance.

Anyway, we killed bosses, chased the imp, and were wandering around trying to figure out how to get down to the last boss.  There is a courtyard below the area where you enter and in our meandering about the instance, we didn’t run across a way to get down there.

So as we hemmed and hawed about if there might be a safe place to land if we jumped, my daughter lept down, leaving us to follow her in.

We had our second death due to a badly placed landing, but managed to clear off all of the surrounding mobs and get to the center of the courtyard where you talking to an ancient protector who literally walks over and kicks down the door keeping you from getting to the final boss.

The door down, our was was pretty much clear to Alzzin the Wildshaper.  Just a couple or trash mobs in the way and we stood before the last guy.  I let everybody get back their mana, did a /readycheck, and when everybody clicked “yes,” in we went.

Victory in Dire Maul East

The fight went our way.  We made it.  I managed to play the tank and survive.  Having a pair of beast mastery spec’d hunters and a paladin for DPS meant that off-tanking was had lots of options.  And we all ended up with the experience, extra cash, and the goodie bag for doing a random dungeon, which tossed us all a nice blue item.

I’m still not totally convinced the dungeon finder is the best thing ever, but it certainly has its place when you have a partial group and want to do the dungeon crawl thing.

Dire Maul West – Round 1

Saturday night found us ready to go finish up Bungholio’s quest for his epic mount in Dire Maul West.

I suppose, technically, we already had a round in Dire Maul West, but a ten minute peek hardly counts. So we got the line up for the night together:

60 Warrior – Earlthecat
61 Warlock – Bungholio
61 Mage – Ula
61 Paladin – Vikund
61 Priest – Skronk

And, then, Blizzard got in the way.

There seems to be something going on every few weeks at 9pm Pacific time (midnight Eastern) on Saturday night. We have had a number of instance nights start off with us unable to log into the game. This night, Earl got dropped and could not get back on for a good 45 minutes.

The rest of us thought we might as well make a start at clearing our way into the zone while Earl waited to get connected.

Unfortunately, I do not tank much as Vikund, and when I do, I am not very good at it. Without a warrior’s taunts, it takes me a while to build up enough aggro so that the casters can let loose.

So we died a lot. Actually, by “we” I mean “the casters” and by “the casters” I mean, primarily, “The mage.”

Poor Ula.

Not that anybody was spared. We managed a full wipe at Tendris Warpwood.

Shortly after that, when annoyance with the inept Paladin was starting to get real, Earl finally managed to get logged on. Then we killed another couple of mobs and hit some undead.

Of course, undead, along with demons, are the mobs I can actually hold aggro with. So Earl showed up just in time to keep me from displaying any competence.

Ah, well, we were glad to have him. There was work to be done. We had to get down into the depths and slay Immol’thar.

Which gave us another opportunity to wipe.

We cleared all the mobs roaming around Immol’thar’s chamber, turned off the last two pylons that hold up the force field surrounding him, and ran in to the attack. Behold Immol’thar!


We even had help.

There are some NPCs in with Immol’thar that will assist you.

Unfortunately, Immol’thar spawns these green eyeballs (as if he does not have enough already) that are non-elite mobs, which fly off and attack the casters. We did not notice them until it was too late. Down we went. You can see the eyeballs, as well as the NPCs, here:


With that knowledge and a soul stone, we were able to slay him on the second try. Skronk was in charge of catching eye spawns that got away while I laid down a consecrate every so often to keep them focused on me. We won.


At that point we had to do a special ritual in Immol’thar’s chamber to summon the horse that Bung would eventually be able to ride. The ritual seemed awfully… well… pink to me. The mysteries of Warlocks I guess.


We managed to wipe on this as well, as wave after wave of imps and death guards, who try to interrupt the whole thing, eventually wore us down and overwhelmed us.

With no soul stone, we had to run back from the entrance. There were a few respawns by that point, but we were able to get back pretty quickly so we could try again.

Only we did not have to try again. We apparently finished the ritual, as everything was ready to summon the horse and rider. We did that, defeated them, and completed that stage of the quest.

And while we were down there, we needed to knock off Prince Tortheldrin for another quest. That meant heading down to the library, killing him, then running around a bit more to finish off the quest. Once done, we took a portal back to Ironforge and got to admire Bung’s new mount.


Now Vikund is the only one left without an epic mount. Another Scholomance run is in our future.