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April Fools Contest Update 3

The contest currently stands at 10 entries.  That is a sufficient number of entries, and they are of good enough quality, that I will feel no qualms about awarding the prize on April 1st.  Somebody will get an in-game pet.

But you can still win.

There is still time.  You have until March 26th.

And there still hasn’t been a ROFLOL entry yet.  The entries are good, but I have seen better.  An obvious winner may yet appear.

Sorry, no more Dora the Explorer entries will be accepted

So read the contest rules and go find that winning name/title combination.

(As an aside, I had to laugh because Google images picked out Popehat.com, which I read now and again, as a site with a picture of Dora.  I had just read their post complaining about how much of their traffic is driven to the site by image searches for Dora the Explorer and then became part of the problem!  The mysteries of Google wrapped up in irony and baked in a flaky crust.)