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Meanwhile, Over in Britain…

I cannot tell if this is the greatest thing ever, the worst travesty ever foisted on the viewing public, or just another day for the Doctor.

Besides which, I always picture the Daleks playing for the other side in this sort of thing.  Or maybe for Stalin.

Still, they look cool in that flat British Army green with little Union Jacks painted on.  But what is with that Spitfires cum Battlestar Galactica scene?

And while pondering that, I read that the UK online retailer GameStation slipped a clause in their terms of service granting them the option to claim their customers immortal soul.

Okay, it was put in there for April Fools, but it once again proved that most of us do not read the legalese that clutter up these sorts of thing.

Customers that did spot this clause were able to opt out and were rewarded with a 5 Pound coupon.

Those who rushed past the terms of service will no doubt be surprised when when the six foot high letters of fire appear allowing GameStation to claim what became theirs through the fine print.