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Half Price Garage Slots Just Enable My Problem

I was pretty much set.  I was working up a few different branches on various national trees.  I was rotating through the ARL-44, the Jagpanther, and the KV-4, slowly accumulating the experience necessary to advance to the next tier on each.

All three of those tanks are now fully upgraded.  It is just a matter of playing my way forward until I hit the next tier.  I just have to focus.


What is that?

Garage slots are half price?

I had better buy a few of those, just to have them.  I will need them eventually, right?

Then, of course, after my requisite daily first wins, I start poking through the tech trees, just to look.  And eventually I am driving around in this.

M37 on the field

M37 on the field

The M37 self-propelled gun.

How did I get there?  More after the break.

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