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Farewell to Unrest as We Head West

We have been haunting the Estate of Unrest for about a week now.

It is a place filled with memories and danger.  It is dangerous both to the lower levels on the periphery of the zone and to the mighty who attempt to tame the basement.

Usually takes a Balrog to bring this guy down

When things are not so crowded, Potshot and I have been very successful inside the Manor.  At least when we have stayed around towards the back.  Towards the front we have been involved with a few epic trains.

The back door avoids regularly scheduled trains

The whole group has managed to get into level 18 so far.

However, on the more crowded evenings… which is most evenings, we often end up on the periphery kill green con death beetles and anything not gray that pops up.

As I mentioned before, crowding does seem to be an issue and even Thom Terrazas, the EQ Producer, jokes about it in the latest EQ Producer’s Letter.

Battle by the Gazebo

That leads to very slow progress.  And I, personally, am starting to get a bit itchy to hit level 20.

Not that level 20 is as magic as it once was… you can still get a last name at 20, right?… but it is a milestone and we haven’t made a lot of progress since Najena.  Or at least it feels that way, though that could just be a case of double experience weekend hang-over.

So we decided to bid farewell to the Estate of Unrest and look for greener, or less crowded, pastures.

Give us a hug before you go!

The plan, so far, is to meet up back in Freeport and then take the southern loop through the Desert of Ro, Innothule Swamp, the Feerrott, the Rathe Mountains, and into Lake Rathetear where will will bind at the arena.  That should give us access to the Rathe Mountains, Lake Rathetear, and South Karana for hunting options.

How crowded things will be there we shall see.  The spaces are wider at least.

So last night’s project was just to head to Freeport.

I did swing by Kelethin just to take a peek.

City in the Trees

Looking at that screen shot, the volumetric fog seems to be part of the environment.  I wonder why it seems to have been removed from the Plains of Karana, Surefall Glade, and other places around Qeynos.

I managed to find the spell Levitate for Thrall in Kelethin.  I had been unable to find it in Freeport and we are a long way from Qeynos.  The vendors in Kelethin also seemed to be much more favorably disposed towards Tistann and Thrall compared to the reception in Kaladim.

After that, it was off to the docks in Butcherblock for the trip across the Ocean of Tears.

Waiting for the boat

I did the return trip the old fashioned way, via the boat.  I managed not to fall off the boat this time and the trip was uneventful.

I am now bound in Freeport.  Potshot reports that his characters are likewise.  Our next adventure will be the southern route safari.

Some Mild Unrest

We got on as a group last night.

I found that Tistann had indeed been moved to Butcherblock by GM Maaku after Monday night’s dip in the Ocean of Tears.

Thrall was already waiting at the docks, as he had been for the last day.

Deneldir, by virtue of his druidness, was able to just teleport himself over via the druid ring.  I can’t wait until he can move the whole group around.

And Tarlach, once he fished himself out of Freeport harbor, was able to take the boat safely across the Ocean of Tears to Butcherblock.

And so we were all united on the continent of Faydwer for the first time.

At the Port Gates

The first order of business was to bind ourselves somewhere in the vicinity.  That meant following the dwarf paths to Kaladim.

Only a dwarf walks thus...

While these are not specifically called dwarf paths, I cannot imagine who else could have made them.  Who else walks Butcherblock, treads so hard as to wear out a path (hint: not an elf), and is constantly drunk enough to sway and stagger so as to form such a wavy path?

Gotta be dwarves.

Butcherblock - Paths Straightened

(Maps from the EQMac Wiki EQ Atlas Archive)

We made it to Kaladim and bound.  Or at least half of us ended up bound to the location.  Mistakes were made.

Then we made the run south to Dagnor’s Cauldron, the gateway to the Estate of Unrest.

Into the Cauldron

It was there that I realized that I had not managed to pick up the spell levitate for Thrall.

Running around the rim of the cauldron can be a hazard.  It is very jagged and you can fall off of things if you are not careful.  But if you have levitate you just have to launch yourself off of that first outcropping in the zone and then glide across to the Unrest zone line.

Instead, we had to do it the hard way, which wasn’t all that hard when it came down to it.  The only hitch was when I lead the group right through a goblin camp.  But we were close to unrest at that point, so we just bored on through to the zone line.

Once inside we started looking around the zone.

The Estate of Unrest

We found that a lot of the mobs in the yard and the hedge maze (not shown on the map) con’d gray or green to us.

Death Beetles on the Lawn

We knocked out a few of those, and then decided to go into the manor.

Well, I lead us into the manor with one of those, “Don’t worry, it’ll be great!” lead ins.

There were other groups in the manor.  Unrest was ever a popular spot, especially for paladins and clerics, and that certainly has not changed.  We moved around and eventually settled down in the back of the manor, in the octagonal room shown on the map right by the back door.

In the Octagon

We cleared out a ghoul and a skeleton that were in the room and set up camp.

Tarlach was sent out to round up some prey while we waited.

The group on the map

Unfortunately, he found another ghoul, an undead mob that has a habit of rooting you when you get hit.  And root in EverQuest lasts a long time.  Meanwhile, we had a couple of pops in our room, which we lit into while waiting for Tarlach to get unrooted and return.

Tarlach’s ghoul found some friends or pulled a knife or something, but Tarlach ended up dead.

It was at that point we found out he was still bound in West Freeport.  We have now all learned the lesson about reading the result message when we get bound.

Rather than take the boat back, Tarlach used the gnomish transporter, which crashed his client on the jump between Freeport and the Ocean of Tears.  That same jump (though going the other direction) crashed my client as well later in the evening.

So while Potshot was getting that settled, the rest of the group ran back to the dock since of the four clients we were running, only Tistann’s in-game maps seemed to be working in Faydwer.  I have no idea what the problem was or why Tistann seemed to be immune.

Eventually we all formed up again at the docks and Tistann lead the way back to Kaladim, where binding was confirmed, and then it was back to Unrest.  We went straight around the manor to the back door to reclaim our room.

There appeared to be a mummy and a ghoul waiting for us which con’d blue and white to us, so we got stuck into them immediately.

Making up for lost time...

The mobs were all stacked on a single spawn point, which is probably why I did not notice that there were also a skeleton in the mix, a red con dry bone skeleton.

The ghoul, of course, rooted anybody it touched, so we could not trade off tanking and Thrall ended up being the tank for a bit.  I’m not sure we were all on the same target.   And when another skeleton walked into the room and joined in the fray, I was sure that the wheels had truly come off and that we were going to wipe.

And wipe we did.

Dead in the manor

Tanking Thrall and then Tistann went down.  Tarlach and Deneldir hung on for a long stretch, but were eventually worn down and killed as well.

Then we were all back in Kaladim.

We decided that we would not go back for a third run at the zone that night.  This was more because of the hour than our defeats.  The zone is clearly a challenge and we will be back, but we will save that for when we have more time.

We wrapped up the evening doing a bit of maintenance, with Thrall running back to Freeport to try and fill in the gaps in his spell book (In addition to levitate he was also missing invisibility) while Deneldir ran off to buff celebrities.

We will be back to the Estate of Unrest soon.