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Warned by CCP for Attempting to Cause Lag

I hate it when I come to the attention of the authorities.  Playing TorilMUD around some of the original administrators trained me to try to avoid such attention at all cost.

Yet somehow I managed it in EVE.  I got a warning note from CCP today for a EULA violation.  My first ever in any MMO.

Subject: Creating Lag      2012.07.13 00:54

From: GM Pyro
To: Wilhelm Arcturus

You have been reported for creating lag to gain an advantage. This is a EULA violation and will not be tolerated. Cease all such activity or risk further repercussions.

Of course, in the usual manner of these sorts of things, there is no mention of when or where I might have been deliberately creating lag in order to gain an advantage.  Naturally, one of my pet peeves in life is getting accused of something and not being told what you did.  I replied asking for more detail, but I am pretty sure I won’t get anything further.  I even had to pay the CSPA service charge of 2950 ISK to send the reply.  I am sure somebody thinks that is amusing.

So what did I do?

The only thing I can imagine it might have been was the DBRB fleet in 319-3D, where he had us dock up and undock twice when we expected a fight.  That was certainly a deliberate action which caused lag, since fleet transitions like that cause a spike in TiDi.

Me and my lag causing friends at 319-3D

Unfortunately, we didn’t actually do that to cause lag.  As I mentioned clearly in my post on the subject, we did that to change hardeners based on intel received.  Slowing things down was a side effect, something that impacted us as much as the SoCo fleet hiding in the station.  It gained us no advantage.

So maybe it was something else.  But I do not know what.

I wonder if anybody else in that fleet got a similar message from GM Pyro or if it was just me.