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Ten Years of the EVE Blog Pack

I never run out of things to blog about because as time goes on I end up with anniversaries and other milestones about which to write.  So on with another one of those.  This time it is a memory of the EVE Blog Pack.

I pledge allegiance to the pack…

At some point around the May-June 2008 time frame CrazyKinux started emailing some bloggers who wrote about EVE Online about an idea. He had read something about blog packs or some such, an idea that a group of like-minded blogs and bloggers would cooperate, cross-post, cross-link, and otherwise work together to promote each other and our passion of choice.

Being less than two years into my life as a blogger I was keen to join in.  That was back when blogs were almost still a thing and I would expend effort in order to grow my readership.  Heady days.

Having collected a few volunteers, on June 16, 2008 the EVE Blog Pack was proclaimed.

I waited around until July 1, 2008 to run my own post about it, as we were still in the process of settling things, with a couple of last minute swaps in the lineup. But the initial list of blogs was:

  1. A Mule in EVE
  2. Articulated Sky
  3. Bitter Old Noob
  4. Caldari Navy Ibis
  5. CrazyKinux’s Musings
  6. Derekest’s Blog
  7. EVE Newb
  8. EVE-Pirate.com
  9. Flashfresh – A Pirate
  10. Lady in Space
  11. Morphisat’s Blog
  12. Nuyan’s Hangout
  13. Ombeve
  14. Postings from the Edge
  15. The Ancient Gaming Noob
  16. The Littlest Drone
  17. Votrian’s EVE Blog
  18. Warp Drive Active
  19. Winterblink

That list there is a chunk of EVE Online history I suppose. Most of the sites on that list are missing or dormant. Aside from my own site, I think only Morphisat’s Blog has seen a new post this year, with Warp Drive Active following behind with an update in 2017. I’ve left the links in for the sites that still exist in some form.

I am surprised as many still even exist.

(Also check out the playa hosting at Gax Online, another attempt to bring gamers together and do… well… I’m not sure.  But it shut down about a year later.)

There are some self-hosted sites on the list, and more often than not those disappear when the owner loses interest.  Why pay for hosting and a domain name if you’re not going to use them?

Of course, it is CrazyKinux himself whose site gone, the place with a lot of the information about the blog pack and its changes over time.  Fortunately we have the Wayback Machine at the Internet Archive, so I can link back to some key items.

My own time in the blog pack was limited. I disappeared from the list then re-appeared before being officially kicked. Removing me from the pack came about because my site wasn’t  (and still is not) dedicated solely to EVE Online.  Admittedly, I write what I damn well please and bristle at any suggestion that I do otherwise.   Also, the pack was limited to a strict number of blogs, eventually 30, to keep it a focused group.  So despite being a founding member, most of my time during the CrazyKinux era was spent as an outsider.

Somewhere down the line the Blog Banters started, a common topic put out about once a month to members of the Blog Pack to write about and cross link to each other. I think I was already out of the pack by the time Blog Banters started. You can tell when I was in the pack later on because I was pretty good about responding to each one and linking out to all participants.

CrazyKinux himself wasn’t in it for the long haul. So far as I can tell, his last update to the EVE Blog Pack came about in March of 2011. At least that is what the Internet Archive tells me.

After that the maintenance of the EVE Blog Pack and the monthly Blog Banters was moved on to other bloggers. I was on the outside seemingly for good at that point so wasn’t paying much attention.

After the departure of CrazyKinux it seems Seismic Stan stepped up to run the Blog Banters, then handed them off to Kirth Kodachi.  He held the helm for Blog Banters for a stretch before handing it over to Drackam at Sand, Cider, and Spaceships.  I guess there is a summary at that link, which would have been really handy at the start of this paragraph I suppose.  There they faded a little over a year back with the 80th running of the blogs.

I believe the blog pack itself was held by Rixx Javix for a stretch, who also provided the logo if I recall correctly, then it ended up with Marc Scaurus who was also running the EVE Bloggers site. It was Marc who put me back in the pack, towards the end of his tenure, and the timing was about right. That was around 2013 and my blog was at peak popularity and I was writing more about EVE Online than anything else.  Posts about New Eden top all other categories here.

When Marc wanted to step down from running EVE Bloggers and the EVE Blog Pack there was a battle over who the heir apparent would be, with Cyberin getting the domain and the blog pack and planning to keep the status quo.

Cyberin’s evebloggers.com

Then there was Alexia the usurper who, when denied the old domain, rolled up evebloggers.net where the plan was to get bloggers to post directly to that site and not their own blogs.

And in this corner, Alexia’s evebloggers.net

As it happened, neither of those sites lasted very long. But Fuzzysteve, Steve Ronuken of Fuzzworks and CSM fame, stepped in and setup a prototype site for EVE Bloggers, making it a thing once again.  And somewhere in there is the feed for the EVE Blog Pack.  I’m not sure what the URL for it is, it might have simply become the EVE Bloggers feed, but it feeds into Total EVE still, so my posts end up there.

That was in November of 2013 and not much has changed since then.

And so it goes.  But the blog pack carries on in its own way, as do blogs in general.

None of the above should be read in any sort of grumpy tone.  I appreciate all the work that CrazyKinux, Kirthi Kodachi, Seismic Stan, Rixx Javix, Drackam, Fuzzysteve, Marc Scaurus, and everybody else who had a hand in keeping this alive and going so I could, a decade down the road, write a summary filled with half-remember facts and links out to the Internet Archive.

So if I missed anything, or got anything wrong, feel free to correct me.

EVE Blog Pack Profile: Morphisat

A new EVE Blog Pack profile for this week.  In a change, three profiles are being posted this week.  A profile here, a profile of Dee Carson over at Crazy Kinux’s, and a profile of Mynxee at the EVE News Network site.

Handle: Morphisat

Blog site: Morphisat’s Blog

Faction: Caldari, though my alt is Amarr. Can fly just about every ship between the two, except for capital ships.

When did you start playing EVE: Late 2005, think november 2005 to be exact. I remember trying the game earlier,like in early 2004 ? I didn’t get it all, and tossed it out after about 15mins O_o.

What brought you to EVE: I got into MMORPGs through wow early 2005, and got a bit bored of that. Then moved to SWG, which was fun, but in november 2005 the NGE hit and I was looking for another game, which led me to Eve :).

What is your EVE play style: I regularly run mission, and do a bit of exploration from time to time. And I do industrial stuff, mainly inventing modules. I am planning on trying out t2 ships production, though i still have to do some calculations to see if it’s worth it ;). I mine very occasionally, especially trit to buy a few BSs. The rest of the minerals i get through buy orders at mission hubs. I covered pvp with a Factional Warfare alt, but he is retired at the moment.

What keeps you playing EVE: Eve is always evolving. The game changes, the market changes. And even when I get bored / tired of the game, you keep training. And always the EveBug comes back. And then your character is better at some things and has learned a few tricks you didn’t have before making the game fresh again ;). Also some the fine people of Rakeriku (the corp I have been in almost since the start) are a lot of fun to hang out with (when they’re on).

What do you write about EVE: Links to other stuff, tips on keeping the game fresh and just stuff that happens in game. Also news on patches etc and my take on them.

What do you want people to know about EVE: Eve really is a ‘virtual world’. Your character is living in this world and trying to make a living. You have to set goals for yourself and go out and find some fun people to hang out with (the corp recruitement part of the eve-o forum helps with that). Set short and long term goals for yourself, or you’ll miss some focus, but don’t set them in stone ! Be a bit flexible with them as you might come across a part of the game you didn’t even know about ;).

Also try things out. Don’t be too afraid to train for something that doesn’t fit your goals. My char is a bit of a jack of all trades and that opens up a lot of ways to explore different parts of the game!

And 1st of all, be patient! Eve isn’t exactly an instant gratification game.

EVE Blog Pack Profile: Colonel Roc Wieler

I am proud to post the first of the EVE Blog Pack profiles!  This should be a weekly item introducing people to the members of the EVE Blog Pack.


Name/Handle: Colonel Roc Wieler

Blog URL: Roc’s Ramblings

Faction: Minmatar Republic

Started EVE: 2006

What brought me here:
My love for science fiction has been something inspired in me since I first Star Wars at the theatre as a kid. I loved the richness of the mythology, the vastness of the universe; the true sense of wonder. So naturally, I played Star Wars Galaxies the day it came out. Played dedicated for five years. The last two years though, I noticed the game was continually being dumbed down. I hate dumbed down. I enjoy depth. Someone mentioned EVE Online to me, and well, been here ever since. Even gave up Star Wars for it, my childhood love.

I am a Fleet Commander for the Tribal Liberation Force, as well as recently promoted to Fleet Commander in my corp, Freeform Industries. I do missions every now and then, but my real passion is the market. Both my alts are out of the box traders, and I really enjoy the cutthroat nature of doing business.  I’ve never mined, never even opened research or industry, and have never managed a corp. One step at a time.

What keeps me playing:
Ironically, there are two things. The first is that you don’t need to be here 23/7 for fear of missing out on some huge event. That flexibility combined with real time skill training (as opposed to mindless grinding) makes it great for me. During the week, I’m a casual player, and that’s just fine. The second reason I’ve already mentioned indirectly. Depth. Vastness. Mythology. EVE Online is so comprehensive that I am STILL catching up on my reading, just to absorb myself deeper into this universe we call home.

What I write:
My personal blog is all in character (with occasional exception). My approach to writing is a little different than most I am told. I tend to merge real life happenings with ingame happenings, with a bit of complete fantasy mixed in to throw you off. So far, it’s been fun. I am also a columnist over at EVE-Mag.com and hope to also get an article or two into EON Magazine. That would be something.

Other Interests:
I am also a co-developer for Capsuleer, the definitive iPhone application for EVE Online. I enjoy making 3D wallpapers as well, and have contributed some to the EVE Online galleries.

What you should know about EVE:
It’s intimidating when you start; overwhelming actually. It’s like learning a new Operating System and learning how to live in a completely new universe all at the same time. But stick with it, seriously. The rewards are worth it.

The EVE Blog Pack Defined

Crazy Kinux, the founder and leader of the EVE Blog Pack (shouldn’t that be the EVE Blog Corp?) has worked to both refine and define the pack and its purpose.

As the pack expanded it was felt that it should have a maximum size.  Some exclusivity seemed warranted so that the pack did not simply become an listing of all known EVE Online related blogs. (A list that CK also attempts to maintain.)

The total number of blogs allowed in the pack was thus set at 30.

So I present the 30 blogs of the EVE Blog Pack:

  1. A Misguided Adventurer, by Xiphos83
  2. A Mule in EVE, by Manasi
  3. Ancient Gaming Noob (The), by Yule Nevrno
  4. CrazyKinux’s Musing, by Crazy Kinux
  5. Dawn of EVE, by Melissa Dawn
  6. Defias Blog (The), by Havohej
  7. EVE Newb, by Spectre
  8. EVE Network News, by Serious Sally
  9. EVE’s Weekend Warrior, Tony
  10. EVE-Pirate.com, by Ander & co.
  11. Flashfresh – A Pirate, by Flashfresh
  12. I am a Camera Drone, by Vestik Malice
  13. Inner Sanctum of the Ninveah, by Kirith Kodachi
  14. Lady in Space, by Bri
  15. Letrange’s EVE Blog, by Letrange
  16. Life in Low Sec, by Mynxee
  17. Miners with Fangs, by Dee Carson
  18. Morphisat’s Blog, by Morphisat
  19. Nuyan’s Hangout, by Nuyan
  20. Ombeve, by Ombey
  21. One Man And His Ship, by Karox Lominax
  22. Postings from the Edge, by Zapatero
  23. pΘtshΘt, by pΘtshΘt
  24. Roc’s Rambling, by Roc Wieler
  25. Votrian’s EVE Blog, by Votrian
  26. Warp Drive Active, by Winterblink
  27. Wensley, by Wensley
  28. Winterblink, by Winterblink
  29. Wandering Druid of Tranquility (The), by Ga’len
  30. Your Money or Your Life, by Ka Jolo

(Yes, 30 blogs, but only 29 authors.  Winterblink get’s two because he’s special.)

The EVE Blog Pack has quite a range of EVE play styles represented.  You can find posts about piracy, 0.0 fleet battles and station assaults, industry, and politics.  And I’m on the list still, so the “figures things out the hard way” demographic is covered.

The plan for EVE Blog Pack profiles has started to move forward.  I hope to be able to post profiles of each of the blog pack members as the weeks go by.  That will highlight the wide variety of people who play EVE Online.

EVE Blog Pack Profiles Idea

I mentioned in my July in Review post that I was mulling over an idea for the EVE Blog Pack.

The idea is to publish at a regular interval a profile of a member of the pack. There are enough people in the pack that once a month would be too long between posts, but once every week or two would be about right.

The profile would be responses to a list of standard questions and would be sent out so that any member of the EVE blog pack could post it or not. Personally, I’ll make the commitment to post such profiles as a regular Sunday feature.

Which brings me to the part that actually takes some thought: What questions to ask?

The first couple are obvious, of course. Name/handle. Blog name and address. Faction. When they started playing. What area or areas of EVE Online game play focused they on.

But there I sort of stumble. I would like the profiles to be interesting, to be worth reading, to be more than just an ad for another blog, to be something to draw the in the reader’s interest so that they might go explore other sites to see what goes on in EVE.

So I thought I would float the question to you.

What sort of content would make these sorts of profiles interesting to look at week after week?

EVE Online Blog Pack Thingie

CrazyKinux read an article some time back about “blog packs” and decided to see if he could form one up around bloggers who, at least occasionally, write about EVE Online.

I agreed to join, thinking this would be a somewhat subtle thing, an exchange of links, a mention here and there, and perhaps a gradual development into a more cohesive community.

But the first official act of the EVE Online Blog Pack was CrazyKinux posting a message announcing “Hey, we’ve got ourselves an EVE Online Blog Pack!” And so subtlety was clubbed like a baby harp seal on a frosty spring morning in Canada.

Anyway, while I am away on vacation, I thought I would mention the blogs currently part of the pack. CrazyKinux is the keeper of the official list, such that it is, so if you want in on the ground floor of the amazing opportunity towards world domination, drop him an email.

Meanwhile, please visit these fine EVE Online sites:

Most of the people posting on these blogs are far deeper into the game than I and cover topics (0.0 space, piracy, playing the game competently) that I am not yet capable of covering myself.