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The May EVE Online Monthly Economic Report Lands with Updated Charts and Data

I was not ready to get the May MER so early in June.  It historically doesn’t land in single digit dates.  But CCP has a new data scientist working on it now, CCP Estimate, and they have gone to town both on speed of delivery and expanding the data presented.  It is nice to have good things to say about CCP.

EVE Online nerds harder

I could probably spend a full post charting the new and updated items in the MER, but if I want to keep this to a reasonable length I had better just show rather than tell.  So on to the usual format, going through production, destruction, trade, ISK, and mining, with the enhanced information.


As usual I will open with production and the chart I always use, though this time it has some extra spice to it.

May 2022 – Production vs Destruction vs Mined

The usual chart has three new sub charts that break out where the three things tracked happen by area of space.  Honestly, I’d like those sub-charts full size with data, but I’ll take them as is because they give a simple graphical view about where things happen in New Eden.

When it comes to production, we did see an uptick with the reduction in cost to manufacture some capital ships, notably dreadnoughts, that came with the Siege Green update in May.  They are still much more expensive than they were before the April 2021 blueprint change… a dreadnought hull still costs more ISK than I can afford to lose, so I won’t be buying/flying one again… but the price has been reduced enough to make them viable for some groups.

However, because people knew the change was coming, there was also a anticipatory dip in production between the announcement and the patch, which evened out the total production for May.  The data from the chart above indicates that there was 80.25 trillion ISK in production in May, up slightly from the 76.07 trillion ISK recorded April.

In the regional stats, the top ten regions for production were:

  1. The Forge – 19.03 trillion (High Sec)
  2. Delve – 11.17 trillion (Imperium)
  3. Vale of the Silent – 9.17 trillion (Fraternity)
  4. Lonetrek – 6.76 trillion (High Sec)
  5. The Citadel – 5.50 trillion (High Sec)
  6. Tribute – 4.87 trillion (Fraternity)
  7. Fade – 4.59 trillion (WE FORM BL0B)
  8. Malpais – 3.35 trillion (PanFam)
  9. Domain – 2.94 trillion (High Sec)
  10. Heimatar – 2.88 trillion (High Sec)

As usual, regions that feed Jita and null sec top the list.  Overall the regional stats data showed a total of 105.9 trillion ISK produced, up a bit from 101.56 trillion ISK in April.

And supporting my “Jita/null sec” production statement there, we have the security band chart, which I have pulled out from the chart above to be its own thing.

May 2022 – Production by Security Band

There is a bit of production in wormhole space and low sec, but it is dominated by null sec and high sec.


Using the chart at the top of the post, destruction somewhat flat across April and May, with the data showing that 30.65 trillion ISK was destroyed in New Eden in May, up slightly from the 29.59 trillion ISK the same data showed for April.  Things were blowing up and there was a small conflict brewing in the southeast of null sec.

The regional data showed the following as the top ten regions for destruction in May:

  1. The Forge – 2.16 trillion (High Sec)
  2. Pure Blind – 1.55 trillion (Brave/V0LTA)
  3. Pochven – 1.53 trillion (Triglavian)
  4. The Citadel – 1.50 trillion (High Sec)
  5. Lonetrek – 1.28 trillion (High Sec)
  6. Delve – 1.15 trillion (Imperium)
  7. Vale of the Silent – 1.11 trillion (Fraternity)
  8. Sinq Laison – 1.08 trillion (High Sec)
  9. Metropolis – 1.06 trillion (High Sec)
  10. Tenerifis – 1.05 trillion (FI.RE)

All told, the regional data says that 32.37 trillion ISK in value was destroyed, up from 29.78 trillion ISK in April.  The regional data, however, does not include Wormhole space, and I would really like to be able to reconciled the produced/destroyed/mined data with it.

But we do have one of those sub-charts to give us some insights.

May 2022 – Destruction by Security Band

I love this chart because it debunks a series of regularly regurgitated myths, wishes, and outright whole cloth lies that get trotted out every CSM election season, and the past election was no exception.  Clearly some people think it is a requirement to call for null sec to be nerfed and blame it for any and all game woes.  The ghost of Olmeca Gold continues to haunt us.

What the chart says is that things get blown up in null sec and foot stomping statements about it being perfectly safe or that only some tiny minority of players ever go there are just nonsense. (Also, you can see the two battles of M2-XFE sticking out in that chart.  Not only did the second battle reset a couple of Guinness Book records, according to CCP 35% of the logged in accounts during the battle were in Delve.)

I will say that it is heartening for low sec to see that they aren’t as dead as some claim either.  And high sec, while a lot blows up around Jita and along the trade routes, isn’t quite the massacre it can be made out to be.


This is the one section where I do not having something new from the MER to throw into the mix.  But that is fine, the next section, about ISK, will more than make up for it.  The top regions for trade in May were:

  1. The Forge – 436.1 trillion (Jita)
  2. Domain – 42.58 trillion (Amarr)
  3. Sinq Laison – 15.51 trillion (Dodixie)
  4. Lonetrek – 15.13 trillion (Caldari High Sec)
  5. Delve – 12.68 trillion (Imperium)
  6. Metropolis – 9.55 trillion (Hek)
  7. Perrigen Falls – 7.96 trillion (PanFam)
  8. Heimatar – 7.86 trillion (Rens)
  9. Vale of the Silent – 5.9 trillion (Fraternity)
  10. The Citadel – 4.44 trillion (Caldari High Sec)

That is pretty much all the usual suspects, the main trade hubs and the center of some of the null sec coalitions.  I all there was a total of 595.15 trillion in ISK traded, up from 572.52 trillion ISK in April.

ISK Faucets

Now into where the money comes from, starting with the top of the sinks and faucets chart.

May 2022 – Faucet end of the chart big chart

For those who cannot read the chart, which includes me, the top items listed are:

  • Commodity – 51.3 trillion
  • Bounty Prizes – 23.3 trillion
  • Incursion Payouts – 14 trillion
  • Trig Invasion Payouts – 13.1 trillion
  • ESS Bounty Payouts – 9.7 trillion
  • Agent Mission Rewards 3.6 trillion

Bounty prizes and ESS payouts, which go hand in hand, were both down for May while the rest of the list was up, with commodities especially so jumping almost 10 trillion ISK from April to May.

You can see that happening in the sinks and faucets over time chart.

May 2022 – Top Sinks and Faucets Over Time

The two were already diverging last month, a trend that continued in May, with Sleeper components, the wormhole loot, continuing to top the chart, though there was a surge in incursion loot as well.

May 2022 – Top Commodity Items Over Time

Bounty encrypted bonds, the loot from robbing ESS main and reserve banks, was also up noticeably.  We even have some updated charts on that.

May 2022 – ESS Regional Stats

You can see that Vale of the Silent, the home of Fraternity topped the list.  Interesting that other regions with nearly as much ISK tucked away in reserve banks did not see nearly as much robbed from them, but we’ll get to that.

The next chart, which shows the largest main bank thefts, includes a number of systems in that region that were robbed repeatedly.

May 2022 – Main Bank Thefts

That is anecdotally interesting, that Fraternity gets robbed more so than other groups.  More interesting though, to me at least, is the reserve bank chart.

May 2022 – Reserve Bank Thefts

This chart has been updated since last month and answers the magical question of how many reserve bank robberies are just the locals siphoning off the banks in their territory.  And the answer seems to be “most of them.”  All of the ones listed in brown on the list on the left side of the chart are “friendly robberies” where groups are just harvesting banks in territory they own.

This is, of course, not surprising.  A number of null sec groups, including Fraternity, declared their reserve banks to be “nationalized” back when the reserve keys were put into the game, and to be looted only for the benefit of the alliance.  So there, at the top of the list… and appearing three more times on the list… is TVN-FM in the middle of Fraternity space, all of which are friendly robberies.

As noted above, regions held by PanFam and the Imperium, which have nearly as much ISK tied up in reserve banks, have almost no robberies.  The fanfare to which the reserve bank keys were released almost a year ago… the Great Heist event, complete with login rewards… hasn’t lived up to the hype.

Moving on to bounty prizes, the top ten regions were:

  1. Vale of the Silent – 2.57 trillion (Fraternity)
  2. Perrigen Falls – 1.92 trillion (PanFam)
  3. Delve – 1.74 trillion (Imperium)
  4. The Kalevala Expanse – 1.54 trillion (PanFam)
  5. Fountain – 1.28 trillion (Imperium)
  6. Pure Blind – 1.10 trillion (Brave/V0LTA)
  7. Malpais – 1.07 trillion (PanFam)
  8. Querious – 1.01 trillion (Imperium)
  9. Insmother – 962 billion (FI.RE)
  10. Metropolis – 923 billion (High Sec)

Bounty prizes in the region data, which is bounties plus ESS payouts, added up to a total of 32.06 trillion ISK, up from 28.13 trillion ISK in April.  So bounties were up, but commodities were up even more.

All of that caused the money supply to go up.  No surprise in that.

May 2022 – Money Supply

There was more drawn from faucets and any impact of the subscription price increase was unlikely to have hit yet, so no huge quantity of money was counted as out of the economy due to inactivity caused by people unsubscribing.

And then there is the velocity of ISK, a chart I have tended to shy away from due to the possibility of manipulation by CCP… how it is counted is somewhat opaque.  But this month it comes with something new and interesting.

May 2022 – Velocity of ISK

The blue line is the one that CCP has been using for as long as this chart has been a part of the MER.  But now we have the red line which represents the velocity minus PLEX related activities.  That is essentially the velocity of ISK from actually playing the game rather than exchanging PLEX for ISK and related activities.  The PLEX related market looks to be considerably more volatile than the part related to simply playing the game.


Finally, the various forms of resource harvesting in New Eden.  Again, mineral prices remain well above historical levels… they are down from their peak, but still well above the norm of the history of the game and back on the rise still.

May 2022 – Economic Indices

So rising prices should be taken into account when looking at the regional stats.

May 2022 – Mining Value by Region

The May MER saw the return of the region mining values to the .csv files, so I haven’t had to go through and try to manually add up all the regions.  I was able to just use Excel to sum them all up, for a total of 17.84 trillion ISK value mined.  That is about 5 trillion more than the hand tally I made for April.  Prices were up and I guess activity was up as well.

The top ten regions for mining value were:

  1. Vale of the Silent – 1.54 trillion (Fraternity)
  2. The Forge – 750 billion (High Sec)
  3. Delve – 747 billion (Imperium)
  4. Metropolis – 602 billion (High Sec)
  5. Domain – 581 billion (High Sec)
  6. Tribute – 528 billion (Fraternity)
  7. Lonetrek – 510 billion (High Sec)
  8. The Kalevala Expanse – 481 billion (PanFam)
  9. Sinq Laison – 462 billion (High Sec)
  10. Derelik – 454 billion (High Sec)

High sec and null sec dominate the top of the list, but that seems to align with the sub chart we got back at the start of the post:

May 2022 – Mining by security band

Null sec and high sec still represent the widest bands, but low sec and wormhole space are growing, no doubt related to the gas requirements to create parts for capital production.  Now that capital blueprints are in the “still complicated and expensive but no longer completely nonviable” state, production of capitals will drive demand for gas and get more people out huffing.  The Imperium is running gas huffing classes now to try and bootstrap capital production to get it running again.

Meanwhile, the first chart in the post, way back up at the top, indicated that a total of 21.77 trillion ISK in value was mined, which includes wormhole space, so maybe these numbers agree in some way now?

Speaking of gas huffing, you can see it is on the rise, as noted, both in anticipation of demand and then based on actual demand that came from the blueprint changes we finally got.

May 2022 – Gas mining over the last 12 months by volume mined

It is the resource stream that wormhole space dominates and where low sec is strong as well.

Asteroid mining, which is basically the old school rock harvesting that many think of when mining is mentioned, remains steady, with high sec being the dominant location still.

May 2022 – Asteroid mining over the last 12 months by volume mined

Null sec, which has no asteroid belts anymore, remains as big as it is via mining anomalies.

Ice mining, another high sec and null sec activity, remained steady.

May 2022 – Ice mining over the last 12 months by volume mined

And finally there is moon mining.

May 2022 – Moon mining over the last 12 months by volume mined

This is one area where low sec should be much more significant than it currently is.  Back in the passive moon mining days there was a lot of activity with moons in low sec.  Now, however, they don’t seem to be worth the effort.

And so it goes, another month with the New Eden economy.  What I will be looking for when we get the June MER is the impact that the decline in the online activity might be having on the economy.  EVE Offline has been showing numbers dropping.

The concurrent user chart of late

2022 so far peaked back in January during the Doctor Who event and has started seeing a downturn since the price hike.  We shall see if that carries on.

As always, all of these charts and more along with the data underlying many of them is available for download from the MER dev blog.


The EVE Online April Economic Report and the Time before Fanfest

We got the EVE Online Monthly Economic Report for April 2022 last week and it was once again a reminder that sometimes seeing the previous month’s report when you’re halfway into the next month can be… odd.  You have to remember the state of things as they were, as opposed to what has happened since the cut off date which, in this case, means before EVE Fanfest.

EVE Online nerds harder

Not that Fanfest dramatically changed the economy, but it did give us a glimpse, however fleeting, into CCP’s plans, which always has some sort of impact.

Meanwhile, back in April we were getting all sorts of news, like the announcement of the Siege Green update, which went live last week, and the price increases, which are live today.  News and updates have their impacts.


I might as well start with production again, since that has a nice graph that shows that news can change trajectories.  Basically, the Siege Green update promised to make capitals and faction ships more affordable to produce.  I commented last month that I expected production to dip with that announcement.  Did the big graph bear out my prediction?

Apr 2022 – Production vs Destruction vs Mined

Kinda sorta yes.  April production did dip down, the data for that chart shows April had 76.07 trillion ISK in production, down from 80 trillion ISK.   That isn’t a huge number, in large part because I believe there wasn’t a lot of capital production going on in any case.  They were too damn expensive to build.

Now the question will be whether or not we see a jump in production come the May MER.  Did CCP move the needle enough to revive capital and faction ship production?

Meanwhile, the regional stats show the following places produced the most output.

  1. The Forge – 18.04 trillion (High Sec)
  2. Delve – 12.79 trillion (Imperium)
  3. Vale of the Silent – 9.99 trillion (Fraternity)
  4. Lonetrek – 6.35 trillion (High Sec)
  5. The Citadel – 4.66 trillion (High Sec)
  6. Tribute – 4.06 trillion (Fraternity)
  7. Fade – 3.07 trillion (WE FORM BL0B)
  8. Sinq Laison – 2.84 trillion (High Sec)
  9. Heimatar – 2.83 trillion (High Sec)
  10. Malpais – 2.65 trillion (PanFam)

That is pretty much the usual suspects these days.

Overall the regional stats showed a total of 101.56 trillion ISK in production, down from 113 trillion ISK in March.  That is a bigger gap and a bigger percentage that the chart above, but tracks with the expectation I suppose.


That chart above also tracks destruction, and the data that feeds it says that 29.59 trillion ISK in value was blown up in April, up slightly from the 28.4 trillion ISK reported in March.

That actually aligns closely with the regional destruction stats, which rang in at 29.78 trillion ISK in value destroyed, up from the 28.91 trillion ISK blown up in March.  That doesn’t leave a lot of room for wormhole space in the gap between those numbers, but so it goes.

The top regions for destruction were:

  1. The Forge – 1.69 trillion (High Sec)
  2. Pochven – 1.48 trillion (Triglavian)
  3. The Citadel – 1.41 trillion (High Sec)
  4. Lonetrek – 1.37 trillion (High Sec)
  5. Vale of the Silent – 1.30 trillion (Fraternity)
  6. Sinq Laison – 1.27 trillion (High Sec)
  7. Pure Blind – 1.21 trillion (Brave/V0LTA)
  8. Delve – 1.08 trillion (Imperium)
  9. Genesis – 1.00 trillion (High Sec)
  10. Metropolis – 935 billion (High Sec)

Pochven continues to light things up, while the area around Jita remains the peak of destruction.  Meanwhile, the campaign going on in the south, with Imperium SIGs going after FI.RE and their PAPI allies, didn’t break into the top ten, with Feythabolis only making it into 13th position in the regional stats.

Maybe the May numbers will see that heat up a bit.


Trade, at least according to the regional stats data, was up, with April seeing a total of 572.52 ISK in value traded, up from 548 trillion ISK in March.

The top regions were, once again, the usual suspects, a mix of trade hubs and coalition home regions.

  1. The Forge – 422.28 trillion (Jita)
  2. Domain – 39.69 trillion (Amarr)
  3. Lonetrek – 15.57 trillion (Caldari High Sec)
  4. Sinq Laison – 14.46 trillion (Dodixie)
  5. Delve – 13.16 trillion (Imperium)
  6. Metropolis – 9.01 trillion (Hek)
  7. Heimatar – 7.28 trillion (Rens)
  8. Perrigen Falls – 7.22 trillion (PanFam)
  9. Vale of the Silent – 5.40 trillion (Fraternity)
  10. The Citadel – 4.11 trillion (Caldari High Sec)

ISK Faucets

And now into the more complicated areas of the MER, and made all the more so by new charts this month.  CCP Estimate has taken over the MER from CCP Larrikin and has given us some more data to chew on.  But we’ll start as I usually do with the faucets end of the big big sinks and faucets chart.

Apr 2022 – Faucet end of the chart big chart

For those who cannot read the chart, which includes me, the top items listed are:

  • Commodity – 41.4 trillion
  • Bounty Prizes – 25.5 trillion
  • ESS Bounty Payouts – 11.2 trillion
  • Incursion Payouts – 11.2 trillion
  • Trig Invasion Payouts – 11.1 trillion
  • Agent Mission Rewards 3.5 trillion

Commodities and bounty payouts were up for April, while incursions were down slightly, and agent mission rewards stayed in exactly the same spot.

We can see how those top faucets have performed over time here.

Apr 2022 – Top Sinks and Faucets Over Time

While bounty payouts were up overall for the month, they follow a dip for a stretch and lead into another fall off which represents CCP “fixing” the ESS bounty percentages so that they all went down dramatically.  Meanwhile, the top regions for bounties… were pretty much the same crowd one would expect.

  1. Vale of the Silent – 2.85 trillion (Fraternity)
  2. Delve – 1.61 trillion (Imperium)
  3. Perrigen Falls – 1.61 trillion (PanFam)
  4. Fountain – 1.32 trillion (Imperium)
  5. The Kalevala Expanse – 1.19 trillion (PanFam)
  6. Tribute – 1.09 trillion (Fraternity)
  7. Querious – 985 billion (Imperium)
  8. Venal – 917 billion (BOSS and others)
  9. Pure Blind – 854 billion (Brave/V0LTA)
  10. Malpais – 751 billion (PanFam)

But this month we also got a look at ESS bank thefts, with three new charts!

Apr 2022 – ESS Regional Stats

That is three columns of tiny data about where ESS main bank and reserve bank thefts are happening, as well as a summary of the total amounts sitting in reserve banks.

The reserve bank is a special ISK pool that accumulates and needs a special key to access.  CCP opened up the mechanic to get at that ISK last July and… it hasn’t been much of a big deal.  They keys are annoying to get and the amount they allow you to get away with is not all that much in the grand scheme of things.  So a lot of ISK has just been piling up there… almost 52 trillion ISK worth if my hand tally of that chart is correct, with the top three regions being:

  1. Vale of the Silent – 4.735 trillion ISK (Fraternity)
  2. The Kalevala Expanse – 4.092 trillion ISK (PanFam)
  3. Delve – 3.929 trillion ISK (Imperium)

Those are, of course, three of the strongest coalitions in null sec, so no surprise there.  But how about reserve bank thefts?  Where are those happening?

Apr 2022 – Reserve Bank Thefts

It looks like the northeast of null sec is the hot spot for that… though who knows if those are nationalized reserve banks that the owners are pulling out.  Those thefts, which don’t add up to much against the trillions socked away, might not be thefts at all.

As for main bank thefts, those you can pull off by just showing up at the right place at the right time.

Apr 2022 – Main Bank Thefts

Again, the biggest thefts are not all that big in the grand scheme of things.  But the main bank gets paid out at regular intervals, so there is never as much ISK up for grabs as there are in the reserve banks.  And you can see from the first of the three charts, the main banks are in play a lot more often than the reserve banks.

Meanwhile, on the commodity front however you can see sleeper components on the rise.  Wormholers win again.

Apr 2022 – Top Commodity Items Over Time

Anyway, all of that saw the money supply go up, after having it go down… a rare thing most months… last month.

Apr 2022 – Money Supply

That also saw the velocity of ISK go up.

Apr 2022 – Velocity of ISK

Again, I tend to be dubious of the velocity chart, if only because it is subject to so many things CCP could manipulate if they so desired… and because it often seems to live a life independent of other indicators.  Technically, all other things being equal, a the money supply going up (as with this month) or going down (as with last month) the velocity should move in the opposite direction.  But all other things are not equal and the velocity goes where it will.


And finally, mining and mining like things.  Again, no data bearing .csv files make this an annoying section to deal with as if I want any totals I need to go tally them up by hand.

The Produced/Destroyed/Mined chart up at the top of the post indicates that there was 17.85 trillion ISK mined, though the data from that chart is dubious when it comes to mining.

Meanwhile, the regional mining value data gives the total as closer to 12.7 trillion ISK in value, though that it my tallying on with the calculator by hand, so is subject to error.  Though, given that the largest region on the list was Vale of the Silent, which had 847 billion ISK in value mined, I doubt I made a 5 trillion ISK typo.

Apr 2022 – Mining Value by Region

And the value of the ore mined should be going up rather than down given the current mineral price trend.

Apr 2022 – Economic Indices

That adds up, if the data is correct, to a 10 trillion ISK value drop off in mining, more than a 40% fall.

But I suspect that there is a problem with the data, there being a couple of empty cells in the .csv data source for the first chart in the post.  While we don’t have the data for the regional chart, I suspect it suffers from the same issue, or more so.  It would be, if nothing else, out of character for there to be no regions to exceed one trillion ISK in value mined, something usually accomplished in Vale of the Silent and Delve.

Meanwhile, the four core mining types now tracked each have their own chart.

Asteroid mining, which are from belts and anomalies and is primarily a high sec activity, with null second second but well behind.

Apr 2022 – Asteroid mining over the last 12 months by volume mined

That does appear to be trending down a bit… but, again, data issues?

Gas mining is dominated by wormhole space, though low and null sec got a boost from the industry changes of April 2021.  The big spike from that has now rolled off the chart.

Apr 2022 – Gas mining over the last 12 months by volume mined

Again, I think these charts need a trend line.

Ice mining is like asteroid mining, largely a high sec and null sec activity.

Apr 2022 – Ice mining over the last 12 months by volume mined

And finally there is moon mining, which theoretically should be strong in low sec, but which also seems to mostly be a null sec and high sec venture.

Apr 2022 – Moon mining over the last 12 months by volume mined

The spikes are likely due to coincident timing in some regions. Moon mining has a regular schedule where a chunks are drawn. There is some low sec activity, but I remain surprised at how little there is.

And another month goes by.  The May numbers will be mostly interesting to see how the game responds to the industry changes, EVE Fanfest, and the subscription price increase that went into effect today.  As always, all this data and more is available for download in the MER dev blog post.

The March Economic Report Shows EVE Online Steady as Fanfest Changes Loom

CCP posted the Monthly Economic Report for March last week and my impression of it is that not much changed compared to the February report.

EVE Online nerds harder

Most of the things I list out every month are about the same as the month before, and the things that changed mostly have obvious explanations based on what was happening in game.

I expect that will carry on through the April report next month with a couple of things, such as production, likely dropping a bit due to the changes CCP has lined up for May and Fanfest.


Mar 2022 – Production vs Destruction vs Mined

According to the regional data, production was up a bit from February, hitting 113.74 trillion, up from 106 trillion.  That isn’t a very big jump, and is still from the 130 trillion in January.  The data used for the chart above shows 80 trillion in production, which about matches what the February data for that chart showed.

The top regions remain the usual suspects.

  1. The Forge – 17.88 trillion (High Sec)
  2. Delve – 14.17 trillion (Imperium)
  3. Vale of the Silent – 9.61 trillion (Fraternity)
  4. Lonetrek – 7.10 trillion (High Sec)
  5. The Citadel – 6.25 trillion (High Sec)
  6. Fade – 4.38 trillion (WE FORM BL0B)
  7. Tribute – 4.17 trillion (Fraternity)
  8. Sinq Laison – 3.65 trillion (High Sec)
  9. Malpais – 3.37 trillion (PanFam)
  10. Heimatar – 3.06 trillion (High Sec)

I expect the April MER will see production go down a bit more in anticipation of the coming changes to capital construction, after which we may see production climb.


The regional data shows 28.91 trillion in destruction in New Eden, while the data for the above chart showed 28.4 trillion, so at least those two data points align, though it does make one wonder if wormhole space is getting counted, since it shouldn’t appear on the regional stats.

  1. Feythabolis – 1.62 trillion (FI.RE)
  2. The Forge – 1.39 trillion (High Sec)
  3. Lonetrek – 1.38 trillion (High Sec)
  4. Vale of the Silent 1.31 trillion (Fraternity)
  5. The Citadel – 1.28 trillion (High Sec)
  6. Delve – 1.12 trillion (Imperium)
  7. Sinq Laison – 1.11 trillion (High Sec)
  8. Pochven – 1.05 trillion (Triglavian)
  9. Pure Blind – 874 billion (Brave/V0LTA)
  10. The Kalevala Expanse – 863 billion (PanFam)

The big change is Feythabolis moving to the top of the destruction list, reflecting the ongoing Imperium SIGs and squads deployment to cleanse it of PAPI.  The Imperium isn’t taking the space, just blowing up what is there.


Trade was up, hitting 548.6 trillion ISK in value, up from the 527 trillion ISK recorded in February.  As usual the lion’s share of trade goes through Jita.

  1. The Forge – 402.59 trillion (Jita)
  2. Domain – 39.59 trillion (Amarr)
  3. Lonetrek – 14.6 trillion (Caldari High Sec)
  4. Sinq Laison – 14.36 trillion (Dodixie)
  5. Delve – 14.19 trillion (Imperium)
  6. Metropolis – 8.45 trillion (Hek)
  7. Heimatar – 7.72 trillion (Rens)
  8. Vale of the Silent – 4.68 trillion (Fraternity)
  9. Perrigen Falls – 4.63 trillion (PanFam)
  10. Essence – 3.81 trillion (Gallente High Sec)

ISK Faucets

Then there is the money talk, where things get more complicated.

Mar 2022 – Faucet end of the chart big chart

For those like me who can barely read that chart, even when enlarged, here are the numbers for the top six.

  • Commodity – 36.4 trillion
  • Bounty Prizes – 21.8 trillion
  • Incursion Payouts – 12.0 trillion
  • Trig Invasion Payouts – 10.0 trillion
  • ESS Bounty Payouts – 9.7 trillion
  • Agent Mission Rewards 3.5 trillion

Most are in about the same ballpark as last month, with the big change being Trig invasion payouts passing ESS payouts for March.

We can see the top sinks and faucets in the next chart.

Mar 2022 – Top Sinks and Faucets Over Time

Bounties took a dip during the month, but seemed to recover towards the end, while commodities remained fairly steady and remained the top ISK faucet in the game.

Commodities are broken out in this chart.

Mar 2022 – Top Commodity Items Over Time

With no events driving commodities, the red line that includes those saw no spike, while the wormhole commodities, the blue line, saw some growth in March.

Meanwhile, on the NPC bounties front, you can see who is ratting to build up their war chests in null sec.

  1. Vale of the Silent – 2.84 trillion (Fraternity)
  2. Delve – 1.90 trillion (Imperium)
  3. Perrigen Falls – 1.45 trillion (PanFam)
  4. The Kalevala Expanse – 1.44 trillion (PanFam)
  5. Fountain – 1.44 trillion (Imperium)
  6. Tribute – 1.12 trillion (Fraternity)
  7. Querious – 901 billion (Imperium)
  8. Malpais – 885 billion (PanFam)
  9. Venal – 865 billion (BOSS and others)
  10. Pure Blind – 768 billion (Brave/V0LTA)

The last two entries are interesting because Venal is NPC null sec, so BOSS and company, which recently faced an PanFam invasion, seems back at work, while Brave appears to be coming back together in Pure Blind.

As with February, March saw a decrease in the total ISK in game.

Mar 2022 balance of ISK

While faucets still out ran sinks, the active ISK delta, which is ISK on inactive accounts, more than made up the gap between the first two, dropping the total active ISK in the game once more.

That change was reflected in the money supply chart, which continued a gentle downward slope.

Mar 2022 – Money Supply

Likewise, the velocity of ISK followed a similar downward line.

Mar 2022 – Velocity of ISK

That is not a good sign because less ISK should not necessarily affect that line as such.  In fact, if everybody remaining kept trading as before it should be flat or even go up.  But less money in the market and it trading hands more slowly is indicative of shrinking economic activity.


Mining is now complicated by a much more granular series of charts and I am not sure I want to break out everything as I did initially, as I have to do it manually which takes a lot of time.  Again, I sure wish CCP gave us the data in a .csv file, but that wish remains unanswered.

The top regions for mining value get their own chart.

Mar 2022 – Mining Value by Region

Delve and Vale of the Silent, Imperium and Fraternity core space, remain at the top of the chart, followed by several high sec regions.

Those numbers, if I have added them up correctly on the calculator app, sum up to about 21.55 trillion ISK in value, which is a little less than the 22.46 trillion ISK they seemed to add up to in February.

Meanwhile, the data from the chart at the top of the most, way up in the Production section, tallies to 25.63 trillion ISK in value, which is down from the 27.58 trillion ISK that data showed/shows for February.

So it seems there was a bit less mining overall in March, though it has never been completely clear what either of those numbers represent.

The value of minerals followed the trend of last month and continued to rise.

Mar 2022 – Economic Indices

It wasn’t a large rise, but values went up rather than down.

Meanwhile, the four core mining types now tracked each have their own chart.

Asteroid mining, which are from belts and anomalies and is primarily a high sec activity, with null second second but well behind.

Mar 2022 – Asteroid mining over the last 12 months by volume mined

Asteroid mining looks to have jumped up early in March.

Gas mining is dominated by wormhole space, though low and null sec got a boost from the industry changes of April 2021, which is the big spike you see near the left side of the chart.  That will roll off the end next month.

Mar 2022 – Gas mining over the last 12 months by volume mined

I wish these charts had a trend line, or that we had the data, but output by volume looks about the same for March, with a little dip in the first half of the month.

Ice mining is like asteroid mining, largely a high sec and null sec activity.

Mar 2022 – Ice mining over the last 12 months by volume mined

The early March dip seems to correspond with a similar drop in gas mining, but I am not sure what happened then to cause it.

And finally there is moon mining, which theoretically should be strong in low sec, but which also seems to mostly be a null sec and high sec venture.

Mar 2022 – Moon mining over the last 12 months by volume mined

The spikes are likely due to coincident timing in some regions.  Moon mining has a regular schedule where a chunks are drawn.  There is some low sec activity, but I remain surprised at how little there is.

And so it goes for another month.  As I noted above, I expect that the April numbers will be about the same, or lower for production, in anticipation of the changes coming in May.  But I suppose we shall see.


The February Monthly Economic Report Shows Some Slow Downs in EVE Online

CCP seems to be getting back into a more normal routine with the MERs after the changes made over the last couple of months.  We still don’t have raw data for any of the new charts, but we’re getting the report before the last week of the next month now.  So we have the February Monthly Economic Report now.

EVE Online nerds harder

February saw us come down from some of the holiday season event highs, like the Doctor Who event in January that drove players to use the market and manufacture things, so we will see if the numbers reflect that.  In addition, the Russian invasion of Ukraine kept players from both countries away from the game and attending to the harsh new realities of the world.  In a game with a single server that hosts most of the world, this no doubt will have an impact.

Meanwhile, no MER is complete without some odd errors.  This month you’ll see a couple of regions showing up with zero trade. (Check out the regional summaries graph further down the post.)

As has become my own new normal, I will go from the cleanest to messiest numbers, which means Production up front, while ISK and resource harvesting… oh mining, you are so messy now… will close out the post.


Production was down.  You can see in the big production, destruction, and mined chart that the red line showing the daily data began to curve down.  Not a lot, but a bit.

Feb 2022 – Production vs Destruction vs Mined

The data for that chart, which we still get in a .csv file, shows 80.5 trillion ISK in production for the month, down from the 90 trillion ISK.

Of course, that data once again conflicts with the regional data which, once again, we still get in a .csv file for easy ranking and tabulation.  The regional data shows 106.43 trillion ISK in production, down from 130 trillion ISK in January.

And, of course, the region data doesn’t include any thing those scary people were producing in their wormholes, so it is enough to make you throw your hands up in the air like you just don’t care.

But, as I used to say about the SuperData numbers, back when they were a thing, even bad data collected consistently can show you a trend, and the trend for production is down a bit.  Not a lot, but some.  The cost of building caps remains high, but at least the battleship changes we got last week (yes CCP, you can stop reminding us) might make those more viable and get people undocking and losing more.

As for the top regions for production, the same ten are on the list as last month, with some minor changes in ranking.

  1. The Forge – 16.88 trillion (High Sec)
  2. Delve – 12.19 trillion (Imperium)
  3. Vale of the Silent – 7.96 trillion (Fraternity)
  4. Lonetrek – 7.55 trillion (High Sec)
  5. The Citadel – 7.41 trillion (High Sec)
  6. Fade – 4.38 trillion (We Form V0LTA)
  7. Malpais – 3.94 trillion (PanFam)
  8. Sinq Laison – 3.71 trillion (High Sec)
  9. Domain – 3.07 trillion (High Sec)
  10. Heimatar – 2.75 trillion (High Sec)

That represents a few large null sec groups, then production used to support some of the major high sec trade hubs.


You can look up at the blue destruction line on the chart I posted under production to see that it too has slid a bit.

The data for that chart shows 29.11 trillion ISK destroyed, down from the 33.6 trillion ISK destroyed in January.

Unlike the production data, the destruction regional stats align closely with the data from the overall chart, ringing in at 29.69 trillion ISK destroyed, down about 5 trillion ISK over the previous month.

Less stuff blew up.  The top regions for destruction were:

  1. The Citadel – 1.66 trillion (High Sec)
  2. The Forge – 1.65 trillion (High Sec)
  3. Pochven – 1.40 trillion (Triglavian)
  4. Vale of the Silent – 1.36 trillion (Fraternity)
  5. Delve – 1.20 trillion (Imperium)
  6. Sinq Laison – 1.82 trillion (High Sec)
  7. Lonetrek – 1.11 trillion (High Sec)
  8. Metropolis – 935 billion (High Sec)
  9. The Kalevala Expanse – 878 billion (PanFam)
  10. Genesis – 797 billion (High Sec)

Lots of stuff blows up in and around Jita.  Imagine that.  And, once again, wormholes don’t exist.


This should have gone first I guess, being the simplest data set, but I am sticking with the pattern of the previous few months.  Also, trade is kind of complicated this month.

Trade is complicated because the numbers show 527.38 trillion ISK in volume, down from the 623 trillion ISK recorded in January.  That is a bit of a drop off, and I am not sure where that came from.

The Doctor Who event wasn’t there to goose trade and Guardian’s Gala doesn’t push that as an activity, but did it have that much of an impact?  And then there was the invasion of Ukraine, which hit towards the end of the month.  But the drop was probably larger than that would account for as well.

The regional stats show trade down everywhere, especially in The Forge, home of Jita, where it was off by over 65 trillion ISK from January.

  1. The Forge – 383.81 trillion (Jita)
  2. Domain – 38.92 trillion (Amarr)
  3. Lonetrek – 14.71 trillion (Caldari High Sec
  4. Sinq Laison – 14.27 trillion (Dodixie)
  5. Delve – 12.64 trillion (Imperium)
  6. Metropolis – 8.09 trillion (Hek)
  7. Heimatar – 6.75 trillion (Rens)
  8. The Kalevala Expanse – 5.95 trillion (PanFam)
  9. Vale of the Silent – 4.86 trillion (Fraternity)
  10. Insmother – 3.99 trillion (FI.RE)

So it goes?

ISK Faucets

Now in to the complicated end of the MER.

Feb 2022 – Faucet end of the chart big chart

Again, for those like myself whose eyes cannot decipher the tiny print in some of these new charts, the top faucets listed are:

  • Commodity – 36.2 trillion
  • Bounty Prizes – 22.9 trillion
  • Incursion Payouts – 11.7 trillion
  • ESS Bounty Payouts – 9.5 trillion
  • Trig Invasion Payouts – 8.6 trillion
  • Agent Mission Rewards 3.3 trillion

All of those are down a little bit, though commodities most of all, which were off by 8 trillion compared to January.  No event with commodities to turn in for February shows there.

The over time chart shows the decline more starkly.

Feb 2022 – Top Sinks and Faucets Over Time

With the NPC bounties and ESS payouts, where there are a couple of things in play.  First, CCP “fixed” an issue with the Dynamic Bounty System the bounty risk modifier to crash down to 50% in a lot of systems.  And then there was the Russian invasion of Ukraine, which caused the concurrent player count to drop off some, especially in early EUTZ.

With commodities it might not be as simple, as the commodity breakout chart shows.

Feb 2022 – Top Commodity Items Over Time

There is actually a spike on the red line, which is where event commodities get counted, so perhaps the Guardian’s Gala did have some turn ins.  The Sleeper turn-ins though, those seemed to have slipped mid-month, though they recovered towards the end.

But commodities are odd, and Sleeper components especially, because they don’t get counted when they drop, only when they get turned in.  If some big WH group got lazy for a week and didn’t go to k-space to turn things in, they might impact the line.  Maybe.

Meanwhile, for regional stats, here were the top locations for NPC bounties:

  1. Vale of the Silent – 2.33 trillion (Fraternity)
  2. Delve – 2.02 trillion (Imperium)
  3. The Kalevala Expanse – 1.83 trillion (PanFam)
  4. Fountain – 1.40 trillion (Imperium)
  5. Malpais – 942 billion (PanFam)
  6. Querious – 931 billion (Imperium)
  7. Catch – 921 billion (Imperium/Others)
  8. Insmother – 909 billion (FI.RE)
  9. Outer Passage – 882 billion (TEST)
  10. Tribute – 864 billion (Fraternity)

The usual null sec suspects are on that list, ratting away, filling up war chests for some future war… unless we’re getting one under way even as I write this.

And, February actually saw a net reduction of ISK in the game according to the ISK faucets and sinks chart.

The Feb 2022 balance of ISK

Faucets still well out paced sinks, but the “Active ISK Delta,” which is ISK removed from the game by CCP or excluded due to accounts being inactive for a set period of time (was it six months?) over came the faucets to end up with less ISK effectively in game at the end of February.

Finally, on the ISK front, we got an updated velocity of ISK chart, which goes out further into the historical data than the previous one, giving us a five year run rather than just two years.

Feb 2022 – Velocity of ISK

I am not a fan of this measurement, if only because of the “Active ISK Delta” from the image above, where CCP kind of gets to say how much ISK is in the game.  But the five year chart is a little more illustrative and worth a look even once.  But then you put the money supply chart next to it… well, below it I guess… now that they both run five years together and you can see how supply and velocity don’t always move as dramatically at the same time.

Feb 2022 – Money Supply

Of course, if money supply goes down and velocity goes down at the same time, as it does most recently… well, that raises questions.

Mining and Mining Related Things

And now the mining part of the post, where there are all sorts of bits and pieces of data.

As I noted last month, CCP has gone to a volume basis for measuring mining, saying that was a better way to see what was going on, but then they still give us their estimated ISK value of mining as well, in two different places.  First, there is the chart up in the Production section at the start of the post which has a line for mining.

The data for that chart indicates that 27.58 trillion ISK in value was mined, which is down more than 5 trillion ISK from January.  Quite a fall.

Then there is the new regional economic data chart, which one assumes represents the “good” data that CCP says it uses.  There is no .csv file for that, but if you go tally up the mining totals by hand… which I did… you get 22.46 trillion ISK in value.

Feb 2022 – Summary of Regional Stats

The gap between the two numbers is about 5 trillion ISK, which was the same amount it was last month.  I will watch that in months to come, but that could be the gap in the different data collections because, as I will point out when it comes to gas mining numbers below, regional stats DO NOT include wormhole space, and people apparently live there and do things.

Who knew?  Maybe we should count them.

CCP also gives us a mining value by region chart, so we get two versions of the same data, because both this and the other regional chart align in values, though the round at different degrees of precision.

Feb 2022 – Mining Value by Region

That chart is nicely in order from largest to smallest, so we can see the top ten regions.  But, in case you cannot read that tiny print, here are the top ten:

  1. Delve – 1.39 trillion (Imperium)
  2. Vale of the Silent – 1.31 trillion (Fraternity)
  3. The Forge – 954 billion (High Sec)
  4. Metropolis – 928 billion (High Sec)
  5. Domain – 874 billion (High Sec)
  6. Outer Passage – 776 billion (TEST)
  7. The Kalevala Expanse – 763 billion (PanFam)
  8. Fountain – 757 billion (Imperium)
  9. Etherium Reach – 673 billion (PanFam)
  10. Malpais – 661 billion (PanFam)

That, by the way, is exactly the same list of regions as last month, in almost the same order.  All of them were down from January, as one would expect given the totals were down as well.

The there is the volume mine by resource type, which comes in four flavors.

Asteroid Ore

The top ten regions for that were:

  1. Sinq Laison – 2.49 billion m3 (High Sec)
  2. Metropolis – 2.38 billion m3 (High Sec)
  3. The Forge – 2.27 billion m3 (High Sec)
  4. Lonetrek – 2.22 billion m3 (High Sec)
  5. Domain – 2.14 billion m3 (High Sec)
  6. Heimatar – 2.03 billion m3 (High Sec)
  7. Delve – 1.63 billion m3 (Imperium)
  8. The Citadel – 1.45 billion m3 (High Sec)
  9. Tash-Murkon – 1.37 billion m3 (High Sec)
  10. Everyshore – 1.26 billion m3 (High Sec)

Asteroid mining is very much a high sec thing now, save for Delve, where the Imperium does persist with mining anomalies.

The over time chart below reinforces this, with high sec mining being in blue.

Feb 2022 – Asteroid mining over the last 12 months by volume mined

Null sec is red, and that tiny orange band is low sec.  CCP can shift around ore all they want, people just aren’t going to mine there I guess.

Gas Mining

This is primarily a wormhole space thing, though CCP did add more k-space gas sites.  So the over time chart shows

Feb 2022 – Gas mining over the last 12 months by volume mined

Gas not mined in wormhole space appears to mostly come from null sec and low sec, though a bit is mind in high sec.  The top regions, which do not include wormhole space, were:

  1. Delve – 23.38 million m3 (Imperium)
  2. Aridia – 17.05 million m3 (Low Sec)
  3. Placid – 17.02 million m3 (Low Sec)
  4. The Forge – 14.67 million m3 (High Sec)
  5. Lonetrek – 13.97 million m3 (High Sec)
  6. Vale of the Silent – 13.79 million m3 (Fraternity)
  7. Solitude – 11.45 million m3 (High/Low Sec)
  8. Fountain – 10.25 million m3 (Imperium)
  9. Outer Ring – 9.31 million m3 (NPC Null Sec)
  10. Derelik – 8.86 million m3 (High/Low Sec)

Again, the Imperium puts in the effort and mined its gas producing constellation hard.

For ice mining, like asteroid mining, high sec is where the action is, though more null sec areas appear on the list because ice means fuel for capital ships.  The split is between those two regions.

Feb 2022 – Ice mining over the last 12 months by volume mined

As for the top regions, in February they were:

  1. Metropolis – 3.00 billion m3 (High Sec)
  2. The Forge – 2.89 billion m3 (High Sec)
  3. Delve – 2.33 billion m3 (Imperium)
  4. Everyshore – 1.88 billion m3 (High Sec)
  5. Vale of the Silent – 1.76 billion m3 (Fraternity)
  6. Domain – 1.56 billion m3 (High Sec)
  7. Lonetrek – 1.49 billion m3 (High Sec)
  8. The Kalevala Expanse – 1.34 billion m3 (PanFam)
  9. Kador – 1.09 billion m3 (High Sec)
  10. Solitude – 1.02 billion m3 (High Sec)

Moon Mining

The final of the four resource gathering charts, moon mining seems like it would be a majority null sec, but those 0.5 security high sec systems, where moon mining is possible, add up.

Feb 2022 – Moon mining over the last 12 months by volume mined

As I noted last time, low sec isn’t a moon mining power at all.

The top regions for moon mining in February were:

  1. Delve – 3.63 billion m3 (Imperium)
  2. Vale of the Silent – 3.09 billion m3 (Fraternity)
  3. Domain – 2.47 billion m3 (High Sec)
  4. Outer Passage – 2.00 billion m3 (TEST)
  5. Insmother – 1.89 billion m3 (FI.RE)
  6. The Forge – 1.70 billion m3 (High Sec)
  7. Metropolis – 1.59 billion m3 (High Sec)
  8. Etherium Reach – 1.52 billion m3 (Imperium)
  9. Fountain – 1.46 billion m3 (High Sec)
  10. The Citadel – 1.38 billion m3 (High Sec)
  11. Detorid – 1.36 billion m3 (PanFam)

As you can see, the big groups have moon operations going, but key high sec regions, especially around the trade hubs of Jita and Amarr, are active to keep those supplied.

And where did all of that put mineral prices?

Feb 2022 – Economic Indices

It looks like they are creeping back up.  Not a lot, but they are still well above an pre-2020 historical high by quite a lot.

With mining we will have to see if the compression mechanics introduced last week will boost interest in mining… or if the ongoing war in Ukraine will keep enough players unable to play to have an impact.  I fear the war won’t be over soon.

Since I often refer back to the previous months, I will take up linking the previous three (or so) at the end of each MER post.

And, of course, you can always click on the Monthly Economic Report tag on the site and scroll down to see all past posts.

And, as usual, if you want to see the data and all the other charts… and I only include a few in these posts… you can find them in the download package with the MER dev blog.

The January EVE Online Monthly Economic Report with More Data Format Changes

After getting two MERs last month… well, three if you count the December redo of mining data… the January 2022 MER landed this week with some more changes to data formatting.

EVE Online nerds harder

There is some extraneous data in some of the .csv files and some new HTML versions of the charts in the mix now.  The latter are kind of cool as you can mouse over to see data broken out, but I can’t embed them in my posts, so they are not that much use except for data extraction, and we need them for that because CCP appears dead set against giving us the new mining data in .csv format.  (CCP Larrikin did respond in /r/eve about the changing data formats (scroll down to the next message), but nothing about the lack of raw data to go with the pretty new HTML charts.)


January saw production rise from 109 trillion ISK in value in December to 130 trillion ISK in value in January according to the regional data.

Jan 2021 – Production vs Destruction vs Mined

Unfortunately, there is a pretty wide discrepancy between the regional data and the data provided that is used to create the chart above, which shows production, destruction, and mining value.  That data shows only about 90 trillion ISK in production.

That is still up from the 83 trillion the same data set shows for December, but it still brings into question the consistency of the data provided by CCP.

As for the regional data, if we take that to be the gospel, shows the following topping the production list.

  1. The Forge – 24.69 trillion (High Sec)
  2. Delve – 14.6 trillion (Imperium)
  3. Vale of the Silent – 9.29 trillion (Fraternity)
  4. Lonetrek – 8.46 trillion (High Sec)
  5. The Citadel – 8.27 trillion (High Sec)
  6. Domain – 5.06 trillion (High Sec)
  7. Fade – 4.92 trillion (We Form V0LTA)
  8. Sinq Laison – 4.55 trillion (High Sec)
  9. Heimatar – 3.5 trillion (High Sec)
  10. Malpais – 3.29 trillion (PanFam)

As for why production was up, January did see the Doctor Who event run for most of the month and it required players to produce filaments as part of the event, so I am going to guess that was a part of the jump.


January saw destruction about on par with the December numbers.  The big battle over the loot pinata in R-ARKN in Esoteria didn’t seem to boost the numbers that much, though players stole more than they destroyed.

Overall the regional stats report about 34 trillion ISK destroyed in January, up from 33.25 trillion ISK in December, while the production/destruction/mining data puts destruction at 33.66 trillion ISK, which is about as close as CCP ever comes to reconciling those two tables.

The regional data puts the following regions in the top ten for destruction.

  1. Vale of the Silent – 2 trillion
  2. The Forge – 1.92 trillion
  3. Lonetrek – 1.7 trillion
  4. Delve – 1.49 trillion
  5. The Citadel – 1.41 trillion
  6. Esoteria – 1.28 trillion
  7. Pochven – 1.27 trillion
  8. Metropolis – 1.24 trillion
  9. Sinq Laison – 1.11 trillion
  10. Genesis – 1.02 trillion


Total trade was valued at 623 trillion ISK, up from the 604 trillion ISK number in December though, once again, the Doctor Who event had elements that encouraged players to buy and sell on the market, and it was often necessary early on in the event to buy some of the more rare drops that way, so it no doubt helped move the total up a bit.

The top ten regions were the usual suspects.

  1. The Forge – 450 trillion (Jita)
  2. Domain – 47.33 trillion (Amarr)
  3. Lonetrek – 17.78 trillion (Caldari High Sec)
  4. Sinq Laison – 16.57 trillion (Dodixie)
  5. Delve – 15.46 trillion (Imperium)
  6. Metropolis – 10.22 trillion (Hek)
  7. Heimatar – 8.07 trillion (Rens)
  8. The Kalevala Expanse – 7.09 trillion (PanFam)
  9. Vale of the Silent – 5.21 trillion (Fraternity)
  10. Essence – 4.46 trillion (Gallente High Sec)

ISK Faucets

Show me the money.  And there was money flowing into New Eden as usual, as the top of the sinks and faucets chart shows.

Jan 2022 – Faucet end of the chart big chart

For those like me whose old eyes struggle with tiny print, even when that image is enlarged, the top items are:

  • Commodity – 44.2 trillion
  • Bounty Prizes – 23 trillion
  • Incursion Payouts – 12.5 trillion
  • ESS Bounty Payouts – 9.7 trillion
  • Trig Invasion Payouts – 8.7 trillion
  • Agent Mission Rewards 3.6 trillion

Commodities are down a bit from December, though up still from November.  But both December and January had events that help feed that number.

The chart of sinks and faucets over time looks like this for January, with a post-event drop off at the end of the month for commodities.

Jan 2022 – Top Sinks and Faucets Over Time

Commodities, broken out into the various flavors.

Jan 2022 – Top Commodity Items Over Time

You can see where the event items get lumped under Overseer Personal Effects, the line that spikes for the events in December and January.

The one that remains interesting to me is the Bounty Encrypted Bones line, which come from both ESS bank thefts and ESS Reserve Bank thefts.  You have to turn them in to an NPC to get your payout, so no doubt some get destroyed on the way, but that line remains somewhat low… maybe 30 billion ISK an increment… relative to the trillions of ISK that were in the reserve banks when CCP put the keys in game last July.  There was talk of big payouts and alliances said they were going to nationalize reserves banks in certain regions.  But six months later things remain a bit dry on that front.  The keys are annoying to acquire, the locations are random when you do, and the payout for a single key is rather small.  Rather than a pipeline of riches it feels more like a soda straw of bonds being siphoned off.

And then there are the bounties, which in the regional stats add up to a total of 30.67 trillion ISK, but 32.7 trillion ISK in the cropped chart at the top when you add bounties and ESS payouts.  Some day this will all add up on different charts, but today is not that day.

The top regions for bounties according to the regional stats were:

  1. Vale of the Silent – 2.37 trillion (Fraternity)
  2. The Kalevala Expanse – 2.02 trillion (PanFam)
  3. Delve – 1.85 trillion (Imperium)
  4. Fountain – 1.66 trillion (Imperium)
  5. Malpais – 1.06 trillion (PanFam)
  6. Querious – 982 billion (Imperium)
  7. Tribute – 940 billion (Fraternity)
  8. Oasa – 939 billion (Fraternity)
  9. Insmother – 925 billion (FI.RE)
  10. Catch – 912 billion (Imperium/Others)

Again, some of the usual suspects as Fraternity, PanFam, and the Imperium work to fatten up their ISK reserves in this time of relative peace.

Mining and Mining Related Things

The part of the MER that has gotten more complicated, the place where some data in .csv files would go a long way towards making analysis easier.

To start with, we still have the ISK value of mined materials in the production/destruction/mined chart up at the top of the post.  That totals out to 32.84 trillion ISK.

But we also have a new chart with the MER that shows the ISK values for various stats per region, which mostly matches the regional stat data in the .csv file, but which also includes mining value as well, something no longer in the .csv file.

Jan 2022 – Summary of Regional Stats

If you expand that image to full size and tally up the values shown for mining, you get 27.79 trillion ISK, if I have added it up correctly.  That is about a 5 trillion ISK gap, and I would tend to favor the value from the new chart, since that would seem to be one drawing from new data sources as CCP Larrikin mentioned.

That is also kind of a low number.  Not as bad as the 16.48 trillion ISK in the first version of the December MER that CCP subsequently replaced, but still a good 10 trillion ISK shy of the November number, which again makes one wonder about the mining changes and the alleged prosperity we’re supposed to be reaping.

There is also another new chart that ranks the regions by value.

Jan 2022 – Mining Value by Region

That lines up with the other new chart, and gives another digit of precision, so we can get a top ten out of that pretty easily.

  1. Delve – 1.94 trillion (Imperium)
  2. Vale of the Silent – 1.35 trillion (Fraternity)
  3. The Forge – 1.04 trillion (High Sec)
  4. Metropolis – 1.02 trillion (High Sec)
  5. Domain – 958 billion (High Sec)
  6. Outer Passage – 946 billion (TEST)
  7. Malpais – 891 billion (PanFam)
  8. Fountain – 834 billion (Imperium)
  9. The Kalevala Expanse – 797 billion (PanFam)
  10. Etherium Reach – 761 billion (PanFam)

Save for Delve, those are all down noticeably from the pre-patch numbers in November.

And then there are the new numbers, which are by volume and which do not come with data broken out in a .csv file.  I don’t have the patience to go through all the regions, one by one, in the HTML version to get a tally.  I need to get some sleep at night.  But I did grab the top ten regions for each output.

First there is Asteroid Mining.

  1. Sinq Laison – 2.66 billion m3 (High Sec)
  2. Metropolis – 2.24 billion m3 (High Sec)
  3. Lonetrek – 2.18 billion m3 (High Sec)
  4. Heimatar – 2.02 billion m3 (High Sec)
  5. Domain – 2.00 billion m3 (High Sec)
  6. The Forge – 1.99 billion m3 (High Sec)
  7. Delve – 1.80 billion m3 (Imperium)
  8. The Citadel – 1.40 billion m3 (High Sec)
  9. Tash-Murkon – 1.39 billion m3 (High Sec)
  10. Essence – 1.18 billion m3 (High Sec)

That is looking like a high sec focused list, with only Delve making the cut outside of safe empire space.

Over time Asteroid mining looks like:

Jan 2022 – Asteroid mining over the last 12 months by volume mined

The volume is up a bit, but that waste mark at the bottom starting in December shows how much is just falling by the wayside.

For gas harvesting the top ten regions by volume were:

  1. Aridia – 15.60 million m3 (Low Sec)
  2. Placid – 15.28 million m3 (Low Sec)
  3. Delve – 14.77 million m3 (Imperium)
  4. Lonetrek – 14.54 million m3 (High Sec)
  5. The Forge – 13.60 million m3 (High Sec)
  6. Vale of the Silent – 12.54 million m3 (Fraternity)
  7. Outer Ring – 11.37 million m3 (NPC Null Sec)
  8. Curse – 10.40 million m3 (NPC Null Sec)
  9. Solitude – 10.31 million m3 (High/Low Sec)
  10. Fountain – 8.90 million m3 (Imperium)

That is more of a mix of regions, with high, low, and null sec all on the list.  It is nice to see low sec at the top of a chart now and then.

Gas mining over time looks like:

Jan 2022 – Gas mining over the last 12 months by volume mined

What that chart shows is that maybe CCP needs to make wormhole space a region by itself for these charts, as it gets completely missed in the regional listing.  The violet color is wormhole space, and it is clearly the gas huffing center of New Eden.

As mentioned last month, gas got a boost back in April with the industry revamp, which explains that spike.

For ice mining the top regions were:

  1. Metropolis – 3.30 billion m3 (High Sec)
  2. The Forge – 2.95 billion m3 (High Sec)
  3. Delve – 2.71 billion m3 (Imperium)
  4. Vale of the Silent – 1.64 billion (Fraternity)
  5. Domain – 1.64 billion m3 (High Sec)
  6. Lonetrek – 1.57 billion m3 (High Sec)
  7. Everyshore – 1.56 billion m3 (High Sec)
  8. Kador – 1.28 billion m3 (High Sec)
  9. The Kalevala Expanse – 1.02 billion m3 (PanFam)
  10. Tash-Murkon – 834 million m3 (High Sec)

This is more of a mix of high sec and some key null sec regions.  Ice over time looks like:

Jan 2022 – Ice mining over the last 12 months by volume mined

Ice volume continues to trend up.  As with the gas chart, there is a spike on the ice chart, this time in September, which is related to CCP increasing ice availability after the jump fuel crisis at the end of World War Bee when suddenly thousands of capital ships needed to travel across New Eden.

Finally there is moon mining, and the top ten regions for that:

  1. Delve – 5.09 billion m3 (Imperium)
  2. Domain – 3.26 billion m3 (High Sec)
  3. Vale of the Silent – 3.00 billion m3 (Fraternity)
  4. The Forge – 2.16 billion m3 (High Sec)
  5. Outer Passage – 2.01 billion m3 (TEST)
  6. Insmother – 1.93 billion m3 (FI.RE)
  7. Metropolis – 1.83 billion m3 (High Sec)
  8. Kador – 1.81 billion (High Sec)
  9. Genesis – 1.75 billion (High Sec)
  10. Querious – 1.53 billion m3 (Imperium)

The surprise there isn’t that Delve is on top… busy bees are mining day and night… but that so many primarily high sec regions made the cut.  Granted, they all have some low sec systems, where moon mining can take place, but otherwise such mining is only allowed in 0.5 security status systems.

Moon mining over time looks like:

Jan 2022 – Moon mining over the last 12 months by volume mined

That chart shows that a) there are clearly some mining operations on the same cycle causing those regular spikes and b) low sec doesn’t really enter into it as the vast majority of moon mining is null sec and high sec.

And so it goes.  Anyway, as I always mention, these charts and many more are available with the download package that is part of the MER blog post.

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The EVE Online November and December 2021 Monthly Economic Reports, Technical Difficulties, and Mining Data Changes

We got a double tap of Monthly Economic Reports from CCP, with the long overdue November MER and the December MER both landing the week before last.

EVE Online nerds harder

The delay was blamed on “technical difficulties,” though that seemed to apply mostly to the December MER.  I am not sure what went wrong with November.

As for the December MER issues, those were around the mining yield, no doubt due to the changes that were part of the big New Dawn permanent austerity plan.

As I noted on the previous Friday Bullet Points post, CCP disavowed the mining numbers in the original December MER, which showed a huge drop in mining output since the patch, put up a chart without any data that showed mining was actually up, then promised to revise the December MER.

I will give them credit in that they did, in fact, publish a revised December MER.  What it tells us… well… I will get to that in the mining section, where I will review November, the original December numbers, and what CCP has given us since.  I’ll save that for last, since that is where things go off the rails.


Dec 2021 – Production vs Destruction vs Mined

Production remains well below where it sat before industry changes made battleships and capital hulls much more expensive to produce.  CCP Ratatti remained confident at the “No Question Taken” Q&A stream after the tepid Winter Update that players would fall into line eventually.

Production in November rang in at 90.4 trillion ISK in value, about where it was in October, with the following regions in the top ten producers:

  1. The Forge – 17.15 trillion
  2. Delve – 9.55 trillion
  3. Lonetrek – 6.3 trillion
  4. The Citadel – 6 trillion
  5. Vale of the Silent – 4.82 trillion
  6. Fade – 3.58 trillion
  7. Sinq Laison – 3.55 trillion
  8. The Kalevala Expanse – 3.1 trillion
  9. Domain – 3.03 trillion
  10. Placid – 2.28 trillion

December actually saw a bit of an uptick in production, coming in at 109.19 trillion ISK in value, though there were new blueprints and new modules to research and produce as part of the New Dawn “prosperity” patch.

  1. The Forge – 19.61 trillion
  2. Delve – 13.51 trillion
  3. Lonetrek – 7.65 trillion
  4. The Citadel – 7.2 trillion
  5. Vale of the Silent – 7.12 trillion
  6. Fade – 3.73 trillion
  7. Sinq Laison – 3.69 trillion
  8. Domain – 3.27 trillion
  9. The Kalevala Expanse – 3.18 trillion
  10. Heimatar – 2.87 trillion

In addition, the Imperium also had an expensive new homeland defense fleet doctrine announced anchored on black ops battleships, so there was a ramp up in producing those, which no doubt had some impact.  I’ll probably return to the doctrine in another post as I bought one of those ships myself.

There was also the Winter Nexus event in play during the holidays, which tends to see a rise in player presence in the game.


As always, the life’s blood of New Eden, the thing that keeps the economy alive and pumping out replacement ships and modules.

November saw 31.44 trillion ISK in destruction recorded, about on par with October, with the following regions in the top ten:

  1. The Forge – 1.97 trillion
  2. The Citadel – 1.46 trillion
  3. Pochven – 1.31 trillion
  4. Lonetrek – 1.25 trillion
  5. Pure Blind – 1.22 trillion
  6. Delve – 1.11 trillion
  7. Vale of the Silent – 1.05 trillion
  8. Metropolis – 1.02 trillion
  9. The Kalevala Expanse – 963 billion
  10. Sinq Laison – 909 billion

December saw destruction rise slightly to 33.2 trillion ISK in value, with the top regions being:

  1. The Forge – 2.17 trillion
  2. Lonetrek – 1.76 trillion
  3. The Citadel – 1.65 trillion
  4. Pochven – 1.41 trillion
  5. Vale of the Silent – 1.31 trillion
  6. Sinq Laison – 1.08 trillion
  7. Delve – 1.08 trillion
  8. The Kalevala Expanse – 1.03 trillion
  9. Metropolis – 990 billion
  10. Pure Blind – 910 billion

Regions surrounding Jita, along with Pochven, seem to be holding on to the top spots.


In November trade in New Eden was valued at 562 trillion ISK in value, down about 30 trillion ISK from the October number, which in turn was down about 16 trillion ISK from September, a post war trend where reduced destruction, increased prices, and CCP imposed scarcity continue make their combined weight felt.

The top ten regions were mostly the usual suspects:

  1. The Forge – 408.56 trillion (Jita)
  2. Domain – 43.03 trillion (Amarr)
  3. Delve – 17.67 trillion (Imperium)
  4. Sinq Laison – 14.65 trillion (Dodixie)
  5. Lonetrek – 14.17 trillion (Caldari High Sec)
  6. Metropolis – 9.22 trillion(Hek)
  7. Heimatar – 6.90 trillion (Rens)
  8. The Kalevala Expanse – 6.43 trillion (PanFam)
  9. Insmother – 4.27 trillion (FI.RE)
  10. Vale of the Silent – 4.08 trillion (Fraternity)

December saw a reversal of the downward trend as players join in on the Winter Nexus, which injected quite a bit of ISK into the economy, as we’ll see in a moment.  So the total trade amount went up by 42 trillion ISK from November, totaling 604 trillion ISK in value, putting it about on par with the September number.

Again, the usual suspects inhabit the list, though there is always one wildcard region:

  1. The Forge – 428 trillion (Jita)
  2. Domain – 49 trillion (Amarr)
  3. Lonetrek – 18.7 trillion (Caldari High Sec)
  4. Delve – 16.87 trillion (Imperium)
  5. Sinq Laison – 16.06 trillion (Dodixie)
  6. Metropolis – 10.21 trillion (Hek)
  7. Heimatar – 7.45 trillion (Rens)
  8. The Kalevala Expanse – 6.54 trillion (PanFam)
  9. Vale of the Silent – 5.16 trillion (Fraternity)
  10. Essence – 4.62 trillion (Gallente High Sec)

ISK Faucets

Time for two months worth of money talk… that means clips from two charts before I get going.

Nov 2021 – Faucet end of the chart big chart

Dec 2021 – Faucet end of the chart big chart

Once again, a curse on whoever made those charts with such tiny text.

But for the two months the big numbers, in trillions of ISK, were

  • November
    • Commodity – 38.6
    • Bounty Prizes – 22
    • Incursion Payouts – 12.2
    • ESS Bounty Payouts – 9.4
    • Trig Invasion Payouts – 7.6
    • Agent Mission Rewards 3.1
  • December
    • Commodity – 46.7
    • Bounty Prizes – 24.7
    • Incursion Payouts – 13.2
    • ESS Bounty Payouts – 9.2
    • Trig Invasion Payouts – 8.6
    • Agent Mission Rewards 3.1

That adds on to the sinks and faucets over time chart for December.

Dec 2021 – Top Sinks and Faucets Over Time

There you can see the effect of the Winter Nexus event as commodity payouts went up by about 8 trillion ISK in December.  With the commodity faucet chart below you can see that the Overseer Personal Effects were dropping from the event, so those became the top commodity in December.

Dec 2021 – Top Commodity Items Over Time

I expect that, come the January MER, should we get one, that commodities will be boosted once again, this time by the Doctor Who cross over event which, among other things, drops items you can turn in for ISK.

Meanwhile, on the NPC bounties front, November saw a total 29.28 trillion ISK paid out according to the regional stats, which are again not in alignment with the faucets numbers up above.  Missing regions from the data?  Maybe.  The top regions were:

  1. Vale of the Silent – 2.22 trillion (Fraternity)
  2. Delve – 1.88 trillion (Imperium)
  3. The Kalevala Expanse – 1.60 trillion (PanFam)
  4. Fountain – 1.49 trillion (Imperium)
  5. Detorid – 986 billion (FI.RE)
  6. Esoteria – 970 billion (AOM)
  7. Outer Passage – 891 billion (TEST)
  8. Malpais – 887 billion (PanFam)
  9. Oasa – 886 billion (Fraternity)
  10. Querious – 847 billion (Imperium)

December saw the NPC bounty payouts rise slightly to 30.09 trillion ISK, though again the regional stats are not aligned with the faucets listing above.  The top regions were:

  1. Vale of the Silent – 2.17 trillion (Fraternity)
  2. Delve – 1.77 trillion (Imperium)
  3. Fountain – 1.56 trillion (Imperium)
  4. The Kalevala Expanse – 1.35 trillion (PanFam)
  5. Tribute – 1.05 trillion (Fraternity)
  6. Malpais – 1.01 trillion (PanFam)
  7. Catch – 921 billion (Imperium/Others)
  8. Oasa – 919 billion (Fraternity)
  9. Querious – 918 billion (Imperium)
  10. Outer Passage – 811 billion (TEST)

We have a series of usual suspects here as well now I suppose.  Vale and Delve have been vying for supremacy for a while now, but there are some other regions in the running.


As noted above, I saved mining for last because it is the most complicated this time around.

Just for openers, CCP seems to have dropped the short term economic indices chart, which was a bit more granular, so I will swap to the all time chart, which at least gives a historical perspective.

Dec 2021 – Economic Indices

As you can see, mineral prices, while down from their peak, remain at an all time high thanks to scarcity.

And, when it came to mining, November was a normal month… well, a month in what had become normal with minerals being reduced by 90% over the last year.  37.77 trillion ISK in mineral value was mined, with the top regions being:

  1. Delve – 1.99 trillion (Imperium)
  2. Vale of the Silent – 1.93 trillion (Fraternity)
  3. Fountain – 1.52 trillion (Imperium)
  4. Insmother – 1.42 trillion (FI.RE)
  5. Detorid – 1.18 trillion (FI.RE)
  6. Malpais – 1.06 trillion (PanFam)
  7. Etherium Reach – 1.03 trillion (PanFam)
  8. Providence – 980 billion (somebody lives there I guess)
  9. The Forge – 961 billion (High Sec)
  10. Genesis – 935 billion (High Sec)

Then came December and the imposition of the New Dawn permenant austerity plan, and things start to get screwy.

First, the original December MER.

The regional stats showed that a mere 16.48 trillion ISK in value was mined in December, less than half of November’s total, with the top regions looking like:

  1. Vale of the Silent – 853 billion (Fraternity)
  2. Delve – 849 billion (Imperium)
  3. Fountain – 810 billion (Imperium)
  4. Outer Passage – 652 billion (TEST)
  5. The Forge – 651 billion (High Sec)
  6. Malpais – 648 billion (PanFam)
  7. Metropolis 546 billion (High Sec)
  8. Domain 545 billion (High Sec)
  9. Querious – 476 billion (Imperium)
  10. The Kalevala Expanse – 461 billion (PanFam)

Not a single region with over a trillion ISK mined, something of a milestone.

However, then there is the mined/produced/destroyed data, which is used to generate that chart I use every month to look at production.  That data says that 27.55 trillion ISK in mineral value was mined in December.

Quite a disparity.  There are a couple regions missing from the December regional data, but that would not come close to explaining over ten trillion ISK worth of mining output.  Could it have been the new waste mechanic in action already?  If so, it was a bigger nerf than expected.

People pointed this out to CCP as proof that the New Dawn continuing austerity plan was killing off mining.  The CCP response was surprise… because they never check the data before they post it… and then denial.  A chart was posted in the MER discussion thread to show that mining was in fact up, though what the chart actually represented was unclear and no underlying data was included.

CCP says mining was great in December

Then last Thursday we got the updated December MER and… well… some things changed and some things did not.  The mined/produced/destroyed chart and data were unchanged, still indicating that 27.55 trillion ISK in mining was done in December.

But there were some new, more granular charts.  Per the update:

The Mining Value by Region data has been replaced by eight new graphs showing Asteroid Ore, Moon Ore, Ice, and Gas Volumes mined – as well as the residue numbers. You can expect this information for all future Economic Reports.

My first thought was that this was going to turn this into an apples vs. oranges comparison where CCP could claim whatever they wanted.  But at least we were getting some new data to work with.  Or so I hoped.

However, the result was different than I had expected.  As part of the mining report change they altered the new charts so that they are measured solely in cubic meters mined.  Apples, meet oranges.

Now, I will say that makes some sense when compared to the ISK value previously used, which had to reflect both volume and price fluctuations.  However, it makes every cubic meter or ore mined equal to every other, regardless of value.  It also really draws a hard line in comparisons; there is what came before December and then there is everything going forward from December, and the two cannot really be compared because CCP says the old data is bad and measures the new data differently.

Also, the new data, sticking to the usual CCP script, is missing some regions.  I’m sure somebody must be mining at least one moon in Omist, while the list of regions for gas mining seems noticeably shorter than its sibling graphs.  And this is supposed to be the “good” data that CCP tells us they work with.

Also, as a further kick in the nuts, CCP did not include the raw data used to create these charts, so I had to pick the data out of the HTML versions.  It also makes getting overall totals quite arduous when compared to just summing up a column in a spreadsheet.  But that is the way that CCP wants it.

So now we have the following charts for December.

First there is asteroid mining by region.

Dec 2021 – Asteroid mining by region by volume mined

The top ten regions for asteroid mining:

  1. Sinq Laison – 2.47 billion m3 (High Sec)
  2. Metropolis – 2.14 billion m3 (High Sec)
  3. Lonetrek – 2.03 billion m3 (High Sec)
  4. The Forge – 2.00 billion m3 (High Sec)
  5. Domain – 1.67 billion m3 (High Sec)
  6. Heimatar – 1.64 billion m3 (High Sec)
  7. Delve – 1.63 billion m3 (Imperium)
  8. Tash-Murkon – 1.35 billion m3 (High Sec)
  9. The Citadel – 1.28 billion m3 (High Sec)
  10. Essence – 1.18 billion m3 (High Sec)

Nine of the top ten regions are in high sec, but since CCP took away all the asteroid belts in null sec, Delve made the cut on mining anomalies I guess.  Otherwise, that is just a thing mostly done in high sec.

Then there is asteroid mining over time.

Dec 2021 – Asteroid mining over the last 12 months by volume mined

First, the chart only goes back 12 months, so doesn’t provide as much insight as one might hope.  That puts the data set mid-mining nerfs and in the middle of a null sec war over one of the otherwise most active economic regions, Delve.

Also, it isn’t shaping up to be a big increase in mining overall since the patch.  Yes, some more mining was clearly done, but most of the increase went into residue, or waste as it ought to be called.

Then we have gas mining by region:

Dec 2021 – Gas mining by region by volume mined

This is more mixed, with null sec, low sec, and high sec regions in the top ten.

  1. Delve – 12.68 million m3 (Imperium)
  2. Aridia – 11.40 million m3 (Low Sec)
  3. Fountain – 10.46 million m3 (Imperium)
  4. Placid – 10.37 million m3 (Low Sec)
  5. The Forge – 9.72 million m3 (High Sec)
  6. Lonetrek – 9.44 million m3 (High Sec)
  7. Vale of the Silent – 9.00 million m3 (Fraternity)
  8. Solitude – 8.63 million m3 (High/Low Sec)
  9. Cloud Ring – 7.94 million m3 (Misc Null Sec)
  10. Derelik – 7.03 million m3 (High/Low Sec)

Overall gas mining over time shows.

Dec 2021 – Gas mining over the last 12 months by volume mined

There is a spike in April as new gas mining options appeared and were part of the requirements for building battleships and capital ships.  Once again, the volume does not appear to be up that much in December unless you allow for the wasted effort of residue indicated at the bottom of the chart.

Then there is ice mining by region.

Dec 2021 – Ice mining by region by volume mined

The mix in the top ten is high and null sec regions, with the top ten being:

  1. Metropolis – 2.48 billion m3 (High Sec)
  2. The Forge – 2.42 billion m3 (High Sec)
  3. Delve – 2.34 billion m3 (Imperium)
  4. Vale of the Silent – 1.75 billion (Fraternity)
  5. Domain – 1.21 billion m3 (High Sec)
  6. Lonetrek – 1.21 billion m3 (High Sec)
  7. Fountain – 1.20 billion m3 (Imperium)
  8. Kador – 938 million m3 (High Sec)
  9. The Citadel – 676 million m3 (High Sec)
  10. Malpais – 631 million m3 (PanFam)

Overall ice mining over time shows the following.

Dec 2021 – Ice mining over the last 12 months by volume mined

September was when CCP put ice back in belts… which was timely because there was a huge capital fuel bind as thousands of capital ships were convoying home as World War Bee ended.  Again, December doesn’t look exceptionally up from November, and is weighed down by the amount of waste being shown.

The big dip at the start of December is said to be a combo of a problem with ice belts spawning after the patch and the fact that the Winter Nexus event offered ice to mine and was considerably more lucrative than normal belts.  The latter makes me wonder if CCP will attempt to steer the economy via events going forward in order to inject this or that into the economy.  I mean, they have already straight up handed out ISK for a login event when numbers were way down, so why not ice or ore or whatever?

Finally, there is moon mining.

Dec 2021 – Moon mining by region by volume mined

The top ten there were:

  1. Delve – 2.94 billion m3 (Imperium)
  2. Vale of the Silent – 2.49 billion m3 (Fraternity)
  3. Domain – 2.49 billion m3 (High Sec)
  4. The Forge – 2.02 billion m3 (High Sec)
  5. Outer Passage – 1.71 billion m3 (TEST)
  6. Fountain – 1.59 billion m3 (Imperium)
  7. Insmother – 1.54 billion m3 (FI,RE)
  8. Querious – 1.45 billion m3 (Imperium)
  9. Kador – 1.37 billion (High Sec)
  10. Genesis – 1.35 billion (High Sec)

Delve and Vale of the Silent are the top two regions, but they are followed by Domain and The Forge, which are both high sec regions, because moon mining is allowed in high sec in systems that have 0.5 security status.

Then there is the overall for moon mining.

Dec 2021 – Moon mining over the last 12 months by volume mined

Now here is the one segment where mining was, in fact, up.  CCP has made a blanket statement that mining was up overall since the patch, but the data they have provided seems more accurately stated as moon mining was up and other areas were reasonably flat since the patch, the wasted effort represented by residue.

Anyway, new charts, new data, and a new year under way.  We’ll see where this goes.

Friday Bullet Points for EVE Online about the CSM, the December MER, and Doctor Who

I am going to have to go back and check, but I think EVE Online has gotten the most Friday Bullet Points entries over the life of this particular feature.  No doubt at some point I’ll be bored and go back and do a summary of these summary posts, but not today.  Today, with the 59th edition of Friday Bullet points, we’ll just go straight to New Eden.

  • Progodlegend Steps Down from the CSM

In a surprise turn yesterday, Progodlegend (PGL) posted an announcement that he would be stepping down from the Council of Stellar Management, EVE Online’s elected player council.  The CSM has seen its share of membership drama, and there was a stretch where somebody got booted by CCP at least once a term.

This time however personal reasons were listed for the departure.  PGL has certainly had a full year.  He and Vily both led TEST into World War Bee and are often seen as the prime instigators of the war.  While the initial stages of the war went fine, the whole thing bogged down into a stalemate for months and led to the PAPI coalition tiring of the whole thing.  As a result TEST lost its old territory in null sec in addition to its captured holdings and ended up having to retreat to Outer Passage in the distant northeast of null sec, as far from the Imperium as they could go.  If you had to pick an alliance that lost the war, TEST would be a prime candidate.

Since then the alliance has struggled to find its way, with some key groups leaving the alliance.  Vily abandoned the alliance to join Pandemic Horde and now PGL is stepping away from the game for a while as well.

As PGL has served most of his term, this cycle will count towards his eligibility if he chooses to run again for CSM17.

Arsia Elkin is the next in line for a seat based on the CSM16 election results, being the final candidate eliminated, and has been brought on board the council.


We should be coming up to the point where we’re talking about the CSM17 elections soon.

  • CCP Disavows the December MER

CCP released the Monthly Economic Reports for November and December this week, claiming that technical issues had delayed them.

The MER is this odd labor of CCP, where they care enough to post it every month, but don’t care enough to check it for errors before they do so.  So there are issues almost every month.  Often whole regions are missing from the regional data.

While the November MER had the usual spate of issues, the December MER was problematic enough for CCP to actually sit up and take notice after many complaints.

December 7th saw the imposition of the New Dawn Quadrant permanent scarcity plan mining changes… the economic beatings will continue until morale improves… so many eyes were on it to see just what impact the update would have.

The December MER, as published, showed an almost catastrophic drop in mining done in New Eden, undermining CCP’s “prosperity” promises yet again.  Again, I am not sure why CCP doesn’t even glance at the MER before they post it, but now they are promising an updated version.

Just a quick MER update!

The Mining Values in the December MER are inaccurate. Attached is a graph comparing Volume of Ore mined – that is ore that is successfully mined (aka after residue). Intentionally absent is the Winter Nexus Event Ice, so that a proper comparison can be made to previous months.

The teams are looking at what caused the issue for the December MER Mining Values and will have an updated MER with more accurate information as soon as it is available.

Included with that note was a graph showing mining was up in December, though no data or further context was provided.

CCP says mining was great in December

CCP’s performance on the economy and absolute determination to implement their plan while ignoring any feedback has led to mistrust on the part of many players.  We will see if we actually do get an updated MER.  CCP’s track record on that is fairly unsubstantial as well… I think they have done so once, and only because they included the wrong month’s graphs in the archive.

  • Updates for the Interstellar Convergence

The Doctor Who / EVE Online crossover event, the Interstellar Convergence, kicked off yesterday.

I actually got out there right away and… the going was a bit rough.  The event sites, which you need to scan down, were fairly rare on the ground and people were tackling those that appeared rapidly.  Since components and blueprints from these sites are required in order to advance into the event… as well as being part of the event that new players can access… their scarcity seemed like an odd design choice. (So does making new players learn how to probe down sites, but that is another story.)

I did manage to get a couple of blueprint drops and was able to get into the next level of the event twice.  It was very pretty, if elusive.

Out in one of the second level sites in my Heron

In addition, while I managed to grab three blueprints for the filament that brings players to the third round of the event, I was not able to manufacture any because the drop rate for one of the components, the Strange Matter Component Y-79, was so low as to make them almost unobtainable.  I say “almost” because somebody was finding them now and then, and they were going for a mint on the market in Jita.  I declined to spend a few hundred million ISK on the filament.

However, today’s patch notes promises some relief for those attempting to participate in the event.

  • Small miscellaneous balance updates have been implemented for the Interstellar Convergence combat filament encounters.
  • Improved the text describing the difficulty levels in the Show Info descriptions of the Warp Matrix Filaments.
  • Increased the spawn rates of the Warp Matrix Convergence relic signature for the weekend to help accommodate the initial rush in the event.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Strange Matter Component Y-79 drop rate to be far too low, causing bottlenecks in Warp Matrix Filament manufacturing.

As always, we hope today will be better than yesterday, and tomorrow better still.  I just hope they are not in a hurry to dial back the relic sites too quickly.  If you want new players in that part of the event, making them a pain to even find does not seem to be a winning strategy.

Then again, making them more available might not be representative of the reality of the game.

Vale of the Silent Leads Null Sec in the October EVE Online Monthly Economic Report

The Monthly Economic Report for October dropped last week and, while Delve is back near the top of the charts for economic activity in null sec, the Imperium’s recovery is still lagging behind Fraternity’s economic efforts in its main region.

EVE Online nerds harder

So we might as well get right into the numbers.


In September we saw Genesis at the top of the chart with 2.15 trillion ISK mined.  The region is made up of both high and low sec empire space, and it vaulted to the number one spot with a combo of high sec mining along with Dock Workers attempting to set up a low sec mining operation.

October changed the picture, with the top ten regions being:

  1. Vale of the Silent – 2.67 trillion (Fraternity)
  2. Delve – 2.11 trillion (Imperium)
  3. Branch – 1.96 trillion (Fraternity)
  4. Etherium Reach – 1.80 trillion (Pan Fam)
  5. Fountain – 1.51 trillion (Imperium)
  6. Querious – 1.37 trillion (Imperium)
  7. Catch – 1.36 trillion (Imperium & neutrals)
  8. Outer Passage – 1.29 trillion (TEST)
  9. Malpais – 1.27 trillion (Pan Fam)
  10. The Kalevala Expanse – 1.21 trillion (Pan Fam)

It looks like the Dock Workers plans fell through, and for the first time in a long stretch null sec again occupies the top ten slots for mining.  There was a point during the war when high sec completely dominated the list, but the war is clearly over.

Fraternity led the way in Vale of the Silent, which is their primary home region now which, along with Branch mined a combined 4.63 trillion ISK.  While Vale of the Silent eclipsed Delve, overall Imperium mining exceeded 5 trillion ISK in value if we add in a bit from Catch. (4.99 trillion without Catch.)  PanFam pulled a good 4.28 trillion ISK in minerals out of their regions, while TEST, alone in Outer Passage, is trying to crank up to recover from its complete defeat in World War Bee with 1.29 trillion ISK mined.

Overall mining output in October was valued at 45.72 trillion ISK, up more than 12 trillion ISK from September.  That means the total m3 mined was probably considerably more than the previous month because the price of minerals, and ore has no value aside from what the market is willing to pay, was down a bit in October.

Oct 2021 – Economic Indices

It is possible that we will see the total amount mined go up when we get the November MER next month as people try to grab what they can before the New Dawn “age or prosperity” lands and solidifies the starvation economy with nerfs and time sink mechanics.  There is not much time left to mine with Rorquals.

Or maybe the number will go down if all those people who said they were unsubscribing their Rorqual alts carry through on the threat.  Mineral prices will probably hold or even go up a bit as people stockpile due to uncertainty.


Where mining leads, production follows… sort of… or not really.

Production, which saw a bit of a rise due to the post-war building boom as regions… mostly Imperium… had to be rebuilt, slid back a bit as that tapered off and no large war stepped in to consume ships and materiel.

Oct 2021 – Production vs Destruction vs Mined

Capital ships remain too costly to build so few are being risked, and those that do die on the field are being replaced by stocks built before the huge industry nerf hit in April.

Overall production totaled out to 92.59 trillion ISK, down by about 8 trillion from September, with the top ten regions being:

  1. The Forge – 17.54 trillion
  2. Delve – 8.72 trillion
  3. Lonetrek – 6.86 trillion
  4. The Citadel – 6.23 trillion
  5. Vale of the Silent – 5.76 trillion
  6. Sinq Laison – 3.72 trillion
  7. Fade – 3.67 trillion
  8. Domain – 3.03 trillion
  9. The Kalevala Expanse – 2.74 trillion
  10. Malpais – 2.43 trillion

The Forge, Lonetrek, and The Citadel are always the big three as they all serve the Jita market.  Delve remained strong, though it was down from more than 11 trillion ISK last month.


Destruction drives production, but while production was down, destruction remain flat, totaling up to about 31.78 trillion ISK, close to the 31.41 trillion ISK destroyed in September.  That likely means that the decline in production was more about the post-war building boom fading than the lack of a serious war.

The top ten regions for destruction were:

  1. The Forge – 2.04 trillion
  2. The Citadel – 1.65 trillion
  3. Lonetrek – 1.49 trillion
  4. Vale of the Silent – 1.31 trillion
  5. Delve – 1.21 trillion
  6. Pochven – 1.11 trillion
  7. Metropolis – 1.04 trillion
  8. Genesis – 993 billion
  9. Pure Blind – 987 billion
  10. Sinq Laison – 950 billion

The Forge, Lonetrek, and The Citadel are big in production and destruction as traffic to and from Jita provides the most lucrative targets for suicide gankers.


Trade totaled up to 591.65 trillion ISK in value, down about 16 trillion from September, which isn’t a huge drop.  The top ten regions for trade were:

  1. The Forge – 436.66 trillion (Jita)
  2. Domain – 43.21 trillion (Amarrr)
  3. Delve – 15.30 trillion (Imperium)
  4. Sinq Laison – 15.07 trillion (Dodixie)
  5. Lonetrek – 15.07 trillion (Caldari High Sec)
  6. Metropolis – 8.83 trillion (Hek)
  7. Heimatar – 7.74 trillion (Rens)
  8. The Kalevala Expanse – 6.27 trillion (PanFam)
  9. Vale of the Silent – 4.53 trillion (Fraternity)
  10. Essence – 4.04 trillion (Gallente High Sec)

Those are the same ten regions, in the same order, as last month.  Trade hubs and large coalitions will tend to dominate this list, though Jita alone is more than 70% of the total.  I do still wonder what is driving trade in Essence.  It isn’t a region I know.

ISK Faucets

And, finally, the “show me the money” part of the summary, though some of the “show” part requires me to put on my glasses because the charts are in tiny eye-strain inducing font sizes.

The cropped off top of the big sinks and faucets chart shows commodities still at the top of the list.

Oct 2021 – Faucet end of the chart big chart

That shows commodities ringing in at 35.2 trillion ISK, while Bounty Prizes and ESS payouts combined add up to 31 trillion ISK.  Bounties are catching up again.  Then there are incursions and Triglavian invasions, which add up to 21.9 trillion ISK.

Here is the chart of the top ten sinks and faucets over time.

Oct 2021 – Top Sinks and Faucets Over Time

You can see… if you click on it to see it full size… that the commodity line tends to be some what bursty, which is probably due to the nature of the rewards, which have to be brought to an NPC station in empire space to be converted into ISK.  Bounties tend to be smoother over time, only changing rapidly due to CCP intervention (you can see the blackout dip and where the ESS system was made mandatory), and a few peaks that probably related to wars, but otherwise it tends to be smoother on a day to day basis.

The other line of interest on the chart is the transaction tax, which got a huge spike after a three month tax holiday.  CCP changed around the tax structure so now broker’s fees, the bit that players can collect in player controlled stations, are lower while the transaction tax, which is a sink everywhere, is much higher.  More of CCP trying to fix the economy, though in a more benign way in this case.  Making the Tranquility Trading Tower such a lucrative enterprise was probably a mistake on CCP’s part.

On the commodities front, Sleeper drops from wormhole ratting remain the top commodity.

Oct 2021 – Top Commodity Items Over Time

Then, for NPC bounties, the top regions were:

  1. Vale of the Silent – 2.15 trillion (Fraternity)
  2. Delve – 1.72 trillion (Imperium)
  3. The Kalevala Expanse – 1.53 trillion (PanFam)
  4. Fountain – 1.31 trillion (Imperium)
  5. Outer Passage – 1.15 trillion (Fraternity)
  6. Malpais – 991 billion (PanFam)
  7. Esoteria – 978 billion (Army of Mango)
  8. Querious – 976 billion (Imperium)
  9. Oasa – 932 billion (Fraternity)
  10. Insmother – 901 billion (FI.RE)

Vale of the Silent took first place in both mining and ratting this month, but that was mostly due to activity dropping in Delve, which had 2.22 trillion ISK in September, than from any increase from Fraternity.

The regional data shows a total of 29.64 trillion ISK gained from bounties and ESS payouts, which is close to, but not the same as, the 31 trillion the sinks and faucets chart and data shows, and I don’t think we were even mission a region in the data this month.  Either way, that is pretty close to what is was in September.

And so it goes, another month in New Eden.

As usual you can find this information and more by downloading the raw data and charts from the MER dev blog.


The September MER Shows EVE Online in a Post War Mining Boom

CCP was out early this month, getting the September MER posted before the end of the first full week.

EVE Online nerds harder

Unfortunately we have another MER with a missing region, and I don’t just mean Pochven, which has yet to make the cut.  This time around Period Basis did not get included.  Regions have gone missing in the report in the past and that is apparently a small enough error in CCP’s eyes that they won’t bother with a revision.  Period Basis isn’t a huge region, so its absence won’t tilt the numbers dramatically.  Just know that it isn’t there.


I expect that we will see Delve in the top five for September and that overall mining value will go up with the changes we saw in last week’s update, where ice availability was doubled and Mercoxit spawns were increased.

-From my August MER Review

I made that minor prediction last month and it seems to have come to pass.  It is nice to be right now and then, even with a gimme prediction.

Overall mining output jumped from 21.95 trillion ISK value mined in August to 32.77 trillion ISK value mined in September.

When it comes to the most productive regions, Delve did indeed bubble up into the top five as expected, landing in the number two position.

  1. Genesis – 2.15 trillion
  2. Delve – 1.80 trillion
  3. The Kalevala Expanse – 1.69 trillion
  4. Vale of the Silent – 1.51 trillion
  5. Fountain – 1.39 trillion
  6. The Forge – 1.38 trillion
  7. Metropolis – 1.11 trillion
  8. Domain – 1.07 trillion
  9. Malpais – 908 billion
  10. Syndicate – 874 billion

The odd one on the list is Genesis, an empire region with a mix of high and low sec systems.  According to Reddit, Dock Workers and some allies are setting up a mining empire there.  But overall null sec regions now represent half the list, a change from June 2020 after the big mining nerf, when 9 of the 10 top regions were high sec.

Meanwhile, mineral prices kept to their decline, no doubt helps along with the boost in Mercoxit spawns which should have helped the morphite shortage.

Sep 2021 – Economic Indices

Since the value of minerals mined is a function of the market price, 30 trillion ISK in ore mined in September is still less ore than 30 trillion ISK mined two years back when the price was very low.  We will see if the increased output can keep pace with the falling prices.


Things still have not kicked up much on the production front since the big industry changes back in April.  It still doesn’t make sense to produce many of the ships whose requirements were changed, capital ships especially, so most people are getting by on what they had before the update.

September 2021 – Production vs Destruction vs Mined

There was a bit of a post-change surge as it looked like there was going to be an epic end battle to the war, and that has carried on somewhat with the Imperium rebuilding its regions while Brave and TEST try to settle down into new space far from Delve.

CCP showed production value overall at 101.98 trillion ISK, up about 5 trillion over August.  I expect that might settle down a bit once the post-war rebuilding effort cools off.

The top regions for production in September were:

  1. The Forge – 19.26 trillion
  2. Delve – 11.47 trillion
  3. Lonetrek – 7.44 trillion
  4. The Citadel – 7.38 trillion
  5. Vale of the Silent – 7.28 trillion
  6. Sinq Laison – 3.95 trillion
  7. Fade – 3.85 trillion
  8. Domain – 3.07 trillion
  9. The Kalevala Expanse – 2.99 trillion
  10. Placid – 2.81 trillion

As always, The Forge, Lonetrek, and The Citadel all feed the Jita market and are always in the top five.  Delve was up slightly in amount, but otherwise stuck in second place due to the rebuilding effort in the region.


The was was over in August, but there was still plenty of cleanup work going on… I was on two Keepstar kills in September… the war was mostly over and so the destruction level started to trend down a bit, dropping to 31.41 trillion ISK, about 5 trillion down from August.  The top regions were:

  1. The Citadel – 2.01 trillion
  2. Vale of the Silent – 1.74 trillion
  3. The Forge – 1.66 trillion
  4. Delve – 1.35 trillion
  5. Metropolis – 1.34 trillion
  6. Lonetrek – 1.31 trillion
  7. Genesis – 1.09 trillion
  8. Esoteria – 1.07 trillion
  9. Sinq Laison – 1.04 trillion
  10. Geminate – 995 billion

The Citadel is up top, being home to Uedama, the favored ganking choke point in high sec since the Trigalvians took Niarja away from us last year.  It is the place where Catalyst destroyers blow up.

MiniLuv keeps itself busy.

Vale of the Silent is home to a low grade conflict, while The Forge was more ganks.

Delve is on the list, mostly due to remaining clean up and an opportunistic period during the rebuild.  You have to hold the ihub in a system for 35 days before you can start putting up Ansiblex jump gates.  Once up, travel becomes considerably safer.  During the wait for that a few groups took advantage of people gating for travel and got in some kills.


ISK keeps New Eden going, but trade was down a bit in September, ringing in at a 607 trillion ISK total, down  40 trillion from August.  The top regions for trade were:

  1. The Forge – 449 trillion (Jita)
  2. Domain – 43.55 trillion (Amarr)
  3. Delve – 16.73 trillion (Imperium)
  4. Sinq Laison – 15 trillion (Dodixie)
  5. Lonetrek – 14.74 trillion (Caldari High Sec)
  6. Metropolis – 9.27 trillion (Hek)
  7. Heimatar – 7.34 trillion (Rens)
  8. The Kalevala Expanse – 6.21 trillion (PanFam)
  9. Vale of the Silent – 4.98 trillion (Fraternity)
  10. Essence – 4.34 trillion (Gallente High Sec)

Those are the same ten regions in the same order as August, so things have carried on as before.  Some were down a bit, a few were up, but it was mostly the same.

ISK Faucets

And then there is where the money all comes from.

Sep 2021 – Faucet end of the chart big chart

That is hard to read, I know, even if you view it full size.  Somebody at CCP has much better eyes than mine if they’re making charts with such tiny print.

But the current order of things stayed about the same in September, with commodities remaining the top faucet, bringing in 35.7 trillion ISK.  NPC bounties and ESS payouts combined stayed about the same as last month, ringing in at 29.47 trillion ISK.  I suspect the Period Basis numbers would have bumped that up a bit more.

Sep 2021 – Top Sinks and Faucets Over Time

Going into September NPC bounties and commodities were running neck and neck, and then CCP had an in-game event and commodities saw a spike as people turned in their drops.

Missing from that top ten chart are Redeemed ISK Tokens, which saw a huge spike previously, enough for that to break into the chart, knocking blueprints off the list.  Well, now that most people have redeemed their tokens, it is off and blueprints are back on.  I guess that means the chart isn’t really the “top ten sinks and faucets over time” but “this months top ten sinks and faucets and their three year history.”

For commodities, you can see how they are broken out on this chart.

Sep 2021 – Top Commodity Items Over Time

The event items fell into the Overseer’s Personal Effects line, boosting that up as the month closed out.  Triglavian Data, which are drops from Abyssal Pockets, fell off a bit during that as people swapped to the more lucrative event path.

As for NPC bounties, Delve continued its come back, topping the list for September.

  1. Delve – 2.22 trillion (Imperium)
  2. Vale of the Silent – 2.11 trillion (Fraternity)
  3. Outer Passage – 1.45 trillion (TEST)
  4. The Kalevala Expanse – 1.39 trillion (PanFam)
  5. Fountain – 1.34 trillion (Imperium)
  6. Malpais – 1.06 trillion (PanFam)
  7. Tenal – 956 billion (Fraternity)
  8. Querious – 951 billion (Imperium)
  9. Oasa – 911 billion (Fraternity)
  10. Tribute – 891 billion (Fraternity)

The null sec blocs are back to crabbing to prepare for the next big war.  It is the necessary prerequisite if your going to burn trillions of ISK a month in a campaign.


The August MER and the End of the War in EVE Online

Time once again for a look at the New Eden economy as CCP posted the August monthly economic report for EVE Online late last week.

EVE Online nerds harder

August saw the end of World War Bee.  After the great PAPI summer lull, when the told line members to take some time off and we saw daily activity follow them out of the game, the coalition announced a final push against the Imperium, threw some subcaps against 1DQ1-A, then promptly began their retreat from Delve.

From there it was a time to clean up and return to normalcy, or something like it.  So let’s go through the usual categories and see what happened in August.


While the final battle in 1DQ1-A resulted in a mere 340 billion ISK in destruction, blowing up the many PAPI structures left over in the region boosted the destroyed amount, putting Delve at the top of the region list once again.

  1. Delve – 4.27 trillion
  2. The Forge – 2.33 trillion
  3. The Citadel – 2.12 trillion
  4. Lonetrek – 2.08 trillion
  5. Vale of the Silent – 1.42 trillion
  6. Sinq Laison – 1.37 trillion
  7. Querious – 1.27 trillion
  8. Catch – 1.1 trillion
  9. Genesis – 1.04 trillion
  10. Metropolis – 905 billion

You can see the effects of some of the clean up in Querious and the cyno beacon trap in Catch that added to the 36 trillion ISK in destruction that took place in August.  That was up 9 trillion from July.  With the war over, I expect we will see that number dip once more with the September MER.


The end of the war saw a bit of a boost in production as well as parties settled down and began rebuilding for the next war.

August 2021 – Production vs Destruction vs Mined

You can see the red line pulling upward again after having dropped off in April with the industry changes.  Overall a total of 94 trillion in ISK value was produced, up almost 13 trillion from July.  The top regions were:

  1. The Forge – 18.27 trillion
  2. Delve – 11.38 trillion
  3. The Citadel – 7.08 trillion
  4. Lonetrek 7.04 trillion
  5. Vale of the Silent – 5.27 trillion
  6. Sinq Laison – 3.81 trillion
  7. Fade – 3.36 trillion
  8. Domain – 3.1 trillion
  9. Placid – 2.77 trillion
  10. The Kalevala Expanse – 2.74 trillion

The regions feeding Jita, The Forge, The Citadel, and Lonetrek, dominate still, but Delve managed to clinch second place as the Imperium ramped up production to rebuild the region shattered by the war.


Mineral prices changed a bit as the war ended, falling slightly.

Aug 2021 – Economic Indices

That would have seemed like a big change in past eras, but after the starvation spike it feels like a normal fluctuation.  A total of 21.95 trillion in ore was mined, up about 1.5 trillion from July, with the top regions being:

  1. Vale of the Silent – 1.43 trillion
  2. The Forge – 997 billion
  3. Domain – 979 billion
  4. Metropolis – 800 billion
  5. Fountain – 775 billion
  6. Insmother – 641 billion
  7. Malpais – 576 billion
  8. Lonetrek – 565 billion
  9. Sinq Laison – 538 billion
  10. Deklein – 531 billion

Delve was down in 14th position, which isn’t bad considering the need to install moon mining structures and the need to raise ADMs to get upgrades so that mining anomalies would spawn.  I expect that we will see Delve in the top five for September and that overall mining value will go up with the changes we saw in last week’s update, where ice availability was doubled and Mercoxit spawns were increased.  That is the first step away from CCP’s economic starvation plan.


The market also saw a jump in August.  I am sure all those players trying to buy fuel to move their capital ships added to that number.  There was a total of 647 trillion in transaction recorded, up from 513 trillion in July.  That is quite a significant rebound.

The top regions were:

  1. The Forge – 471 trillion (Jita)
  2. Domain – 51.36 trillion (Amarr)
  3. Delve – 25.81 trillion (Imperium)
  4. Sinq Laison – 16.15 trillion (Dodixie)
  5. Lonetrek – 13.41 trillion (Caldari High Sec)
  6. Metropolis – 9.62 trillion (Hek)
  7. Heimatar – 7.09 trillion (Rens)
  8. The Kalevala Expanse – 5.15 trillion (PanFam)
  9. Vale of the Silent – 4.62 trillion (Fraternity)
  10. Essence – 4.21 trillion (Gallente High Sec)

All of those regions, save for Heimatar, were up, with the top three being up significantly as the economy shifted back into gear after the early summer slump.

ISK Faucets

I have left the most interesting for last and we might as well get right to the Redeemed ISK Token entry.  Last month that line on the faucets chart spiked dramatically as CCP handed out 235 million ISK in login rewards to players with Omega accounts.  The main spike finished in August and then fell off as the month carried on.

Aug 2021 – Top Sinks and Faucets Over Time

The sudden prominence of that line last month led some to believe that it only tracked the ISK tokens that were redeemed as part of the login event, myself included.

Following that logic, with the event over and most of the redemption likely concluded, the assumption was that the 25,869,509,165,000.00 ISK that line represented in July and August could be neatly divided by 235 million to give us a minimum number of Omega accounts active in EVE Online.

That gives you a minimum of 110,000 subscribers to the game.

However, nothing is ever that easy.  That Redeemed ISK Token line runs back into 2020 on the chart, and while it isn’t significant amount, it does mean that it isn’t all from that one event.  The Nosy Gamer did some research on that line item.  The upshot is that there are other things that feed into that line.  I pulled the data from the source file in the MER and found that from July 1st through July 26th, that line accounted for close to 20 billion ISK in payouts before the login event occurred.  That isn’t a lot relative to the trillions that the event adds in, but it isn’t nothing either.

Still, that 110,000 floor for subscribers seems to be fairly solid.  While a far cry from the 400K subscriber count the company was reporting in 2012, relative to titles of its age not named World of Warcraft, the game is doing pretty well.  The list of aging MMOs that would like to have 110K paying subscribers is pretty long.

Otherwise the faucets were the usual suspects.

Aug 2021 – Faucet end of the chart big chart

You can see that commodities are still in the top position, with bounty prizes lagging behind as has been the case for the last year or so.  Overall bounties were up by about 4.5 trillion ISK, with a total of 29.14 trillion ISK being collected.  But if you look at the sinks and faucets over time chart above, which shows daily activity, you will see bounties making a surge towards the end of the month as people settled into a more normal peacetime roles.

Tiny little crop

It is very possible, given that trend, that we might see bounties back on top as the primary ISK faucet come September.

As for where bounties are coming from, these were the top ten regions:

  1. Vale of the Silent – 2.46 trillion (Fraternity)
  2. Delve – 2.43 trillion (Imperium)
  3. The Kalevala Expanse – 1.47 trillion (PanFam)
  4. Tenal – 1.12 trillion (Fraternity)
  5. Malpais – 1.07 trillion (PanFam)
  6. Insmother – 1.02 trillion (FI.RE)
  7. Esoteria 953 billion (AoM)
  8. Oasa – 940 billion (Fraternity)
  9. Tribute – 908 billion (Fraternity)
  10. Branch – 886 billion (Fraternity)

Fraternity is still leading the way on NPC bounties, but Delve surged back on the list in the the back half of the month as work on raising ADMs continued.  Delve could climb back to the top of the list, though Fraternity’s diverse holdings will likely still add up to more ISK income over time.

And, finally, on the commodities front, one of the big questions was whether or not that estimated 20 trillion ISK sitting in ESS reserve banks would suddenly be let loose on the New Eden economy.  The chart says… not so much.

Aug 2021 – Top Commodity Items Over Time

While looking at the yellow line clearly shows an uptick in redemption of the encrypted bonds that both ESS banks and reserve banks yield when you rob them, relative to other commodities it wasn’t a huge impact.

Of course there have been ongoing issues getting the actual reserve bank keys, the fact that reserve banks have been “nationalized” in a number of regions, and the rather slow payout mechanism involved with robbing reserve banks that keep that number from suddenly jumping into the trillions.

Something to keep an eye on as time goes by.

Other items of note, going back up to the sinks and faucets line chart, you can see the brokers fee and transaction tax changes that CCP put in place reflected in the chart as well as a rise in the asset safety recover tax as people get their stuff out of hock after the war.

That is all I have for August.  As always you can find all the charts and data at the dev blog for the MER.