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Friday Bullet Points NOT About WoW Classic

I have been all about WoW Classic for a stretch now.  The run up to the launch, less than two weeks ago still, probably made that seem even longer.  But other things have been going on, a few of which I want to note in passing, which gets us to another Friday Bullet Points post.

  • Fallen Earth Falling

I had to dig around a bit to find anything here about Fallen Earth.  I have some very vague recollections in the back of my brain and some references in a post to playing in the beta just before the launch.  I also recall it going free to play at some point, but that happened to almost every MMO at some point between 2009 and now, didn’t it?

Since I paid so little attention to it over the years since then, you might have been able to convince me that it had already shut down.  But it hasn’t, though it is planning to.  The CEO put out a message in the forums that the state of the game was such that they plan to bring the game down come October 2, 2019.  There is hope that the downtime will allow the team to repair the game so as to bring it back at an unspecified future date.  We shall see if it returns from the dead or succumbs to the apocalypse.  Hell of a way to celebrate a decade online though.

  • LOTRO Legendary Carries On

Late last year my nostalgia obsession was the LOTRO Legendary, a fresh start experience from Standing Stone Games.  While very low effort when compared to WoW Classic, it too had queues, problems it had to patch, and ended up having to double its server count, though here it meant going from one to two servers.

A legend in its own something or other

I was enamored with it through the original content, but fell off the nostalgia wagon somewhere in the depths of Moria.  Not the first time that has happened to me.  But it carries on without me, having announced this week that the Rise of Isengard expansion has been unlocked on Anor and Ithil servers.

  • Homeworld 3 is Coming

In the pantheon of classic RTS games Homeworld and Homeworld 2 stand out as high points in the space based branch of the genre.  I never played either, but I swear every time half a dozen Naglfar’s undock in EVE Online somebody brings up the game as they look like a ship from it. (Some Nags shooting a Nyx for reference.)

In the everything old is new again way of video games these days, both titles have seen a remastered to bring them up to current standards.  But that isn’t enough.

Gearbox Publishing is working on Homeworld 3, which includes a crowdfunding campaign.  And, as down as I am on video game crowdfunding at this point, this looks to be of the better of the breed, being for a game that is mostly done… and which isn’t an MMO.  They asked for a dollar as a minimum and are now through the $600K mark.  It is basically a pre-order mechanism that lets you buy your way into possibly influencing the game some.  The game will ship and we’ll get a crack at it… and they haven’t announced it is an Epic Store exclusive or anything… this just allows you to get some special things early if you simply cannot contain yourself.  There is also an investment option if you care to drop $500 on the game and think it will do well.

There is also a trailer for the game up now as well.

  • Google Stadia is Coming to Fail

Google Stadia is still coming, being due out at some point in November, no doubt timed for the holiday shopping season.  It still isn’t for me, but the question is starting to become who is it really for?

Over at Gamasutra there is a blog post exploring that very question with the optimistic title Google Stadia Will Fail at Launch – Here is Why.  It brings up some of the initial questions about the service and then piles on a few more.  I suppose we’ll see when it launches.

  • EVE Echoes Alpha

Word is out that the alpha for the CCP/NetEase joint venture mobile game based on EVE Online has begun.  The progress toward alpha was announced early in August and it sounds like it kicked off on the 26th of last month.  Something else in the shade of WoW Classic.

From the sound of things, the functionality is quite limited, with docking and undocking, flying about, and simple combat being the focus of the test.

Image from a Reddit post about the alpha.

You have to create a solid foundation on which to build, so a simple start seems reasonable.  If you are interested in being part of the testing you can still sign up on the EVE Echoes site.

  • Origin Sells Out

Over at the Digital Antiquarian this week there is a post up about the acquisition of Origin Systems, the company founded by Richard “Lord British” Garriott, by Electronic Arts.

Rightly called Origin Sells Out, it is another in the line of tales I put under the heading of “The Madness of Lord British.”  He tried to work with EA, pulled out of that agreement, vilified EA for years, then sold the company to them for a boat load of cash.  The story covers the immediate impact of the sale, which wasn’t all bad, but which saw the Origin change and sets up for follow on posts about some titles that came out later.  Worth a read as a piece of video games history.

August in Review

The Site

Here we are for my 36th “month in review” post.  Let that be a warning that at some point next month there will be a “Hey, it’s been three years” post.

As for the site itself, I haven’t made much in the way of changes, so I’ll just gripe about the number 13.

I’m number 13 according to that little Blogflux Topsites tab thing down near the bottom of the right side-bar.

You know, this one.


I’ve been number 13 for over six weeks now, by my count.  On the Blogflux details page for this site the stats are up to date, but the list itself seems to be broken.  Not that I care all that much.  I had been as high as number 8 at times and well down in the 20s at others.  I like to measure things, even if it is pointless.

Anyway, if you know somebody at Blogflux, have them go kick the server or something to get the list unstuck.

One Year Ago

After what seemed like endless delays, Darkfall went looking for beta testers for real.  Many asked if this product would shed its “vaporware” reputation and see the light of day, and if the feature set would be anything close to what was promised.

Meanwhile Warhammer Online was rolling on towards release with a preview weekend.  I looked at races and classes as well as my general opinion of the game as I saw it.  I thought I was generally positive, though I wanted to be able to open up the quest log with a single keystroke.  Rabid fans sensed faint praise and whined a lot in the comments.  Still, Google liked me as I got the top spot for the search on “WAR Preview Weekend.” (And I still am the top result for that search! Imagine that.)

Suicide Ganking was the plague in EVE Online last year at this time.  I suggested that the Secure Insurance Commission be given the power to extract the cost of insurance payouts from high sec gankers as a way to make this “throw away character” exploit a bit less lucrative.  In the end, CCP just made CONCORD a bit more responsive to attacks right under their noses.

In WoW the instance group we were hitting level 70 and starting on the Caverns of Time dungeon Escape from Durnhold Keep. Instances were starting to get tough for us and it would take a revamp of our talents and some work on gear before we would be able to take on an at-level instance on the first try.

We went down to LEGOLand for vacation, but I left a vacation cliffhanger post to keep people amused.

LEGO Indiana Jones came out, and while it was a lot of fun, I wasn’t sure if it was worth list price.

And finally, people were fretting about Diablo III.  It was too colorful!  Internet petitions were deployed and accomplished what they generally do… nothing.

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Search Term of the Month

coilfang underdog
[It’s “underbog,” baby]

cmud crack
[This is actually a search term every month.  Come on people, CMUD isn’t that expensive.]


I finally finished up watching Day 1 and am a decent way into Day 2!  Despite the fact that every detail from the event has been posted in some way on the net, it is still interesting to watch.  Watching the Q&A sessions after panels gives me some hope for gamer sub-culture.  While we’re very focused on our hobby, many of us seem to be articulate, clear thinking, and not overweight.

Plus some of us can dance it seems.

Stereotypes begone!

I’m still waiting for Grunty the Murloc.  4-6 weeks they say.

EVE Online

It has been a month in the hanger for the most part in EVE Online.  I have been rounding out my skills and plotting future directions, but have spent very little time actually shooting or mining.

World of Warcraft

Being level 80 hasn’t killed WoW for me yet.  It has, however, made the game a little more like EVE Online in one very specific way.  Rather than there being the grand drive for the level cap where one follows a series of quests related to an over-arcing story, it is now much more of a find a goal and drive towards it.  Fortunately, for Blizzard, achievements are a very good source of goals, so several of us in the guild have been cranking along various paths outside of group time.

I am also surprised at the amount of gold one can accumulate just running around doing daily quests or cleaning up old quest lines.  Despite the fact that I have been spending gold pretty freely (for me) my player stats show that I am constantly raising the bar for that “most gold at one time” metric.

Will all this keep me going and interested until Cataclysm comes out?  I’d be surprised if it did.

Open Betas

I did go out and download Fallen Earth and Champions Online and give them each a try.  I’m just not sure I have anything of value to say about them, so I haven’t bothered to put up a post regarding either.

Fallen Earth kept me interested for a bit, though my character, which I tried to make look like me, ended up looking like Paul Sorvino circa 1990 wearing a velour warm-up suit.  I am not sure that is a good sign.  Anyway, the game didn’t quite hook me.  I might go back to it at a later date, but nothing about it engaged that “must play now!” mania that overtakes me when a really good game comes out.

Meanwhile, Champions Online just reconfirmed that I am not really a super hero person.  I thought, perhaps, if I could make the right hero it could work for me.  And I enjoyed making heroes.  The character creator in Champions Online is a step beyond City of Heroes/Villains.  But even controlling the likes of “Miss Anne Throwpee” and “Ruth Bader Killberg” couldn’t keep me going past the starter area.  It looks very much like a comic book.  The colors and art style really work for that.  But like City of Whatever, when I’m done with the character creator, I’m done with the game.

Coming Up

I will attempt to keep this from becoming an “All WoW All The Time” blog, despite the fact that WoW is pretty much what I have been playing of late.  I still have a pile of ancient gaming articles to write that should break up the Azerothness.

The wife and I will be going away for a couple days to celebrate our wedding anniversary, so expect some lag in posts.

And, as mentioned at the top, the third year of this blog is coming to a close.  It might be time to evaluate what I am doing.  Is this what I set out to do back in 2006?

What Genre is Our Post-Apocalyptic Future?

Fantasy is the impossible made probable.  Science Fiction is the improbable made possible.

Rod Serling

I was looking at Fallen Earth last night.  It is a new, post-apocalyptic MMORPG that is currently in open beta.  If you have a FilePlanet subscription, you are eligible to get in and play as of this week.

As I was going through the tutorial, I was thinking that here at last I was going to get another shot at a science fiction MMORPG, the genre I bemoaned the lack of in a post a year and a half back that still attracts heated comments now and again.

Then I mentally had to step back.  Something was really bugging me about that thought.  Is a game science fiction just because it is post-apocalyptic?

I mean, it can be.  Wikipedia says apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic fiction is a sub-genre of science fiction.  But I’ve had issues with how things get defined on Wikipedia before.  Whoever edits last and all that.

Certainly a future where SkyNet takes over and mankind is fighting a self-aware army of machines has all the hallmarks of science fiction.

But what if the apocalypse arrives by more mundane means?  What if it isn’t technology gone awry or aliens or anything that would fill the “science” bill for science fiction?  What if it is a pandemic or running out of oil or a season of American Idol so compelling that society falls due to neglect?  Is it still really science fiction then?

Of course, this then goes in the direction of defining science fiction, something many people a lot smarter or more creative than myself have taken a crack at.  A futile direction for me to travel.

So I stepped back one more pace.

Why was I trying to exclude Fallen Earth from the category of science fiction?

I think why my bias was driving me in that direction is that Fallen Earth isn’t the science fiction MMORPG I am looking for.  It is not the genre shaking beacon that will lead science fiction away from the fantasy MMORPG paradigm.  It isn’t that hope for the genre that I seek.

Not that it is necessarily a bad game.  I haven’t played it enough to judge the long term game play.  And it does seem reasonably polished and such.  But I’ll post about the game itself at some future date.

But it does wholeheartedly embrace the fantasy MMORPG paradigm.  The game certainly isn’t just Mad Max or Tank Girl pasted over WoW.  But anybody who had played WoW will recognize interface and draw almost all the correct conclusions about how to play.

And since it does not deviate from the fantasy MMORPG norms, something within me wants to deny it is science fiction at all, as irrational as that might sound.

I’ll keep playing Fallen Earth for now, but it isn’t that science fiction MMORPG messiah that will lead us to the gaming promised land.