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Gallente Federation Day and the Federation Grand Prix Return to EVE Online

The Gallente Federation Day events kick off today in New Eden.

Gallente Federation Day 2022

There are daily login rewards to celebrate the Gallente Federation.

You have 8 daily login gifts to claim over the next 12 days

As usual, those with Omega accounts get more rewards.

There are also the daily tasks, like visiting one of the Federation Day parade sites (located in Luminaire, Villore, Dodixie, Lirsautton, Alentene, Orvolle, and Octanneve) to launch fireworks at the assembled ships.

And then there is the annual Federation Grand Prix, which has you flying against the clock from the Luminaire system to various destinations.  Details for this year’s event from the patch notes:

  • This event challenges capsuleers to travel across New Eden to a series of landmark locations, with three courses beginning and ending in Luminaire.
  • The first journey around each of the three Grand Prix courses has no time limit, and completing the first loop around all three tracks will unlock all the season rewards including new Luminaire Zenith SKINs, Quafe Zero and new Grand Prix boosters, and new racing jackets!
  • Once the first journey around the circuits is complete, optional time trials become available to test your speed.
  • The top ten fastest Capsuleers for each of the three “extra lap” time trials will have their names added to a landmark in Luminaire for permanent bragging rights.
  • The first of the three routes can be completed entirely within high security space, and the second and third routes require competitors to enter lowsec space with optional journeys through nullsec.
  • WARNING: The Federation Grand Prix routes can be dangerous.  Hostile capsuleers may set up gate camps or smartbomb traps throughout the route. Competitors are encouraged to only fly ships they feel comfortable potentially losing. Careful warping and skillful evasive flying may be required to complete these routes.

There are also other informal and game related events being planned.

And, of course, there are special sales in the New Eden Store.  This time around there are some of the coveted police SKINs for Gallente ships.  Those are some of the best SKINs CCP has offered up.

Anyway, it has all been live since downtime today and will run through downtime (11:00 UTC) on June 28th.


Gallente Federation Day Returns to EVE Online

I suppose it should really be called Federation Week as related events run from today through until downtime on the 22nd.

Gallente Federation Week

But Federation Day celebrates the founding of the Federated Union of Gallente Prime in 23,121 CE, some 238 years ago in the timeline of New Eden.

As has become the norm, the event will feature a five day login reward campaign featuring SKINs, and skill points, and fireworks, and a few other items.

Federation Day Login Rewards

Per the norm, Omega characters get more stuff, though Alpha characters who upgrade during the event can go back and claim items they missed.

In addition, the daily tasks during the event will bring you to Gallente space to do things like launch fireworks at the Federation Navy fleet out on parade.

You can barely see fireworks next to a titan

There are also some new monuments that came in with the update today.

Battle of Iyen-Oursta

In addition there are mining blitz and Abyssal proving ground events related to Federation Day, along with some special SKINs being made available in the New Eden Store.  There are also SKINs being bundled in when you purchase PLEX during the event.

All the details can be found in the dev blog post.