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Some Time With WoW Classic

We’re getting to the end of the structured content in Valheim.  On that front, until there is a major update, we just have Yagluth to slay, and I’ve already gotten a taste of that fight.

And, while we’re not done there yet… I can still explore for hours and building out the main base is an ongoing home improvement project that, like many a DIY task, is getting done slowly on evenings and weekends… there isn’t a sens of urgency either.  Those covered areas of the map will still be there to explore tomorrow.

In WoW Classic, however, there is a bit of a push to get going.  The beta for Burning Crusade Classic has been running for a while now and the rumor is that the dark portal might get a date for opening in a few weeks.

The portal is not yet active… or green…

Meanwhile, as you log into WoW Classic, the game is up there and warning you about the impending change and the choices you will have to make when the pre-launch patch hits.

They let you know it is coming

The rumor for that is May 17/18, though one should treat such rumors with grave suspicion.  After all, the last rumor on that front pegged the expansion launch date as May 3/4, and seemed dubious even then.  And even the May 17/18 date could be affected by problems Blizz has had with the raid testing in the beta.  Still, the expansion is on its way.

With that looming, it felt like time to make sure I had things lined up for the big change.

I already have two characters ready for Outland.  My warrior, who tanks for the group, is level 59 and probably less than an hour’s effort from being level 60.   My main alt for most of WoW Classic, my hunter, is level 58, which is good enough for Outland, though I suppose I should work on level 60.  It wouldn’t be tough.

But my paladin, for whom I have an affinity, is still a bit behind.  I had raised him up to level 53 in my last burst of activity, but that was still well shy of where I would like him to be at the expansion launch, so it was time to get him out again.

First though, I had to get used to playing WoW again.  After a couple months of Valheim I have found myself used to how the controls there work.  Having to steer again with the WASD keys was a moment of “how do I do this?” as I wandered around.  For a while I kept hitting the TAB key for inventory.  And it will be some time before I stop holding down the shift key hoping that it will make me run faster.

At least I don’t have to manage that stamina bar.

That set I made my way to Felwood again to push ahead there.  Felwood is a bit of a challenge, if only because there is just the one flight point way up at the northern end, which makes coming and going when you’re not into the Timbermaw quests a long run.  And, that comes into play because you have to leave the zone for a couple of quests.

Off to the Barrens to update a quest

As I made my way further north in the quests, I started getting a little ahead of myself in levels, so swapped over to The Blasted Lands.  There I ran into a few quests that were just the sort of thing to gain some ground in levels.  I had to farm a set of mobs for drops.  While that seems grindy, it is the kind of grindy that is good if you’re in the right mood.  It is the sort of thing where you can put on a podcast or an audio book and just kill mobs, collect drops, and watch your experience bar climb.

The Blasted lands got me into level 54 and well on my way to level 55.  Eventually I ran down the quests there and headed back to Felwood and then into Winterspring to deliver a few messages which, in turn sent me around Azeroth some more.  Eventually that settled down and so I did as well, up at the north end of Felwood to attack the Deadwood furbolgs, the foes of the Timbermaw.

Clearing out the Deadwood

This, again, was a nice little grind where I could slay and recharge and listen to something on my headphones.  That moved me into level 55 and about a quarter of the way towards level 56 before I ran out of supplies and had to head back to town for some more mana refreshing drinks.

While I finished the basic quests, I may go back there and grind a little while longer.  I am about two thirds of the way to being neutral with the Timbermaw and the exp is still decent and the grind is pleasant in that very relaxing way.

Checking Up on Alts in WoW Classic

I have been mostly on about the instance group in WoW Classic for the last few months.  That is both because that is where I have spent most of my play time as well as the fact that the tales of the group tend to be nice, discreet stories that have a beginning and and end.  The paths of my alts, out in the world leveling up, tend to be messy, with starts and ends that are more a function of my play time available than having reached the end of a particular zone or quest line.

But I have carried on with alts, at least a couple of them.  As tends to happen, I rolled up a bunch of alts and some have fallen by the wayside.  I have a few still lingering in their 20s and another in his mid 30s.  I have kept up with two of them though.

One of them is Wilhelm, my paladin.  I thought he might have been a lost cause, as he hit something of a wall at about level 40 where at-level mobs were starting to get the better of him and grinding them out was starting to feel like a real grind, where he had to stop and recover after every fight.

However, at the end of Zul’Farruk a polearm, Khoo’s Point, dropped as a bind on equip item after a fight.  Nobody needed it so I asked if I could have it for Wilhelm and, as it turned out, it was just the thing he needed.  The boost in damage over what he had been swinging suddenly made him viable again and I got a few levels on him before I found another polearm at the auction house.

Wilhelm running down another quest

He has made it up to 45 and is about set to start poking about in Searing Gorge.

Then there is Tistann the hunter.  He is my main alt, so to speak, and also the guild leader.  I like to keep him up with or a bit ahead of the dungeon group.  He was my first character to get to 50 back in June.

Once he wrapped up Searing Gorge he had a quest to go out to Chillwind Camp in the Western Plaguelands, which actually has a couple of quests that were manageable at his level.  He grabbed those and the Argent Dawn commission, and killed some undead, but the quest chain there ramps up pretty quickly, so he got on the bird and headed elsewhere.

While the post-40 leveling process is known for sending you all over creation, you do get to settle down for a bit now and then.  In Un’goro Crater you can chase down some quests without too much running about… or at least running to other zones.  There is plenty of running about in the zone.

And some things running at you

After that it was off to Felwood, which is kind of a pain to get to in the first place.  And once you get there you get a work out again.

Felwood map

The quests start down in Emerald Sanctuary, but the objectives range further and further up the map.  The first quest is close by, but you end up hunting stuff all the way up around Felpaw Village, which can make for a long ride back and forth.  But at least you can grab the flight point, which is south of there.

While I think of Un’goro as an ideal place for my hunter, since he could skin, Felwood worked pretty well for me.  There are a lot of quests where some patience for grinding mobs will serve you well.  When I am in the mood, that can be quite relaxing.  You just carefully slay mobs and work your way to your target.

Made my way to Xavathras

There are some underground adventures as well, with the and escort quest in the mix, because of course there is.

Nobody can leave captivity without their stuff

And a couple of the quests send you off to other zones, which wouldn’t be so bad, but that flight point is a long way off still.  I actually ran to the Azshara flight point once, just to see if it was closer, but it is about the same distance.

Out to watch a ceremony before I ride, then fly, then ride for the turn-in

Eventually you get the quest that sends you on to Winterspring, which takes you through the Timbermaw tunnel, a location of some renown.  Fortunately, this was not my first Felwood rodeo, and being in no hurry, I went and ground out a bit of reputation with the Timbermaw Hold so that I did not have to fight my way through them.

Unfriendly means they don’t attack

I was able to run through the tunnel unmolested to start in on the Winterspring.

First stop, Denova Snowden

I was 54 at that point, and Winterspring is just a bit above that if you want to play it safe.  I persisted for a bit.  A hunter with a decent pet can get away with some things I won’t try with my pally later.

I made sure to get the flight point at Everlook and picked up a bunch of quests there.  I did the ones I could, but some of them either send you directly, and others eventually, back to the Plaguelands.

So it was back there, where I started off at level 50, to hunt more undead.

A Plaguelands panorama

And it was there that I hit 55, which is sort of the last milestone before level cap.  That was also where I started feeling like I was really going to make it there.  From 55 to 60 is not a trivial grind but, going back to the leveling guide, I still have most of Winterspring and Western Plaguelands to work through.  I’ve barely seen any of the the latter.

Where I’ve been from Chillwind

And I have not even started in on Blasted Lands, Azshara, Burning Steppes, or Eastern Plaguelands.

I have enough content between me and level 60 to just follow that along to 60.

And then I have to get my paladin through all of that as well, which is a very different experience.   But I’ll leave that for another time.

Felwood and Un’goro Crater

I like having a goal, but I don’t want a friggin’ mortgage!

-Piacenza, on hearing about my Loremaster aspirations

The run for the loremaster achievement continues, though I am starting to feel a bit of the weight behind the task at this point.  I keep thinking “I am almost done with Kalimdor!” forgetting how much else was on the list.

And being done with Kalimdor got two zones closer since I last wrote on the topic.

After finishing up Thousand Needles I sent my rogue, Trianis, up north to Ashenvale again so he could make the run to Felwood, the next unfinished zone on the list.

Felwood Map

Felwood Map

Felwood, another long, narrow zone, wedged in between Darkshore and Mount Hyjal.  Oddly, Mount Hyjal has always been there on the map as I recall, though it only became an accessible zone with the advent of the Cataclysm expansion. (There is a good description of the old version of the zone, including the original map, over at Giant Bomb.  I only found that after I wrote 90% of this post.)  It had been a long, long time since I stalked the length of Felwood.

More after the cut.  Many words.

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